There's been a time skip in this chapter, it's been a week since Leo's coma and it's all in Mikey point of view.


I can hear my brothers fighting, they've been doing that a lot since Leo woke up and it's great seeing my bro moving around and all. But, he hasn't really came to see me since then and when he walked up to me I wanted to smile, to tell one of my jokes and to tease him for sleeping in so long, but none of that came to me.

Every time I was thinking of how to greet Leo, my mind would go back to the hurtful words Raph and Donnie would say, during Leo coma. I know Donnie didn't mean anything; he was under a lot of stress and he wasn't looking after himself self, as he would always see how Leo was doing.

It was my fault Leo was like this to start with anyway, the Kraang were outnumbering us and I know that isn't usually a problem, but the lase blast Leo took was protecting me and again, because I didn't focus.

You need to stop playing around on mission, home fine, but mission and patrols is where we work. Just try to grow up Mikey, before you become a burden to us all.

It's because ya fault, Leo's like this.

Not now Mikey, I'm busy, just leave me alone, before you break something again.

I can feel tears starting to fall at the hurt full words. I know my brother didn't mean any of them and were just mad at me at the time, but when Leo went into the coma. I felt as if was my fault and in a way it was, the budding went down, but I did it so they could get out I wasn't expecting my brothers to go back in for me.

I guess I should have known that they would come, running back to me.

"Mikey, you okay?"

My eyes turn up from staring at the floor and see Donnie worrying over me. Raph and Dee are the only ones who come and visit me anymore, Splinter checks on me and tries to get me to talk. He would ask questions as he waits for me to answer, but I don't.


I blink and see Donnie close to me, I forgot he ask me a question early before.

"Hey, Mikey, I want you to try and eat for a change. Can you do that for me?"

I only stare back at his sudden change of topic.

For a while I haven't feel like eaten, it was why he put me on the IV to keep me in check and the oxygen mask, because I had trouble breathing thanks to the poison.

"Here you go Mikey, I thought you could use a solid meal for today. Think you can do that for me? It's your favourite. A freshly baked pizza with jelly beans, peperoni, mushroom and jalapeno."

He smiles at me, but I don't smile back, I can't seem to do that anymore and I'm not really hungry anyway. Instead my eyes stare at the door; I'm still waiting for Leo to see me. He's the only one who hasn't since he told me those words a week ago.

Donnie's eyes follow mine, he must know what I'm thinking, because he walks to his desk and places the plate down on his desk. He sits on the chair beside my infertilely bed, I turn to look at him and he places a, gent hand on my hand.

"Leo's just going through a difficult time and, no, he doesn't hate you Mikey. He just went through some messed up things, during his coma."

Messed up things, what kind of messed up things?

"Can you believe there's a world a without you?"

Wait, what?

I can feel my heart sink, is Donnie serious?

Was it better in that world, where I wasn't around to be a burden?

"Mikey?" I sink and turn over, not wanted to hear anymore.

"Ya a coward, Leo." I flinched at the sound of Raph voice coming from outside of Donnie's lab.

Tears start to show, lately a lot can easily upset me and the sound of my brothers fighting was one of them, I can feel Donnie taking me into a hug as he sits next me, I nuzzled into his plastron.

"Step aside Raph."

"Not until ya see him fearless. You haven't since you told him he wasn't a burden and then ya stop showing up. What do ya think Mikey thinking about now?"

Please make them stop.

"I-I can't see him Raph, just step aside."


"Easy Mikey, it's going to be over soon."

Donnie always comforted me now I can't seem to handle my brothers fighting anymore. Sure, I couldn't handle them fighting before, but now they were always fighting over the same thing and it was me.

I want to smile, I want to joke, I want to tell them it's all over now, but I can't. I can't seem to do any of those things, not anymore without my emotions feeling overwhelmed.

"It's over Mikey, there finished."

It's not over.

Where's Leo? Why won't he come and see me? Is it because I really am a burden, maybe the world he was in, was better because I wasn't there.

"Hey buddy."


"How's the knucklehead?"

"Not too well, maybe you can get him to try and eat."

I feel Donnie leaving me and watch him walk back towards his desk and hands over the slice of pizza.

"Sure Donnie, I give it a shot. Maye you can talk some sense into our fearless leader."

Donnie nods and smiles at me, but I only turned to Raph, the next time I look over to where Donnie was standing, he isn't there.

"Hey Mikey."


"Want to see if you can eat for me. Otherwise Don going to have to put that IV back into ya, you don't want that do ya?"

Not really, but I'm not hungry.

I hear Raph sighed and he sits next to me on the infirmary bed.

"Come on Mikey, it's your favourite."

Instead of an answer, I place my head onto his shoulder and soon it didn't take me long to fall asleep. It's the only thing, I feel like doing lately, is sleeping.



Maybe if I pretend to be asleep, he might stay a bit longer.

"I'm sorry Mikey. I did this to you and I know you can never forgive me."

What? That's not true, I can forgive you Leo, I already did forgive, I just thought you didn't want me around.

Should I wake up or would that scare him away?

"I just want you to go back to normal little brother. That's all I ask, the family needs you, it's true I went to a world where you never exist. But, I don't know if it was another world, I haven't told the family that it might have possible been a dream."

Leo, where is this going?

"But, I refused to believe such a thing. Maybe my mind was in guilt, in my last moments of waking up and I dreamt of a world where you didn't exist to escape the feeling. And even if it was another world, where you were never existed, the family was nothing like this one. We hardly knew each other and nobody was there to keep us in check, nobody to force us to stop doing our own thing and become a family."

But, wasn't it a good thing if I wasn't there?

You would have no one to mess up all the time, Donnie could get more things done, Raph wouldn't be mad all the time and you could focus on your training.

"The thing is Mikey, we need you. And because I was the reason to turn you into this, I have decided to leave, maybe then you can heal."


No, no, no, don't go!

My eyes snap open and I can feel my heat panicking, don't go, and please don't go.


I wrap my arms around him as I start crying heavy.

"D-don't go."

My voice is a little shaky, but maybe that's from the lack of use.


"Please don't go, don't leave. I can leave if you want, just don't go."

"No, Mikey, I didn't mean anything like that. I don't want to go, because of you, I was leaving for you. I thought-"

"Not your fault," I cut him off. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry."

"Mikey, I should be the one saying sorry to you. You're not a burden, Mikey and I should have known better."

I cry into my older brother plastron, not daring to let go in fear of him leaving."

"What's going on in here?"

"D-Donnie?" I say in between my tears.

"Mikey, you're talking again."

"I-I'm sorry."

I will stop talking, just make Leo stay. I feel another set of arms wrap around me, Donnie always seems to sense whenever my conditions worsen.

"No, don't stop little brother. We want you to talk; we want you to get better."

Really? I can't help and wonder, if his words are true.

"And as for you," he growls angary at Leo. "I thought, you were just going to talk to him, not make him cry."


"Don't go," I say cutting both brothers of.

"What the shell is going on in here?"


I knock him to the ground as I hug and cry, he's strong like Leo, he can make him stay, if Donnie's words don't talk him out of it.


He seems shock at first, before returning my hug.

"Make him stay," I beg.

"What going on here fearless?"

He picks me up from the ground, but I don't let go, he's my only hope.

"Guys," Leo said.

I break away from the hug, tears running down and I can sense my brothers walking up to me slowly, not wanting to make things worse.

"Don't go."

It takes a while to calm me down, but I slightly fall asleep in Leo arms, when really my eyes are just closed.

"Care to example?" Donnie asked, I hear Leo clearing out his throat.

"I'm sorry guys, it was my fault."

Leo and the guilt trip never a good idea.

"I told him that I was going to leave the clan."


Ha, in your face Leo, you can't leave now, they won't let you.

"What's wrong with ya fearless?"

Good old Raphie boy, always cutting to the chase.

"It's my fault, he's like this. It was why I couldn't see him, it was why I couldn't see him before. I feared he would only get worse."

Not true, I just thought you meant it Leo, that's all.

"That's why; you asked me if you could see him. You didn't want him to know."

Donnie's so smart.


"Will ya can stop it Leo, because he might be thinking you meant it. He's always looking at the door Leo, as if he's waiting for you to walk, he wants you to forgive him."

Raph, you're the best, you always know.

"Your right Raph and I've been a fool. I'm sorry Mikey, really I am, I just thought-"

Leo, I always will forgive you, no matter what you guys do or say, I will always forgive you.

"Leo, look."

What's going on Donnie?

"He's smiling."

I am, hm, I guess I am.

"See fearless, I think it's safe to say, Mikey forgives you."

"Thanks little brother."

Yeah Leo, I forgive you and I love you big brother, I love all my big brothers. And for the first time in a while, I fall into a peaceful sleep.

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