August was soon replaced by September. The heat still unbearable this year unfortunately.

Rami found himself chatting away with Del and John Coffey while doing his rounds. Despite the fact it stated in his profile John murdered and raped two young girls, Rami still found it hard to believe the man was capable of doing such. Arlen seemed approachable as well, but he mostly kept to himself that which Rami respected.

Del's face darkened suddenly. Rami didn't have to turn around to see it was Percy coming up to them.

"Having a nice time Del? Coffey?"

"We were just talkin, boss Wetmore," John spoke up. Wringing his hands in nervous habit. "Jus talking."

"I'm sure you were," Percy's eyes flickered to Del. "Bet you and Coffey had a lot to talk about. Am I right?"

John stiffened. Del lowered his head.

"Did you tell him? About your crime, Del? Raping that poor girl…burning her body after?"

Del swallowed. John's hands shook some. Rami was speechless.

"No? …My bad then."

Rami stormed after Percy. "Hey. What the hell was that all about?"

"Just wanted to tell you the truth, Mr. Carter."

"I didn't need to know," Rami bit back. "We aren't here to be cruel, Percy. They're at the end of their line I think it's punishment enough. They don't need any more suffering. Imagine for ONE second how you'd feel, if you were in their position."

Percy opened his mouth but he never got to retort. Pushing him out of the way, he stormed off.

Percy followed close behind. Grabbing Rami by the back of his shirt yanking him back. "Oh I'm terribly sorry I ruined your romantic ideas of this place," he hissed in Rami's face after forcing him around. "These are SICK people, Rami. They do not deserve, a single act of kindness!

I'll keep reminding you. Until you finally wake up and see things my way. Understand my thinking."

He had enough.

Rami did not know what came over him, but before long he found himself on top of Percy. The two rolled about, throwing punches when the opportune moment rose. Del could be heard cheering Rami on while John simply lowered his head. Balling his hands into tight fists.

The sound or rapid footsteps could be heard.

"Hey! Hey knock it off!" Paul barked out.

Brutus grunted trying to yank a struggling Rami off of Percy, while Dean did the same with the other.


"Little bitch!"

"ENOUGH!" Paul's voice echoed. Halting them from any further insults getting in-between the two. "What. The hell. Happened?" He spoke somewhat calmer now, breathing through his nose. Attempting to ignore that horrid burning sensation between his legs.

"Nuthin," Percy muttered. Not feeling so hot now that the boss was around. "I was simply tryin to explain to Rami how things are 'round here."

"Bullshit." Rami scoffed. "You were just being cruel as usual. Son of a bitch…"

"Rami," Paul snapped. Shutting the other guard up quickly. He knew that tone alright. The older male pinched the bridge of his nose. Sighing wearily. "You're both too old to be acting like this. You aren't children any-more.

Because of your actions, I'm putting you both on cleaning duty. For two weeks."

Percy's face turned into a scowl when he looked at Rami. Rami almost raised his middle finger before Paul and Dean both gave him that warning look.

"Am I clear?"

"Crystal…" Rami sighed finally. Percy muttering something, but Paul assumed it was in agreement.

"Alright. Now Dean, take Rami to get his lip fixed. Brutal, help Percy with his eye."

"Yes sir."

Making sure Paul was out of ear shot and Harry, Dean lowered his lips to Rami's ear with a grin etched across his face. He couldn't help it. Seeing Percy get 'clobbered' he didn't feel bad for the other guard at all.

"Now that was something to see. Quite a scrapper aren't ya?"

Rami snickered some. Hissing when his lip stung. Little bastard really knows how to throw a hit, I'll give him that "I was taught a few things by my…well 'You-Know-Who.'" Not sure if he should use the term 'boyfriend' in case someone else heard him.

Dean gave a nod. Patting him on the shoulder once they made it inside the infirmary.

"Let's get you cleaned up champ."

"So…people actually come and watch a man die?"

Rami shook his head in disbelief as Harry gave a grim nod. They were all to meet for 'rehearsal' of Arlen Bitteruck's execution. Percy chimed in before the older male could say a word. "Oh yeah. People come around from all over, just to watch a man ride on lightning."

Harry shot the other guard a warning look. He had no idea what has gotten into Wetmore as of late. But Percy was walking on very thin ice with every one of them.

"Nobody REALLY wants to see someone die, Rami," Harry assured the mortified young man. "We do need witnesses though. Mostly the families of the accused, the victims, police officers and reporters…those damned reporters."

Rami relaxed some. Noting the annoyed look Percy shot towards Harry for ruining his 'fun'.

"Uh…will I have to watch?"

"You don't have to if you don't want to."

Percy muttered 'pansy' under his breath.

"Say that again Wetmore. I dare you." Rami snarled.

"Say WHAT again?"

The two started throwing insults back and forth with poor Harry in-between. The older gentlemen relieved to finally arrive at the location.

"Sittin down, sittin down," Rami could hear Trustee Toot sitting down in 'Ol Sparky. "Takin a seat in Ol Sparky."

Paul and Dean carefully strapped him in.

"Getting strapped. Getting clamped."

Harry took out a black mask putting it over Toot's head revealing only the crown part, where a wet sponge is placed.

"What's with the sponge?" Percy asked Van Hay.

Van Hay explained it sent electricity straight to the brain. Rami swallowed hard at the thought when he said you do not want to see a man fry without the sponge. It didn't take much for him to get an idea.

He nearly jumped at least a foot in the air when Toot decided to put on a show. "I'M FRYIN, OH I'M FRY NOW, I'M FRYING LIKE A DONE TOM TURKEY!"

Percy even snickered at Rami's reaction as well a quiet chuckle from Van Hay.

"Alright, let's do it again, right this time, get that idiot out of the chair." Paul instructed, the ever so serious one of any situation. It was no wonder his father called him a 'stick in the mud'.

Everyone straightened shortly getting ready to start over.