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02/25/03 - Finished Long Part 8! ^^;

02/20/03 - Got Part 7 up. Just a horrid chapter, but I think I got writer's block out of my head.

02/16/03 - Added Part 6. Saying 'Chapters' confuses everyone since I have this updates page. Anyway, everyone who's been following this story MUST read Part 6. All of you have been dying for it, I know.

02/15/03 - Added Chapter 4 & 5! The arrival of this new chapter however, has forced me to bump up the rating to 'R'.

02/13/03 - I have finished Chapter 3! However, Fanfiction.net is down...so I won't have it published til then.

O2/12/03 - I added Chapter 2. The title's kind of a dead give away, but I don't care...I couldn't really think of any other title. Anyways, I'll try and post a chapter every day or so. And one more thing, I'll add you to my own private mailing list, if you like. Just ask me in the review book. ^_^

02/11/03 - Added Chapter 1.