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"Sam?" Jason asked sitting next to her on the couch.

Danny was already in school, so as part of their routine Sam and Jason would drink their coffee, now tea for a pregnant Sam, and spend some time alone together before the long day ahead of them began. It was normally one of the most peaceful hours of the day, but not today. There was an unspoken tension in the air, and Sam seemed spaced out.

"Huh?" Sam said quickly snapping back into reality.

Sam had been lost in her own thoughts and Jason could tell something was up. When he came home last night she had been distant. He didn't think it was anything he had done, but now he wasn't so sure. It was like she was in her own world and wouldn't give him any clue of how to reach her. The whole night he knew she was having a hard time falling asleep because she had been tossing and turning for hours, waking him. He asked if she was okay, but Sam just blamed it on the pregnancy and the baby's kicking. But Jason knew his wife, and for her to seem so conflicted, there had to be a good reason. He just wished he didn't have to keep guessing what it was.

She hardly got any sleep the night before because she didn't know what to do. She knew what she couldn't do, but how could she keep this from her husband? Especially knowing that someone out there was threatening their lives. Maybe even keeping tabs on them. That's what the messages implied, anyway. She didn't feel safe. She wished she could just tell Jason about the text messages, but she couldn't risk anything happening to her family. She knew it would be hard to cover this up for much longer, though. Jason was already extremely suspicious and it didn't help that her emotions were written all over her face. One thing was for sure: she had to get Jason off the search for Morgan's killer.

"Where were you just now?" Jason questioned.

"What do you mean… I've been right here"

Jason gave her a look, "Come on you know what I mean. You've been out of it since last night."

Just as Sam expected, he was on to her.


When Sam hesitated Jason spoke, "Is it your mother?"

That question threw Sam off. She couldn't believe she had forgotten all about her emotional visit with her mom. Unfortunately, that wasn't the only problem she was faced with. She felt guilty for thinking this, but Jason just handed her a good excuse for how she's been acting.

"Yeah you know its a lot worse than I thought Jason. I know I didn't really tell you what was up before leaving to see her yesterday, but I knew she was going through something and Molly was concerned too so I had to see what it was for myself."

"Okay, so what happened, is she okay?"

"No, well yes, but no. Ever since Julian it turns out she's been drinking herself to death. Its gotten so bad, Jason. I've never seen her like that." Sam started getting emotional remembering seeing her mom so vulnerable.

Jason took a hold of her hand, seeing that she was starting to get choked up.

Sam looked down at Jason's hand intertwined with her own, and continued.

"She completely broke down. She told me how lost she feels, and it's all because of that bastard. He took something from her, and I'm just scared she doesn't think she can get it back."

"Hey," Jason wiped away a stray tear from Sam's face. "She has you. It might be a long journey, but she will find herself again. This is temporary. All that matters is that you know what you're dealing with now, and you will be there for her to lean on."

"Yeah," Sam whispered.

"And listen," Jason added.

"This is about you too. When Alexis leans on you, you need to know that you can lean on me. I'm always gonna be here for you."

Sam gave him a smile. He never failed to amaze her. She had never felt more loved, and so protected than when she was with him.

Giving him a soft kiss she said, "Thank you".

"You never need to thank me. That's what I'm here for. I just wish you believed in that."

Sam was taken back by his bluntness. "What do you mean you wish I believed that? Of course I do."

Jason couldn't help himself. He knew he should've probably let it go, but why did it always have to take so much effort on his part before she would finally open up to him.

"I don't know, Sam. Sometimes I feel like you don't. Whenever something happens that hurts you it seems like your first instinct is to hide it from me."

Sam felt guilty knowing she was currently doing exactly what Jason was accusing her of.

"It's not that Jason, I promise. Normally you'd be the first person I come to but I just don't want to add to your stress right now."

"Add to my stress? You could never 'add to my stress'. What stresses me out is that you always want to protect me, even when you obviously need support. You're my wife. You and our kids are always going to be my priority. If you're hurting, we all are. I thought we had this conversation already, so I just thought you understood that."

This couldn't get any worse. Jason flat out told Sam he didn't want her to protect him, and he was right. This definitely wasn't the first time they had this talk. But the circumstances were different this time. Whoever this person was that sent her those messages, was lethal. She knew if she would tell Jason he would do everything to protect their family, but if she was being honest with herself, that part scared her too. She had no lead on who this was or what they were capable of, and she didn't want this to cost her the love of her life. Maybe if she could just get him to back off like she was instructed, she could forget this ever happened.

"I do understand that Jason it's just…"

"What is it?"

Sam decided she had to use this moment to confront the situation about getting him to stop the search.

"Honestly Jason, it's this case, with Morgan. I know I told you that I wanted to get to the bottom of it as much as you did but…I feel like it's taking over our lives. I'm finding it hard to give you more bad news when it seems like we've been consumed in it for so long."

Jason was surprised to hear this coming from Sam. He knew it's been a topic of discussion for them in the past, but he never realized the strain it was putting on their own marriage. Here his wife was confessing that she didn't know how to come to him all because of this case. He couldn't have that. Now he had to prove to her that he meant what he said about putting her first. He wasn't just making empty promises, and it was time for that to be known.

"Babe I had no idea that was why. I'm sorry that I ever made you feel that way."

Sam's guilt was eating at her, he was so apologetic when he had no reason to be.

"I'm glad you're being honest with me now, because that's the last thing I ever wanted. I'll just explain to Sonny that I need to step back, and I'll have Curtis follow up on it for him."

"Really? Just like that?" Sam was surprised how easily, and quickly, Jason was willing to back out of it for her. It only made her feel guiltier because he was so good to her.

"Just like that," Jason assured her.

"But what about Sonny, won't he be upset?"

"Sonny knows the kind of strain his business can put on family. I mean this is a little different because it's about his son, but I'm sure he will understand. I mean, it's not like Curtis has to stop looking so I really don't see the big deal.

Sam felt so relieved. For the first time since the night before she felt like she could breathe a little. Taking that breath, she hugged Jason.

"I honestly don't know how I got so lucky to have you," Sam confessed feeling content in his arms.

"I'm the lucky one," Jason responded placing a kiss on her head.

Sam wanted to wash her face before picking Danny up for school. Her mascara was running a little from crying. It was worth it though. Somehow, the most difficult conversations always brought her and Jason closer, as if that was even possible. She was wiping the water off her face when her phone that was on the sink counter lit up with a notification.

Fear suddenly pulsed through her body seeing the same unknown number that had texted her last night. She took a deep breath before opening it.

Is it done?

She stared at the screen before deciding to reply. At least she can put an end to it.

Yes he's dropping the case

Unable to contain herself from asking the question that consumed her thoughts, she typed another message.

Who is this!?

Don't worry about that. Just hope that your husband follows through. I'd hate to see what happens if he doesn't. I'll let you go now, Danny's waiting for you to pick him up at school.

"Fuck!" Sam angrily shouted low enough so that Jason wouldn't hear.

This person obviously knew everything about her life and her family. Suddenly the fear she had felt an hour ago was back. She had a bad feeling this was far from over.