Returning to the Light

Part 8 - Sinten


Riku found himself back in the darkness of the dream realm. He scowled, starting to walk slowly. Surely Ansem would be less mysterious and let him see for once? He scoffed, continuing to walk. Who was he kidding? Ansem could just jump out right now and start fucking him in this cold abyss.

Then he tripped over something round and quivering, and crashed to the ground. Groaning with slight frustration, he grabbed whatever had been lying there and brought it close to his face to see what it was. The immediate smell of death and decay hit his nostrils, causing him to cry out and drop it quickly. Two beady yellow eyes stared up at him as the thing squeaked with curiosity.

His hand instinctively shot out in front of him, allowing a flame like neon- green beam to erupt from his palm and blast the damn heartless away. He blinked, eyes now brightened by the sudden arrival of light. Riku's hand was quietly glowing, the spot where the beam had shot out the brightest point. Riku curled his hand into a fist and watched as the same green energy snaked up his arm, up and down his torso, and down his other arm to his left hand.

Shivering, he clenched his left hand as well. Another snake of energy slithered up his arm and circled his torso, but this time it crept low and spiraled around his legs, splitting into two lines at his waist.

Then it started to choke him, the glowing strings gathering and tightening around his throat. He gagged, his hands desperately tugging at the substance but to no avail. He fell to his knees onto the hard cold floor as he started to weaken, head spinning. So this was how he was going to end this short nap? Just by choking?

But fate is never that merciful.

Faintly knowing what was happening, Riku felt someone cutting through the neon-green strings. The strings cried in their own voice when they were killed, falling limply onto the floor and shriveling up with high screeches. Riku coughed, now starting to stand up as he massaged his throat. A foot came down violently on his chest, slamming him back onto the floor. Coughing again, he tried to push it off merely to find out again he was too weak.

"That was close." Came a calm voice from above him. It almost sounded like it had the voice of Ansem, but not quite. It didn't have darkness embedded in its soul like him. Once Riku had heard the voice, a feeling of trust grew in him. Like he had met this person before, had even been friends with him.

"Heh, I know." Riku muttered sighing as the foot took it's self off of his chest. A strong yet smooth hand gripped his wrist and helped him up. When he heard the other's footsteps start to walk away, he called out, "Hey! I still don't know who y - "

Lights from candles and oil lamps lit up around them. Riku shielded his eyes momentarily, letting his aqua spheres adjust to the sudden brightness. Once that was done, he lowered his hand to see the slim, but definitely male figure standing only a few feet in front of him. The other was wearing a dark blackish-green coat that reached his ankles but was only zipped down to his waist. Riku mentally frowned, seeing as he also had his hood up, hiding his identity.

A taunting smile crept over his friend's slightly faded pink lips, irritating Riku further. Just when he was about to ask the "Who are you?" question again the unknown motioned towards the open-curtained canopy bed in one corner of the large room. It had black sheets and curtains, which showed a seductive look. Riku sighed again and sat down, keeping his eyes on the other person. Riku watched as he sat in the black armchair in front of the fireplace, which - he noticed - was quite near to the bed. Light blue flames crackled inside it upon dark brown wood, which burned slowly.

With a bit of excitement, Riku watched him unzip his coat, unbuckled the strap going around his neck, stand, and slip off his hood.

The man looked no older than twenty-one. He had nicely combed pale blond - almost white - hair. His skin was about the same color as Riku's, just a tad tanner. The man's eyes were a deep, fierce blue showing, in Riku's mind, that he was quite fearful when he was angry.

Chuckling slightly at Riku's unnoticed gawking, the blue-eyed man slipped off his coat and hung it on a peg on the wall next to the fireplace. Underneath that he wore even more black, a shirt and slightly loose pants that were pulled over his boots. Calmly he sat in his armchair again, eyes on the blue flames even though his attention was on Riku.

"So," He started. "I suppose you're wondering who I am." He glanced at Riku for a moment in time to catch his nodded. He knew that his surprisingly calm voice intimidated him, but he liked having the upper hand on things. "Sinten." He answered simply.

"Sinten?" Riku repeated slowly, trying to get a hold on the name. It was probably an ancient name...Sinten. But then again, what wasn't nowadays?

'Sinten' nodded, "And you're Riku, correct?"

"Yah." Riku replied timidly, now feeling shy.

A soft chuckle came from Sinten as he stood up and walked over to Riku, stopping in front of him. Their gazes connected, causing Riku to sink in the depth of Sinten's eyes. In fact, he was so hypnotized by Sinten's eyes he had failed to notice him pushing Riku slowly onto the bed and unbuckling the straps on Riku's shirt. But when Sinten leaned down to kiss Riku, the spell broke.

Riku scooted away from Sinten against the cold stonewall, his shirt plainly open and his belt unbuckled. "You're just like him!" Riku cried, struggling against the man as he pulled Riku closer to him. He continued to struggle, even as he was forced down on the soft black bed sheets.

To silence Riku's cries and whimpers, Sinten claimed his mouth while slipping the belt off Riku's waist. He smirked, hearing Riku whimper pitifully. Then he slowly drew away, his smooth hands on Riku's waist. Those cute aqua eyes looked up at him asking for the mercy that would never least not here anyways. This dream realm of Riku's was his. And that damn Ansem wouldn't have Riku to himself. And there wasn't any Sora to worry about...

Sinten started to kiss Riku's neck, then slowly trailing down his chest. In a last daring attempt to escape, Riku tried to kick Sinten off.

The good news was, that it was successful.

The bad news was, Sinten wasn't in the best mood now.

As fast as he could go in his state of mind, Riku picked up his belt and ran towards the only exit - an old heavy-looking door probably made of oak. Riku had just grasped the handle when Sinten's hand gripped the boy's silvery-blue hair and titled it back in a painful angle while his other hand wrapped around the boy's waist. Riku struggled restlessly, desperate to get away from this man. But to add to the bad news, Sinten had now taken Riku's belt and wrapped it around his neck, causing him to weaken from loss of air.

Not before long, Riku was forced to drop to his knees, pulling desperately at the belt that was cutting off his air supply. Sinten, seeing that he once again had control over Riku, pulled him by the neck over to bed. Riku, in the top state of humiliation follow, crawled along the floor as his lungs ached with the need to breathe.

Once Riku was situated on the bed, Sinten took the belt and threw it aside, starting to pet Riku's head softly as he murmured a few words of false comfort to the boy beside him. Riku lay down on the sheets, breathing heavily as he gazed up at Sinten with blurred vision. He vaguely noticed he was nearing that...he couldn't think about it, not now.

Then all of a sudden, it was darkness. Just utter darkness. He stared blankly in the state confusion, not sure what would happen next.

When a faint white light was visible, he found himself on a bed. Not exactly the bed in the dream...come to think of it he thought this was his bed. Riku sat up, shielding his eyes from the bright moonlight that reflected off the furnished wood.

"Riku?" He turned his head towards the weight that had settled beside him. He could see the faint reflection of Sora's cerulean eyes. Riku smiled and took down his hand, taking this pleasant moment just to gaze into those bright blue spheres. Sora's hand reached out from the shadows and touched Riku's hand. He looked down and noticed that Sora's skin still held the same tan complexion, as opposed to his pale. Sora in turn had for this short time been watching Riku intently, now on the verge of tears. When their gazes met for the second time, Sora's spoke again in a shy, quiet voice. "Riku...I...I..." With this line, a tear slipped out from the corner of Sora's eye, and Sora pulled back his hand to his chest.

Riku reached up and brushed away the small tear with his thumb. He softly caressed Sora's cheek as one by one more tears leaked from his lover's eyes. "Sora...why are you crying?" He asked softly, now lifting his chin so he could look into those sparkling blue eyes.

Sora latched onto Riku, crying into his shoulder softly. Riku wrapped his arms around Sora, rubbing his back lightly. "I...I wish that you could see in the day..." Sora whispered quietly, glancing up. "I miss the way you look like when you have the sun on your face. Like back on the island...when we use to hang out on the Paopu Island..." Sora sniffled, calming down a little bit.

Riku nodded softly, holding Sora onto his lap with one hand while pulling off the covers with the other. "Let's go to bed." Riku whispered, lying down with Sora onto the bed. He looked down at Sora who glanced up and nodded. He watched as the younger boy got comfortable and pulled the covers up to his chest, before wrapping his arms around Riku again.

He smiled, holding the boy close as he started to drift into sleep. Once he was sure Sora was asleep, he let himself drift as well.

His dreams were peaceful the rest of the night.


That seemed long to me, what about you? Okay, first thing's first. I'm not sure Sinten is an original character or not. He's a 'rumored' bad guy for Kingdom Hearts two, but I'll just use him for this. I'll make him a 'higher power' than Ansem, like the rumor says.

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