Princess' Diary

After years of living as that madman's personal assassin, I uncovered the truth of my lineage and realm. My father was the honorable King Jerrod and my mother Sindel took her life in order to protect the rest of the realms from assured destruction, leaving me alone with Shao Kahn. That despot even violated my mother's charm by resurrecting her to invade Earthrealm.

My one love, Liu Kang managed to defeat the Emperor. Once my home and my mother were freed, I offered to share the throne and myself, but he declined solely because of his duty to Earthrealm.

The daughter of an ambassador, Tanya, went on to betray Edenia to Shinnok for the sake of power. I fear that as long as she lurks, our realm can never be truly Mileena, my "sister" that was borne of dark sorcery by Shang Tsung, has been a thorn in my side since the beginning. She has conspired with Shinnok, Baraka and probably even the Deadly Alliance to take Edenia. In the final battle of Armageddon, she managed to teleport away and avoid death by my own hand.

Although, the queen ... my mother did what she had to do for the sake of the realms, I felt nothing but anger deep inside because she did not fight to the end. Then there's the thought that my father may very well be within the entity known as Ermac. Now we must figure out that conundrum.

The true consistent family I have always had was Jade. From the assassinations in Outworld, to the Mortal Kombat tournament, Edenia, capture, mind control and even Armageddon, she has never failed me once. Even if she did, I would forgive her for all that she has done. Not only as a guardian or a friend, but as my "sister" the one person I could be true to throughout all of these years other than Liu Kang.

The battle that was supposed to End All Things turned out to create a new beginning for Edenia, Liu Kang's spirit that once bonded with me managed to save us all from Armageddon alongside our newest deity, Taven. After the victory, Taven became protector god of Edenia and Liu Kang was restored. I had the choice to marry Taven, but we both agreed with my mother that I should not be bound by tradition. Now my best friend is married to a god whom is also the father of my own brother.

While, I know live in Earthrealm, married to a fire god. My life has been a continuous battle, although I remain happy because I stoke the flames of a worthy man whom has saved me and kept my heart burning with love even after his death.

Whatever comes our way, I will destroy for the sake of Earthrealm, my new home. I pray that the Elder Gods give us blessing and watch over us in these trying times and continue to grace us with peace. I owe much gratitude to the Elder Gods. For my flame and my gem, I am eternally thankful, because of them, I have been able to retain everything that was once lost.

Lover of Fire,


Author's Note: Thanks for reading this, guys. This was a very hard one to do because I never really "got" her royal "air". Hopefully, I was able to take on her voice in this chapter. Let me know what you think. I'm actually considering writing one more MK fic with a TavenCass rom or a TavenKitana rom for the challenge of it. Although, I have a twist with the Kitana rom that incorporates Liu Kang in a special way. The only other thing i'd like to add is that you guys check out this original story I wrote on my own called, The Dragoon. You can find it on my profile page, give it a vote or some criticism.