Author's Notes: This hasn't been betaed so all mistakes are mine.
This is the version of Daniel from Absolute Power if it hadn't all been a dream.
This will have some dubious consent, drug use and a dark Daniel so please heed the warnings before reading any further.
I don't write explicit sex scenes, mostly because I can't, so most is inferred.

The view from her chambers was completely grey as fog covered the land her ship was berthed upon. It instantly put her in a bad mood which she knew did not bode well for the people of the planet who were coming to ask their Goddess for blessings. Opening her closet Ammonet studied the contents to find the right outfit to dazzle her followers. She chose a red dress that would display her figure, it had a long split up the right side which would show off her leg and sparkled with the small crystals across the bodice. Summoning her servants she allowed them to dress her and fix her hair so she would look like the Goddess she was.

Her Lo'taur, Killa, opened the door and informed Ammonet's First Prime, Dor'nak, they were ready to go to the throne room.

Men and women filled the hall, all bowing low when she passed them to her throne where she settled before motioning the Jaffa to allow the first worshipper forward.

Almost an hour had passed when Killa appeared at her side.

"My Lady," the girl whispered, "Your Jaffa have a Tauri who wishes an audience with you."

Ammonet looked at her in surprise, "Which Tauri? And why was he not killed on sight as per my orders?"

"It is the one called Daniel Jackson," Killa replied nervously, "He has a child with him he claims to be your son."

Ammonet stood and turned to her First Prime, "Dismiss them all and bring the Tauri to my private chambers. I will kill him myself."


"Daniel Jackson," she purred when he was marched into the room, a boy of about eight years old at his side, "This is a surprise, especially as I spent a great deal of time and energy to make you think I was dead."

"I know," the man chuckled, dropping the bag he was carrying on the couch before he strolled around the room, "It was very clever. Up until a week ago I believed it."

"So what changed?" Ammonet challenged, watching him with interest. There was something unusual about him, something had changed.

Daniel stopped at the small bar pouring three glasses of juice. He placed one in front of her before handing the boy the second glass, "Shifu gave me a gift."

"The boy?" Ammonet guessed looking at the child who seemed to be oblivious to the conversation as he stared at the flowers on the table.

Daniel nodded watching her for several moments while she drank the juice he'd given her before stating, "Your son actually."

Surprise filled her and she looked at the boy again before laughing, "Very clever ruse, Dr Jackson but the child would not be that old."

"You're more naive than I thought you were," he mused, amusement in his voice, "Apophis placed nanites in him so he would age faster. The same ones you used to fake your death."

Ammonet placed her glass down before moving to the boy, "Come here," she ordered the child. The boy stood and moved to her without any fear in his face all she saw was simple curiosity.

"Killa," Ammonet summoned her Lo'taur, "Take the boy to Elda. Tell him to test the parentage and not to harm him. Once he has finished give the child a room to rest while Dr Jackson and I talk some more."

The young woman nodded but the boy didn't go with her instead turning to the man who had brought him to them.

"It's alright, Shifu," Daniel told him softly, "It's safe to go with her. You can finish reading your book once the doctor has finished your check-up."

"Yes, father," the boy nodded before he disappeared with Killa.

Ammonet waited until the boy was gone before she turned back to the man who was standing sipping his drink simply watching her.

"This was extremely foolish bringing him here," Ammonet noted walking to him, not missing the way his eyes were drawn to the leg appearing through the split in her dress, "As much fun as it would be to torture you for information on your people, it has been well established that you go nowhere without your interfering friends," she walked to the cabinet that held the Hi'rakka, what the Tauri referred to as the hand-device, "So, it will just be easier for me to kill you now."

Daniel moved and caught her hand turning it over he pressed a kiss to the back, "No, you won't."

Ammonet pulled her hand away before she stepped back becoming more intrigued. She walked round him trailing her fingers across his back, "I am surprised you have made no plea to speak to your wife. That is what I usually have to listen to."

He chuckled humourlessly, "Well, other than the fact you're using a drug to suppress her, which must be very embarrassing for you, I am here to ally myself with you not her."

"How did you know about the suppression drug," Ammonet stared at him confused before catching herself and demanding, "And why would I want to form an alliance with you?"

"Because," he held up one finger, "I now hold the genetic memory of all the Goa'uld. As for the drug there is a slight blue tinge to the corner of your eyes due to continued used."

"Very interesting," Ammonet mused trying not to appear as interested as she was, "I assume that is why you think I will ally myself with you."

"Actually you'll work with me because of what I put in your drink."

Spinning to her empty glass she lifted it seeing a small residue forming.

"I'm not sure if you'll be familiar with the drug," Daniel said as he walked around picking up items and studying them as he spoke, "It's an interesting compound that is absorbed into the bloodstream affecting both the host as well as the symbiote. Used in the past by Goa'uld to keep their children in order so that no one would try to overthrow them."

"I can easily have the antidote made by Elda," she told him.

Daniel held up a finger, "Not exactly. You see I made some adjustments to the formula. It's helpful that I have the memories of all the Goa'uld who came before you and Apophis including the one who created it. I also have the knowledge of several who took hosts that were extremely good at chemistry. The antidote is a lot more difficult to synthesise, the sarcophagus can't remove it and you'll be dead long before it is created."

"As will your wife," Ammonet snapped.

He chuckled, "Perhaps but you went through a great deal of trouble to survive our last encounter. I highly doubt you will let yourself die just to spite me."

"Why should I believe you?" Ammonet asked.

Daniel shrugged, "Don't believe me. But before you decide there is one other thing I should tell you about the drug."

"What would that be?"

"One of the adjustments I made was that you will have to regularly ingest something to keep you healthy," he told her.

Ammonet stared at him beginning to get worried, "Which is?"



He moved around her his hands gently sliding along her waist and resting on her hips before whispering in her ear, "You will need to receive a dose directly from me," he pressed against her letting her feel exactly what he was talking about, "You'll be able to last three days at the most without it."

She pulled away from him, "Jaffa," she snapped bringing Dor'nak into the room, "Take Dr Jackson to a cell," she ordered her First Prime.

Daniel smiled at her as his arm was seized, "I will see you in three days, once you realise that you need me to survive."

Daniel sat in his cell thinking.

The past few months had been the most eye-opening of his life. From the moment Shifu had transferred the genetic knowledge of the Gould to him Daniel's world had changed. The SGC and their superiors instantly wanted him to provide them with weapons to equal the Gould, while Carter and her scientist friends wanted to know more about the science of the Gate as well as the sarcophagus and all the other toys used by their enemy.

None of them were what Daniel wanted to focus on.

During an extremely boring meeting his mind had drifted, the new knowledge within his head meant he soon realised that Ammonet had tricked them into thinking she was dead. Angry at first he soon began to realise that she would be the way he could get what he wanted from the knowledge he suddenly had.

It took a few weeks for him to coalesce his ideas into a proper plan then about a week more to create the drug and persuade Hammond to allow him to take Shifu on a small vacation to Abydos. Finding Ammonet was the most difficult part of his plan but he managed to narrow it down to three planets, finding her on the second.

It would be another four weeks before the SGC realised he wasn't on Abydos by which time Daniel was sure he would have Ammonet right where he wanted her and his former colleagues would have no way to find them.

After that he could start putting his main plan into action.


"The Queen wants to see you," Ammonet's First Prime told him appearing suddenly.

Daniel smirked, "I thought she might," bouncing to his feet he left the cell, "Lead the way."

Walking behind the First Prime Daniel smiled to himself when he was led to Ammonet's private chambers again only this time he was taken to the bedroom.

"Leave us," Ammonet ordered sharply from her seat at the vanity unit.

The moment the Jaffa closed the door she pushed herself to her feet staggering to him, "Give me the antidote."

"No," Daniel replied smugly as she gripped his arms, "But I will give you the temporary solution. If you beg me."

She glared at him, her eyes burning molten gold.

"Beg, little Goddess," he mocked her, "Beg me for what you need."

She gripped his arms tighter before forcing out, "Please."

"Please what?"

"Please help me."

A smug smile slid across his face, "Beg properly."

"Please give me what I need," she spat out, rage filling her eyes before she forced out "I beg you."

Daniel stroked her cheek, "Good, little Goddess," he helped her to the bed resting her against the pillows, "Don't worry this won't be our first time, it won't be much fun for me when you're this pathetic."

He headed back into the sitting-room where his pack still sat although the contents had been tossed out in Ammonet's vain attempt to find something. Picking it up he ripped open the lining to locate the small pocket he'd made. Inside was one small pill wrapped in film. He grabbed himself some clean clothes before returning to the bedchamber. Leaving the clothes on the chair, Daniel picked up a clean glass and poured some juice then dropping the pill in. He watched it fizz and dissolve before he handed the glass to her, "Drink this while I freshen up. Once you're feeling better we can discuss our future."


There was a large bathtub in the corner of the next room and Daniel frowned, a bath would take too much time. Looking up he saw a small section of the ceiling had holes. Checking the switches Daniel was pleased to find it was a shower of sorts. Climbing in Daniel let the water cascade over him removing the dirt and sweat from the few days in the cell with the variety of soaps around the tub. Finally feeling clean and refreshed he located a towel to dry off, wrapping it around his waist. Heading back to the bedroom he found Ammonet had finished her drink and was sitting waiting for him.

She said nothing, simply watching while he dressed. Daniel glanced at her before he headed into the small lounge area taking a seat on the couch.

A few moments later Ammonet joined him.

"Feeling better?" Daniel asked when she took a seat across from him.

Anger covered her face, "What do you want?"

"I thought that would be obvious by now," he replied leaning back, "I want to help you become the most powerful System Lord of all, take over Earth and every other part of the galaxy."

Ammonet stared at him confused, "Exactly what is in that for you?"

"Oh, I will be at your side," he told her an amused smile on his face, "Your co-ruler so to speak."


"I have the knowledge you need," Daniel replied with a shrug.

Ammonet stood looking down at him, "That is not my question. If you have all the knowledge you claim to, why do you need a co-ruler?"

He caught her leg and tugged her closer to him, "Not need but want," he slid his hand up her thigh, "Being the ruler of the galaxy can be lonely without a companion to share it with."

Slowly Ammonet lowered herself onto his lap, straddling him she shifted until he grunted slightly at the pressure, "And you have already ensured that I need you to survive."

"I wanted to make sure you didn't make the mistake of not hearing my offer," Daniel told her, "And that I would enjoy our time together."

Ammonet looked down at him, the attraction her host had for the man had always been powerful but now, the fact he had all the Goa'uld knowledge and ambition, he was almost irresistible.

"So far all you have done is poison me," she noted drawing her finger along his cheek, "Prove to me that you have much more to offer then we can discuss your offer fully."

Sliding his hand into her hair Daniel pulled her down into a kiss.

Daniel stood staring at the colours of hyperspace brooding. He'd been here more almost two weeks and things were not working the way he had planned.

Ammonet did not trust him.

She had given him a lab to use but also a separate room to sleep when he should be sharing with her. Each night after he'd made her scream his name, repeatedly, he was sent away as though she expected him to try to kill her in her sleep. True he could just refuse to leave but right now they had a precarious partnership and it wasn't the thing to push.

Shaking himself he turned back to his designing a newer, better mothership for them to start their rise to power. After an hour of trying to work he pushed his chair away from the desk, needing to sort his Ammonet problem first.

He'd been surprised that with the knowledge had come an increase to his sex drive. Since his wife's 'death' he hadn't exactly been a monk but there was little time to meet people and before Daniel had always needed a connection to any woman he had sex with.

He had tried to deal with this problem by meeting women at bars on the few nights he managed to get free from the SGC but it hadn't been enough. Each encounter had left him unsatisfied and he concluded that only one person had ever managed to satisfy his needs.

This was what led him to think about Ammonet's death and his new knowledge of the Goa'uld drew the conclusion she had faked her death.

The first time with her had been everything he needed, her host's knowledge meant she knew exactly what he liked but it was more than that. Her host had been his other half in his old life it was only right that she was his other half in his new one.

He just needed her to realise this and, as he thought it over, a plan formed.