Rami Carter stood in front of the mirror in his room, adding on the last final touch of his guard uniform the hat. Completing his morning ritual of bathing, brushing his teeth, etc etc he finally felt he was ready to go.

Walking down the wooden stairs Paul Edgecomb and his wife Jan talked with his parents Arnold and Lila. Hugs were shared with Lila and Jan while he received a 'good luck' clap on the shoulder from his father before he followed Paul out of the two story farm house.

He was living in the big city of New York for quite a while after graduating high-school, getting an acceptance letter from a big shot university after much encouragement from his family and friends. However, after a year of university Rami felt it just wasn't 'right' for him. The students were friendly for the most part, aside from a few of course little snobs. But that wasn't the real issue.

Rami just felt university wasn't for him. He felt like he had another 'calling' other than being a typical school boy like everyone else.

"Why don't you come work with me then? There's always room for another guard at Cold Mountain."

Needless to say, Rami accepted his offer despite the worries of his mother and Jan Edgecomb.

Rami listened intently as Paul explained to him what went down in E-Block while they drove up to the penitentiary. "So far we have Arlen Bitteruck and Eduard Delacroix-we call him Del mostly. He's French but understandable.

Arlen's execution is coming up and as for Del's we aren't sure of that."

"Got it. What about the others you work with?"

"They're all good 'ol boys. There's Dean Stanton, he's about your age I think. You should get along just fine. Brutus, nickname 'Brutal' just a joke name we came up for him is intimidating at first but an all- around good man. Harry Terwillger is the oldest, nice fellow…if only he'd stop being a worry-wort.

And finally we have Percy Wetmore…"

Rami arched a brow, resting his arm on the rolled down window of the truck. "He's the nephew of Louisiana's First Lady ain't he? What's he doing in a place like this?"

"No idea. You be-careful around him though. He's threatened to have us all lose our jobs on several occasions. Nothing but a spoiled little snot if you ask me."

Paul soon pulled up to a grey colored building.

Rami stepped out first, shielding his eyes from the hot sunlight as he walked beside the older male. Shoes crunching along the gravel and dirt covered drive.

A hundred or so other inmates were outside working the field when several stopped. Pressing up against the fence.

"Lookie 'ere boys. Fresh meat!" One man cackled.

"Hey sweet-heart! Come on over, I don't bite unless ya want me to!"

Rami shot them a venomous look. He was not the type to tolerate bull from anyone. "Just ignore them," Paul whispered. Hollering at them to get back to work. "Don't let them get your go."

"Easier said than done." Rami muttered back.

Walking inside the building, Rami noticed several men before them. One was close to his age and the others were around Paul's.

"Rami, I'd like you to meet Dean Stanton, Brutus Howell and Harry Terwillger."

"Nice to meet you Rami. Are you related to Paul?" Brutus asked after they shook hands first.

"You to sir. And no, he and his wife are friends of my parents."

Harry was introduced next. Then Dean.

Both he and Dean held one another's hand a little longer than normal, Dean being the one to pull away first clearing his throat. Ignoring the knowing grin on Harry's face.

"I see the car." Dean finally spoke out.

Brutus joined him. "Oh," he whistled lowly. Shaking his head. "You gotta see this guy. He's enormous."

"Can't be any bigger than you." Paul grinned. Rami and Dean chuckled.

"Dead man walking! We got a dead man walking here!"

Somebody could be heard shouting outside, making Rami's ears twitch.

"Jesus, please us! What the hell is that idiot yellin'?!" Paul hollered.

Rami couldn't help notice the way he walked 'funny'. His face looked whiter as well. A thoughtful frown crossed his face, remembering what his wife told him and his mother one evening. About the 'condition' Paul had.

"Dead man! Got a dead man walking here!" Percy continued over and over again.

"Anyone got a gag big enough?" Rami muttered, earning a chuckle from Brutus.

A massive man was soon led inside. Tall enough to reach the ceiling. His hands and arms nothing but solid muscle. "Percy why don't you go to the infirmary?" Paul said harshly.

Percy shot him a look. "Uh uh. I wanna stay here."

"Why don't you go?" Paul coaxed him.

"They got all the men they need. Besides, new guy gets to stay here."

Rami sighed at that argument, giving Paul a pleading look. 'Please don't make me go with him' his eyes begged.

Paul gave him an assuring nod, clearing his throat looking at Percy. "He just arrived that's why. You're smart enough to know how things work after all right?" Resisting the urge to smirk noting the others stifling their laughter.

Percy scoffed. "All right." He walked, no. Strolled down the mile like he owned the damn place. He walked passed Del's cell.

Rami had never heard the sound of someone's bones crunch. But he had an understanding as of just now what it sounded like. It echoed around the prison while Percy just smirked with such cruelty at Del's pained cries, holding his injured hand.

"Del!" Paul called out. "It'll be alright, just stay quiet okay?"

"Okay boss." Del sniffed in between speech.

Rami sucked in a breath when Paul asked if the man would be good, if he released his chains. The huge man nodded. His name was John Coffey they had learned. 'Like the drink, but spelled differently' as John politely pointed out.

"Do you leave the lights on?" John suddenly blurted out.

Rami and Dean shared raised eyebrows. John lowered his head, shifting his feet.

"'Cause I get a little scared of the dark sometimes…if I'm in a strange place."

Rami's heart softened. Any pretense of the man being cold-hearted vanished. He held a child-like innocence.

Guess you really can't judge a book by its cover, after all

"Well, it stays pretty bright all day and all night long," Paul answered. "We have a few burning in the corridor. In case of any problems."

John stared in bewilderment. "The cor'dor?" He repeated.

To everyone's astonishment John offered Paul his hand. Dean, Brutus and Harry got in their positions just in case. But Paul and Rami knew. They could see the gentleness in John's eyes. The gratefulness.

"Relax," Rami whispered. Lowering Dean's hand, some off his baton. "He's only shaking his hand."

After shaking Paul's hand the light in John's eyes faded. A sadness pooled. Appearing ashamed of himself as they all heard what he said next. "I couldn't help it, boss," he said softly. "I tried to take it back. But it was too late."

Coffey's words echoed in Rami's head all the while, running a hand down his face. Take what back? The rapes? Murders of those two little girls? The fear must have gotten to him. Knowing he was on the last row, the last mile shook him up.

They say before your death your whole life flashes before your eyes. That must be what John was experiencing.

And then there was Percy.

The little snot that hurt Del.

"You sure that was a wise move? Sending Percy Wetmore off the Mile like that?" Rami asked Paul while they were in the break area.

"Oh I'll definitely get an earful later." Paul sighed wearily. Exhaustion began to take over.

"Someone should have a talk with him."

Paul shook his head. "It won't do any good Rami. Remember, Percy knows 'people.'" Quote and quote.

"So just because he's the First Lady's nephew that means he can break a poor man's hand at will?!" Rami threw his arms up in frustration, reminding Paul much of his mother.

"Percy cannot be touched," Harry chimed in. Surprised at Rami's outburst. "Like Paul said we'll all lose our jobs if we so much as say anything against him. None of us like him Rami. But nothing can be done…at least right now."

Rami's lips pursed in a thin line. He hated seeing some abuse their wealth to do whatever they wanted. Even bringing harm onto another human being. It was injustice.

"Alright," he sighed heavily. "Sorry. I shouldn't have shouted like I had."

Dean gave him a pat on the shoulder. "You have every right to feel that way. But like they said, best to just stay clear of him."

Paul nodded in agreement. Giving Rami that same warning look from earlier.

Getting caught up with Percy could be the worst mistake a person could possibly make in their life.

A/N: Hello everyone! Here's another story of mine taking from my AO3 account. So I present to you my very first 'The Green Mile' fanfic of mine. I cannot believe I've never watched this movie before *^'* It's so darn good. Right up there with Unbroken that almost put me in near tears.

I noticed a surprisingly lack of Dean fanfics as I was going through many so I thought 'What the hey?' and decided to give it a try. He's one of my favorites next to Brutus and Paul. This was meant to be a Percy fanfic at first actually, but seeing this movie again gave me another new idea. (Not to mention, like many viewers I could not stand Percy). So yeah. Comments are appreciated.

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