- Did you call me, James? – Kara said standing at the door of James room. – I really have to give this to my boss before he annoys me so much I have to throw him into space – she said jokingly showing him the story she was working on.

- I know, I just need to talk to you for a second…

- OH MY GOD, THERE'S A SHOOTING AT THE BANK – Someone shouted and everyone ran to the conference room, where the TV was showing Breaking News of a robbery at the National City Bank. There were hostages and two armored guys shooting the sky to let people scared. Kara dropped everything and ran to the alley of CatCo, where it was always deserted. She opened her blouse and flew away as Supergirl, heading to the back.

It seemed like a bomb had been thrown there. It was really crazy, with many people running and crying. They were families of the ones stuck at the bank. One of the guys were with a huge sack of money in his hand and his gun in the other hand, and the other guy was with a gun pointing to the head of a woman.

- Don't you move Supergirl, or we'll both shoot. You aren't fast enough to save both the woman and the kid I'm pointing from here – the guy with the money said, laughing as a maniac person.

Supergirl looked around trying to think the best way of solve this without anyone getting hurt, but suddenly, a motorcycle came really fast with a guy with a hood, mask and a bow and quiver.

- And who said she's alone? You have failed this city! – He said with his voice modulator. -

Supergirl shot her heat vision at one the gun of the guys that was threatening the woman as Green Arrow shot an arrow at the other guys' gun that exploded in his hand burning in right away. He jumped off the motorcycle and kicked the guy as Supergirl flew in super speed throwing a punch at the other guy, knocking him down. Oliver threw another arrow at the guys chest, and he fell down.

- He's not dead, is he? – a police officer said, coming closer and looking at the Green Arrow in pure fear, but did nothing since he saw he was a friend of Supergirl.

- No, just knocked down. He's all yours, officer!

- Tha… Thank you both – he said not sure if he should smile or get away from him. One thing is to have Supergirl they knew was nice, sweet and good, the other was to have this lunatic guy dressed in green. Since he knew nothing about him or if he had any powers, he decided to keep his mouth shut.

Supergirl smiled at him as he put back one of his arrows on his quiver. He held his bow with his left hand and stepped closer Supergirl, bringing her closer to him with his right hand, giving her a kiss and not caring they were surrounded by many people, and cameras. It's been so long since they last saw each other on her apartment, he really didn't care. He just missed his girlfriend.

- Cool, Supergirl has a super hero boyfriend – A little boy said in awe. He was a fan of Supergirl and definitely liked that awesome guy that kicked ass and wondered who that was.

Supergirl smiled back between the kiss, also not caring. She missed Oliver a lot, missed being in his arms. It's been a month since she visited him in his apartment – gladly Thea was partying that night so they could enjoy the night – and all she wanted to do was to kiss him like that forever.

- Well done, babe. I missed you – he said looking proudly at her.

- You were awesome as well, love. And I missed you too.

She hugged him and flew away, leaving everyone wondering what was going on.

All the media that day were all over Supergirl's mysterious boyfriend. Kara landed on her apartment, changing clothes in a blur, and kissing Oliver properly. She dressed a knee high yellow skirt, a white open front tank top and her hair in a ponytail. Oliver also changed his clothes, not wanting to be all day in the Green Arrow's suit. He was really glad he decided to leave some clothes at Kara's apartment, since he always come visiting in his suit – Kara found it really hot. She had a pair of silver sandals on her foot, whose she got rid of as soon as she walked to the table of her living room. Oliver was wearing black pants, blue t-shirt and dark grey shoes she stopped, turning around, still holding hands with him.

- I was not expecting to be kissed in front of that crowd… But I loved it – Kara said blushing and adjusting her glasses.

- I'm glad you did, I missed you too much to wait – Oliver said with his hands on her cheeks while he kissed her one more time.

- Not that I don't love having you around, I really do. But what do I own you the pleasure? I thought everything was crazy in Star City…

- And it is. But, Barry's wedding in on this weekend. I came to pick you up.

- Oh my God… I was so crazy with work that I forgot for a second… - Kara looked at him covering her mouth with her hands and wide eyes. How could she forget her best friend from Earth 1's wedding? Suddenly she felt like a terrible person.

- Barry won't know you forgot for a second – He smiled at her

- Thank you – She said, still feeling bad. – Ok… Hm… - She looked around, feeling kind of lost – Ok, I just have to take care of some stuff and then we can go… Ok? I just have to deliver my last story to my boss, see what James wanted to talk about and warn Alex and Sara at the DEO.

- Sara? What is she doing here? – Oliver asked surprised to know that Sara was around Earth 38 as well.

- You know she's practically my sister in law, right?

- Is that serious? –

- Yes. – Kara smiled. She was happy for her sister, and to have them around after 4 months of her sister being away time traveling. She loved to hear their stories at the night. – So, Alex wanted to come home for a while and Sara wanted to know what it was like life here… So she decided to stay for a few weeks. Apparently Dr. Stein is the backup Captain of the Wave Rider. They will pick them up two weeks from now.

Kara was standing in the living room, organizing some stuff from her history on a briefcase. She closed it and faced Oliver, smiling to him.

- And do you think we have some time to spare? – Oliver said smiling back at her while he sat on the couch.

He was getting used to the place, since all the times he visited he came directly to Kara's apartment, and usually really late at nights. They managed to talk to each other everyday and see each other through the device since their cell phones didn't reached other Earths. Kara reached for his hand and came closer, straddling him, standing with her knees on the couch, her legs on each side of his.

- Well, we can make some time – She said leaning in as she kissed his neck with her hands on his hair.

He held her strongly by her waist and their mouths played with each other. Sadly they wouldn't have time to enjoy each other that much, so they got straight to the point, with Kara reaching his pants as she rose from his lap so he could reach underneath her skirt and worked his magic, pulling her back on his lap and feeling every inch of her skin on his own.

- I wish we could be here the whole day – Kara said as she calmed down after feeling so high with pleasure. – But we gotta go.

- Let's go then, we have the whole night ahead of us – He was still breathless and smiled wickedly at her, that giggled as she got up, adjusted her clothes and pulled him with her. She always felt like it was their first date when she was with him. It never got old.

Kara arrived with Oliver at CatCo and introduced him to everyone as her boyfriend from far away she met when she was on vacation. She had to create a good excuse why she was away for so long and James covered her up, saying he gave her a vacation since she had none since she started working there. Her boss was not happy with that, but kept quiet. Kara explained that James usually helped them since he knew about her, Alex and her cousin. She also told him that she tried to date James once, but it didn't work out. She knew everything about his past with Felicity and Sara, it only seemed fair he knew about hers, even if it was nothing like his. She was never engaged for once. There were no secrets between them.

- Hey James – Kara said, entering his room being followed by Oliver that stood with his hands on his pocket, looking around. – This is Oliver, my boyfriend – She said shyly, but politely to him.

- Is nice to finally meet the famous Oliver Queen. – James said in a politely tone, not knowing what to feel about that. His plan of telling about his feelings again to Kara just went down the hill. He knew he had to ask again, even if he may get shut down again. Now he knew his answer at least.

- Nice to meet you – Oliver shook his hand and put it back on his pocket.

- So… What did you want to talk to me about? Oh, I'm leaving to Earth 1 today by the way. It's Barry's wedding – she said happily to him, and with that smile, James knew he lost her forever.

- Nothing – He forced a smile and Oliver notice but stood quiet – Cat called me the other day and asked about you. I told her I would send you a hello from her. She may visit us next month

- Oh, that's awesome. Miss Grant is deeply missed around here.

- I have to go back to work now, please send Barry my regards – He said smiling as he got to his desk.

- Oh… Ok, I will. See you soon, boss – She joked and left holding hands with Oliver.

Kara delivered her history in time to almost hear a lecture, and she warned her boss she would be off for the weekend, he sent her off, not feeling like arguing again about her sudden disappearances.

At the DEO, Oliver waited so Kara, Alex and Sara said their goodbyes to their friends and family. Sara managed to win over everyone: Alex's friends, family, co-workers. They all loved her there and appreciated her help.

- Travel safely. We will still have you around right? – J'onn J'onzz said as he hugged her.

- Two more weeks after the wedding, then our ship will pick us at Star Labs in Earth 1. – She smiled back.

Sara never felt so happier. She came from the lost girl who came back to life and needed to be alone or she would kill everyone to the Captain of a time traveling space ship and an agent at the DEO from Earth 38, two places full of people she loved and had fun with. She was more loosened up, and so in love she feared it all might be a dream. Kara noticed how good Sara made Alex feel, and how happy they made each other. She was glad cause them both deserved it.

- Kara, just so you know, Mon-El is almost there. Just a few weeks more and he will be ready to save the world – Winn said excitedly – I'm already working on his suit.

- That's awesome – I'm really happy he got to find his way and discover what he really wants in life. – She smiled genuinely at the news.

Mon-El was a sweet guy that deserves to find happiness. They dated for a brief time and then he had to leave with some crazy bunch of aliens. She knew they were trouble, but he had chosen to leave with them, there was nothing she could do. She heard he fought hard against them and won a huge battle, with just a few allies. He then returned to Earth and started his training with the DEO. Alex and Sara were helping him get there.

Well, time to go – Alex said with her backpack and Sara's on her hands.

- Winn are you coming? Barry invited you too, you know it. – Oliver said

- I'm coming later. Cisco told me when he would open the breach and where. I need to finish some stuff here before it.

- Then, we are all set. – Kara said empty handed. She didn't feel the need to carry a bag since half her clothes and stuff was at Oliver's. He shared an apartment with Thea but he had his own room that was all that mattered to her. She bought the dress she would wear at the wedding and trusted Felicity to hide it; she didn't want Oliver to see it yet.

Ray Palmer was feeling really happy for his friend Barry, so he decided to buy a small fancy resort in Italy for the wedding. He would invest in tourism later, he decided, after everyone asked him if he were crazy. Ray had a lot of money, and never knew what to do with it, so stuff like that made him happy. It was well spent money, after all. He told them once they started planning everything and took them both out off guard. It was a hell of a wedding present. They decided to have a small wedding ceremony, with all close friends and family. Ray rented a private plane as well to take everyone there.

The place had a reception with a fancy desk, some lounge chairs, and a center table with a flower vase. It had creamed marble floor and white wall. There was a long corridor that led to the elevators and the huge marble stairs. Going still on the corridor, it gave access to the outside area, full of trees, trails, three huge pools, one of them with a bar and some stools to take drinks on it. Many concrete tables and stools were spread around the pool area and there was a barbecue grill next to them at the wall. One of the trails led to an artificial beach, one of the other trails, after a long walk, led to the sports area with a volleyball court and a basketball court. There was a huge river with kayaks near it and another trail lead to a beautiful waterfall.

It had outside rooms, like private cabins around the entire resort, and inside rooms, with fireplaces. The bridal suite was on the outside, in a private part of the resort, really far away from everything else, so every couple there could have some privacy without people sneaking around or hearing anything. It was a fairytale place and it would be a fairytale wedding.

Everyone settled in the rooms around the place and walked around to know every inch of the place. Teams Arrow, Flash and Legends were all present, Joe, his girlfriend from the police department and Julian, HR and Harrison Wells from Earth 10 – it was a bit confusing to having both of them in the same place, but it was not hard to tell them apart – Jesse and even Jay Garrick from Earth 3. Winn got there not that later that day and met everyone at the resort's restaurant. Ray had hired people to work at the wedding in the entire resort, and keep everything clean. It was the perfect place for wedding rehearsal dinners. Walking a bit more from there was a huge wedding chapel and not far from it, there was a huge party room for wedding receptions or any huge parties.

- Ray Palmer, after this gift, how can anyone one of us top that? – Joe said jokingly as he ate his dinner

- It was really sweet of you, Ray, thank you so much – Iris said as she finished eating, with a huge smile on her face. She would never be able to thank him enough for all of this.

- It was nothing guys. I would never let you guys have a simple wedding. Barry was responsible for bringing us together in the first place. I know he loves all the team ups we do, and I have to say I also love it. Is amazing to fight alongside with you all, even you guys from other Earths,

- Well, maybe soon enough I'll be able to hang around more – Kara said drinking a sip of her champagne.

Oliver looked at Kara surprised. He was sitting beside her, and turned more to her side, smiling in confusion.

- What do you mean by that?

- You know Mon-El is almost completing his training in my Earth right? He has potential, true potential. The DEO asked me to finish his training since he need someone that can…

- Almost destroy him since he's an alien as well. – Alex finished Kara's sentence, joking as she took a sip of red wine, her favorite.

- Yes… - Kara said – So I'll be able to visit way more in the future… The safety of National City will not depend only on me as the alien force, you know?

Oliver smiled widely as he heard everything. After spending so much time apart from Kara, to know that she was going to be able to visit more. He always did, but lately Star City was like a living hell with so many criminals. He could not be away for so long, since there was no super powered hero that could help him deals with it faster. He managed to get the job done, always, but it was a really hard work.

- Cool! And if you need any of us to help train him, just say the word. I would love it to help – Cisco said, Felicity agreeing with him. They always freaked out when it was about helping aliens, the nerd child inside them couldn't be happier.

- Can you imagine the possibilities? – Felicity asked Cisco – Winn, you have to call us, please – She said smiling with puppy eyes to him.

Winn had been in touch with them since their last adventure together – from far away in his case – and he loved to spend time with Cisco and Felicity. They understood him, his jokes, and his references. It also helped that Felicity was really cute, beautiful and smart. He felt awkward around her all the time, but managed to disguise it.

- Sure, anytime you guys want to visit and help with anything, we are a one call away.

- Barry, Clark asked me to give you congratulations, but he wont' be able to come. He's in a very well deserved vacation with Lois. He is showing her the rest of the world.

- That's ok – Barry said finishing his amount of meat. Only he, Wally and Kara had a pile of empty plates in front of them, since they ate for 200 people alone. It was a good thing Ray was the owner of that place. – Next time we party, please tell him to bring Lois as well. I'm dying to meet her.

After dinner, everyone said their goodnights. Kara and Oliver stood in one of the outside rooms since they both wanted to be closed to the nature. All those rooms were really away from each other, and they chose one that was closer to the waterfall. You just had to around the room on the outside and go down a small stone stairway. There was a shallow river trail full of trees around it and then the view opened up to a beautiful cascade. It was possible to sit on a small space in the rocks behind the water falling. It was a really hot night and Oliver and Kara decided to try it.

They walked through the river trail, Kara holding Oliver so she wouldn't fall over. She was trying not to use her powers so she could experiment the closer to a human experience she could have. They reached the water, Kara in a light blue dress that went above her knee. She had her bikini underneath it, also blue. She left the dress in a dry plane rock. Oliver was already shirtless and in a khaki shorts knee length.

- I think we both needed that after the month we had – Oliver said bringing Kara closer to him, under the waterfall, by the hand

- We sure did. I think I'll give Ray some really cool present after that – She smiled.

- You know, the day you left to your Earth 4 months ago, I had no idea I was going to miss you even more after that.

- I know the feeling. I felt so empty when I came back. I love my universe, but I got used to see you everyday and the others… - She slowly passed her hands through his torso as she spoke.

- But now here you are. Let's enjoy the most of it. – He smiled to himself thinking how they were going to enjoy that weekend. And he knew it would be an awesome weekend, he had this feeling inside him that everything was going to work out. If only she knew, he thought as he kissed her passionately, his tongue battling hers and she kissed him back eagerly.

They felt the cold water as they kissed and Oliver took Kara firmly by her waist, turning her around. Kara took a few steps back, still kissing Oliver as she sat on the flat and not that tall stone behind the waterfall. It looked like a curtain of water behind them and Kara felt her heart race as she looked around. She loved nature and this was the most beautiful place she's ever seen. Oliver bent his knee on the rock, between Kara's legs and lay above her as she lay back on the stone, bringing him with her, her hands all around his body. The moonlight was above them, making the place as beautiful as a fairytale scene, only the sound of the water, the crickets surrounding them, and they whispered moans on each other's ears to be heard.

- Not tonight – Oliver said to her ear as he kissed the base of her neck, sucking it lightly, going to her shoulders and back to her ear. He held her hand that was traveling down his body and brought it up. – Tonight is all about you, babe – he smiled at her – I missed you so much, I want to show you how much. – He gave her his smile that only meant one thing: if she was not the girl of steel, she wouldn't be able to walk in the morning, and she suddenly felt an unexplainable excitement. She bit the corner of her lower lip as she felt what he was doing to her as his hands and his really warm tongue traveled through her entire body, visiting places she craved for him the most.

- Yes sir – She said already out of breath, strongly caressing his hair. He felt a throbbing inside his pants every time he heard Kara calling him "sir" in that sexy way, but he was determined to give her the time of her life she wouldn't forget. He was pleased as he heard her not so quiet noises and gasps. She was getting out of breath quickly now and kept repeating his name between small moans as she stroked hard his hair, messing it up. It was music to his ears.

The day of the wedding arrived, and the wedding chapel was beautifully decorated. It had a red carpet at the corridor in the middle that leaded to the big altar. All the benches were white, and had flowers on its sides.

Oliver looked to his side still in awe at how Kara looked so beautiful. When she left the bathroom, he couldn't stop staring, it got her blushing hard. Her hair was loosened up, full of blonde waves, and it was side parted to the right, hair strands falling to the side of her face. She wore black heels, a light green dress with a v-neck, sleeveless, that let part of her back bare and with a foot length skirt that had a opening above the tight 'til its bottom.

Everyone was emotional and holding back the tears. Well, some of them since Felicity, Caitlin, Joe and Cisco could not stop crying. Iris was beautiful with a long white monarch dress, with a silk skirt, full of lace details and rhinestones around the torso. She had silver heels on and wore a thin silver bracelet around her wrist.

The entire room applauded and cheered for them when they kissed.

The party at the reception was full on. Iris and Barry had their first dance and Barry prepared a surprise for Iris, making a dance number with Cisco, Ray and Nate. They all cheered and laughed at it. Barry had some serious moves, it was mind blowing. After a while, it was playing loud dancing music and Cisco, Felicity, Nate, Amaya, Alex and Sara were killing it at the dance floor.

As soon as the music ended, it started to play You and Me from Lifehouse. Kara stood up and reached for Oliver's hand.

- I love this song, it brings good memories. Come with me – She said smiling excitedly at him as they reached the dance floor.

Sara and Alex slowly danced, with their foreheads together as their hands were intertwined. It was really sweet. Mick stood awkwardly dancing with Amaya that slapped his arm time and time again. Barry and Iris danced lost in their own world as they kissed, celebrating the new life it was about to start to them. Winn approached Felicity and asked her to dance, shyly. She accepted and got up, going after him. Joe and his girlfriend walked out to look at the stars and the moonlight. Dr. Stein and his wife danced together in a corner as their daughter watched them proudly. Jesse and Wally joked around while dancing as Nate, Ray, Cisco, Caitlin and Thea talked to each other on a table.

- It feels like a big family – Kara said looking around happily

- It is – Oliver smiled. Kara's smile could brighten any room, even the darkest one, and nothing made him happier than seeing her smile. He could watch it all day.

It was amazing what they all have been through. It felt like yesterday, when they met for the first time, how he got unnerved with her – even if he hates to admit it, she had a point there – and how he grew to like her, than started feeling something new right before she left to her Earth after winning the Dominators. He only realized that two days after she left. He kept going on with his life, 'cause he had no idea when he was going to see her again, so suffering was not an option. He had some one night stands, but nothing could take his mind out of her. And then she appeared in his lair, bleeding, almost dying. He felt a mix of emotions he couldn't even describe. A film was playing in his mind and he smiled even more. His life without her had no meaning. He loved his family, his job, his friends… He loved saving the city, but he loved her even more, and he couldn't imagine his life without her. She looked like an angel everyday, but she was an even more beautiful angel that night, his angel. And what made him love her even more was that she was still the same cute dorky and sometimes awkward beautiful woman he first met. He dated many women that changed through time, and showed them their real self, but not Kara. She was true to herself from day 1. She cared about people and tried to help, no matter what, and even if he discovered that she had an appetite for him even bigger than for pizza – sometimes he thought we wouldn't handle it, her stamina was endless and she loved to be with him anyway possible, anywhere possible, always with some few new tricks that drove him crazy – even then, she had that innocence that was exclusively hers. And her puppy eyes always made him melt down, he couldn't say no to her. Like now, they were dancing to the song she loved, slowly, bodies close to each other, holding each other, her head on his shoulder and her hands on his chest as his ones were on her back. She approached her lips to his ear, kissing it softly and making him shiver.

- Kara…

- What? – She said bringing her nose to the base of his neck, smelling his scent. It was wonderful, as always. She gave him small pecks on his neck, biting it really slowly so she wouldn't hurt him. By now she had total control of her strength and powers towards him.

- Please… - He said shivering once again, pressing her waist with his hands, still dancing as close as possible with her

- I can't help it, love, you smell so good – She looked at him innocently but still giving him that smile that destroyed him every time.

- Wait a few seconds, and then follow me – he said, giving her a brief kiss and going through the corridor.

Everyone was dancing and talking so distractedly, no one saw as she used discretely her x ray vision and saw that he had entered one of the 5 bathrooms of the room. Ever since she started dating Oliver for real, she found out things about herself that she had no idea was there. She was still the same Kara, but when she was with him, is like this whole new world of possibilities opened up in front of her. She knew wherever they went, woman all over drooled over him, and she always felt the jealous looks. She did not care, only if they crossed the line like it happened once or twice. She was known in Star City as Kara Danvers, reporter and the Mayor's girlfriend. The paparazzi started to follow them around, but stopped since strange things started happening around them. Kara used her powers without them knowing, to scare the photographers so they gave up following them everywhere. They managed to go out sometimes when she was on Earth 1 and they weren't fighting crime together, Star City already accepted Supergirl as their new super hero, they still didn't know she was an alien from another Eart, but they spent a lot of the time in his and Thea's apartment, sometimes in the one in front of it and sometimes at the beach house they went for their first getaway together. They were going to celebrate 5 months together in two days and she loved to create new ways for them to do it.

They both loved to show each other how much they loved and cared for each other, it was their thing. Oliver liked surprising her, cooking for her from time to time, Kara sometimes did amazing desert, he gave her a plush dog from a Disney movie that Kara sleeps holding on to when she's alone in her apartment – it was the cutest thing ever – and she gave him a piece of her home, that she held dear to her heart. It was a small piece of rock from her Fortress with the symbol of the House of El carved on it. She brought him there once since he could handle that much cold and told him stories about her home, what she remembered about her family. He could tell she missed them a lot, and it was hard to her to even think about it, but she found her inner strength to tell him. He shared stories about his family and lost, all the pain he held inside him for so long and every time they talked about something painful, she made sure that he knew she was there, to hold him if he fell, as he would do the same for her. They were the perfect team, the perfect super hero duo, sometimes Barry came to help as well and they turned into the unstoppable trio. She couldn't ask for anything else in her life.

She entered the bathroom and as soon as she closed the door, she felt a pair of hands trap her between the door. Oliver kept smiling at her as he locked it, keeping the place to themselves.

- Lucky for us this bathroom is not the first you see down the corridor – she said looking him intensely as he rested his forehead on hers

- Really lucky

Oliver had a superpower he wasn't aware of. He made her feel in a way she never thought of herself, she felt sexy and really powerful, not in a super power way, more in a "you have the ability to make the Green Arrow fall in your feet and do whatever you want" way. And he would, she knew he would, he told her he would. He took a few steps back, bringing her to him, standing behind her and kissing her shoulder as she looked at him through the mirror.

- You look beautiful in this dress, babe – he said looking at her the same way she was looking at him – That's why you kept your dress a secret? To give me a heart attack? – he smiled jokingly

- I wanted to surprise you – she said smiling peacefully

- You did it. You are beautiful and surprises me everyday, by the way

Kara looked down at the sink with her hands holding its edge. He took her chin and lifted her face up again.

- Look at you – he said affectionately looking at the mirror with her. She smiled, watching them as he rested his hands on her back, his hands traveling slowly down her legs – You are always beautiful, especially like this. And I know you love to tease me, but tonight I wanted you to see how you look like when you do that. Is stunning.

- I love to see your face when I tease you – she said turning her head to kiss him as he kissed her back. They stopped and turned to the mirror again.

- You can look at us both now – He whispered to her ear, giving her that loving smile she adored as he caressed her legs, taking advantage of the opening of her dress and bringing his hands under it.

She blushed for a few seconds as she looked in the mirror. He pressed her against the sink, stroking her everywhere as she lost herself in those feelings she loved so much. Oliver was looking at both of them as well, feeling a bit nervous but managing to hide it pretty well. He brought his hands to her waist, turning her around and kissing her fully on the lips as he let his mind wander. Ever since Oliver came to Earth 38 just in time to help her, she had an idea on his mind and he would go through with it 'til the end. He had to count with some help, but it was so worth it.

After the party he asked her to keep her eyes closed, and not to use her x ray vision. She asked him why and he told her to trust him.

And she did, she trusted him with her life, so after giving him another kiss, she let him tie a black rope in her eyes.

Suddenly, she felt a strong wind, a rush and like flying, but it was really weird because she wasn't doing anything and Oliver couldn't do this things. She then felt like walking in a strange place, like snowy one, and she was dying out of curiosity but she kept her word to cooperate with him.

Oliver reached for the back of her hair and untied the rope from her eyes. He reached for her ear in a whisper.

- Open your eyes.

Kara slowly opened them and when she realized where she was, she just stood there in shock. She was in her Fortress, and around her there must be thousands of her favorite flowers, beautiful roses in the snow, creating a path. She walked through in, still in awe with her hands covering her mouth. She felt her eyes wanting to drop a few tears and she fought hard against it. Oliver walked slowly behind her, really nervous now, watching every reaction she showed him. She looked in front of her and there were a few crystals, and a small ice box between them. One side of it had the symbol of her family and on the other a symbol she recognized to be from his family crest. She used her heat vision around it so it melted on her hand. She was careful not to melt whatever was inside of it. She reached for it and noticed it was a beautiful ring.

- This… Is… - Kara said startled as he took the ring out of her hand and got on his knee. She covered up her mouth again, her heart racing like hell.

- Kara Danvers… I know this place means a lot to you, is a piece of your home, it has the knowledge of your people and I knew there was no other place I could do this. Ever since I met you, you've changed my life. I thought I was never going to find love again because of what I do, of who I am. You looked past everything; you always saw the best in me even when I didn't deserve it. I like to say you are my angel, but you are literally my angel, one the came into my life literally from another world, and that made my life better. I've been studying your culture from some time now so I wouldn't mess this up, because I want you to feel as human as I am, but I don't want you to feel like you are losing your identity. And I want to honor this for the rest of my life if you allow me. So, Kara Zor El, would you give me the honor to marry me? – This last part, he spoke in a perfect kryptonian that left Kara in awe. She was frozen like a statue, barely blinking. His heart was racing so much he knew she could hear it. He was impressed that he managed to say everything without messing it up.

Kara's heart was really out of control she could hold her tears no longer and they started falling down. She felt alone for so long, doubting she would find love in this Earth, doubting any of this would ever happen to her. How she was supposed to think otherwise? But since she met Oliver and fell for him little by little, she knew she had found it, that thing that everyone talks about: true love. She gave him the sweetest smile she could give him, still crying.

- Of course I will – she said as he got up kissing her as emotional as she was. He took her small hand and put the ring on her finger. She got his and put on his finger as well kissing him back.

- I love you so much, babe – He smiled between the kiss

- How did… - She was still amazed by his proposal. He worried about giving her the perfect place, the perfect moment, the perfect ring. He even learned how to say "want to marry me" in kryptonian. She felt the luckiest woman in the world.

- Your cousin was pretty excited with the idea of helping me… Cisco and Barry as well. Cisco opened the breach and Barry ran us over here. I got to distract you and the bathroom was the perfect idea. I didn't want to do it today, I was waiting 'til tomorrow, but Barry insisted, saying it was the perfect timing and that I might lose the opportunity. Cisco backed him up on that.

- And Clark, how…

- He did go on a vacation with Lois, but once he heard that I wanted to ask you to marry me, he came home early and helped me with everything. He gave some good material he said you gave him to help him learn more about Krypton and the language, so I borrowed. It looks I'm a great student, at least at kryptonian. – He teased, making Kara laugh

She couldn't believe everything he did for her, he and the others. She thought about her whole life and how this moment was a huge step forward for her. He promised her she would have a true kryptonian wedding if she wanted to, he was determined for her not to lose her roots and she loved him for that.

That was the first day of an amazing life that waited for them, and she couldn't wait for it. She was decided, once Mon-El learned everything and was 100% ready to protect National City, she would move to Star City, since Oliver planned to buy the apartment he rent and she refused to marry him and have to live apart from him. She planned to visit National City but Star City would be her new home, their home, the one that opened their arms for her when she needed the most.

- I love you Oliver Queen – She said as she kissed him one last time, feeling his hands holding her by the waist.

- I love you Kara Zor El. Always and forever.


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