Jaune Arc Dimensional Misadventures info

This new fic story is about different Versions of Jaune arc getting sucked in a portal that leads to where he is ether the man character or helping the true heroes along. He and someone else such as Neo, Cinder or Roman have to ether live the life's of the main characters or help them along until their story ends.

For example of Crossover that I plan on doing

Battleborn Arc (where Professor from Coeur Al'Aran Who have given me her Permission to use her character from her Fanfiction. Anyway Jaune, Neo, Roman, Cinder and Adam are transported to the BattleBorn Universe and form a team with in the BattleBorn Crew where they have their own character Intro's and lore)

Arc and Neo (Jak and Daxter) where Jaune, Neo and maybe roman land in the universe of the first Jak and Daxter and progress for their franchise where they are ether the main characters or they are supporting them.

Star wars the Arc unleashed where Jaune and maybe someone else with him land in the star wars universe and depending on what era they are in and do they become Jedi or sith?

And may more I plan on doing

This Crossover will be like yugiohfan163, Crazy Trouble With Love fanfiction so there will be different version of Jaune and anyone else with him.

I hope you enjoy them