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Street lights whizzed passed him as he pushed forward, he leapt to another roof and his feet scraped the cement as he slid to a stop. The now red wearing turtle paused to catch his breath and appreciate the cold night air, he was rarely ever out this late. Blue eyes glazed up at the dark sky momentarily, before he peered over the roof in search of the gang he'd been leading away. Mikey found it hard to keep from taunting their slow pace, but he wasn't himself at the moment. Despite his best efforts to tire them out, they seemed hellbent on catching him, or Raph as it were. They were just below him, the short building allowing him to hear their angry grumbling and cursing. "Hey morons! What's up?!" The freckled turtle deepened his voice as he smirked down at the men below him. He couldn't help the excitement at pretending to be his older brother, there was a power behind the tattered mask that he usually didn't possess.

"There's the freak!" One of them yelled and Mikey barely hid his cringe at the word. The light green turtle made sure to stay in their line of sight as he bolted away again. This isn't a game. He scolded himself. The smirk momentarily slid from his face as he reminded himself why he was out here in the first place. He had to give his brothers enough time to find Raph and that's all that mattered. The pain and concussion had left Raph without his usual gruff façade and Mikey had seen the sheer terror in his eyes as Mikey had prepared his plan. This wasn't something the young ninja usually did. These heroic plans were usually left to Leo. Mikey ignored the exhaustion creeping into his legs. It was his turn to protect his brother now. A familiar clicking sound reached his ears and he glanced back with wide eyes. A moment later a bullet whizzed passed him, almost hitting its mark.

Oh no. Cold fear settled in his stomach. Get away! Run! His hand instinctually reached for his T-phone until he remembered leaving it with Raph. He was alone.

He couldn't rely on his brothers now. Mikey suppressed the fear that rose in his throat at the bang of another gun firing and forced himself to stay in the men's sight. For Raph. He had to be brave, but the fear was rushing him forward and away from the furious gang below. The men were falling behind him and Michelangelo reluctantly slowed his pace. "Lousy aim ya got there!" He clenched his fist against the wobble in his voice. Red fabric caught his eye and he shook his head at how much of a coward he was. Raph would never be scared in this situation.

All at once red hot pain zigzagged through his arm and spread like wildfire through his body. The air was painfully pushed from his lungs and black quickly bled into his vision. Mikey stumbled to a halt, his hand swinging up to clutch at his bicep while his legs wobbled dangerously. He hadn't even heard the gun go off! How could he let this happen?! "Nevermind! Your aims pretty on point…!" He gasped as he felt blood slipping through his fingers. They whooped in victory and it was only a matter of time before they found a way on to the roof.

"This can't happen now. I have to keep going!" The turtle bit out the words and moved his hand from his arm to rub the darkness from his vision. Hot liquid smeared across his face mixing with the tears undoubtable falling down his cheeks. Mikey heard the clang of metal as feet climbed the fire escape and he struggled to clear his vision enough to see the gang members file onto the roof. Get up! The command went unanswered as drew back his lips in a snarl at the nearing men. His heart beat wildly in his chest, each beat reminding him of the agony coursing through his arm that hung limply at his side. He was cornered.

A tall man stepped out from the throng of men and even through his panic Mikey was able to somewhat shift into a defensive stance. The lumbering man walked closer until the scent of his cheap cologne mixed with the coppery scent of blood. "Shouldn't have messed with us." Mikey realized his death loomed before him in a moment of terrible clarity. Many scenarios had put him in danger, but his brothers had always given him a confident reassurance that he'd be ok. This disgusting man, who's breath stank of alcohol and teeth shone a crooked yellow, would kill him and his brothers would never have a way to find him.

This can't be it… The cold metal of a gun met his temple and his body jolted with something desperate and terrified. NO! A feral growl sounded in his ears and his vision quickly tunneled into an expanse of black. The gun was dropped to the ground and Mikey had never heard a silence more deafening. He was floating away from the scene before him. Those wild white eyes weren't his own; his hands weren't splattered with blood that wasn't his own. He would never…

"Holy shit! We gotta get the hell out of here!" Everything spun as Mikey was thrust back into himself, the handle of Raph's sai becoming very real as it was pulled out of his grip followed by a resounding thud. Somewhere he heard the shocked cursing and shouts of the men as they scurried away. The world swirled around him as he took several uneven steps forward towards the prone figure.

No… Numbness spread through his body as he leaned down and gripped the handle of the sai. I didn't mean… His breath shook as his gaze slowly moved to meet the unseeing brown eyes that seemed to be baring into his own. "I…" Burning tears blurred his vision as he shook his head against what he'd done. The world snapped back into focus and Mikey became very aware of the life seeping out of the man's body. Bile rose in his throat and the turtle rushed away, everything he'd eaten splattering the roof.

He stumbled away and fell to his knees as agonizing guilt coursed through his chest. "Oh no, oh no, oh no." This wasn't what was supposed to happen. He was just supposed to run, to get them away from Raph then go home to everyone being angry and worried. Raph would be ok and pretending he wasn't loopy on painkillers. Donnie would ruthlessly check him for injuries. Leo and Splinter would lecture him night and day. Mikey looked to the man and the cold metal glinting in the low light. None of that could happen now.

"I can't stay here." The words scratched his throat and he realized he lost time here, the sun was peeking over the skyline. Some hidden force pulled him to his feet and he felt himself walking on trembling legs across the roof. In one swift movement, he pulled the sai away from the man, turning away from the red that immediately filled the wound. He didn't think about the scarlet smeared across his belt as he tucked the weapon away and hurried to the edge of the roof where the fire escape was. Mikey hesitated, one foot hovering over the edge of the building before leaping down and ducking into the nearest manhole.

To be continued…

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