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Chidori stared at her childhood friend as he stood in front of her, it was 7:00 which was usually her bedtime, even if it was a weekend. She continued to stare until his voice broke her out.

"Chidori?" she jumped and opened the door wide enough for him to come in.

"Er, yes, come in Kacchon" he thanked her and and walked in and Chidori shut the door behind him.

What's Kacchon doing here?! I thought he was out with Sonozaki-san!

Taking a few deep breathes, she forced a smile and turned to Katsuhira who was standing a few feet away from her.

"W-what did you want to talk about Kacchon?" she asked him holding her hands together, close to her chest, Katsuhira rubbed a finger against his cheek with his eyes lowered.

"Ano, I wanted to talk about Nori-chan and I" Those words hit her hard, especially since he calls Sonozaki 'Nori-chan', oh she wished he never calls her that.

Why can't he call her Chidori-chan?

"I-I see"

"Etto…" Katsuhira eyes looked around room and his body began to fidget, he looked uncomfortable, Chidori began to worry.

"Kacchon, are you ok?" he jumped when she called him by the nickname she made for him since they were kids.

"H-Hai" he rubbed the back of his neck before looking back up to the crimson-haired girl "Nori-chan and I have been talking lately, about something…"

"What's the matter? Are you two having problems?" even though she loves him she hated to see him sad, so if something's gone wrong with his relationship with Sonozaki she will help him.

"Something like that…" he answered, he looked around the room again and his eyes fell on the sofa "Ano, could we sit over there?" he pointed, Chidori looked to where he was pointing and blushed from embarrassment for not inviting him on the sofa, which she does for all of her guests that come around.

"Y-Yes, we can! I'm sorry I didn't ask when you come in"

"That's alright" he said as he and Chidori made their way and sat on the sofa, a bit of space left between them and their faces turned away, the air was silent for a moment until Chidori broke it.

"So, um...what did you want to tell me?" She turned to him, Katsuhira slightly jumped and scratched his cheek again, his face still not looking at her but she can see parts.

"Hai, about Nori-chan and I" Chidori nodded, knowing that already "Well, as you and the rest know Nori-chan and I started dating a few months ago, and I felt happy about this. Nori-chan and I started to go out and would enjoy spending time together, we would smile and have a lot of fun"

Katsuhira talking about this made her heart hurt, but she didn't want to show that and continued to listen, even if she didn't want too "We started to go out more and then we would go out everyday, spending our time together until dark, there's not a day go by when we don't see each other"

Chidori can feel tears coming up to her eyes, she kept strong and held them in "But.." the look on his face and the tone of his voice changed "Lately it's been feeling different"

"Different?" Chidori repeated in confusion, Katsuhira nodded.

"For weeks now, whenever I'm with Nori-chan I don't...feel as interested as I used to, everything I do with her has become less enjoyable and I don't know why"

"I-I think that's normal" Chidori tried to comfort him "I mean, you two have spend everyday together so it would make sense, perhaps you two need to put some guidelines up, like only see each other three times a week"

"We tried that but for a week, nothing changed so we did it for another week, again nothing changed"

"B-But weren't you with her this week? Tenga-kun said that you were with her today" Chidori asked in confusion.

"I lied, I only said that so that he wouldn't do anything, I don't want to drag him or the others into this" he told her, Chidori could feel warmth in her heart, she found it a bit happy that Katsuhira didn't want to involve others in his life problems because he doesn't want them to worry, but she was also angered by it, they are his friends and they would always help him.

"Then why did you come to me?" unknowingly to her Katsuhira clenched his fists.

"Because your the only one I can ever go to"

There goes her heart and her cheeks.

"S-So you said that you spent two weeks away from Sonozaki-san" he nodded "Where did you go?"

"Out of town, I found some stuff interesting out there"

"O-Ok, so did you come here for me to help you to find out why your feeling this way with Sonozaki-san"

"Actually...I've already found the answer"

Katsuhira lifted his head and turned to Chidori, the moonlight shining on his white and brown hair, making him seem angel-like.

"W-What's the answer then?"

Katsuhira didn't answer her until a few minutes when past.

"I love you Chidori"

Chidori looked at Katsuhira in shock "Eh?"

"I said I love you, Chidori" she looked at him for a minute still in shock before her cheeks reddened and her eyes went wide"

"You...YOU WHAT?!"