A little note before you start to read this. English isn't my mother tongue and I have no idea how to write a British accent especially not Bert's. This story will also be mostly based on the movie but might contain some references to the musical. Disclaimer: Mary Poppins and all the characters belong to P.L. Travers and Disney.

The wind has been her company for a very long time. The wind decides where she goes. She comes with the east wind and goes with the west wind. She never stays at one place for long. But if the wind takes her back she'll gladly return, even if she would never admit that she misses the families she helps. However, this time it's a bit different. Normally it would take at least a few weeks until the wind changed back to the same family again if needed, but this time it was only a few hours. She was very confused and also a bit worried about this. Yet she wouldn't frown nor show any other sign of her worry. She was a practically perfect person, and a such had to keep her composure.

No one in the house which was standing in the cherry tree lane and had the number 17 next to the gate, suspected a thing as the nanny, known as Mary Poppins, came flying from the sky with her trusty umbrella in her hand. The family had been playing and laughing all day, feeling better and more like a happy family as they have ever before. The greater was the surprise as their last nanny suddenly appeared in the middle of the room. At first everyone in the room was just standing there completely stiff, with their eyes and mouths open. Then Mary Poppins broke the silence, "Please don't keep your mouths open like this. We are not a codfish", she said with a small smile. Some things just always stay the same. Now the two children came out of their stiffness and ran up to her screaming "Mary Poppins, Mary Poppins you're back!", then they hugged her tightly. "Oh, children please not so tight!", she exclaimed while stroking their hair. Finally, their parents walked up to her as well. "Mary Poppins. It's always great to see you. But may I ask why you're already back so soon. After what the children told me, I thought you would be far away by now", Winnifred Banks asked. "We all are really thankful for everything you did for us, even if I didn't understand it bevor, but your return is kind of unsuspected" George Banks added. Mary thought for a moment and came to the conclusion that the only thing that came to her mind was also the best thing to say in this situation. "Well, honestly I have to say it's just as unexpected for you as it is for me. You see, I was already far away when suddenly the wind changed again. I don't know why that happened, but just as I usually never explain myself the wind also never explains itself. Normally I find the explanation before I arrive, but this time I haven't found it yet. However, I'm also very delighted to see you all again so soon", Mary Poppins answered, hoping everyone would understand this explanation. She never was in a situation like this. Never had she come to a family without getting called for in some way. Never did she have to give someone a reason as to why she was there because the reason was always coming from them. But now it seemed like she had come to them out of her own will and there was nothing else to say about it. But surely there was some different reason for why the wind had brought her back so fast. She just had to figure it out somehow.

The parents of the Banks family just looked at each other confused about the whole situation. Even if they had started to accept what she does as something that's normal and had listened closely to what their children had to tell them about their magically nanny all of this was still very new for them. Meanwhile Michael began to ask, "Mary Poppins does this mean you will stay with us again now?" "Well do you need me?", Mary asked her. "Of course we do! We love you!", Jane replied. Mary couldn't help but smile at that. Now Winnifred walked forward and added, "We have promised the children that we will spend more time with them, but there certainly will be times when it would be great to have a nanny around. And you are the best nanny we ever had. Actually you are the best that could have ever happened to us. Isn't that right George?" While she talked she walked up to Mary and put a hand on her shoulder and had a bright smile on her face the whole time. "Yes darling. Having Mary Poppins around seems like a great idea. I think we could leave the conditions just like we had them. Is that okay with you Ms. Poppins?" her husband said. Mary gave him a smile and nodded. "Well, this sounds quite nice to me!" George Banks smiled back and looked at the clock. "Good. Now, it's already late. I suggest you go upstairs with the children now, set up your room again and then bring the children to bed. Jane, Michael come here to us first." The two children run up to their parents and said "Yes, father?" Their parents kneeled down to them and hugged them than their mother gave them both a kiss on their foreheads. Then they all said Goodnight to each other. "Now go with your nanny", their father said. Mary nodded and let Jane and Michael to the staircase. "Let's go children. Spitspot", she exclaimed. All three of them sat down on the railing, slid up and then entered the nursery.

"Well, there is nothing to criticize about this room this time. It's completely tidy", Mary Poppins said, looked at the children and winked. They followed her into her room where she put her carpetbag onto the table. "Can we help you this time, Mary Poppins? We won't judge its appearance anymore!", Jane asked. "Well, most things that I want to get out here are kind of heavy, but I suppose if you do it together you can help me with my mirror and some smaller stuff. But first things first," she replied and took her hatstand out of her bag. While she was putting it on its previous place the children managed to pull out her mirror. "Here, Mary Poppins" they said while handing it to their nanny. "Thank you", she replied with a smile on her face and hang it onto the wall. "You're welcome", the children replied. Mary Poppins inspected herself for a moment before she went back to her bag to get her plant and after she put it on its place her lamp. "Done, now I can retrieve the rest when I need it", she said while dusting of her hands. "Now, let's get ready for bed you two", she then stated. 15 minutes later the children were completely finished and lying in bed while Mary Poppins was covering them up. "Mary Poppins?", Jane asked. "Yes?", she answered and put out the light. "I just remembered your first day here and how you sang with that cute bird. I just thought about it and realised that in every story, when someone sings with birds or talk with other animals in a story it's always a princess. Are you a princess?" Unknown to the children lying in their beds Mary Poppins shuttered a bit after hearing that question. "What are you thinking, Jane. Why would a princess become a nanny?" "I just thought because you often seem like one", the girl replied. "That is nice of you but now you should stop thinking about that and go to sleep", Mary stated. "Mary Poppins, how long will you stay with us this time?", was now asked by Michael. "We will see about that. Now sleep well children", came the prompt answer from Mary Poppins. "We will see about that", she repeated softly and with that everything was quiet in the nursery.