Hey there, everyone! I had the idea for this series of oneshots just the other day, and I thought I'd get the first up as soon as possible. I will still be working on the next chapter of The Lady's Gentleman, too, so hopefully that will be coming along well and either be ready by the time I have to return to the US (for another four months) or at least be close to being ready.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy each of these stories. They are of course based on the quote "Where? Kitchen? Closet? Stairway? Limo? Walmart?!", and there will be a couple of extra ones after that. I've rated this series as T for safety, but if anything strays into territory further than that, please let me know.

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Or: "The Fine Arts of Baking and Seduction"

Being left to run the office when the company didn't have a show to put on was the slowest workday C.C. could imagine. She'd finished all her contracts for the production Maxwell hoped they'd get next – not that he was around to review them – and it wasn't even noon yet! Well, it was fairly close, she amended, as she slumped against the back of the green loveseat and checked her watch. Not that it even mattered, seeing as she was done for the day already.

But she had to grin to herself as a realisation suddenly dawned on her.

Being done in the office didn't necessarily mean she had nothing to do in the house.

The family might have gone out somewhere (she hadn't quite been paying attention when her business associate had said exactly where that was), but Niles was still there with her. With the Sheffields out for an unknown (but hopefully lengthy) amount of time, they had the entire house to themselves.

The butler had mostly left her alone to finish up, but now she was done, and there wasn't anything stopping them from having a little playtime of their own.

The thought in itself was tantalising, but she knew the reality would be even better. Changing their relationship to such an extent would be considered a shock, or maybe even downright confusing, to most people who had seen them interact before, but really it was the most natural feeling that she had ever had, perhaps in her entire life!

It was certainly the most satisfying…

All she had to do was get up and go find him.

And she knew exactly where to look, too.

Just as she'd expected, he was in the kitchen, stirring a large glass bowl full of something thick, brown and creamy, with a wooden spoon.

He was too focused on the baking to really make much comment as she entered, only giving a quick glance upwards and a smile at the sound of her heels on the tiled floor.

She inhaled deeply, slipping behind him to wrap her arms around his middle, "Mm, something smells good."

Niles hummed pleasurably, "I'm making brownies for when the Sheffields get back from their daytrip."

A daytrip. That couldn't be more perfect – it meant the family most likely wouldn't be back until late. Late enough for them, anyway. Giving the faintest hint of a chuckle in the back of her throat, she caressed his torso lightly with her fingers, playing with the buttons on the shirt beneath his apron.

"I wasn't talking about the batter," she purred, nipping and kissing at his earlobe.

Her lips brushed a tender patch of skin, and Niles' breath hitched as he tried to pour the mixture into the baking tray on the counter, the bowl nearly slipping from his fingers. He just about managed to keep it steady as the tray began to fill.

He swallowed, "I, uh…have to concentrate for just one moment. Would you mind holding on for a little while?"

C.C. raised an eyebrow to herself. She'd kind of expected him to respond straight away…

Well, if she was truly being fair, she had been the one to come in and interrupt what he was doing.

She wasn't accustomed to being fair, but for him, she'd try to make things a little more even. Only a little, though. She was still herself, of course, and if he absolutely had to concentrate, she'd certainly let him try. That didn't mean she wouldn't do anything to keep herself entertained for the time being.

If he got distracted by what she had in mind, that was his problem.

"Of course not," she slid away from him a little, stroking his upper arms and nodding towards the incomplete baking. "You mind if I lick the bowl?"

Smiling, he settled the bowl down on the counter and tapped it as he took the tray, "Not at all. Help yourself."

Oh, she intended to.


Leaning against the counter and grinning triumphantly, she rested one elbow on the counter surface, using her other hand to slowly wipe up a generous amount of brownie batter from the side of the bowl onto her index finger. Before it could trickle down onto her palm, she tipped her head down and licked it away, sucking the last of it from her fingertip with a soft, satisfied moan.

She did this several times, watching in amusement as Niles' focus drained away; the first time she did it, he roughly shoved the baking tray into the oven and had to shut the door twice when it didn't close properly the first time; the second, the cloth he was using to wipe down the counter slid out of his hand and onto the floor. He scrambled to pick it up, clearly attempting to play it cool but failing miserably. C.C. grinned, her eyes wandering over his rear end, clearly defined beneath the fabric of his suit, as he retrieved the cloth. The third time she did it, she waited until he'd straightened up again and turned to face her. Not breaking eye contact, she covered her finger in the batter, stuck it in her mouth, and drew it out slowly, licked clean.

As Niles tossed the cloth onto the counter, she cocked her head to one side in a deliberate fashion, batting her eyes, "What?"

The butler swallowed, and the producer could tell he was biting back a smirk, "You came in here purely to drive me to distraction, didn't you?"

Yeah, and if the way he leaned next to her against the counter (arm outstretched as if to encircle her waist, eyes wandering over her body just as intentionally as she'd licked the batter off her finger) was anything to go by, it was obviously working. But she had to do what he'd failed to do, and play it cool. It was a delicate game, and she couldn't lose now.

"Of course I did – I'm bored," she shrugged nonchalantly, before pointing one finger at him. "And don't tell me you're not bored, either. You don't spend every day the Sheffields go out playing the Fabulous Baker Boy, preparing sweet treats for them to come home to."

The butler's eyebrow raised, and even though she didn't look away, she could feel his hand drawing closer to her side, probably to slip onto her hip, or maybe to snake around to her lower back and find the sweet spot of skin that always made her shiver when he brushed it with his fingers. He was a little impressed by her almost instant deduction of his methods, but also a whole lot aroused – the darkening of his eyes gave that away immediately, and the way he lifted his apron off and dropped it on the kitchen table only confirmed it.

She knew that her words were catching his attention in exactly the way she'd hoped.

It just served to show how well they knew each other – every inch, inside and out. And going back each time to discover new points of satisfaction, and to indulge deeply in them, only sealed their bond more firmly than either could ever imagine.

"Well, maybe I was trying to kill a little time," he muttered, smirking. "Everything else around here is in order, and I thought you had work to be getting on with."

She ran the tip of her tongue over her lips, eyeing his own intently, "I'm all finished now."

Niles' own eyes were now considering the bowl, still with some leftover batter inside, and he took a small step towards her. The gap between them closed to but a few inches wide.

"I did happen to notice," he said, running one finger almost teasingly around the rim of the bowl. "And the Sheffields will be gone for a few good hours yet…"

She brushed her fingers along his arm playfully, "And we have this place all to ourselves…"

"And all ourselves," he leaned in towards her as he finally dipped his finger in the batter. "To each other."

C.C. grinned, pleased that he had caught her implication, "Exactly my thinking, Hazel…"

Niles matched her look, and pulled his finger, dripping, from the leftover mixture. But before he could raise his finger to his lips, the producer clasped her own fingers around his wrist and gently pulled his hand to her mouth, lapping the batter off his skin provocatively before leaving a feather-light kiss on the tip of his finger.

Smirking, Niles caressed his finger down her lip, brushing over her chin and caressing her throat, travelling downwards, until it caught in the collar of her blouse, at the first button that was done up. C.C. couldn't help but feel a little smug, having had the idea to keep the first couple of buttons undone – it gave the perfect angle for Niles to pull her forwards, into his arms.

Their lips collided in a wondrous kiss, which didn't take long to deepen as C.C. pulled at Niles' lower lip with her teeth, causing a low, guttural sound to issue from his throat. He responded eagerly, pushing forward with his tongue, which she invited into her mouth to revel in the taste of him just as he was enjoying the taste of her, mixed in with the taste of the chocolate batter still on her own tongue. Her hands, which had been, momentarily, around his back, moved further upwards still, from cradling his face to allow her fingers to tangle in his hair, and his arms held her tightly, wrapped around her back and hands gripping, clearly itching to wander further.

Oh, God, how she wanted them to wander further…

It was almost as though he could read her mind, as they pulled away for air, panting hotly, and the butler planted a few small, soft kisses along her jawline, while his hands roamed south, down to fondle her behind. C.C. couldn't help but let a delighted yelp escape her lips, and Niles grinned.

"I trust this is going in the direction you were hoping?" he murmured against her cheek, continuing to feel his way over her body.

It was going exactly where the producer had hoped. But they had to keep going – they couldn't slow up now…

"Let's just say kissing the cook wasn't all I had in mind," she breathed, before indicating with her eyes towards the oven. "How long will that take?"

"About half an hour," he almost growled in reply, dropping his lips to her neck while his hand lifted her leg to hold it, hooked, over his hip.

She moaned as he manoeuvred them both and pressed her firmly against the counter, her hands sliding down his front and groping for his belt as his one free hand tugged at hers, "Well, we're just gonna have to have a little interval between sessions then, aren't we?"

The groan of agreement that she received in return predicted things far sweeter than the brownies the Sheffields would get when they arrived home.