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Chapter 37 Bella

As the day wound down, Jake and Leah were cheered into the decorated squad car. I had no idea how Charlie had cleared that with the station, but I had to admit it was seriously cool and fitted the two of them to a 'T'. They were off to a hotel in Seattle for one night and then on a plane the following afternoon for a two-week honeymoon in Cancun. I envied them, and would have gladly taken their place.

However, Edward and I had a lot to work through if we were ever going to get to that place, and the first task would be a talk about our future. As the guests slowly meandered their way home, we ended up the last on the beach. I had promised Leah that I would see everything cleared up before I left, and between us we filled trash bags with what remained of the leftovers and then packed all the glasses into the boxes, stacking them on the table, ready for collection in the morning. The remains of the cake were placed in the box it came in, and I followed Edward as he made his way to the small cabin used by the wedding preparation team. Finally, we stacked the chairs on the tables, an act very reminiscent of my life in Jamaica.

The moon rose, and the night was clear and calm, although it had cooled considerably as darkness fell. Taking my hand, Edward suggested a walk along the beach and, grabbing a blanket from the cabin, he wrapped it around the both of us, and we headed along the edge of the water. It was a lot like Jamaica, apart from the cooler air, and, despite the talk we had to have at some point, for the moment, I was glad to just let it be and spend some time alone with the man I had come to love.

No words were spoken as we reconnected emotionally through touches and light kisses. Even though there was a serious discussion coming, I felt as if we were almost on the same page. As the cabin and the tables disappeared behind us and we approached the wilder end of the beach, away from the local hotel, Edward changed direction and pulled me towards a dip between the sand dunes. Out of the cool breeze, he laid the blanket on the ground and encouraged me to sit beside him. For a while, we watched the ocean, and its mesmerizing push and pull, content in the silence.

Lying back, Edward pulled me toward him and enveloped me in his arms, tugging me close to his body. He smelled unbelievably good, and I had missed him so much. I dragged his shirt from his pants, allowing me to slide them up his torso. I could feel him harden against my thigh as his hand slid up the smooth expanse of my leg, lifting the hem of my dress.

"I love this dress, but it has to go," he murmured with his lips against the skin at my throat, his kisses branding me. "I want to see you."

He reached around me, tugging me closer, the pent-up heat of his skin washing over me. Running his fingers up the backs of my thighs, he slid them under the edge of my underwear, stroking through the embarrassing wetness. Pushing him to lie back on the blanket, I swung my leg over his body and straddled him, and in the same movement took the hem of my dress and peeled it off over my head, silently thanking Leah for the simple style that allowed it to happen so easily.

His hands now moved heatedly across my stomach and cupped my breasts, nipping and pinching at my nipples through the soft silk of my bra. Sitting up suddenly, Edward reached behind me and unclasped it and slid the straps down my arms, dropping it beside us.

"Fuck, Bella," was his only whispered comment.

Stretching my arms languidly toward the sky, I revelled in the feel of the breeze cooling my hot, bare skin. I felt decadent and free as his mouth closed around first one nipple then the other, teasing, nipping, and licking them into diamond-hard tips. He alternated between pulling back to look me over and dipping his head down to graze his lips and tongue across my collarbone, my chest, and back to my nipples, cupping my breasts in his large hands.

Each drag of his mouth tightened the string between them and my clit, which was pulsing in time with my heartbeat.

Groaning his name, I began to undo the buttons of his shirt with fumbling fingers. "Please …"

Without conscious thought, I was grinding against his cock, rubbing against the zipper on his pants. Sensing my urgency, he let go of my nipple for one second and swept his shirt off without undoing the remaining buttons, a few of which disappeared into the night. Reaching between us, I struggled a little but managed to undo his belt.

"Lift up, Bella." His voice was low and husky, and sent a shiver up my spine and straight to my core. Goosebumps followed in its wake, covering every inch of my skin and heating me from the inside out.

Following his instructions eagerly, I gave him room to unzip his fly and slide both his trousers and his boxers down his legs, freeing his cock. My body followed them as I slid backward, unable to take my eyes off him, remembering how big he was, and how deliciously he had filled me before. Licking my lips at the sight of his arousal, the pre-cum already appearing, I couldn't resist taking him into my mouth.

He fell back on the blanket, a shout and a long, drawn-out groan coming from deep in his chest as I took his cock in as far in as I could, his hips bucking up involuntarily toward me. Surprisingly enough, I didn't feel like gagging and drew backward, sucking hard until I reached the tip, where I swirled my tongue around his head, dipping into his slit on each circle. I glanced up at him as I took him back in my mouth, again and again, finding his head thrown back in abandon, losing himself in the sensations I was causing.

Repeating the action slowly, again and again, he was soon alternately arching his back and moving his hips in time with my sucking, moaning and muttering under his breath. As if he felt my gaze on him, his head lifted, his eyes black with lust in the moonlight.

"Stop Bella, please, please. I want to come inside you." He spoke breathlessly, his hands reaching for me.

I stood, sliding my panties down my legs and then stepping over him, straddled him again, sinking down on his cock in one, smooth, heart-stopping action. Tingling jolts of desire and pleasure radiated outward to every extremity as my muscles immediately clenched around him, the speed of my climax leaving me gasping.

"Fuck," was the only word out of his mouth as he sat up, his arms wrapped around my waist, keeping me still for a moment, while his jaw clenched as he struggled to hold back, my inner muscles still clenching around him. Within a few minutes, his breathing had evened out a little, and I found myself rocking, his cock hitting the right spot inside; the coil tightening once again inside me. His hands gripped me, and he drove his hips hard, thrusting in as I pushed down; a fiery push and pull enveloping us both.

"C...condom, Bella?" His voice stuttered the words out into the night, and I could see him fighting to stop before we went too far.

"No need, Edward …" I breathily answered his question, unable to utter another coherent word. Tilting my head toward him, I captured his lips, my tongue delving into his mouth.

Another few seconds had his movements becoming jerky, and my inner muscles began to flutter and tighten around him again. Tiny electric shocks radiated out from inside me, followed by a rushing heat, each thrust from him pushing me higher and closer to my orgasm.

"I can't hold it any longer, Bella, can you come again?"

"Jesus, Edward. So fucking good. Oh, God."

His hand slid between us, searching for the spot that would be my undoing. Rubbing me in tight circles; pushing me over the edge, falling apart and sliding back together again. Edward growled and sunk his teeth into the juncture between my neck and shoulder, the sound causing my muscles to tighten around him. Waves of pleasure washed over me, as I came and dragged him with me over the edge.

I have no idea how long we sat there, practically glued together, but eventually, the wind cooled the sweat on my body, and I began to shiver lightly. Edward shifted, lifting me from his lap and encouraging me to lie down, dragging the edge of the blanket over both of us, and within minutes I was warm again.

He held me and rolled so I was underneath him, and I widened my legs to give him room. He was already hardening again, and I drew a knee up to my chest, tilting and grinding against him, his cock sliding through the wetness, hitting my clit with each passing.

Without warning, he shifted slightly and with barely controlled strength, thrust back inside me, growling at the sensation. Reaching underneath me his hands pulled me closer, changing the angle of his thrust. His eyes, leached to gray in the moonlight, captured mine.

"Keep looking at me, Bella. I love you, please believe that, believe me. We'll work it out."

I moaned at the words and the sensations he was eliciting from my body. Slowing his thrusts, Edward lifted up onto his arms, dipping his head to take first one nipple and then the other into his hot mouth. Grazing them with his teeth, he licked, sucked, and nipped at them, driving me out of my mind. Reaching for him, I pulled his face to me, where his open mouth found mine, crushing our lips together.

Moaning and rolling his hips with every thrust, I felt the heat and weight of his body surrounding mine.

"Oh, God, Bella … you just feel so good. Fuck, I've never felt this way. I'm gonna - I can't stop it. Oh, fuck. I just want you so close. Closer…uhhh."

His stream of words washed over me, and I came again, while he thrust sharp and hard as deep as he could, before groaning and holding still. I watched his face as he came; loving that he could lose himself in us so completely.

Letting himself down slowly, he allowed his full weight to rest on me, the heat of his breath washing over my neck. As our breathing eased, he made to move off me.

"Stay, please."

"I'm too heavy, Bella."

"It'll be fine for a little while. Please, Edward. I love the feel of you close to me."

We lay in silence for a while, soaking up the feel of each other, all too aware of a conversation that was needed. As the early morning arrived and the sky lightened almost imperceptibly in the east, even the blanket wasn't enough to keep both of us warm. By mutual agreement, we searched for our clothes, redressing without words.

Making our way back along the beach, we reached for each others' hands, entwining our fingers. Reaching the edge of the beach, Jake's truck was still where he had left it, with the keys tucked into the usual place in the visor. After helping me into the cab, Edward slid behind the wheel, heading back to Charlie's.

The house key was in its usual place above the door, and we made our way quietly up the stairs to my room; I was pretty sure Dad wouldn't make a fuss about us sharing a bed. Quietly, we undressed again and slid naked under the covers, where Edward pulled me back against his chest. Kissing my neck lightly, he murmured 'sleep' in my ear, and that was the last I heard, falling into the first restful slumber I'd had in some time.

I awoke the following morning, feeling Edward still behind me. His breathing was quick enough to tell me he was awake.

"How long have you been watching me?"

"Not long," he answered, planting wet kisses along the column of my neck.

The house was silent, so I guessed that Charlie had gone fishing in his usual Sunday fashion, and Sue was likely to be on the Rez, probably supervising the rest of the cleaning up. The sun was slipping through the small gap in the curtains, and it looked to be mid-morning. I didn't want to move, or start the day because I knew Edward would be returning to Seattle later that afternoon and I would miss him even more than before; before we reconnected.

His kisses moved from my neck to my shoulder and along my jaw, and despite the events of the previous night, desire raced through me immediately. I tilted my head to give him more access, his touch driving me wild again. Turning over to face him, I hitched my leg over his hip, feeling him hard between us. Our lips met over and over again until I was breathless and had to pull away to breathe.

Before I could delve back in again, he spoke.

"We need to talk."

I hated that sentence; it never brought anything good.

I looked at him for a few seconds and was relieved to see that he looked happy. It couldn't be that bad if he was happy, could it?

"Okay." I nodded my head and sat up to slide out of bed. "I'm just going to take a quick shower then, and I'll meet you downstairs?"

"No problem, I'll put the coffee on. If you can give me a shout when you're finished, I'll shower, and you, my love, can make us breakfast."

"Thanks," I responded dryly.

My shower only took ten minutes, and I swapped with Edward and got dressed, putting my wet hair up in a ponytail. Downstairs, I found a fresh pot of coffee and poured one for each of us and put together a quick breakfast of toast. Edward was back, dressed, in a short time and we ate at the kitchen table. After clearing up, Edward suggested that we go into the living room and I settled on the sofa, with him right next to me. That eased my nerves; he wouldn't be doing that if he was going to break up with me.

"Bella, I know these last few weeks have been hard on you; on me, too," he began. "I guess you already know that I've been accepted back at SGD Advertising in the same job, and I've been given a couple of significantly important accounts to oversee. If they like my work, I could be promoted, or it will give me a really good starting point to set up my own business, which is something I've always wanted and worked toward."

He stopped for a moment. "Go on," I said quietly.

"So for now, I have to see this through, Bella. It won't take too long, and then we can maybe start a life together? Is that something you want?"

He looked at me expectantly, and I could only numbly nod my head. I realized now that what I wanted would have to wait. I needed to tell him about the baby, but how could I do that right now, when he was set on his career. I couldn't bear for him to give up his dreams and if he knew, he'd do that without a second thought.

Having gotten control of my emotions a little, I smiled at him. "That's really good, Edward. I have to return to Jamaica and sort out the bar. The new season is coming up soon, and Seth has said he wants to stay here, in Forks. Something about being in love." I laughed, but the sound was flat.

"Bella, I do love you, and I want us to be together. Can you wait?" he urged. "We can stay in touch with Skype and phone calls. I know I've been a bit lax in the last few weeks, but now things are settled a bit more at work and at home."

"I love you, too, Edward." This time my smile was more genuine. "I have to find someone to work with me, now that Seth won't be coming back with me, but it shouldn't be difficult. I think Charlie is a bit set on coming back with me for a little while to help, so I'll be fine. We can visit, too, and I can come home for Thanksgiving and Christmas."

Edward's body relaxed against mine; telling me he was relieved I had taken his news so well. I was still worried about how he would react to the baby, but it would have to be shelved for a couple of months. It wouldn't do any harm; I was only about six weeks along.

We managed to relax for the rest of the day. We visited the meadow, lying in the sun for a couple of hours, talking and making out, until it was time for him to leave for Seattle. Charlie was back from fishing by then and stood with his arm around me, knowing how hard it was for me to see Edward leave. I hated to see him go, but at least I knew he loved me and he wanted us.

Within the week, Charlie had arranged for a few weeks off, and he and I left for Jamaica, where I was determined to work on selling the bar. It was the right thing to do; I couldn't expect Edward to give up his dream job, and the bar was not my dream; it had only been a way of me forgetting my past with Riley. Hopefully, my future was with Edward and our child, so I was going to hold out for what I really wanted.

I would be back in Forks for a scan a few weeks before Thanksgiving, so I could tell him about the baby, and he could come with me. Until then it would be my little secret.