Taven's Log

In one day my world had been ripped to pieces. I awoke in a foreign realm, forced to complete a quest set forth by my parents, Argus and Delia. This quest, though intended to save the realms, has destroyed my family. My brother, Daegon, became obsessed with winning the ultimate prize of full godhood and murdered our parents and in his madness, he sought to destroy me as well. Orin and Caro, dragons loyal to our family for ages, were not spared from the curse this quest has wrought. Daegon enslaved Caro to serve his own ends; the sorcerer Quan Chi killed Orin, who was my guardian. Though I had nothing left, I was determined to complete the quest. I faced many kombatants, fighting my way to the top of the pyramid until at last, I alone defeated Blaze in Mortal Kombat. The energy released by his death passed through me, granting me full godhood. The excess power then filtered through my armor and passed into the other kombatants. But instead of nullifying their powers, it had made them stronger than before.

With no other choice used my godly power to stop time. I had no idea what to do other than to stave it off, and by the grace of the Elder Gods, a spirit had appeared in front of me. The apparition called out to me, "I am Liu Kang. A former Mortal Kombat champion of Earthrealm. If you can force me back into my body then I can assist you in quelling the rest of the kombatants back. I know the heroes from the forces of darkness."

I assisted Liu Kang in regaining his body. Once time dissolved, we ambushed the remaining forces of darkness and killed most of them. Armageddon was averted and I finished Daegon off right afterwards.

After I reported this to the Elder Gods and peace across the realms was ensured, I went back to Edenia and met the Royal Family. Even though my hands are now Edenia's will, the directive for all gods is to protect and not to reign over a realm. Thus, I cannot spend too much time with Queen Sindel and Princess Kitana whenever laws are concerned unless it has relation to the stability of the realm itself as a whole.

The only exception is the tradition of a god and royalty siring children. Due to all Edenians having descended from gods and the royal family having the closest blood ties. I didn't have to undergo this old tradition due to Queen Sindel already having Princess Kitana. While, Kitana courts with Liu Kang, whom has been elevated to a god of fire since our last encounter because of his assistance in preventing Armageddon. Although, I am still obligated to produce a second heir with Queen Sindel to signify a strong approval of the Royal Family and to create another heir apparent due to the Royal Family dying or falling under mind control on several occasions since the death of King Jerrod. We will have to cross that road in the near future.

This meant that I spoke daily with the general of the Edenian Knights, Jade. We go over defenses, train together and occasionally play this new sport called 'golf' with the Royal Family. I'm starting to get a feel for it, one day I will hopefully be able to catch up to the three of them.

During one training session I finished her with my Speed of Light technique. When I approached her to help her up, she disappeared using her own Vanishing Winds teleportation manuever. Before I knew it we were kissing and then I had held her tight. At that moment, she became my lover, my Jade Dragon and I became her Gold Dragon.

We continued courting and then got engaged. My father and mother were able to leave the heavens that day. Fujin came, and so did Raiden. It was good to see him on the side of light rather than darkness. Sub Zero, Liu Kang and a man called Johnny Cage came as well. Jade told me that despite his constant jests, he has a heart of a hero. He had assembled the forces of light for the battle of Armageddon. For that alone, he has my respect and gratitude, despite his contribution in setting up woman Johnny brought had fought me before near the Lin Kuei base. She was more courteous this time around and I apologized for my own arrogance at the time.

The Earthrealm technology known as a camera has blessed me with pictures and 'videos' of the wedding. One image that I will keep with me is Jade and I standing side by side. She wore a gorgeous emerald green ceremonial dress, while I donned a black and gold robe my father wore when he married my mother. Father congratulated me and I wished we could have spent more time. Apparently, Earthrealmer's give rings to each other but Edenians simply have each other.

Another part of me wishes that Daegon and I awoke together at the intended time. Had things only been ever so slightly different, everything would have been better. I'd still have a brother who wasn't corrupted. But I have more important family matters to focus on now.

We are now with child and I pray to the Elder Gods that our child won't have to face the burdens my parents and I had to. As protector of Edenia, I shall do my best to preserve the peace, and anyone who threatens it shall be torn asunder. I cannot see who the next enemy is, though be it vampires, demons, or a new emperor from Outworld, I will act then and there, they will be stopped.