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Vampire the Masquerade Arcline's part 1

Jaune Arc, former huntsmen, Professor and resident of Vale had the worst of Luck.

First had to play professor when all he wanted to do was to be was a huntsmen in training at beacon but instead thanks to his well made credentials he was now a teacher instead of a student.

Second was that he had to play babysitter to his phycotic two toned haired mute midget that made his life a living hell.

And now he was no longer in beacon… or remnant for that matter.

It all started with another day in his officer, wearing his dark blue coat minus the armour he wore with it, alone in his office he was sorting through another pile of paper work when all of a sudden a bright white light suddenly appeared and swallowed his form.

It happened so quick that he barely had time to get up until all he saw was a pure blinding light that quickly disappeared to reveal a dark and dirty alley.

Jaune was of course confused as to how he went his office to the city.

Naturally he concluded that this was another one of Neo's pranks as the icecream crazy midget loved to pull his ass into crazy situations, usually involving Beowulfs and Ursa in the emerald forests.

But that didn't appear to be the case he was wasn't in vale… or even remnant for that matter as the neon signs, buildings and cars didn't match that of any city that he knew of… or even the people who were entirely human and not one faunus amongst them.

He could feel a large headache about to erupt out of frustration and inadequacy at the lack of knowledge of the situation he was now forced to be in.

Jaune felt the need the drown his sorrows and annoyance that was his life in what he had guessed to be a bar.

The youngest professor in beacon wasn't a drinker or even an alcoholic but he needed something to numb the raging emotions and depression he was feeling at this moment, Walking past the limited number of people in the dark covered streets at night, he made it to what he guessed to be a bar… or a nightclub which he didn't really care about as both had bars.

Entering, the loud thumm and beating of nightclub's/ techno or even dark music assaulted his ears along with the dizzying flashing of lights as he moved through a crowd of dancing pentions to the bar on the far side of the room.

He sat down on a stool and was about to order when all of a sudden the barkeep slid a drink to him "It's been paid for." The man said much to Jaune's confusion until the man pointed in the direction.

Following where he was pointing, Jaune saw in the darkest corner of the bar was a woman sitting in the shadows and eyeing him like a piece of meat, she look… average but he couldn't see that much from his position, only that she was wearing sunglasses which was odd but who was he to say overwise considering one fashion dever student of his.

He raised he cup to her in a sign of thanks before drowning it down in a large gulp that somewhat impressed a certain drunk in remnant who was watching before laying it back down and getting up to thank his buyer.

He maneuverer around the bar, passing by people on the way until he met up with the mysterious woman, she was pale… unnaturally paler then a schnee with long black hair that dropped to her lower back with a red styled coat and black jeans.

She was beautiful in a dark enchanting way with the glasses obscuring the sight of her eye's which he couldn't help but keep noticing a red gaze behind them but couldn't comfirm it.

"Hello there~ Stranger." The woman purred out with a seductive look plastered on her face as she eyed jaune who felt like a mouse before a lion.

"Hello you're self. Names Jaune and thanks for the Drink, I needed it." he said, moving his hand to her's in order to shake it.

The woman took his offered hand and shook it "Your welcome. And the Name's Kristen." as she let go, her hand slowly retracted with the fingers teasingly tracing his.

But whatever else that she was going to do stopped as some unwanted individuals shoved people out of their way to them, they were dressed like classic thugs, green tank tops, baggy jeans and red bandana's tied around their heads.

They formed up close to them with their leader, an average guy smelling like strong weed and alchalol, the man paid no heed to jaune as he was instead leering at Kristen with disgusting lustful expression which made their skin crawl.

"Hey there Beautiful." the leader of the group said to Kristen as he cut right in front of Jaune, leaning on the bar table for support. the strong smell radiating off of him nearly made Jaune collapse as he took of wiff of it, never had he smelled something so strong that it nearly knocked him out, not even Roman's vintage cigars were that disgustingly strong.

With Kiristen she wasn't interested in his flirtation "Goodbye." she simply said and went back to her drink, however the guy couldn't take the hint.

He hooked his arm around her and pulled her right in to him as he smiled lechously "Don't be like that Babe. Why don't ditch this guy and join me and my boys-Ark!." he cried out as he suddenly found his arm pulled off of her and held in a constricting hold that sent waves of pain through his limb.

The person responsible was none other then Jaune who didn't like the way he was man handling Kristen, he was brought up to respect women and ever be a gentlemen to them by his father while the rest was beaten into him by his mother and sisters. still he had yet to relinquish his hold and he stared coldly down at the man who was kneeling on the ground in pain as his arm was pulled up and behind him "The lady obviously doesn't want to go with you. and didn't you're mother teach you to better respect a woman" he said before shoving the thug away.

The man was helped up by his pals who were glaring daggers at Jaune, when the leader was helped up he seethed at Jaune "You…Bastard!" he cursed out, rearing his arm back and throwing a messy left hook that connected with his face "GAARGH!" only instead of Jaune crying out in pain it was the thug who was nursing his hurt hand, it felt like he had just punched steel.

Jaune could only sigh at the familiar scenario he was once again getting involved in "…it's the beach all over again." he reminisced about the last time some young punk tried to his luck against him, especially like how his friends were attending to him.

The leader, whose pride was far more damaged then his hand wouldn't let this insult to his mainly tough guy ego get away "Get him!" he cried out to his fellows who snapped out of their trance and quickly shifted to anger as they charged at Jaune, intent on breaking ever bone in his body.

It really wasn't a fight or a brawl… more like a one sided restrained beat down from Jaune as the intoxicated thugs could barely stand let alone put up a decent fight with sloppy thrown punches.

It was rather embarrassing as they tipped over each other to charge at him and those that remained on their feet were soon on the floor with one solid blow to the face.

It was quick and simple with the now downed men laying at their feet. Jaune was relatively unharmed thanks to their intoxication and his aura which blocked their blows, While Kristen didn't know weather to be impressed or entertained by what she just saw, but during the short brawl she noticed something about Jaune that peeked her interest when the man who tried to chat her up hurt his hand when he punched an invisible shield that protected Jaune, she noticed small flairs that emanated in parts where those who managed to swing a punch hit.

She didn't know what power this was, only that it was interesting and the curious part of her wanted to see what happen when the body is changed.

"You wanna go someplace else….like mine?" she seductively suggested as stared deeply into his eye's in order for her power to influence his choice.

While the implanted suggestion wasn't very much needed, Jaune need an outlet to let out all of his frustrations. "Sure." he said, not denying the opportunity for sex. He was a young man full of hormones and testosterone, a beautiful young woman like Kristen who offers him sex wasn't something he could refused.

Leaving the bar with Kristen leading him by hand to her place and her apartment where the two embraced eachother in a night of passion.

Though no could see the action Jaune was getting, they could certainly hear it and see the discarded articles of clothing littering the floor around the room.


In the world of Remnant Everyone was all tuned in on the latest show that appeared on their Televisions, Scrolls and computers.

All watched and heard with clear sight and ears of what was happening.

A universal collection of blushes collected throughout remnant.

One such collective row of blushes belonged to one huntress team.

-Team RWBY-

In one of the many dorm rooms in Beacon academy, one team of Huntresses were all watching their professor together as all four sat and laid on their respective beds looking at they're only TV.

Of course... there always had to be a critic to these things "honestly! How could they allow this kind of... garbage to be aired live!?" Weiss Schnee, Ever the voice of reason and criticism. considered to be the more rational and reasonable member of their wacky team coexisting of wild blonde fighter, a young scythe wielding cookie loving leader, an ex white fang rebel and finally an uptight heiress.

Weiss's complaint wasn't about the quality of the show their watching, but centred around the part of where they were watching their own teacher and role model having sex.

Her complaint was heard, but ignored "Hush Weiss! i'm learning." Yang hushed the heiress, her head refusing to turn to look at her as her eye's and ears were all tuned in on the television in front of them like the rest of her team. redness graced her face from cheeks to ears as she heard the melodic moans of the woman crying in sync wit the grunts and sqeaking of the mattress Jaune and Kristen were on.

Weiss snorted "You.. Learning? Yang, what could you learn from watching this!?"

Yang finally turned her head away from the tv in order to address the Weiss "That the Prof is packing more fire power in his pants then I was led to believe." She knew she couldn't trust what that two toned traitorous slut about his sword, after all the little midget nearly killed her and works with Roman Torchwick.

Yang's mind pictured herself in Kristen's place, with the prof on top of her and ramming into her, she could just picture the unimaginable size of her Prof's-

"Yang!" Weiss's cry knocked the blonde fighter from her world of fantasy to see the look of disgust scrunched upon the Heiress's face that still maintained the continuous red flow upon her once snowy skin "your so vulgar."

Yang scoffed, unaffected by her teammates words as she has heard far worse from the Heiress up until this point, But Yang will never allow another person to have the last say so with a sassy smirk she retaliated back at her "Says the Princess who hasn't stopped the show yet. face it, you enjoying this as much as I am if those toys your sister gave you is any indication to your secret pleasures~" she purred out, watching with amused satisfaction as Weiss looked like she was slapped in the face and chocking on the next set of words that she had prepared to say.

Weiss's face as never been so red and her face utterly priceless, It took all of Yang's self control not to take out her scroll take a picture to forever immortalise it and laugh at till the end of time.

Finally Weiss found the words to screech out "You know damn well those are there because someone made out that *I* was a sex fiend!" she cried out breaking the dam of laughter that escaped from Yang's lips as the blonde party girl nearly rolled out from her bed in a fit of uncontrollable laughter that boomed in the room, and continued to do so despite the seething glare that could burn a hole in her head from the unimaginable anger and fury it held.

Finally after some time of getting it all out, Yang managed to quiet her laughter down to control chuckles "W-Well (Chuckles) Well at least, you have something to do now in private besides homework and letters to your sister." a quick burst of giggles escaped from her at the end of it.

However, not all were so interested in the dispute between the two as below on the bottom bed of Yang own bed their other teammate Hissed out to them "Would the both of your shut up! I'm watching this." Blake shushed the two as she focused all of her attention on the screen before them like her leader was doing.

But this only added her into their heated conflict.

"Blake. don't you have anything to add to this?" Weiss asked the probably the only other sane being on their team.

But all she got was this "Yah. Let me watch this." Blake dismissed her so casually which surprised the both of them.

"Sheesh. I haven't seen her this entranced since that erotic novel she borrowed off of you." Yang quipped, once again earning a scathing glare that promised nothing but hellish pain to the young blonde.

"...i'm going kill you later but right now, I have to ask as to why you're not shielding Ruby from this. Just look at her." both sets of eye's turned to the final member of their team who laid on her front, starring mindlessly at the large tv screen, her face red, her mouth partially open with a bit of saliva trailing down from the corner of her mouth "She's a drooling mess." Ruby let out intelligent gurgling noises from her mouth as she unblinkingly stares at the Tv.

Yang grimaced as she saw the degenerated state of her little sister, reducing to a mindless zombie "It is too late to save her. all I can do now is prepare... prepare for the repricutions of loosing Ruby's innocence." she didn't know how, but she knew that world of this will reach her father and uncle qrow, and she pay dearly for costing Ruby her sweet innocence and mind.

-back with Jaune-

The squeaking of the mattress and giggling moans of his companion brought forth a collective world of blushes from those watching the ignorant professor who was about to learn that his life was about to take a dramatic turn.

"I want to show you something." Kristine whispered huskily to him.

No one saw what happened only that they heard him gasp before "AAAAGHH!" he screamed before silence took over.

A dense long tension dwelled as the people of remnant wondered what happened to him until scenes faded in and out showing Jaune, fully dressed and getting paler by the second with two bleeding puncture wounds on his neck.

The beat of his heart slowed until it was still, the wounds on his neck closed with small flairs of his aura appearing all over his body like it was being attack.

Jaune awoke with gasp and saw Kristine sitting in the chair opposite from him and the bed, she merely looked at him with intrigue as he touched the spot where she bit him, he felt no wound but saw blood on his hand as he retracted it back.

Before he could ask what happened, the door to the bedroom slammed open and a shirtless guy with wild hair and shades jumped in and throw stake at Kristine where it impaled her in the chest, rendering her dead or… unconscious.

He didn't have time to act as another blonde man in a suit barged in and staked him in the chest.

Jaune immediately fell unconscious but could feel the touches and dragging of his body as if he was paralysed, unable to scream or move as he felt the men throw him and Kristene into a vehicle and drive somewhere.

After a while of being a prisoner in his own body he and his… fellow captive had finally arrived where their captuers had taken them, they carried them not too gently to what could be described as an opera house or threater as he and Kristen were forced to kneel on the stage where his eye's saw a handful of people seating before them.

Every single one of them was pale but a few were hideously grotest, they mostly sat in the back but their brown rotted and disfigured flesh stood out with their faces being inhuman and monsterious, almost looking like that pointy eared vampire creature from those black and white films, but for the life of him he couldn't remember the name.

Others however were dressed in all sorts of articles, from street punks, bikers, professionals attires to exotic half naked underwears.

Finally a blonde man in a suit accompinaed by a large being with red eyeless eye's walked up to the podemum

"Good evening." The man spoke in professional manner as he walked before Jaune and Kristen, their handlers pulled the stakes from their body, freeing them from the imobilastion that imprisioned them but left them at the mercy of the binds on their hands.

"My fellow Kindred. My apologies for disrupting any business or interrupting with prior engagments you may have had this evening." He said, pacing back and forth like a military general as he addressed the crowd.

"it is unfortunate that the affair that gathers us together tonight is a troubling one." he said, a few in the seats continued to watch on with one guy whispering to his friend "We are here because the laws that bind our society. The laws that are the fabric of our existence… have been broken."

On the next row, a beautiful red head in nothing but dark lingerie corset sat on the chair, she looked to one of the balconies where a an extremely pale bald man in in a bright red coat with red shades sat. She blew a kiss to him but he was otherwise uninterested in her flirtation all the while the man on stage continued to talk"As prince, I am within my rights to grant or deny the Kindred of this city the Privilege of siring." another man in the seats looked bored and looked to his watch, clearly impatient to get back to what he was doing prior to his gathering "Many of you have come to me seeking permission, am I have endorsed some of these requests. Howerver, The Accused that sits before you tonight was not refused Permission."

"Indeed my permission was never sought at all." a frown marred his face as he stood infront of Jaune and Kristen where continued to be held. The Huntmen was slowly feeling his strength return after his awakening and being jumped but not enough as to fight back against his captors much less lift himself up "They were caught shortly after the Embrace of this Childe (Vampire word for Child/ fledgling)" he then gestured to Jaune who couldn't fight the hold his captors had on him as their lifted his head to present him to the other people in the room before roughly throwing it down.

"It pains me to announce the sentence. As up till tonight I considered the Accused a loyal and upstanding member of our organisation. But as some of you may know. The Penalty for this transgression is Death."

The man then knelt down to Kristen"Forgive me." he said but honestly did not mean it as he stood back up and walked out of the way "Let the penalty comense." the giant man standing over them unsheathed from his back a large great sword that only had one blade side and it curved outwardly at the top before coming in and shooting straight down to the hilt, two large oval holes was seen nearing the head of the blade as was a multitude of scars and cuts littering it's body, at the bottom connecting to the hilt was designed engraving stood out.

The silent giant held the sword over Kristen's presented neck as one of the captors held her down, she remained silent and almost... uncaring of the fate she was judged, from the corner of his eye Jaune saw as her red blazing eye's met his and he saw no fear, no sorrow, or regret to the situation that led her here, only... satisfaction.

A sly smirk graced her lips as she looked to him with a smile that talked about a secret only known between them but he didn't know what or why before the blade that was held up came down and severed her head from her body, blood erupted out like flowing river from her headless corpse.

Many watched on with impassive looks, others closed their eye's or looked away while a few turned to one man who glared with bared teeth at the execution he saw before him.

Then something Jaune saw that he couldn't well understand happened before his very eye's, head and body of Kristen burned. it did not catch on fire but rather burned with quick and invisible flames that ate at the clothes, skin and organs underneath, revealing a blacken skeletal frame that fell apart into ash that disappeared into the windless room around them.

Then the spoke and Juane knew he was next "Which leads to the fate of the ill begotten progeny. Without a sire, most childer are doomed to walk the Earth never knowning their place. Their Responsibility, and most importantly, The Laws they must Obey. Therefore. I have decided that-"

"This is BULLSHIT!" cried out the man who was previous glaring, he stood up from his seat and moved forward only for a few of his fellows to block his path and hold him back.

One by one many others slowly stood up in voicing their own concerns, the room was alive with whispers and talks with all eye's looking to the man who seemed to be reconsidering his previous judgement.

However all eyes drafted towards Jaune as he finally found the strength to speak a few words to describe what he was feeling "Oh… my head…" as his strength returned a new found sensation reared with it in the form of a raging migrane. Jaune didn't know what was going on and couldn't think straight to comprehend all that was happening to him due to the nauseating and mind jumbling assult in his mind, he couldn't describe the twisted feeling of what his body felt as his aura flaired up once more, he didn't know about the number of eye's looking at his form with intrigue and surprise as his once white aura was now crimson red and appeared to writhe with discorded movements instead of harmonic clear one's when one is injured.

It washed over his form, giving off an eerie sound instead of static, to many eye's it looked twisted and chaotic while with Jaune he felt like his soul had been... skinned, twisted into a perverted version of itself as it reached outwards from his very being, crying out with a need to quell a hallow feeling within it.

Many eye's drafted back to the man as he looked to Jaune, he continued to maintain a composed expression on his face despite what he was saying before turning back to the crowd with distinction as if what just happened didn't happen "If mister Rodriguez would let me finish." he breathed out, getting everyone to listen carefully to what he was saying "I have decided to let this Kindred Live… They shall be instructed in the ways of our kind and be granted the same rights." Jaune felt the binding on his hands lift as his captor cut him free from the rope holding him, allowing him to move his hands forward to hold himself up "Let no one say I am unsympathetic to the plights and causes of this community. I thank you all for attending these proceedings. And I hope their significance is not lost. Good Evening."

And with that, the gathering was over. One by one they got up and left leaving Jaune alone with the man in charge and his silent body guard.

He managed to find the strength to pick himself up from the ground to stand on his own two feet upon the podium where he was lead in the back by the leader with his guard right behind Jaune "Your sire." he started as they stood in backstage with imposing shadow of the large man... thing washing over his form "Tragic, my apologies. But you see thereis a strict code of conduct that all of us must… must… adhere to if we wish to survive." he said walking through and in the direction of the back with Jaune following in toe.

"When someone. Anyone breaks these laws, They undermine the well-worn fabric of our centuries old society. Understand my predicament. Allowing you to live makes me directly responsible for your subsequent behaviour." he explained, as the three of them travelled through the dull grey bricked hall way towards the back exit of the building.

They all stopped at the exit leading out the back "So… what I'm offering is not generosity but the opportunity to transcend the fate woven by your sire." He said, his face betraying nothing as it held no compassion or sympathy towards Jaune. He had the air of a person of high authority like a general leading an army or a king ruling a nation "this is your trial. You will be brought to Santa Monica where you will meet an agent by the name of Mercuiro. He will provide the details of your labour. I have shown you great clemency, prove that it was not a wasted gesture fledgling. Don't come back… until you do." he said as the indirect threat was clear to Jaune and those who were watching before he handed Jaune an envelope which contained a small bulge protruding from it, from the movements it went through the sound of clinging or jingling came from it "Good evening."

And with that the two of them left the way the came, leaving Jaune alone to walk through the door and outside into the cold night of this unknown city.

"Story of my life. Shitty ass luck and bad company." Jaune breathed out as he was now lost in this new world, his aura and body different... transformed in a way he couldn't describe with a panging indescribable feeling of hunger gnawing at not only his soul but also his will and body.

Deciding to get out of here and see what they gave him, Jaune took the first few steps down to the dirted mudded ground of the ally when "Hahahahaha! What a scene, man!" a voice, bellowing with laughter prompted him to turn quickly to see an older man in sleeveless vest that showed his hair covered arms that were unusally grey. He had long black matted hair that combed back and dropped to his shoulders while a black wild beard sprouted from his face, dirty ripped biker jeans he wore. all in all he looked like a stereotypical biker "Then they just plop ya out here like a naked baby in the woods. How 'bout that? Ah…. Look, kiddo, this is probably a lot for you to take in, so uh, why don't you let me show you the ropes. Whaddya say?" he asked Jaune who was still confused as what just happened, and even more confused as who this guy and what he wanted from him.

"… I'm sorry. Who are you and what the heck just happens back there?" Jaune asked the biker looking man.

"First off I'm Jack and what happened back in there was you kissing you're former life a long goodbye because from now on, your one of us now."

"And you are what exactly?" he asked which surprised the man in front of him as he wasn't expecting Jaune not to know what happened to him after everything.

"what!? Didn't the last few minutes of getting lucky with a sweet kiss and then being dragged to that pompus ass ceminar not make realise what just happen?"

"And what happened exactly?" Jack's Jaw couldn't help but drop at Jaune's obliviousness to what other people would've recognised after all of that.

"… oh I'm going to enjoy breaking this down to you." He chuckled with a eerie smile "Well kid, to put it in more simpler terms. Your dead… technically."

"...WHAT!?" Jaune cried out.

"Your undead boy. No plus or warmth in you any more, nothing but a walking corpse hungery for that red nectar pumping through everything that lives and breaths. Or in otherwords… you're a vampire."

"WHAT!?" he cried out again, his mind unable to comprehend this.

The man rolled his eye's "You're. A. Vampire! Get you used to it because that's your life from now on, no turning back." he said with a serious look on his face "no doubt you're hungry. There's guy right around the corner, looking for his miss-placed car. Do what you have to do but do not drain him dry or kill him."

"But… won't he turn into a vampire?" Jaune asked, seeing enough movies to know that when bitten you become a vampire just he has now by Kristen.

Jack however looked at Jaune with a deadpan expression "Kid, you've seen too many movies and read too many books. Not everything you think you might know about vampires is true, I'll tell you all about it when you get back." he said and ushered jaune away toward the corner.

As he walked away from the theatre exit and Jack, he approached the corner where he could see the distant sound of feet walking on dirted gravel ground and into the dark swallowed alley where a lone guy in a suit was blindly walking around in the fenced off dead end of the alley.

Jaune didn't how he was going do to it.

How he was going to just go up to the guy and drink his blood.

Such thoughts plagued his mind as he walked towards the man who was aimlessly searching for his car but to no avail, as Jaune neared his chaotic thoughts suddenly silenced... nothing. Nothing at all floated within his mind, only a deep and ever persisting loud Thumn echoed in his mind as his ears heard the hypnotic beating of drums booming in a slow beat.

*Thum Thum! Thum Thum! Thum Thum!" twice the rhythmic beat boomed in his ears as he approached, all sense of reason and intelligence numbed as primal instinct took over, Jaune was a helpless passenger in his own body as he was forced to watch as he attacked the Man, Grabbed onto him by his shoulder and his neck that was forced to bend to the side Before his mouth opened in a silent roar exposing his white new fangs before he desended upon the man.

His fangs bit deep into his neck like a wolf bitting into an elks jugular, blood dripped from the two wounds in his neck, Jaune drank deeply, lavishing at the exquisite and intoxicating taste that touched his tongued and passed his lips into his very being that felt rejuvenated and invigorated with each deep drink of the man's blood that filled his mouth. The hypnotic beat of his heart hummed in sync with his sucking, he couldn't stop himself, couldn't control his temptation to drink more.

He felt like a he was taking a sip of the greatest wine he had ever opened, tasting the red liquid first before gorging himself on the entire bottle because he had to have more.

It was all so perfect, nothing mattered to him from that point. all of his worries and woes were gone as all he wanted was nothing more then to forever be enraptured in this filling and never leave it, the drumming of his heart slowing down and weakly... wait!

Reality hit him hard and he was brought back to the situation that he was drinking a Man dry, he felt the blood thinning and the heart becoming weaker by the second.

Quickly detached himself from the man, pushing him away which made the man land on his butt and fall on his back unconscious and drained of a lot of blood but not dead.

Embarrassment and shame welled up within him as he realised what he did, He. Had Just sucked on a Guys neck.

He knew there was a sexual joke or Innuendo that a certain blonde or red and even two toned girls and man would make fun of.

Damn it Yang, Roman and Neo.

Breathing out deeply, he turned around and walked back the way he came, he reared around the corner and saw that Jack had moved to the building opposite where they were. As he approached Jack who was leaning against the door pushed off as he saw Jaune walk up to him, an eerie grin graced his hairy face "Okay… I'm back." Jaune sighed out as he stood before the man with his hands in his pocket and his head turtling in his shoulders.

"Did it feel good. Sinking your teeth into his neck and lavishing on that sweet blood?" Jack asked with his tone deep and husky.

"I'd rather not talk about it." Jaune tried to keep the redness from developing on his cheeks but failed which amused Jack as it was like he was Asking Jaune of what his first time was like.

"Aw.. don't tell me you're shy about telling me your first time." He bellowed with laughter as Jaune acted like a shy school girl telling her friends the details of her first time. After a while of laughing hysterically at the blonde professor he managed to calm down and wipe away the imaginary tear from his eye before he got serious "Anyway. Back to what I was going to say. Here's what you need to know about the basics do's and don't on being a vampire, Firstly you can't go around misusing your powers in public for the fun of it. Descreation is a top priority here, and if you risk exposing us to the kine, that's our word for humans then you're dead. As simple as that."

"Got it." he nodded to him.

"The masquade is universal law of our society as that blonde ass spouted off about. You break it, you die. You are to keep and respect the laws of keeping our species a secret as greatly as you can… even to the point of death." he added all the while his tone was hard and cold as he spoke to Jaune.

"Ok. No loose lips or loose ends. Got it." Jaune acknowledge that he understood what he said.

Jack's face then softened as he told Jaune the next basic's of being a vampire "Ok now the other basics. Obivious you can't go out in the day, classic sun light weakness there. You'll be dust before you could even blink when you get caught out. Garlic? It's worthless, A cross? Pfftt… shove it right up their ass. A stake? Only if it cates you in the heart, and then it just paralyzes you. Runnin' water? Ah, that's no problem. I bathe…. Eh, occasionally." Jaune tried to discreetly edge himself away when he heard that.

"Now listen' a shotgun blast to the head: oh, that's trouble, Boy. Fire? That's real trouble. Sunlight?... well, you catch a sunrise and it's all over, kiddo… got it?"

"Got it."

"Alright now-" suddenly explosions and gunfire rang out around, surprising the two of them "What the fuck is this?/ was that?" Jack hissed with his fangs bared while Jaune looked around their surroundings as it fire and smoke going off was like a war was going off.

"Look, you get inside here and head upstairs. We'll meet up in a bit, I'm just gonna go see what's the ruckus is." Jack moved out of the way steel door he was previous leaning against as he moved towards the large wooden fence where most of the clattering of gun fire originating from.

Before he entered into the build, Jaune turned back to jack to give one final word "Be careful." he said to him to which he waved it off as he peered through the small gaps in the fence.

Entering the building, he learned it be an auto repair shop or a chopshop because of the dismantled cars engines, parts and even a complete frame of a car sitting on the far side of the room, metal beams stood over him and to his top right was another floor where lights could be seen in the office overlooking the floor he was on but he saw no one inside from where he stood.

Seeing no other way to get up there besides the stacked boxes making a climb up to the next floor, he decided to with the boxes which were opposite him where the dismantled car was. walking over and climb atop the box of stairs which didn't collapse or break under his weight as he climbed all the way up, still hearing the gun fire and explosions going off outside till he made it to the second floor and climbed over the railings. on one of the piles of boxes t his left sitting against the wall to the office where no one was inside he saw a lock pick laying on the cardboard surface of the boxes, taking it in hand and pocketing it for later use down his new life in the shadows of the world.

Moving on he rear around the corner where low and behold standing not to far away and crouched into one of the walls separating the windows over looking the alley below, Noticing him Jack ushered for Jaune to come over "Come over here. Stay away from the windows." he whispered to him. getting low to the ground, Jaune sneaked his way over where Jack sighed as he saw who was below them "Oh it's a Sabbat raid."

"Who are they?" Jaune asked as the people below them who looked almost human apart from the wild frenzied animalist looks of blood lust gracing their features, their deep red pools that burned bright with unnatural hunger and fury, they all seemed ragged, and dirty with their features less then human compared to him and jack, it was as if they abandoned all of their humanity and embraced their darker aspects.

"The Sabbat, they're uh… eh, crist, I was hopin to spare you this shit till later. Uh, the sabbat… well, eh, they're mostly mindless bloodthirsty assholes- that's all you need to know for now, alright?"

"So what's going on?" he asked as they watched a group go by, firing their guns wildly in the air and howling to the top of their lungs like maniacs.

"The Sabbat got wind of the gathering here, so they figured they'd raise a little hell and put a little heat on the new 'Prince.'"

"Prince?" he inquired, trying to understand all of this Vampire government system he was now going to get use to.

"No time for a political rundown. First thing to do is to get outta here alive. Sabbat might be mindless, but they hit like a mack truck, like raging savages- Nothing a fledgling like you wants to mess with."

"So what are we to do then?"

Just then something caught Jacks eye and he immidately pulled Jaune down with him"Shh shhh." he hushed him as they watched as three Sabbats walked right underneath them in the alley "Heads up and back away." he instrucsted as they watched as three of them approached the back fence leading to the door that Jaune came from however the wooden gate was open and walking out was the large bodyguard that accompied him and the guy calling himself prince.

The three Sabbats stood opposite with with two gunners flanking the hunched over wild man in the middle who was crouched on the ground like a wild beast before he reared his head up and let out an unnatural howl that echoed in the night while his friends fired up wildly before shooting forward with poor aiming that bullets weren't even close to hit the large towering giant who extend his hand to them where a blue glow of energy accominpied by a flash of a glyph like the one Weiss Schnee uses.

From behind the two gunmen, spectral wolves appeared from out of the ground and lunged upon the unaware sabbat who were pinned to the ground before they necks where ripped apart by the wolves. The final member who looked back to see his comrades disintegrate charged forward with primal bloodlust in his eyes however the giant raised his hand before his face and blew a puff of wind into it where a gust of wind appeared and circled around his form along with vast swarm of flies that devoured his form in the blink of an eye leaving only the disintegrating bones left.

Looking, the towering giant saw jaune who made eye contact with the red eyed being from the safety within the building as he watched the fight unfold, turning back the bodyguard walked out the way he came.

"Dumb frenzied Sabbat bastard." Jack breathed out as he and Jaune stood up from their crouched positions now that they were safe... for the moment "Alright. We gotta vamoose out the back, quick. I'll stay and keep a watch out, you get us into the office. There's a door right the corner here." he instructed as he walked passed the newly transformed vampire who did as he instructed.

Walking up the door he turned the knob only to find that it was lock, then he remembered the lock pick he pickup a moment ago and fished it out of his pocket, flipping it open he twiddled with the lock. learning to unlock it as he had never before in his life, he didn't how a lock worked nor been shown how to break and enter a room but he did what he saw on tv and started to learn on how to lock the pins in place before he heard clear click of the latch unlocking.

'Roman and neo would be proud.' he thought as to what the two criminals he was close to calling his... friends if they can be called that.

Pulling out the lockpick he turned the knob and entered the room, just in time to hear a window being smashed where he rushed around the small corner to see that Jack had already beaten him into the room with a small broken opening in one of the windows looking out into the rest of the shop. "Uhh… shortcut. Well, nicely done thought. Not exactly an angel in life, were you?"

"I had my moments…" he replied back as a few memories of his... less then saintly life play in his head.

Lying to his parents, Meeting Roman and Neo, forged certificate, becoming a professor instead of a hunter, Lying to just about... everyone he ever met or has yet to meet.

"Cool. Now if you want a lesson on how really not to act, take notes from those sabbat assholes. You're a big bad vampire…" he snorted "Yeah, great, congrats… now keep it to yourself. You go roar and you beat your chest and… that's what you can expect."

"Ok… why should I not do any of that? Just wondering?"

"The same reason you don't let humans see you feeding. It's why the wolf doesn't want the sheep to know he's there. It's also why you don't go juggling dumpsters or outrun the 8:15 from Sacramento, and it's… and it's why you didn't know any of this when you woke up this morning."

"I get. Hush hush on the whole vampire thing."

"Keep our secret secret and you make things easier on all of us. We're livin' in the age of cell phone cameras… fuck-ups ain't tolerated. Makes sense enough, right? Well, it ain't a casual thing for a fledging like you."

"And what happens when I do fuck up?" he asked, just out of curiosity but he already knew the answer.

"You remember that party back there, with the guy in the suit and the Mafilla gorilla-" how could he forget the events that had happened not 5 minutes ago as he stood before a mass about to be executed like Kristen "The assholes that put your sire to death? That's the Camerilla, Hmph. They make a tidy business out of enforcing 'Vampire Laws' Like this one."

"Camarilla? So they're what? The good vampire's" Jaune asked, but his opinion had the opposite affect on Jack who looked annoyed by the narrowed viewed assumption of the vampire organisation.

Jack snorted and looked displease to hear that "Hmph. Yeah I'll let tell you what I think some other time, maybe. I like to let people form their own opinions."

"Alright now, don't worry, cuz I know the area a little- and you know what? I'm glad we're in this situation, you and I. It illustrates a point… you gotta utilize you surroundings." "Ya do what ya gotta do. Theft, destruction of property, breaking and entering. Heh. these'll be the least of your sins before the nights out." "so look around here. We gotta get out the back there through that magnetically sealed door. There must be be a key someplace."

"I'll find it." Jaune said, before moving to the desk, he shuffled through the draws of the wooden desk with a plain old computer sitting before him but found no such luck in finding the key needed to escape this place. The door was electronically locked so a normal key nor his lock pick wouldn't do it, you needed a keycard for those types of locks or a device to disengage the lock, with no suck luck in finding the item needed to unlock the door the draws, Jaune turned his head to see where else a key could be stashed when he spotted a metal surface beside him.

It was a metal safe, imbedded in the wall, Jaune crouched down to it but it had no external lock or device on it's surface to unlock it, seeing no other choice, he moved back onto the desk and went on the computer which thankfully was still on and logged onto the admin's account.

The screen was a basic black homepage with old command codes listed on the front, the two commands where Home and Safe.

Typing in the word safe, he was presented with a new page asking for password.

Jaune was no wiz kid or hacker, he didn't know the first thing about hacking to begin with, but he knew that someone would keep a written copy of a password in case they forget it.

Getting off he looked around the room and once again noticed above the safe was a sticky note hanging above on the safe wall, pulling it off he saw the simple words written on it.

*Password for Safe is Chopshop.*

A simple password to understand as this place was in a way a chopshop but he didn't judge, getting back to the computer he typed it in and Wallah! he progressed on back to the home page only with change in command line with the words home and page replaced with lock and unlock.

He typed in unlock and pressed enter before the sound of a heavy object moving out of place, the safe shifted open a bit and Jaune pried it open to see many things inside such as important documents but what he really wanted was the rectangular card sitting at the top of the pile of papers and folders in the metal container.

Taking it out he receive a hard pat on the back that knocked the wind out of him "There we go. Now take that key card and had out the back. I'll meet you out in the alley there. I'm gonna check out things from topside."

"Got it." with Jack going in a different direction Jaune walked towards the locked door with the keycard in hand, he swiped it downwards in the slitted slot on the electronic panel and saw as the red light turned green with a loud click sounding off from the door, he pushed through to see a narrow hall of stairs going downwards from his side. walking down he saw another door at the end and prepared to leave through it out of this building.

Walking out through the door, the second he got outside he was immdiatelly thrown back against the wall of piled up car frames, unseen barrage of bullets bombard him, he could feel his aura spark and flare as it tried desperately to protect him but he could actually feel a few slip past it and shoot through his body, hitting they're marks. could only cry out in pain but was unable to die as you might expect so he was forced to endure through it as he watched with pained tearing eye's as his new... friend Jack landed behind the furthest of the two, slitting his throat with a night before shoving it into his back where it protruded out from the chest, but he was not done as he picked him up and slammed him down on his knee effectivly killing the sabbat gunmen. His fellow heard it but was too late to act as just about he turned around Jack was on him wth his fist's alight with blue energy as he instantly crossed into the sabbat vampire's space where he knocked his machine gun out of his hands and punched him clear across the alley to Jaune's feet with a big massive hole in his chest where his heart should've been, his corpse disintegrated like his buddy.

Bullet's holes riddled his body but Jaune felt no intense pain from them, only a nagging iniration like an pestering inch that he can't just get as his wound's slowly started to close at a snail pace rate. walking up to Jack he saw the thrill of the kill written all over his face"Fuckin' waste o'unlife these Sabbat vatos. D'ya get winged?"

Jaune grunted from the nagging pain that lingered in his body "I got hit a bit but thanks to my... abilities I was about to shugg off a few that would've be fatel." he informed his new mentor of sort's.

"If you had been alive things would've ended differently. you're a vampire now kid, you don't gotta worry about all that bullet in the heart stuff unless you take too many. you gotta feed, quickest way to close up those potholes in ya." he then started sniff the air around them heavily like a dog catching a new scent "And what'd ya know, there's someone down there... not the freshest catch but he'll do."

"I got a feeling that there's different quality in blood?"

"Well, when it comes to feeding, it's quality blood you're looking for, not qaunity. Bums and lowlife don't pack the same punch that a healthy, well-bred human will, juicebags with a pedigree: that'sthe good stuff. But you gotta take what you can get. You ever had a PH D, kid? that's good stuff." he said, to which Jaune made a mental note to keep in mind for later use in case he hit into a situation like this again. "Remember what I said thought, don't kill them... least not the innocent ones. you're a monster now, make no mistake. one of the fallen. You need to hold onto every last shred of Humanity you have." He warned.

"Okay. i'll bite, what happens if I go a little over board?" Jaune asked. Curious along with everyone as to what happens when he accidently kills an innocent.

"An inoocent's an innocent. You kill one, even a worthless bum, even by accident, and it's gonna cost you a piece of your own Humanity bringing you close to othat beast you got wellin' up inside you."

"The beast?" he asked, somehow knowing what it is as he felt something primal lurking within his soul, waiting to come out. An entity that thirsted for endlessly for blood to quench it's never ending thirst.

"The Beast: it's always there, waitin' to take over. When it does, it's like a wild animal wearin' your skin... Desprerate, scared, reckless. He'll do anything to survive and it's you that has to deal with the consequences."

"...Yikes..." he hissed out, certainly not wanting that to happen especially since now he's going to have to attack people in order to quell this Beast within him "So I can't kill anyone who innocent, no matter what?"

"Unless some Asshole levels a twelve-guage your way, you drain him, skin him and bash in his skull. Self-preservation is a vital part of humanity after all. My favourite part in face."

"So I could basically kill in self defence. Okay I can work with that." at least he didn't have to worry about that now, as he could now do as he needed with somewhat of a clear conscious in self defence.

"Also, to keep the beast at bay. keep in touch with your humanity and don't ever go hungry." Jack once again warned our newly transformed vampire before noticing the sluggish standing of Jaune who was barely recovering from the bullets with a few still embedded into his being, obstructing the wounds from fully closing from the metal stuck in him.

Heading down the stairs where Jack told him another man was, he saw that he was indeed correct as homeless man was hiding in furriest corner of the small boxed in pit but released when he Jaune, obviously hiding from the gun totting maniacs that were previously shooting.

The strong smell of alcohol barely obscured the stinking smell of weeks of unwashed skin and clothing, Jaune's newly developed sense's could smell the revolting scent waving off of him that nearly made him violently ill but he managed to beared through it as he desired to get this over quickly. before the bum could speak, Jaune rushed at him before he could do anything, grabbing a hold of his head and shoulder, pulling his head to the side to reveal his neck under the thick scarft before he sank his teeth into him.

His blood wasn't as tasty as the one before, bittersweet or bland compared to the intoxicating and healthy blood of the man looking for his car. Jaune felt his wounds close as the bullets were pushed out and dropped to the ground before their feet with the remnant's of blood stuck to them burning away to reveal clean metal surfaces. But as he drank, he felt the thin blood drain away so quickly, he detached himself the second he felt the last of his wounds close and his strength return, leaving a small percentage of blood still left within the bum who fell back against the wall and slid down to the ground, dazed and weak from the loss of blood.

Walking back up the stairs, Jaune tried not to vomit out the blood he ingested as the horrible taste that tasted like stomach acid's stayed on his tongue, which Jack noticed as he saw the uncomfortable and stomach twisted expression on Jaune's pale face as he walked up to him.

"You don't look so good. must've been something ya ate? you could try some rats over there, you can feed on animals when necessary. go on try some." he pointed to the far the side of the small alley where Jaune came from, a small space to walk through into the much larger boxed area where Jaune saw a few scurrying rodents there.

If Jaune hadn't looked ill before... he certainly looked on the verge of emptying his stomach out as his pale face tinted green with his eye's wide with horror "There is no way, I'm one of those... things in my mouth!" he cried out, telling Jack he absolutely will not feast upon those disease ridden rodents.

While he shrugged, a small mirthful smirk dared to break on his face at the hilarious expression Jaune was giving off "Alright. suit yourself. now keep it down, we got someone on the way around here."

Leaning against the fenced gate, he peered around the corner to see only of the sabbat vampire's in the more open area where a fully complete car was station along with a pile of box's behind what he guessed to be a factory or where house as a closed shutter gate was in sight before them, two lamp post's shining their light down upon the ground with one standing against the light blue building.

"It's just the one guy." he noted, seeing no one else walking around in there.

"Not too much of a threat by himself, but you never know if there's more in shoutin' rang. You're gonna have to sneak past."

"And where to?"

"The building across from us, with the garage door? There's some double doors on the far side. I'll meet you inside. Just stay low and stick to the shadows. and don't let him see you."

I'll do my best. see you in a minute."crouching low to the ground, Jaune pushed through the Gat and stuck to the shadows as he crossed though the parking area, passing by the parked care and crouching behind the pile of boxes as he watched the lone sentry move from his position and towards the door where the light from the lamb stood between Jaune and short corner to the door where he was suppose to meet Jack.

The Sabbat scout walked into view but then *Boom!* an explosion went off infront of him, throwing the lone scout onto his back where he scurried away and stuck clear away from that area in case another went off, Jaune used this to is advantage to sneak through, past the sabbat scout's field of vision as he used the cover of the boxes to move through under the light and quickly entered in through the building through the double doors where Jack once again, somehow managed to find his way in before him as he leaned against the wall next to the large garage shutters leading back out into the loading area.

Jack spoke to him in a hushed tone the second the doors behind Jaune closed silently "Keep it quiet, they're inside here. Seems that shovelhead outside just got separated from his pack. He's wounded too. go take care of him. Don't worry... eh's probably greener then you."

"Thanks for the vote of confidence." Jaune deadpanned at him.

"Don't take it too personal. The sabbat, You see, they don't have the most rigorous training program. In fact that poor sod is lucky if he knows he' a vampire."

"Why is that?" he asked, as it should've been obvious to to someone like himself that something was wrong.

"Ah, he was probably just turned and beaten over the head. They like to do that... make shock troops, cannon fodder. Put him out of his misery"

"Well.. I did need something to let out all of my frustrations."

Jack hit the button beside him, opening up the loading bay shutters"go get em'"

Jaune jumped down and rushed into the loading bay, right into view of the Sabbat grunt who saw him and readied his tire Iron in hand. He rushed at Jaune with his armed hand held high and when he was close, he swung his blunt weapon but his swing was wide and uncoordinated as Jaune ducked right underneath his right hook before quickly shooting his head up, the grunt head arched back from the headbutt to his chin followed by grabbing his tire wielding arm before it could retract.

He spun him around, never letting go of the arm as his other hand rested on the back of the grunt's head where it smashed it into the large wooden box, his head implanted into the large shattered hole in it's side with a spatter of blood around it, his body laid limp against it before Jaune released his grip and watched as it turned to ash before him.

Fixing himself, he prepared to head back to jack when he noticed on the ground beside him was the Tire iron the Sabbat dropped when he died. kneeling down he picked it up and saw that it was closet thing he had to weapon in defending himself 'well... I can't ask for anything better at the moment.' gripping it in hand he walked back to jack who watch from the side and slowly clapped in acomplisment at Jaune.

"Well that's that. Sounds like we got another pack movin' in through. The Sabbat're goin' all out. you better head underground, avoid stray bullets."he pressed the shutter button to close it again before he walked to the door opposite the double doors with Jaune following right behind as he watched jack open it open so show another room but this time he pointed to the metal barred hatch on the ground before them "Alright. Head down into the basement, through the grate in there."

He did as he was told while jack stayed behind to keep a watch out for anymore sabbat, he climbed down the barred steps that was hammered into the wall leading down into the basement, after getting down he cautiously moved through the corridor and saw a man waiting at the end next to another door, he dressed a blue shirt that was stuffed in his black belted trousers with a matching tie.

He was cowering in the furrst corner at the end but when he heard the tapping of Jaune shoes he reared around, his pale face overcome with fear as jaune approached, he noted the bronze badge pined on his chest and recognised him as police officer, thank whatever devine deity out there that he wasn't a vampire like everyone else that he's met so far.

He approached with some glimmer of hope that he could get out of this crazy place... but... it that didn't appeared to be the case as the man reached for his gun hostered on his side "S-stop! you- just stay back! keep you distance!" he warned, and Jaune knew not to test that threat as his eye's help mandding fear. He was a cornered animal who would lash out at anything at the moment, seeing no other option, Jaune heeded his command and stayed just a distance away in a relaxed pose "Now who the hell are you? you involved in all this? cuz' i'm gonna radio this in and SWAT will be all over the place." he said, but Jaune highly doubted that was case as they would've been here by now, what with all the fire and smoke lighting up around them.

And if that happened, the sabbat would flood in here to seek cover, it was better to keep them from coming in here "No, but if swat comes, they'll drive the gunmen down here. You want that?" he reasoned and saw as the wheels in the officer's head turn with the startling realisation.

"No. well, I uh- I left my radio in the Caprice anyway." he coughed nervously, finally relaxing as he saw that Jaune wasn't the true threat here.

"Look- I'm just trying to escape, is there another way out?" he asked.

"Yeah ok, alright." he said before point to the door beside them "This way. This'll lead us up to the warehouse, we can maybe sneak out that way."

But Jaune knew that this guy wasn't up to it, he wouldn't last a second in there if one those sabbat thugs were in there. Being the noble huntsmen and Arc that he is, he stopped the cop from going in "I'll check to see if it's safe. my friend's gonna come down soon." The man didn't protest but nodded and walked right down the hall where Jaune came from, out of eye shot as Jaune slowly opened the door and saw that there was indeed a sabbat in the room, but thank god he didn't notice him as his back was turned to Jaune as he was too preoccupided in searching the barrels in the corner of the room.

Silently entering it, he crept up towards the sabbat, taking out the tire iron he had gotten recently and prepared it, he got right behind the unaware sabbat and struck fast by hooking the tire iron around his neck and gripping on both ends with both hands as he pulled it towards his body. The iron pushed against his throat, cutting off the air and slowly crushing his pipe, Jaune's newly acquired vampire strength boosted his already huntsmen trained body as with one final pull he completely crushed the Sabbat's throat and the dead vampire falling off from him turned to ash before he even hit the ground.

And just in time as Jack walked in with sound of guns being a little more wild and few in rapid shots "Not sure what's goin' on. Sounds like the Sabbat's gettin' scattered I'm gonna keep an ear to the ground. Be careful goin; forward here... could be a whole mess of 'em holed up."

"Great. Just my luck." Jaune sighed out before he pushed on a head to clear they path out.

Walking to the next door, he tried the knob but found that it was locked so he knelt down to pick it. But the lock was proving more difficult to pick and he was unable to unlock it, frustration ate at him as his attempts were proving fruitless and he felt his blood boil with anger at his failings, he felt it rush through him the heat from his heart to all across his body before he felt and saw his hands moving with more grace and skill on the lock that in a flash he found that the lock was picked and the fading sensations of that rush of power subsided away but not before he somehow learned of this new ability that was imprinted into his every mind.

The next room was the boiler room as large pipes ran though the walls to the ceiling all connecting to the large Metal cyclnder object in the middle of the room, Jaune saw movement between the pipes that cut off half the room, he snuck up to the boiler, pressing his body against it as he peered around to see another Sabbat grunt.

He prepared to take this out like the one before but something halted him.

He didn't know why, but he decided against stealthily taking him out and then something clicked in him.

His eye's suddenly felt like they were on fire, the feeling was becoming so intolerable that he was forced to close his eye's and rub them to rid himself of the fire gnawing at his pupils, as he rubbed them he felt something flow into them before the sensations dulled but lingered to tolerable levels that he could open his eye's again and when he did, they were no longer blue crystals but bright blazing red rubies that belonged to no man but that of a demon.

But with Jaune, when he opened his eye's he did not see the room in the same way as it did before, everything was bit more brighter in the sense of a more redder colouring in all area's, from the outta ring of his perception he saw from all corners red flowing into his sight as his new found perception granted him a sight never before more clearer then now, As everything was now more detailed to him from the slightest of cracks and dents that would've been impossible to see to the darkest shadows in the room fading away to reveal what they hide.

But most importantly as he stared at the boiler next to him he was surprised to see a dark human shaped shroud appearing, not from inside the boiler but rather the otherside as Jaune leaned his head to see that the dark shroud he was seeing was acturally emenating from the Sabbat Thug, it coated around him like thick coat. 'I can see their aura's!' he concluded as he saw another dark shrouded aura in the next room after this with a few more in next one's.

With this newly acquired power he saw fit to test it out and see what he else this gifted ability would give him as he stood up from his position and walked around the corner to the sabbat who still failed to realise his presence until *Thunk! Thunk!* the tapping of the tire iron against the hallow metal boiler echoed in the room and through the pipes. The Sabbat turned and saw Jaune, immediately going defensive as his long arms stretched out to his side's with his elongated narrow fingers and sharp nails stood ready as the Sabbat settled in a wild animal like posture before him.

Jaune held his tire iron ready and leaned back as he saw the predicated wide swipe that would've cut his throat had he not dodged, again he back stepped from another wild swipe with the other hand then smacked the next one with his iron as he intercepted it and bashed the Metal improvised weapon into his long arm, harming him and momentarily disabling him.

Jaune now understood that he wasn't just seeing things more clearer now, but seeing the every muscle twitch and move before the body follows and seeing the movements in predicted course.

Now understanding the power, Jaune used it while he could, he struck while the sabbat was unbalanced as he smashed the iron into the man's Jaw, he didn't need his newly enhanced hearing to hear the bone's crash or to see the flow of blood rush into the marked area and swell. But he wasn't finished as he quickly pulled his arm back and struck with a back hand swipe knocking his head to the right, Dazed Jaune jumped up and with the tire Iron held in both hands Brought it down with all of his strength down into the Sabbat's head knocking clean to the ground to his feet, blood pooled around the Sabbat's head as it laid down on the floor before Jaune's feet but he knew it was not over as the Grunt had yet to disintegrate he sought to finish it as he read his leg up and stomped it down where a wet and cracked sound went off together before a bright illuminate light appeared below him and all remnants of the sabbat burned away, blood and all leaving nothing but a cracked floor under Jaune's boot.

"I think they're clearin' out. There's no needed to go stirrin' up the hornets' nest till we know the score, though. head through here... you'll comet to an elevator around the way."

"I'll meet you over there."

"Meet ya there. Don't let 'em catch ya."

Moving into the next room, he was surrounded by huge wooden boxes that took up every corner and space in the room, only allowing a narrow path to move through, Jaune knew that there was two in here, not only from his aura seeing ability that had now faded but also because of the two separate footsteps just around the bend of the boxes. Again like in the two previous room he halted but this time he didn't just feel the power but saw it as his mind was taken else where to another place.

-Tremere Vision-

The area was different and foreign to jaune who wasn't staring out his own eye's, but someone else's as he saw himself surrounded by heavily armed and armoured knights who posed their glistening swords at him.

Without moving a finger, A burst of power exploded off of him in quick flash with a Glyph like one's his student Weiss use's only red and at his feet.

The attacker's dropped their swords in favour of clawing at their necks, a few removed their helms just before vomiting out their own blood onto the floor before them, Their face's drained of any colour with their eye's bloodshot to the point of being red and bleeding out of their eye sockets.

They continued to vomit out until they collapsed on the ground dead, either of chocking or loss of blood, many died with their helms still one which continued to leak out the crimson life force that was blocked within their mouths.

The vision ended as darkness consumed it.

-end vision-

Jaune found that he was back in reality, his mind reeling with foreign memories and knowledge of another ability he might possess that although was disturbing, was very much useful in handling two of the sabbat's in the room, as he very much doubt his skill would help in this boxed in fight against two Sabbat, his Aura almost non-existent to boot and his body alien to himself.

He prepared, using the memory to feel that power once more, holding onto it until it was time to unleash it as he walked right around the bend and into the opened up boxed arena with another path open to his left, the two noticed him as he entered and circled around him as he stood within the centre of the confined space, they walked around him like two bloodthirsty predators with their claws posed for attack.

But before they could Jaune pulled on the power and released it, the red glyph exploded from under his feet and a red wave washed from him. The two fell to their knee's unloading a large quantity of blood onto the floor, they continued to vomit it out, even more so then the human body could contain but they weren't human so by the time they died, the entire floor was around him was covered in their blood but like always it burned away.

Moving onto the next area, this time it was one Sabbat in the room with another in the next room after that, He stood in the centre looking in his direction in the door he came from but his view was obstructed by the large boxes Jaune was hiding behind and peering around to see him. The door out of here was to the left of the room but the boxes prevented him from making a b-line there along with the sabbat facing towards them so he couldn't sneak by him like the first one as there was little shadows to move through as the dimly light illuminated enough of the room to create shades in the room where the light could reach.

Jaune saw no way to sneak by him unless he was Neo in which case he wasn't so that left only one option to get out of here, but before he did, he was once again taken somewhere.

-Tremere Vision-

Again he saw himself in a different area and watching through someone else's eye's, this time he was walking through a dark and dirty bricked street with tall black painted candle fire lamp post's shining little light on the ground below them.

He continued to walk till a man jumped out in front of him, he was ragged and in dirty patched thick clothes, his small knife was rusted and stained with blood, Jaune and everyone knew that this was mugger who's had previous experiences.

A sickening sadistic smile graced the mugger's lips as he aimed the knife at jaune or rather who Jaune was riding in.

He watched and felt the familiar flow of power flow into his eye's but unlike the one that allows him to see aura, this one carried a more dominating power behind it as his eye's landed on the muggler's body for a second before he felt the power activate, The mugglers eye's matched his in colour for a moment before they dulled and became blank, he stood there in a lifeless daze before Jaune who continued on his marry way, walking past the dazed mugger.

And with that the vision ended.

-End Vision-

With the vision ended, Jaune was now in possession of a new power with the knowledge of how to use it.

With this new gift, he peered around the corner of the box, his eye's not meeting the sabbat own but landed on his body, his eye's flowed with the familiar power before he saw a glyph in his vision obscuring over the grunt's body for second before fading to reveal the Vampire dazed, standing in his spot but with his head hanging low and staring down to the ground.

Jaune sneaked around while he could, and right behind the Sabbat, his hands posed to both side's behind the man's head before grabbing it with one hand over his mouth while the other settled on the back of his head. The Sabbat brought out of his daze tried to struggle out of the hold but too late as his neck broke with a audable snap with his head twisted to the side.

Everyone watching, even Jaune cringed as he not only heard but felt the vertebra break, the body may be gone but the frightening sensations still lingering in his hands. He never understood how someone like Neo could do something like this so easily, and he never wanted to know or to so again.

Trying to move on from this, he moved into the next room, thankfully this one was little more plunged in darkness on his side of the room with a couple of metal drums covering him with two more a few inches away with a couple of small metal trays beside them.

And finally was the last Sabbat thug in this building... and he stood just outside the door out of here.

There was no way out of there without physical confrontation and Jaune wasn't in the right state to go one v one with this vampire, so he sort a more strategic approach given that he was feeling a little drained of energy.

He ducked behind the metal drum and snaked to the others, keeping himself deep within the available darkness between the two groups of drums till he made it the other's, keeping out of sight as he saw the only way out was blocked by the Sabbat leaning against the door, looking beside him he saw several empty metal trays with the cover's still attached to them, he picked them up and tossed them clear across the room, hitting the far corner of the wall.

The sight and sound of the warped metal hitting the wall sounded out, causing the grunt to leave his post and move to investigate, unaware of Jaune following closely behind.

As he kneeled down to see the thrown object before a metal bar hooked around his neck and started to crush his neck, he struggled but it was futile as his wind pipe was soon crushed and he disintegrated quickly.

With all seen vampires in the building dead, Jaune moved on, opening the door to see narrow hall way with Jack waiting there, smoking cigarette and leaning casually against the wall waiting for him, Jaune slammed the door behind causing Jack to turn to see him stomping towards him with an exhausted and frustrated look upon him.

Dropping his lit one on the floor and grinding it out, he got off from the wall to give the good news to our hero as his nose scrunched up"Fuckin' humans. gangbangers "Protectin' their turf". Ah man, i'm here thinkin' it's Sabbat movin' up in here... It's the fuckin' locals about to take one for the hood."

"So what do we do?"

"Ah, they probably seen too much. Here" he handed Jaune a short barrelled revolver, black frame, 6 cylinder chamber, the short gun was heavy in his hand and cold to the touch with all metal frame from handle to the barrel. Jaune had never held a gun in his entire life, not the makeshift ones of remnant that transform from or to weapons, or even the basic ballistic weaponry of standerd military and law enformcent personal, so it was strange to him to hold this alien object in his hand besides his sword and sword.

"Take this thirty-eiht. Fuckin' peashooter, but a few shots and it'll take down a human."

"Thanks" he drawled out, looking at the simple weapon in his hands.

"Well, i'm gonna want it back so don't go die and lose it. I don't use guns much, They're noisy, they're clumsy, practically useless against vampire. But still, a Kindred's gotta keep up with the times, and in modern day Los Angeles, that means comin' strapped."

"Useless against vampires?" Jaune echoed Jack's words.

"Well, yeah, some are more lethal then others, of course. Watch out for those shotguns- Ouch- thse thing can smart, I tell ya." he hissed in pain and notably pointed to his head, telling Jaune not to get his head blown off.

"I understand."

"Head up and clear out what's left of 'em. Can't have them runnin' their mouths about any o' this. I'm gonna make sure there's no stragglers around outside." before he could go up, Jaune saw fit to test this firearm, and there was no better target then the group of empty bear bottles standing together on a box.

Taking the gun he aimed it at them, using the iron sights to help aim at one of them before pulling the trigger *BANG!* the gun fired, and Jaune's arm shot upwards but the bottle remained standing and undamaged except for the wall where a new hole was present.

The Recoil was strong in this simple looking gun, bringing it down again this time more prepared for the strong kickback the gun possessed as he once again aimed and cocked the hammer back *BANG!* while this time his arm didn't shoot up as it did before, he still managed to hit his mark this time as the bottle was shattered in half and fallen to its back.

He popped a few more of the bottles before him to get the handle of it and took the spare ammo offered to him before backing his way into the elevator that left only two options to pick from, the basement which is where he was from and the ground floor above him where the gangbangers where present.

The metal box shook as it moved up and dinged as it reached it's destination before the two metal doors slid open and he walked out, no one came to check who came from the elevator, maybe because they didn't hear it which worked in Jaune's favour as he held the element of surprise.

He crouched down and sneaked towards the large filled up metal shelving like many of the others but this stood between him and the two thug looking men who needed to be taken out. he moved closer to the one standing at the double doors while his pal was far away, Jaune hid behind the boxes and crates beside the gang banger, he drew his gun, cocking the hammer and aiming through the large space towards the man's head.

*Bang!* one quick shot to the head and he was out, however his pal was now alert and saw the smoke, immediately he drew his own revolver and fired wildly at where Jaune was, the wild barrage hit the containers and the metal frame of the shelves but not Jaune who quickly pulled his arm out and moved around to the open side.

Jaune leaned out and aimed his gun, shooting 3 bullets in succession at the gangbanger who took cover to reload his gun, Jaune retracted his revolver and opened the cylinder out, discarding the empty casing out and putting in the new ones before rolling the cylinder back in and not a moment too soon as the Gangbanger rushed from his cover.

Jaune moved out of cover with full ammo in his gun, he felt the bullets pass him, he aimed his gun at the encroaching gangbanger and fired as he got within range, *BANG!* the first shot hit the shoulder jerking him back, *BANG!* the second in the stomach making him double over and finally the third in the chest and he was dead on the ground.

Slowly getting up, his senses on high alert for anything else after all of this, the dinging of the elevator behind prompted him to swing around and nearly shoot Jack who's face was inches away from the barrel, his hands raised in a universal sign of peace and surrender till Jaune relaxed and lower his gun but still kept it in hand incase of anymore surprises.

"That's it, Kiddo. Just like that and it's all over. Everyone slinks back to their corners of the city for the night."

"That's it? it's all over?" Jaune asked, feeling a bit hopeful that all of this in this chaotic night was over and done with... little did he know it was just the beginning in your undead life.

"Until the next night, when the camarilla finds some way to strike back. Parry, dodge, spin 'n all that. and so on, and so on, and so on..."

"And this is all normal?" For once in his life, he was now believing that his former life wasn't as crazy and as bad as this one if this is what he is going to go through with.

"Well, to be honest, you came at a, well, an interesting time, let's say. The camarilla, the Sabbat... well, in LA these are the new kids on the block. There's already plenty o' Kindred had stakes down in California long before them. Now, we got every ancient Kindred rivalry playin' out all over the city. Lotta tension out there. Lotta fear. Lotta Jittery, High-strung predators clingin' to their little pieces of eternity."

"You're losing me here, Jack." it was still hard heard to process all of this.

But before Jack go into further detail, the horn sounds of a car outside sounded off *Honk! Honk!*

While Jaune was confused, Jack already knew what it was and why it did that "Oh, Boy. Well, I think their're lookin' fof you outside; guess you got a cab to catch. Was hopin' to fill you in on a little more but... ah hell, you'll figure it all out." he sighed out

Before Jaune moved to leave he rotated the revolver with his finger and handed it back to Jack Handle first which the biker vampire took and pocketed it in the back of his pants "Sure, and here's your gun back. I'm more prone to close quarter weapons then long ranged one's."

"If you make it back, stop at the last round. it's this bar down town here. i'll fill you in on the politics, now that's the stuff that'll kill ya, good luck." he bid his far well as Jaune left the factory and entered into the yellow cab that was suspiciously waiting for him. He paid no mind to the driver who immediately started to drive the second he entered and with clear intent on where he was taking Jaune who was now beginning the first journey on his life as a vampire.


As the show ended the people of Remnant were left in awe of what they just witnessed.

Not many had expected the new show to be a vampire flick after so many years and the original dark fantasy culture becoming so mundane and overused but this show mixed the blend of vampires with modern era culture, featuring the vampires as a hidden species with different organisations and a lot to offer the viewers who witnessed as the first scene introduced vale's most youngest bacholour and remnant popular and well beloved huntmen Jaune being thrown into a new world and learning how to survive his new undead life.

unlike most shows that features a vampire, this featured the professor being unluckily turned into a vampire and forced to learn the hard way as he is thrown with nothing but the clothes on his back in the secret world he'll have to survive in.

all were excited to see what more this Vampire the Masquarde will present.


The fellow falcurty members of beacon academy each had their own reactions and opinions in this surprising development in their missing college's life.

"I must say... that was... unusual." The first to speak was the green haired speedy professor of History Bartholomew Oobleck or Bart for short, the intelligent and speedy teacher dissected every part of the show before him. Learning that his fellow teacher was now part of a secret society and night based species or in other words the world of the vampires, Naturally he was equally perplexed about this as he was frightened of what's to come next.

"You're telling me. I mean, the lad becoming a Vampire, it's simple unthinkable." Peter voiced his own concern about this but remarkable still maintained a form of respect for Jaune who was fending quite well for himself with nothing but what was given to him and using it well. "Well, we best prepare for what comes next." Port said as he got up and moved towards the specially locked cupboards designated for Emergency.

"I agree. The local girls will be in uproar of this development of our young college transforming into a vampire. we will be facing another Dawnlight war again." The Dawnlight years was a terrible time for beacon as the teen girl romantic novel turned movie sparked a horrific frenzy of fangirls that later spilt into two groups. Beacon academy never fully recovered from the damages and mental scars of the dark times when the two groups of fans turned not only beacon but also the other academies and city's into battle grounds to decide who was the better dream boy.

The Vampire?

Or the Werewolf?

thankfully it ended peacefully but there were still some lingering remnants of fan groups despite how it all ended.

Meanwhile Port had a different idea of how things would go as the robust elder huntsmen was dressed in all black with a dark leather jacket and hunter's hat on him, his body littered with vampire killing weapons such as wooden stakes sat in a sash that went along his bullet proof vest to the silver crosses and holy water adorned around his waist along with a hammer and his huntmen weapon replaced with large crossbow that hung on his back. "Oh... I was thinking about how we needed to plow the these stakes into his heart. We have to accept the reality that he must die in order to save him."

"...you've been waiting for this moment for a long time haven't you?"

"Have you not?"

Meanwhile in the headmaster's office, Ozpin and Glynda were trying to process all of this startling information that they just witness happening to their college... or at least it was Glynda who was trying to come to term with what just happened and Ozpin trying to snap the deputy headmistress out of her daze.

"Glynda?" Ozpin shook the drooling and mind broken blonde huntress who stood like a zombie before the large TV Screen. Glynda was a secret admire and connoisseur of vampires and romance, a typical sucker for both but this was a whole another level as it featured her young college Jaune Arc who was more or less her secret crush/ fantasy.

The material was too much for the older blonde especially as it featured Jaune being a vampiric badass along with the audio scene's of him making the Jaune stealer sing, needless to say she was mentally broke which Ozpin soon came to accept "Glynda? Glynda!? Damn it, we lost her."

The ancient warrior for mankind and remnant sighed as he lost yet another female staff member to the horrors of vampire's and romance, such as In the dark days of Dawnlight when all of remnant was subjected to pick a side between two fan ships.

Meanwhile as this was going on, in her own Room Cinder was watching the events unfold around Jaune. The glowing ambers stayed on the Television as her nimble fingered hand cupped a half filled glass of wine, Cinder watch and studied the enigma that is Jaune Arc, she now had the opportunity to see him in action and what better way there was then being thrown out into a new world and learning to fend for yourself.

To which he did and she noticed it.

She took note that he was a quick learner, using all that was given to him to the upmost capacity, she witnessed as he used his skills to progress on through his trial by fire and pass through with flying colours.

A devious smirk laid on her lips as she settle back against her chair and waited for more on what he would give her.

-Team RWBY-

Meanwhile in the dorm of team RWBY the four young huntresses in training all had different reactions to this.

"Yeah! go Jaune!" Young Ruby Rose proclaimed out, finally snapping out of her zombie stupor which was relieving to her older sister.

"Oh thank god she's snapped out it. now I atleast have to worry about the lesser punishment Dad and Qrow will lay on me." yang breathed a sigh of relief as she now had to worry about the fallout of Ruby's innocence being lost. Don't get her wrong, her sister being a mindless was terrifying but not as terrifying as what her father and uncle would do to her should Ruby remain a vegetable.

Unfortunately she had to be reminded of that it wasn't just her that she needed to be concern with, Curtsey of Weiss cream "Is that all you worry about? Ruby's vegetative state that while is a better improvement Is all that you're really concerned about. what about the Professor? He's become a vampire, how do you feel about that?"

"Well... I know that if I need sucking, i'll be sure to ask the Prof from now on." Yang couldn't help but make a pun out of it much to the great displeasure of here white haired teammate who facepalm at the bad sexual innuendo.

"God... damn it Yang. I honestly don't know what to say to you at this point." Weiss sighed out, feeling the terrible pain of shame and embarrassment of being partnered up with a terrible comedian. she turned to her own sane teammate "Blake, would you mind...?" only to find that the black haired faunus was now mental broken.

Blake stared the Tv in a hypnotic trance with two red hue's decorating her cheeks "Vampires... Jaune..." she breathed out, clutching a lone and specific book to her chest, the front cover featured an unusually pale man in a long dark cloak that not only wrapped around his body but the body of a young beautiful woman with luscious long red hair that glowed in the pale moon light.

"welp. she's broke, we'll fix that later."

-Arc Family-

With the Arc family they were reeling from what they saw.

all present members which were the 7 daughters, the father Nicholas Arc and the mother his wife Juniper Arc sat within their living room watching their son/ brother on the Tv.

At first it was relief then hope/ digust as they watched him have sex with a complete stranger or in the eternal words of their mother/ wife *future mother of her Grandbabies* however those feelings were then replace with fear as they heard him scream, it further developed into horror as they watched their son/ brother be thrown into the world of vampire's with him ending up as a vampire and facing many life threatening threats that would've ended him in a heart beat were it not for his new abilities.

Needless to say their Mother Juniper fainted from too much of the shock and horror of having to watch her son fight off against these monster's in human skin.


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Yes there will be other powers that he will possess, but i'm not telling. You'll just have to wait and see how he gets them.

The visions if you're curious was the only way he could learn his disciplines, how else am I to input how he acquire the knowledge to learn his newly gifted vampiric powers.

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