Shrek walked into the bedroom. He felt drawn by an unknown force. He looked around. Suddenly he was surronded by a dazzling light.

"Who are you?" Shrek gasped.

"I am the Holy Ghost. You have struck my interest, and I decided to see you." An omnipresent voice replied.


"Yes, you. I find your green skin and moist lips...irresistible."

"Ah. if you came here for... something... just ask."

The light began to come together to create a humanoid form. A moan came from it.

"Shrek, I want, no, need you, to be inside you. Please let me pleasure you." The form began to sport what appeared to be a boner.

Shrek grinned. There was nothing he loved more than a good fuck.

"My body is yours, for the night."

The light moved forward and seem to shove shrek onto the bed.

"I'm honored."

Shreks clothes were quickly torn off his body. His eyes closed as he prepared for what was to come, and moments later, there was something pressing against his entrance. It was surprising firm for something without physical form. It pressed into him and started to move. It hurt but felt good at the same time.

The Ghost proceeded to wear him out the entire night.