During a lot of other stuff i had to do there was little time to finish this part. But i finally did, so please enjoy!

Mrs. Corry looked up when she heard the bell over the door ringing and broadly smiled when she saw a familiar face come towards the counter. Next to her was a small girl, probably not older than five, with long brown locks, bright blue eyes, and a cute blue dress. Her eyes and mouth were wide open when she looked around the shop with astonishment. "Mary, close your mouth please. We're not a codfish", her mother warned her in a firm but still kind tone.

"I'm sorry, mommy", the little girl replied and immediately closed her mouth, but continued to explore the shop with her eyes.

"Hello, Lady Elinore. I see you brought your daughter with you", the old women greeted them. Lady Elinore just smiled and nodded. Mrs. Corry looked down at the small girl smiling. "What's your name sweetie", she asked.

The little girl, however, suddenly became where shy and hid behind her mother. Her mother kneeled down and put a hand on her daughter's shoulder. "You don't need to be afraid. Mrs. Corry is an old friend of mine and she is very kind", she tried to reassure the young child.

Slowly the little girl came out from hiding. She continually starred at her feet for a few moments at first but then she took a breath, looked up and said, "I-I'm M-Mary"

"That's a cute name, my dear. Very fitting for such a cute and brave little girl", Mrs Corry complimented her and smiled warmly at her.

"Very good!", her mother added. This finally let the little girl thaw and relax. Now she looked smiling at the old shopkeeper in front of her, who smiled back at her.

"So, what can I do for you two today?", Mrs. Corry asked, after turning to her mother.

"Two pieces of your best gingerbread, please", Lady Elinore requested calmly.

"Not more?", Mrs. Corry asked, knowing how much Lady Elinore loved gingerbread.

But she just shook her head, "Not today. We're having guests coming over for dinner, so we'll have to save our appetite. But I thought, since Mary never been here before and never ever had gingerbread we could come here, since we already were nearby. So, two pieces will be quite nice."

"Of course, dear", the old shopkeeper said and bend down to retrieve the gingerbread as requested. She handed each of them one piece. After accepting the money from Lady Elinore she turned to the little girl and spoke "Go on taste it! Tell me how you like it, please"

The girl took a small bite and closed her eyes while she let the gingerbread melt on her tongue. Never had she tasted something so good. "Mmmm"

Mrs Corry smiled broadly when hearing that sound. "I'm glad you like it", she said.

Mary nodded while taking another bite. After she had swallowed, she exclaimed, "Yes, it's sooo good! I think it's going to be my new favourite treat!"

"That's always great to hear! Then I hope I'll see you again soon.", Mrs. Corry replied.

Mary smiled at the old women and said, "I will for sure!"

After she had said that her mother took her free hand and said, "If you're good I'll take you here again very soon. But now we have to go home, sweetheart. Say goodbye to Mrs. Corry now"

Mary's face suddenly turned from overjoyed to sad in a heartbeat. "Do we really have to go home, already?", she asked her mother. If she could she would stay much longer. That whole place was so wondrous. Everything smelled so good and the old shopkeeper was so nice.

"Yes dear, we have to. You don't want to keep our relatives waiting, do you? Don't you want to see your cousin again?", her mother replied calmly.

At that, Mary's face lighted up again. Spending a day with her cousin was always fun. "Okay. I'm coming. Goodbye!", she said and waved to Mrs. Corry.

Her mother smiled at the little girl and led her to the door. Before she walked outside with her she turned and nodded to Mrs. Corry. "Goodbye Mrs. Corry", she said. "Goodbye you two", Mrs Corry answered and waved goodbye to them as well. A moment later the Mary and her mother exited the shop and went off along the street. Mrs. Corry looked after them smiling before returning to her work.

"Come on Herbert", Mary screamed and dragged the young boy along. "But I thought you would teach me how to do magic!", Bert questioned while trying not to stumble over his own feet. He didn't understand how she could run so fast and still seem so graceful, while he was nearly tripping.

"I will. But it's better to begin with some refreshment. That's why we have to go and get some gingerbread first. It's much easier to do magic when you have something good to think about. And nothing is better than Mrs. Corrys gingerbread!", she explained while dragging him along the path towards an old looking house that had a sing over its door. On the sign was "Mrs Corry's Shop" written in golden letters that seemed to sparkle in the sun light.

They entered the shop and Herbert couldn't keep his eyes from old the wonders around him. He had never seen so many sweets in one place!

As they came closer to the counter, they were immediately greeted by an old woman. At first he couldn't believe that such an old woman, with wrinkled skin, could be the owner of such a colourful shop full with delicious threats. But the smile the woman gave was so warm and nice, that it made him regret that thought instantly.

"Hello Mary, dear. I see you brought a friend?", she said and turned. "So, who are you my boy?", she asked him.

"Ummm…", even with the warm smile on the old woman's face, he couldn't help being shy. Luckily Mary noticed immediately and answered for him, "This is Herbert. We met too days ago and I want to teach him some magic. But I thought we can't start learning without some gingerbread."

The shopkeeper nodded and replied, "Mhmm, that's true! Nothing better than some gingerbread before getting into work. So how much should it be for you today?"

"Two pieces please. One for him and one for me. Mother said I should save my appetite for later. We're having guests again tonight", Mary said, rolling her eyes at the thought of having guests again.

Mrs. Corry nodded and replied "Of course. That will be six pence for each"

Herbert was about to search his pockets for money when Mary stopped him. "Don't! I'll pay! I want to invite you. After all you don't know if you'll like it", Mary told him. "But I'm sure you'll love it anyway", she added with a wink and gave Mrs. Corry the money.

"Umm…okay. Thanks", he said quietly. This was a completely new situation for him. He never had been invited to a threat by anyone, let alone by a girl. He watched as the old lady bend down and retrieved two big pieces of gingerbread for them. She handed one to Mary and one to him. He shyly took it from her and just held it in his hand.

"Come take a bite. I'm sure you'll love it. It's wonderful!", Mary urged him on with an encouraging smile on her face.

"Hmm okay," the boy said and took a small bite from the gingerbread in his hand. His face immediately turned from unsure to completely overjoyed. "Oh my goodness. That tastes awesome!", he exclaimed before taking another, now bigger bite.

Mrs. Corry laughed, "Ha, thanks for that compliment. But you better don't eat so hasty, you don't want to want to choke on it!", she said.

Herbert stopped eating after swallowing the bite he just ate. Then he nodded and replied, "Okay! But it really is very good. But I think I'll save the rest for later so I can enjoy that taste the whole day."

"That's a better idea!", Mrs Corry said smiling and added, "I'm glad you like it. But I hope you'll come back soon."

Herbert nodded and said, "I will come back for sure! I love it here!" Then he turned to the girl next to him and said, "Thank you Mary for showing me that place. It was a great idea to come here before you start teaching me magic."

"Oh yes! We should go now before we waste all our time! After all magic is a hard subject", she exclaimed now. Then she waved to Mrs. Corry "Goodbye Mrs Corry. We'll come back soon."

Herbert did the same before he felt Mary softly hitting him on his shoulder. He turned into her direction, she wasn't standing there anymore. Instead she was running out the door and screamed while giggling, "Come on Herbert, catch me!" He quickly followed her outside of the shop.

Mrs Corry watched them broadly smiling as they run down the street happily laughing.


Jane and Michael hang on Mrs. Corry's every word, with their mouths wide open. Mary Poppins had always been so mysterious, so they hadn't expected to find out so much about her. Especially not about her childhood. "Wow. You were so cute as a little girl Mary Poppins!", Jane exclaimed after a few moments of silence.

Mary, who had closed her eyes, while Mrs. Corry was telling her stories to the children, slowly opened them again and turned to Jane. "Thank you Jane", she replied softly. She didn't want to admit it, but at the end she actually enjoyed hearing stories about her own childhood. Then she looked at the clock in her pocket. "Now children, it's time to go home! Mrs. Corry it was a pleasure like always. Goodbye. And thank you, again. For everything", she said.

"Do we have to go? I want to listen to more stories", Michael asked saddened by Mary Poppins order. Why did they always have to go home when they had such a wonderful time?

"What have I told you? Enough is as good as a feast. Now hurry up children, spit-spot!", she exclaimed and walked to the door. "You too Bert!", she then said, after turning to Bert, who had quietly sat on the sofa the whole time, probably dreaming about the past as well. He just nodded and slowly stood up, while smiling at Mrs Corry.

The children and Bert, followed her slowly. As they stood at the door, they turned back again to Mrs. Corry waving. "Thank you very much Mrs Corry. We'll come back very soon! It's so lovely here", the children said. Bert tipped his head and said, "That was a very lovely day here, indeed. Goodbye."

"Goodbye my darlings. Come back soon! And take care!", she screamed after them, as they were walking down the street. She watched them for a few moments smiling broadly, before sighting and turning back, to continue her work.