Twenty-seven years old Harrison "Harry" James Black looked at the portal in front of him that should, no will bring him and his four companions to a new world away from his old, nearly destroyed one. After a war started by the muggles against Wizards nothing was the same anymore. The spark starting it all wasn't Voldemort, but another insane American wizard. The response of the Americans was predictable. They tried to kill him and then searched for more of these people who seemed to have magic. It resulted in a new kind of witch-hunts. After a while it too came to Britain and they had to respond or risk extinction.

The Ministry had no choice but to employ all the imprisoned Death eaters to help with the new war. Of course they took pleasure rubbing it in that they were right to hate the muggles. Chief among them was Bellatrix Lestrange. To help keep them in line they were bound to trustworthy wizards. He was unfortunate that he got Bellatrix on top with other women out of the deal. The reason was that he had the power to reign them in if necessary. It helped, that he got the memories of Voldemort from the Horcrux in his head to increase his amount of spells and knowledge.

His other friends weren't alive anymore. He only heard it, but after they abandoned him in fourth year the friendship was only an acquaintance at best in the last year at Hogwarts. Such was life, you get friends and you lose some. It was nothing new to him, he lost many people in his life. It was only good that he never trusted Dumbledore completely or he would have walked into his death without any kind of chance to survive.

In his first year he kept the stone to himself and said it got destroyed as Voldemort pulverized the mirror in rage, when he couldn't get it out, while also taking the mirror for himself. From then on gold or money weren't a problem any longer. To this day Harry still thanked the whim that overcame him in that moment. Flamel wanted to die anyway so it didn't matter if Harry kept the stone himself.

Though not many knew the reasons why Flamel wanted to die. The stone did not make one immortal but only expanded the life through making the drinker younger depending on the dose. So they could still die through physical, magical and other means. In Nicolas case it was his wife that died in an accident and after six-hundred years with her he couldn't stand to be without her. Otherwise the original stone wouldn't even be in Hogwarts of that Harry had no doubt.

In second year, after he killed it, Harry harvested the carcass of the Basilisk and got a good fortune out of it. As well as its skin and many rare ingredients for potions, like effective nutrition Potions. He still had to take them through a whole year though, to correct all the problems that came with living at the Dursleys. Brittle bones, underdevelopment due to malnourishment and many more issues had to be treated over the course of two years.

The eyes were useful in particular for him. They could be made into a potion to repair all kinds of eye-damage, so he no longer wore glasses and had sharp eyesight. Something invaluable in a fight. Without his glasses he would've normally been as blind as a mole, but now he wouldn't have to fear losing his glasses in a confrontation and be nearly helpless afterwards.

The diary made him suspicious of what Voldemort did exactly to himself. It simply wasn't normal not being able to die. It seemed to be tied to the book, which now was destroyed. Tom was still there so that meant he made more of these.

So Harry asked himself more things. Why had he a connection to Voldemort? What did it have to do with the scar? All these questions lead back to the old goat, but he never answered any of them so he began to distrust the man, with good reason. People kept secrets too long from him and so he kept some for himself. That he trained the mind-arts to counter whatever the connection between them was and the discovery of the soul-piece in his head. He absorbed it and all knowledge and memories it contained. With that he learned of Horcruxe and how many Voldemort made. He searched for them in the following years without the old idiot knowing anything about it. The Prophecy he never spoke with Harry about only sealed the deal of distrust towards Dumbledore. On top of it he now had fifty years of knowledge concerning the Dark Arts and school material at his disposal. Through the memories he could concentrate on the Light Arts so to speak, after he separated them from all the other crap he got that is.

In his third year he captured Peter Pettigrew, knowing the betrayers rat-form and gave him over to the DMLE for questioning. After it was over his godfather was a free man and Harry could live with him. That was short-lived though. The long exposure to the Dementor's left their mark and Sirius died after another Dementor attacked him shortly after he was cleared. Harry sued the Ministry for incompetence and even won, but it didn't give him his godfather back. He could only get to know the man for a few months.

In the summer he collected two Horcruxe. One in little Hangleton and one in the ancestral home of the Blacks he now had access to, being made the new heir of the ancient house by Sirius shortly before the man's imprisonment. It seemed the man really didn't want his Family to get the influence or gold. A ring and a locket were purged of the soul piece within in short order. Though the Locket was found more by accident than from the memories as he visited Number twelve Grimmauld Place. Harry recognized it, but from Voldemort's memories it should have been in a cave filled with Inferi.

That made three with the diadem he collected during the year at school. That left the cup in Bellatrix's vault. He only had to pay a bribe to the Goblins from his now substantial amount of money and he could kill Voldemort for good. It helped to blackmail the goblins with his knowledge of their illegal dealings with Death Eaters and so lower the price of the bribe. After that he took his own money out of his vaults at Gringotts and stored it in a sub-space trunk. He didn't trust the dirty little beast with his money any longer. From Voldemort's memories he learned that they practically lived of on cruelty and would do anything to get at his money. Be it through a "small" fee or other methods. In another exchange for all his blackmail material he got something they could give for free.

Fourth year began to strain the relationship of the golden trio. Ron was being jealous as usual and Hermione even agreed with the school that he must have cheated his way in the Tournament. That he now was more confident in himself seemed to affect them negatively too. As if he wanted to fight a dragon or be in constant danger, yeah sure. But it helped him to learn better as he now had access to the restricted section through Moody giving him a pass for it. Potions he practised in his free time in the summer under a tutor. Snape couldn't teach to save his ass. And Potions were way too useful to ignore because of one teacher who behaved like a three-year old on a tantrum. A welcome but unsuspected outcome for being chosen as a competitor was that it emancipated him, they couldn't have him participating and being a minor in a contract which clearly stated he had to be of age. Dumbledore could argue himself green, Harry wouldn't budge. With that he could leave the Dursley's and live on his own and that was simply too good to pass up.

The dragon was persuaded to trade the egg against fresh meat. Parsel-tongue was more useful than he thought. If the so called evil skill saved his hide, so be it. The second task he had to rescue someone out of a lake. It was Ron! That even surprised him. The bubblehead and a warming charm helped immensely though. On the third task Moody was absent, but Harry knew why. Like two previous professors, three if he counted the werewolf attack, he tried to kill Harry. Legilimency combined with paranoia is a wonderful thing, coupled with an Obliviate the victim didn't even knew what happened. So he was prepared for the ritual and Voldemort's last stand if he was first at the cup. He was and with his quick and honed reflexes he killed Crouch and the construct that Voldemort inhabited. With that anti-climactic ending of Voldemort, he took the portkey back. He still had a use for the Goblet of Fire, now that he could keep it for a year as a trophy.

In the restricted section as he researched the cup to find out more about the binding properties. He found something different out. Namely that one could perform a ritual with it to make himself immune to all damage from forms of fire and heat. That certainly was useful. It had to be performed with certain ingredients and on certain times, but the first could be acquired with enough gold which he now had. The last was a matter of waiting.

The last three years of school he spent less time with the students and more in the Room of Requirement of whom none seemed to know about, the abandonment and betrayal of his friends still fresh in mind. There he trained his body, magic, mind and studied more ways to use magic. A time-turner gave him five years instead of three. With all the memories from Voldemort he could pass his NEWT's in the beginning of third year, but he wanted to learn more magic as he didn't even make full use of the restricted section and the library in the chamber of secrets. The former was out of Voldemort's reach for the longest time and the last one was in a location Tom couldn't come and go as he liked after he found it in his last year in school, so he had not much knowledge of the libraries contents.

Harry even took on a hobby with all the time he now had available. Forging. He wanted to create things for a change, not just destroy. The Room of Requirement like always delivered and soon there was material and notes necessary for the task, as well as a forge. At that point he demanded of the goblins to be given a teacher in the craft. At least their honour in doing business demanded a sufficient response. The teacher only taught him one year though, but more than enough time for the basics. Of course the heavily guarded secrets of the goblins weren't taught to him. That didn't mean he couldn't take them from the goblins mind.

In this five years he uncovered the last of Dumbledore's manipulations. He discovered he had had a block on his magic that restricted him from using some abilities and made him an average wizard at best regarding his power. How the old idiot thought that he could beat Voldemort with a handicap Harry didn't know, but was glad he killed Tom last year. Even though no one knew it and he still had to endure Dumbledore's lectures about Voldemort being at large. The block would vanish with time after all the abuse it went through when Harry needed power like with the Dementors in his third year. But it was annoying none the less, to be kept from things that made Harry himself. Also discovered was that he had the talent of a Metamorphagus. Though that seemed to have been done in favour of him. Harry doubted he would've had fit in muggle society when his hair constantly changed colour with his moods, like it did with untrained or not concentrated Metamorphagi.

He passed his NEWT's in every subject with an Outstanding and even a few masteries, not that anyone besides the people who tested him knew that. He wouldn't want to appear suspicious, when all of the sudden his grades were shooting up. Alchemy wasn't tested due to not enough demand from the student body, but he was pretty sure with all the copied books of the restricted section aiding him and his own research he could pass that as well. He had more skills than that though. Parsel-magic, Legilimency and Occlumency to name a few. It was all done to reach his goal to never be weak again or to let himself be manipulated. It paid off well in the war against the muggles later on as well.

It certainly wouldn't have been possible if he was slacking off with Ron, playing Chess while a murderer was after him. What was he thinking to goof around with an idiot and not explore the wonders of magic, right of the start. It only began at the end of first year when he kept the stone for himself, it proved its worth still. He wouldn't dare imagine what would have happened if that would have been the course of his entire Hogwarts career. Of course one could say that he should have a childhood and fun, which was true, but every chance at a normal life died with his parents and his placement at the Dursleys. Whom Harry held responsible for his lack of motivation in the educational area. After all it isn't really supportive for ones confidence if all you hear is how much of a freak and worthless you are. As well as the consequences when he did better than the fat tub of lard his cousin was. Harry guessed that the only reason that he had that epiphany at the end of first year was, that he realized the more magic was at his disposal the better he could defend himself.

It took the last Potter long enough to bring himself to go to a psychiatrist and work out all the mental problems his relatives caused. It had been a small miracle that he befriended Ron and Hermione at all. Though with Ron Harry suspected foul-play the walking trash-can had been way too similar to Dudley in behaviour to make a decent friend for him. Not that it mattered either way now.

Relationships didn't last long in this three years at school. He only had a few flings with some girls, but nothing serious. Most of them were annoying, had bullied him at some point in Hogwarts or simply not his type. Still he was a teenage boy and famous. Nobody would begrudge him if he shagged a few of them. Training for the future he supposed. Ginny was refused, because Harry didn't want to give the Weasely's any ideas that he forgave them for abandoning him on gossip alone. Though after not even reaching the double digits Harry found he didn't enjoy it when there wasn't an emotional connection to the partner. That was understandable, Harry knew that he craved love more than anything and sex wasn't love even when some people confused the two. Not that his attempts towards the fairer sex were all that smooth to begin with. Only due to his undeserved popularity was the black haired teen able to get this far. Fortunately it got easier with time.

Then after his NEWT's happened the disaster with the American moron shattering the statue of secrecy. And they had to fight back soon. Sure no bomb of any kind could harm them, expect Atom bombs from the sheer power and range it covered, magic protected them after all and bombs and such would malfunction when they were thrown into a magical environment and no one was eager to fling highly destructive devices like Atom bombs around, yet. Bullets were likewise no problem, with having shield spells. But still Muggles outnumbered them by far and could overwhelm them with physical force in close combat.

Normally the muggles would have been obliviated, but the idiot had made his entrance on TV and so there were too many people to erase memories from. With the video in the internet on top of it, it just wasn't possible. The next thing was that muggles couldn't see the magical places, but a few Squibs that were spiteful helped them to find and get in the locations. Not to mention that magic was a form of energy and that the muggles somehow found a way to locate it. Nothing that shielded against it, but this way they could at least circumvent things like notice-me-not charms and the like and see when someone used magic. Only the strongest concealment charms could hide them, like the Fidelius and not many could cast them.

Harry was just glad that he trained his body and could stand up to trained muggles in physical combat. At that point in time he got Bellatrix and Narcissa as partners to fight with. Bellatrix was obvious as to why she was partnered with him. He had the power to stop her and she had a long list of crimes to atone for.

Narcissa was another story entirely. She wasn't a Death Eater per se and only involved in some things due to her husband Lucius Malfoy being one. She had perpetrated another crime. Shortly after Harry completed his seventh year at Hogwarts she killed her husband and son. Some said she did it because of the fortune she would inherit. Others made up stories that were more unbelievable than the last. In the end she didn't said what her motivation was, but only that she did it. Murder of a pureblood was still a crime punishable by a lifetime in Azkaban, even for a pureblood woman, but with the war she got a new chance, if she served to protect wizard-kind.

So both of them were bound to him through a for the wizarding world acceptable measure. A slave bond. That little bit of information he only got after it was already finished. Not that he had a choice, but they could have at least given him a heads up or something. There were not many options to begin with, however. Any other option would have left Bellatrix too much freedom to sabotage him or ignore orders. Narcissa could've gotten another option, but didn't because she was a wildcard in the end, refusing to say her motive and possible other crimes under her belt.

They fought against the muggles as good as their situation allowed. Bellatrix was troublesome at best and Narcissa, well she was cooperative at least, although she still didn't talk much. He decided to be patient with them and look were it would lead him.

After two years of war two more came to his 'team'. One was Andromeda Black and she lost all of her family in the last and this war expect her estranged sisters. With Tonks and Remus fighting on Dumbledore's side and with that on the ineffective one, they soon were killed by the muggles when their methods of just stunning didn't worked any longer. There were simply too many muggles and too little members of the burned chicken.

Harry never joined the silly little club, despite Ron and Hermione joining themselves. From the memories of Voldemort, he saw first-hand how ineffective they were and had no desire to be killed, due to some misguided belief about third, fourth and so on chances. That all of them were presumed dead today only was proof of that.

Andromeda held Dumbledore responsible for their deaths and tried to kill him in revenge for taking her daughter away from her. Her husband was dead, killed in the end of the first wizarding war, leaving her with only Nymphadora and later her daughters husband Remus. Naturally the old man still was powerful and had connections with being in several positions of great power himself. After her failed attempt to kill Dumbledore she was judged to fight in the war like the Death Eaters.

Of course, the Daily Prophet had a field day promoting Andromeda as a dark witch, the fact that she had been a Black was sufficient enough to persuade most wizards, regardless of evidence against it, like how she married a muggleborn. So with that came the last one of the sisters Black into Harry's service. With all her remaining family being Narcissa and Bellatrix she joined him gladly in fighting the muggles, who took her precious daughter away. Even though she needed some time to catch up with her sisters.

The other who joined him was Marcella Zabini. Why the Black Widow was given him even puzzled Harry, he already had enough to do with the other three. With Bellatrix, Narcissa and Andromeda one could say he one way or the other was responsible for them with being the Head of House Black, but with Mrs. Zabini that wasn't the case.

The reason why she was forced to fight was simple. The woman was caught red handed in the attempt to let the body of her late husband disappear. Normally she wouldn't have been caught, but this time her son Blaise revealed her secret how she did it to the Auror's. Not out of the good of his heart of course, but because the youngest Zabini wanted the fortune his mother amassed for himself alone. So in typical Slytherin fashion he betrayed her to the authorities. While Andromeda would've given everything to have her daughter back. Marcella wanted to kill her son with her own hands and get the money she had to marry idiots for back. Though for now the widow of eight husbands was busy killing muggles. On top of it she didn't even looked that good in his eyes. Her hair was slowly going grey, wrinkles on her face, the dark skin not as flexible as it used to be and so on, the fading of her beauty only started to begin though. Harry didn't mention it when she tried to use her charm on him, that wasn't the polite thing to do.

The thought of him only given dangerous woman was uncomfortable. Bellatrix made sense due to her being guilty of many crimes and he was one of the few people able to reign her in, but the bond made that job easier regardless of power, though he later found out only a wizard or witch stronger than the slave can subjugate the other and initiate the bond in this form. Narcissa wasn't really that obvious, the same with Andromeda or Marcella. Either all the other wizards were cowards or, ok nearly all other wizards were cowards, but it seemed to be other reasons behind this. He couldn't dwell too long on these thoughts with all the fighting they had to do.

Bellatrix was a confirmed dark witch, Narcissa was presumed to have killed her husband and son in cold blood, Andromeda attacked the Leader of the Light in broad daylight and Marcella killed all her eight husbands to get at their money. Maybe someone hoped that they did the same to him. That would be idiotic though. The bond was forcing them to obey him even when Harry didn't like using it. With Bellatrix and sometimes Marcella it was necessary, in the beginning only. Andromeda and Narcissa were cooperative at least or it was simply done to get rid of them. After all they weren't the youngest anymore and had a little disadvantage against more youthful opponents. In the end it didn't mattered and he had four companions in them if he or they wanted or not.

When spells alone weren't sufficient anymore they had to fall back on other methods. Guns couldn't be used by them due to the magic aura they emitted in the fights. They utilized way to precise principles to work for wizards, who also used magic in a fight, which they had to do in order to survive. The reason was that magic changed the laws of physics, chemistry or the world in general and so it could be that the gunpowder was too much or not enough. The hammer didn't used enough force, etc. Simply to imprecise and dangerous to work for them. The same was valid for explosives like grenades etc. That all didn't took into account that it practically made a wizard an outcast in their society when they used guns. Stupid thing to do when magicals only had each other.

With more modern weaponry out of the picture they used traditional ones. Harry himself choose a sword. It was deadly with the Basilisk-venom coating the blade, the dark cutter Sectumsempra Harry enchanted the blade with only enhanced its cutting power and left cursed wounds behind, which made it difficult to treat the poison should the victim survive long enough, which they never did. The combination of venom and curse normally took not long to kill, should the victim still live. The grip was made from Dragon bone.

Bellatrix found a weapon fitting for her character. It were enchanted twin daggers with a needle-point blade and bone handle, which were concealed in her armbraces and could spring out of her sleeves at a flick of her wrist. Both were causing temporary blindness in the victim and were imbued in Malaclaw venom. The combination allowed her to make an opponent useless after only one hit. With the blindness they couldn't really fight that well and that combined with the venom, which had the effect to alter chance in her favour, no one hit her after she did it first. Of course she also knew how to throw them with precision and a quick summoning spell retrieved them again. The spell was activated on a mental command.

Narcissa preferred to fight from a distance and so choose the bow as her weapon. The bow was made out of Dragon bone and the arrows out of wood from an Ash. The curved blades along the bow made it also a deadly melee weapon when an opponent should come to close to her liking. The arrows were enchanted and could pierce Armour with ease, the tips were cursed like his and Bellatrix' weapons, only hers was a strong withering curse, fatal when it came in contact with living tissue no matter how brief. The blue and dotted feathers on the shafts came from Jobberknoll's, making the arrows soundless. On top of it the projectiles could be summoned back into the quiver once the fight was over or she was out of arrows. The quiver held a hundred of these arrows.

Normally a bow was not a weapon for a magical, but this way Narcissa could save her magic for healing the group later on. With the other four engaging the enemy she could pick them out from a distance mostly undisturbed.

Andromeda's weapon of choice was two one-handed axes, also with bone handle. The blades were enchanted to be unbreakable and to slice through nearly everything, all that could withstand it was metal like itself. Poison wasn't necessary due to the fact that she could hack through most things in a single swing. Though the style of dual-wielding was more difficult it also was more deadly once mastered.

Marcella choose twin short-swords with a clip-point blade and bone handle as well. Like all their weapons it had extras, which were the same as on Harry's. She certainly knew how to use it after years of training and war, looking more like a dance with how she handled her weapons than anything else. The swords were in sheaths at her back when not used.

Of course they needed magical metal for the weapons, normal metal had lower limits as to how many enchantments could be applied. Iron being the worst in the regard of keeping enchantments attached and gold the best from non-magical metals. Harry needed living silver, Mithril or goblin silver like it is also called, to forge the new weapons. He could create it, but the process required rare ingredients, like Occamy eggs, blood from a Cockatrice and a few more materials. Luckily these things could still be found on the black market and Bella was very helpful in getting them, when it meant to break a few bones. Due to her persuasive nature they even got much more than needed. So it was possible that all of them got armour and a ring as extra out of it.

With the living silver ready he began forging them in dragon-fire, which he got from a relatively young dragon he acquired also on the black market. The beast was afterwards released into the wild. The magical fire consumed two Unicorn hearts during the whole forging process, to make the metal gain properties to better harm evil or dark creatures.

Runes were carved into the weapons and rings to increase their efficiency, as well as an emerald put in the socket of each ring. He himself used the Gaunt family-ring with the black resurrection-stone in it. The blood everyone of them put into their weapon allowed only the appropriate wielder to use it. The rings had another function despite being an accessory. They generated an invisible force-field to stop bullets and arrows, but no explosives, bazookas or attacks from close range, be it punches, kicks or from melee weapons.

Due to putting their blood into the weapon during the alchemical enhancing-process the weapons and arrows would enhance the effect of the enchantments with each opponent they killed, be it withering curse, cutting-curse, blindness-curse, piercing-hex or the ever-sharp charm on all of them. The poisons couldn't be made stronger, because they had to be added after the creation. Their blades were lighter, sharper and stronger than any other. With a black blade, a silver ripple pattern on it glowing with a fine silvery ethereal light and golden runes were engraved with the pure gold from a Graphorn to achieve superior results. To cut or pierce through steal-armour and blades, even rock was easy for their weapons.

Naturally the weapons and accessors weren't the only equipment he created for them. Armour for hands, arms, feet, thighs, chest and shins was forged from the remaining living silver Harry created, as well as a Hauberk going to the thighs, looking like a normal shirt and weighing the same.

The rest of the Armour was made by Andromeda and out of Basilisk hide and Acromantula-silk. Harry still had a good amount of that from the harvested Basilisk of the Chamber and from gigantic spiders from the Forbidden Forest

Other than that he also got things from Centaurs who harvested the Unicorns Quirrel killed on Voldemort's orders and gifted him with the materials in his Hogwarts years. Harry had gotten fur, horns, hooves, hairs, hearts of the ten Unicorns and four hundred fifty litres of blood out of it due to having avenged the Unicorns, all willingly given.

The amulets one could craft out of the horn to detect poisons were especially useful. The four women demanded each a choker, where the shrunken horn hung from the throat. Something about being fashionable and fitting. The last Potter didn't questioned them for his own sake. The necklaces heated up as soon as a poison came near the mouth, warning the wearer and once it passed into the mouth and throat it got neutralized by its purifying properties before reaching the stomach. Harry's own hung from a chain in form of a normal amulet.

From the black Basilisk hide they created protective skin-tight shirts going up to the neck extending to the hips and shoulders as well as trousers from the hips down to the ankles. Next came the Hauberk follwed by the Armour out of plate.

Over it came the battle robes made from Acromantula-silk. They had open sleeves going a little over the elbows and left the front of the legs free for better movement, reaching down to short above the knees at the rear and had a hood charmed to conceal their faces. As well pockets in the robes, which were charmed to be bottomless and feather-light, holding their trunks. They also had belts made from the remaining basilisk-leather to hold their weapons and the quiver of Narcissa. Their money-pouches were out of Mokeskin and too attached on the belt. The green-silver leather of the Mokeskin fit the colours of their armour perfectly.

The Armour made out of living silver was enchanted to be padding and fit perfectly. The non-organic armour had a snake motif with heads of snakes for the shoulders and bodies of the reptiles for all else as well. One could think them alive with how true-to-life they looked on the armour. Due to being goblin silver it also repelled all unwanted substances, never required cleaning, did not rust and was indestructible. It also imbued itself with things that would make it stronger when it came into contact with it.

The robes were charmed to be temperature regulating, so that the wearer always had a pleasant temperature. Every piece was enchanted to be water-repellent, self-repairing, fit perfectly and as light as if they only wore normal clothing. Runes were carved into the metal or sewn into the fabric and leather to anchor and enhance the effects, otherwise it would unravel in short time on the magic resistant pieces like the hide. The basilisk hide was black, the silk of the robe a dark ebony colour. It was decorated with gold trimmings along the edge of the robe. Golden runes were stitched into it with dyed unicorn hairs. The metal of the armour was a pure, shining silver and had golden runes etched into them from the same material as the weapons to complete the picture. All in all their armour was worth more than nearly all wizards made in their lifetime. For one armour alone.

Though now that they used weapons which occupied two hands for all of them, the group had to make use of their wandless magic in full, which was the only way they trained in magic from the start. Wands were only crutches after all, first implemented by the Romans and they spread that across Europe due to having conquered most of it. In the books of the restricted section was information on how to train wandless magic. It was hard and gruelling, but worth it. Though for the more intricate and precise magical tasks they had to employ hand-gestures to guide it.

The years passed and all around the globe wizards fought against muggles. In all this time they not only fought, but also trained. Harry still did his daily training routine and insisted that the four of them participated in it. They weren't all that giddy to do it, but couldn't do much to prevent it. Due to the bond forcing them. The results showed themselves none the less. The complaining stopped when they saw it themselves. The magic was tied to the body after all and a healthy body resulted in more potent magic for all of them. The English wizards having long forgotten this fact only got weaker. The inbreeding didn't helped matters in terms of magical power. One only has to look at the Gaunt's.

Another thing they trained in was obviously magic. Most things only got refined or new spells learned. Few thing stood out. The first was the training to be an Animagus. After two years of practise, they finally managed the transformation. Harry's was a type of water-dragon. Apparently a mix between the Phoenix and Basilisk. He could breathe underwater, had horns and fins on his dragon-like head, a dorsal fin along his thirty feet long pale-silver body and a tail-fin, as well as four webbed and clawed feet. He could cry healing tears like a Phoenix, had no poison on his fangs or the stare to petrify or kill. Other than that he could shoot water, he stored in his mouth, out of his maw with great force. Fortunately, the crowing of a rooster didn't damage him. On top of it he had feathered wings to fly instead of the typical bat-like ones. The form couldn't be used all that much though, it was way too conspicuous. His four companions got the same form, the only clue as to why would be the bond they shared.

The next useful thing they learned was to communicate telepathically through Legilimency. It could only be achieved through risks. The reason lay in the unconditional trust necessary to achieve it. One had to continuously invade the mind of the other while he or she lets this willingly happen. After a time the magic recognizes each other as friendly and makes it easier and in time even supports this. In the beginning eye-contact was required and so not helpful in combat. After three years training though, all five could communicate through this method and even exchange emotions without eye-contact and greater distances away, but not more than a kilometre. On a positive note one could still disconnect, which all of them could do expertly and have private thoughts.

Other techniques were magic learned from the druids and shamans of old. Rain-dances, accelerated growth of plants, an super-sensory ability that let the caster know what is in the ground and his vicinity when he touches the ground, communication with spectres, ghosts and the like not strong enough to be seen, but felt. As well as various destructive spells using the elements.

The last magical thing they had done was to empower themselves with the traits of an animal, through a ritual where one had to eat the heart of the chosen animal. In this case they choose the cat. Through this all of them became faster, more agile and got a perfect balance. They could be running through a forest and no twigs or branches would crack under their feet. Not even the braided hair from Bellatrix, Andromeda, Marcella or Narcissa would be one hair out of place. All were able to leap over a branch the height of their foreheads, passing under one as low as their knee and pull a thorn out of their feet without slowing down. It also made them excellent climbers and take minimum damage from falls. On top of it they had night-vision, which was indicated through their now slitted pupils. Their incisors elongated and looked more like fangs of a vampire. The only use out of it was that meat could be chewed faster.

The group didn't stop there though and got themselves a few more boons but of a more passive nature. With a similar ritual from Salazar's library the group got more advantages. Through the use of Giants blood in the ritual their muscles didn't need constant training and resisted atrophying. Troll blood allowed them to heal faster, not at ridiculous levels but noticeable. Cuts didn't close immediately and bruises didn't disappear after seconds, though they were mostly fine after one night's rest for most superficial injuries. If it was more serious or life threatening, then potions still had to be used. The enhancements only made it easier and not too easy after all.

The last one were two permanent potions. A strength and girding potion to increase their strength and endurance. It was no strength given from Re'em blood, but it was enough to enhance their strength to half of Hagrid's. Who could bend the barrel of a shotgun. Allowing them to lift hundreds of kilos without effort. With a maximum of four hundred kilos.

All in all, with everything they learned and trained in they were stronger than Voldemort and Dumbledore in their prime, magically speaking, as well as superior physically and in armed combat. Harry was fully aware, that should he have faced either of the two in his School years he would've lost, regardless of the fact, that he had Voldemort's knowledge and memories. Both of them had more experience and power at that point in time. Harry had luck, that Voldemort was a disembodied spirit and that Dumbledore refused to use his full power. Otherwise he would've lost without a shadow of a doubt against either of them. Not that Dumbledore would've fought with him, but to this day Harry didn't know if the old geezer had had his best interest at heart or not.

Harry himself walked a different path than both of them. The two were sides of the same coin. Light and Dark. Although neither understood that one couldn't exist without the other. In the end it was like Tom said. There was only power and those too afraid to use it, but he forgot something. It was important for what someone used his power and magic. The intent behind it. The Killing-curse could kill, but so could an Aguamenti or levitation charm. Used either to drown or let someone fall to his death. Even when only Muggles would have no defence against these minor spells.

Of course with all the contact to said muggles they were bound to pick up a few "normal" interests, despite fighting against them. Narcissa's field of interest was a surprise for them. It was medicine and anatomy. She stated that with it she could be even more deadly when she knew the weak points of the body and where to attack as well as heal it better.

Andromeda had an interest in tailoring with different fabrics and leathers, which she already had much experience in due to having been a house-wife, but the new methods muggles used intrigued her. As well as learning how to make clothes and shoes of all kinds.

Bellatrix choose the field of Enchantments. It had been a passion of hers, before Rudolphus happened. She got many ideas for it. Found in various muggle books be it fiction or fantasy.

Marcella's interest was curiously enough art. All kinds of it, but sculpturing the most. It even ranged to Architecture.

Harry's own stayed by forging, but branched out to making jewellery as well, after the rings wielded such a positive result. He increased his knowledge in cooking, baking and areas connected to it as well. The distilling of various alcohols and the making of chocolate and different sweets among them. Magical or mundane.

The time turner he had enabled them to do this. Giving them eighteen hours to a full extra day. Otherwise the war and their training would have made it impossible to learn more. Sometimes the extra hours were just used to sleep. It was a good thing that the use of a time-turner didn't speed up ageing after the magic of wizard or witch stabilized on their fourteenth birthday.

The war raged for overall ten years with the muggles slowly coming out as the victor. The wizards were pushed back until nearly all were gone. The numbers were simply not in their favour. With magic negating most technology the superior numbers of the muggles and stupidity of nearly all wizard-kind evened it out again. In time more and more small groups of wizards went into hiding, when it looked like they were losing. After half of the time in the war it was more of a rebellion than a war with some groups of wizards still fighting with hit and run tactics. The muggles didn't stop to hunt them though, still fearing the unknown and intent to eradicate it. Meanwhile Harry and his group despite killing more enemies than anyone, searched for a way out themselves. It simply wasn't a good world to live in for wizards and witches. Sure they could hide behind a Fidelius charm, but that couldn't be called living. Other than that Harry presumed Hogwarts was still standing, but had no evidence to support that other than that the last time he was there to pick up magical creatures and plants for stasis and transport.

The Department of Mysteries was their groups hope. It still stood, which was surprising, but one look at the wards indicated that these were responsible. No one was working there anymore, but the artefacts were still present. As they searched for something to give them a way out other useful artefacts were looted as well, together with all rare potion ingredients. A useful artefact was the cauldron of plenty, which could multiply the amount of the Food, potion or elixir made in it. The other artefacts they stole was the Goblet of Fire, it had more uses than to simply make one immune to extreme heat and fire and Harry intended to use them. While the Goblet of Fire was made by wizards the Cauldron of Plenty was made by Dwarfs and apparently cost a few barn full of gold, when the documents were to be believed.

One other of the four elemental cauldrons the group found was the Fountain of Youth or Well of Paradise like it is also called. It was pure luck that they found it. This one was found in central America. It didn't give eternal youth or immortality, that was just a myth. No, in ancient times it was used to make land fertile. Like with the legend of the garden Eden or the Fields of Elysium. One just had to plant it in a suitable location like a lake or river and the water would gain certain properties when a specific ritual is performed. Extremely valuable in Harry's opinion. Of course it could only be used for one thing at a time so either one made the land fertile or used it for something different, but you couldn't use it for more than one thing. All of these artefacts had limits naturally. The only other they haven't found was the one representing air and no one in the group had an idea what it could be or where.

Besides looting artefacts, the group also collected rare and powerful potion ingredients. Re'em blood. Eggshells, ash and feathers from Phoenixes (The tears their Animagus forms could provide). From dragons they had blood, fat, claws and various organs, as well as powdered horn of a Graphorn. That were only some ingredients from magical beasts alone. The ingredients for plants took also much space. All in all, they had a good expanded trunk full of rare and powerful ingredients in stasis. After all the Department of Mysteries was a research facility and that included potions research and experimenting with ingredients. Why none of this was looted and used by now was anyone's guess.

Other things they looted were books. They constantly expanded the library during the war with all the places they went. Now they had the Potter, Black, Lestrange, Malfoy libraries, the one of the chamber of secrets, all books from the Hogwarts library and restricted section copied, some rare books out of the Room of Lost Things. The Library of Alexandria form when they had been in Egypt was also added to the collection the wizards of the past having saved it. Then the books out of the Library of Pergamon in Greece and now the one from the Department of Mysteries, as well as on some subjects in crafting things the muggle way. More couldn't go into the extremely expanded trunk or it would burst. Of course one could say these books were stolen, but Harry now knew the value of knowledge even when he still sometimes charged in without thinking. So he tried to preserve as much knowledge as possible. The extra magical knowledge they got out of it wasn't bad either.

It took a while of searching, but after a week of sorting through the mess that was the Department of Mysteries Harry found some references to portals. It was an ancient and forgotten art, like many things in the wizarding world. The only portal that still stood before the war had been in Spain and connected to South America. Every other one was destroyed and the art of making them forgotten. They were speculated to even be able to lead to other worlds, if someone had the magical signature and a picture of a location on said world. It could be acquired from an once living object of the world you wanted to travel.

The only thing that got another signature than the rest in the department was a skull, which lay besides some weird glass-candle. The thing was of some species none of them knew about, that gave it at least some credibility. So after another few months of studying the few texts on portals together the group was successful in creating one. It was based on the same principle as apparition, when you wanted to create one for a short amount of time. Destination, Deliberation and Determination. The only difference was the power required to open a portal, which most likely was the reason no wizard in modern times could perform the feat with all the inbreeding and dwindling power. They got a few pictures of a dense jungle out of the skulls 'memory' and with the signature they were ready to open a portal to their hopefully new home.

Before said portal they now stood. Everything was ready to go. All their possession, were stored in shrunken trunks, while those were in their pockets. In one trunk, the artefact's being his cloak, Marauders Map, Gryffindor's sword, the Cauldron of Plenty, the Goblet of Fire, the Well of Paradise, the Mirror of Erised, a few Time turners and the Philosopher's Stone. The last one still only Harry knew about.

All of their wealth in one trunk with a sub-space. It held the Potter, Black, Peverell, Lestrange and Malfoy fortunes in it. Gems, gold, silver and other things of value, all in all being somewhere around thirty million Galleons. As soon as they could get their money out of Gringotts they did exactly that. And with good reason, the moment it looked like the wizards were losing the Goblins abandoned everything, stole the contents of every vault they could and fled underground, leaving the wizards penniless.

Another trunk held all their ingredients for potions, potions themselves and countless seeds for magical and mundane plants. (The seeds were necessary in case the food in their new home was poisonous or inedible for them). Another held various magical beasts, like Murtlaps, Mokes, Salamanders, Occamys and other beasts necessary for potion-ingredients and other useful materials. They were shrunk down with a shrinking solution and held in stasis with draught of living death. The last one held a library of all the books they acquired.

Harry stood in his full armour before the chance to escape this world. Behind him also in full armour his companions. In all the years spent fighting, living and surviving with them he came to care for them all, even Bellatrix. Once Bellatrix saw that he had no ulterior motives she slowly changed. Maybe it was the bond, but with time she lost most of her insanity, if she had been insane to begin with, instead of a shield to hide behind and forget. It was clear the eldest black sister wasn't used to being given positive feelings and affection. In time she got as devoted to him as she had been to Voldemort. That he gave her power, a new purpose and love only strengthened that. Or maybe it was just all the muggles she killed, but who knows. On top of it he returned her tiny gestures of affection, something Voldemort never did or even could.

Narcissa was harder to get on his side than Bellatrix. After he cornered her she literally broke down. With no way out she had to confront her problems. It turned out that she was a victim of a love potion in her later school years attuned to Lucius Malfoy, looking for the money of the Blacks and Narcissa's beautiful body. The result was that she was basically imprisoned in her own mind and couldn't act like she wanted, to puke her guts out. Draco born out of this couldn't feel or give love, much like Voldemort himself.

Over the years it got worse. Narcissa had to endure the rape of her body by Lucius. In the summer before his seventh year she managed to break free and killed her husband by setting the vacation home on fire with the Fiendfyre spell. Unfortunately she hadn't known her son was back and in the building. She didn't say anything at the trial regarding her motive, because she was ashamed. It took much support from him, Marcella and her sisters and also therapy by a muggle psychiatrist where she went under Poly-juice to overcome most of her issues. It was a dangerous thing to do in the war for sure, but her mental health was more important, though Harry also went to therapy before the whole war started, the care of his relatives left scars on their own.

Andromeda didn't have as hard a burden as her sisters or him, but she had her own problems to overcome. The death of her daughter the biggest one. Like with the other two he helped her through it, in return they gave him people who he could call loved ones and precious people again. They were the reason he changed his name to Black besides being the Head of House. It gave him a sense of family. The name Potter never really meant all that much to him to begin with when he was honest with himself.

Marcella was at the beginning just trying to seduce him, like she apparently did with every man she wanted something from. First he just awkwardly avoided her what she somehow took as shyness. Into the first year of her being in the team she asked if he was gay. He was stunned and sputtered a good while. When Harry got himself under control again he said no, but that he had no interest in making things between them more complicated than necessary, not to mention his fear of being killed in his sleep despite the bond preventing that.

So he just told her that she looked beautiful despite her slightly ageing appearance and that he wouldn't be opposed to the idea, when all was quieter in the world. It seemed that stunned her, brought tears to her eyes as well. When Marcella asked how she looked to him he describe her as well and flattering as he could. It only brought more tears to her eyes and confused him enormously. Despite wanting to run away she told him that all other people including the other three only saw a stunningly beautiful woman with seemingly no flaw. He was the first to be able to look past the illusion she created around herself.

The Italian woman told him then that she never could get a man when young and in school. She only noticed that they always choose the beautiful girls and came to hate most men for their shallow behaviour. That was the reason for killing all of her husbands as well as creating the illusion. Somehow Marcella wanted to prove that she could get these men, but in the end didn't loved them one bit, knowing they only liked her for the false beauty and not for herself. With wizarding law in place she couldn't just divorce them. So killed them instead. The money was just a good bonus, he knew it was a twisted reason to do this, but didn't judged her for it. Of course that she was a foreigner and a woman didn't endear the purebloods to her, which in turn made her more hateful towards them. Blaise wasn't really intended to happen and after a few years she found it funny that he was responsible for her losing everything in the end.

"Ready you four?" asked Harry the black sisters and Marcella as he turned to look at them with a warm gaze.

"Yes Harry!" all four responded with confidence in their and his abilities to succeed in having opened the portal correctly, escaping into a new and hopefully better world.

Just like he came to care for them the same could be said for them. Bellatrix thrived under his positive encouragement and didn't thought she could live without it. Narcissa was thankful for his support like her sisters and used him as an example to defeat her fear of men she had in the beginning in all of this. Andromeda genuinely liked him, that he helped them so much and seemed to know what they needed was impressive and showed a good character. Marcella was grateful as well for his presence and intent to take him up on the offer of going into a relationship with him. He was the first man to see through her illusion and still wasn't completely opposed to the idea. The only thing giving her doubt was her and his age. She like Bellatrix was over sixty, Narcissa and Andromeda were pushing for that age and Harry only at the end of twenty, with twenty-seven years.

With just a nod all fell in line and stepped through the portal into their future. After the portal closed the hall fell silent again, leaving nothing indicating the presence of the people from just moments before.