Ficlet tag. Pairings: Draco/Luna Prompt: Daydream. also liza's Peculiar People Day - Write about Luna or Newt prompt!

Lunar Lover

Draco felt like he was in a dream. Luna was all around him, whispering in his ear, taking his clothes off, making him feel like he was the only one who could possibly love her or be returned in love by her.

Luna was going to drive him over the edge; she kept pushing him. Every limit, every 'not', everything he 'should not do' was something that Luna Lovegood made him do. She coerced him; she drew her hands across him in a way that made him beg for it, to do it with her, to finally be rid of the desire.

The little blonde Ravenclaw was driving him wild.

Living with her was like living in a daydream where clouds and unicorns constantly chased flocks of nargles and erumpent horns.

Luna licked her lips as she lowered herself onto Draco's lap.

"Is that an Erumpent horn in your pants, or are you just happy to see me?"

Oh Merlin. Draco clenched his hands against the bedsheets as Luna drove him wild once more.

His wild child demon lover. Luna. Luna forever. With her childish humour and ridiculous whims. Luna lovegood. Love. love. love love...

"Yes," Draco finally panted. "I'm happy to see you."

Merlin, he was poking out of his robes for her, nearly breaking the fabric to be free.

"I'll free you," Luna said later as she rubbed her hands all over his short, scruffed up hair. "I'll always free you."

Draco kissed her harder.

She met all his desires, and then some he never knew he had.


(Later as they both laid back in bed, Draco counted the freckles on her back and kissed each blemish and mark on her pale skin. He hated seeing what his family had done to Luna during the war, when she'd been captured in Malfoy Manor and imprisoned in his basement. Yet that was the moment he'd also been brought to life as he fell in love with her. The bright flower in his dark world and then he'd freed her. and somehow she'd freed him too. and now they were here: in la-la land. the land with no limits, no past, no future, no dreams. Only Luna and lala crazy love.

He encircled his hands and fingers in hers and thanked Merlin he'd never let her go.)