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Settling under a palm tree on the sand outside a small beachside bar, I contemplated the events that had brought me here, running from the disaster my life had become.

The morning sun rose and then slowly headed toward the horizon throughout the day as I emptied the bottle of water I had grabbed upon leaving the house. I watched the ocean ebb and fade while the tourists at the bar drank, and had fun. My eyes constantly landed on the slight figure of the girl who seemed to call all the shots. Her mahogany hair shone in the sun with beautiful red highlights, and I found myself wanting to talk to her.

Berating myself for even thinking about another girl when Tanya had only been gone a short while, I forced my thoughts away from this captivating person and tried not to think about the shit storm I had left behind. I was so tired of going over what had happened again and again; doing so was not making it any clearer now than it had then.

Before I knew where the time had gone, I watched the girl as she closed up for the night and forced myself to walk away and head toward home, when all I wanted was talk to her. I sighed; nothing could come of it, I had no idea what would happen when I had to return to Seattle.

The following day, drawn back to the same beach, I settled back under the palm tree watching for the girl in the bar. Unexpectedly, she appeared and called out a morning greeting, and I raised my hand telling her I had heard but made no move; I wasn't worth knowing.

Surprisingly, fifteen minutes later, she was walking towards me holding out a cup of coffee. She looked at me intensely for a heartbeat longer than was usual, and then looked down flushing slightly. God, she was beautiful, with large, expressive brown eyes showing a hint of sadness in their depths. Her skin was lightly tanned, her body slim and lithe, and her breasts perky. I had a hard job keeping my eyes on her face, but I smiled at her, amused when I heard her breath catch. I shook my head at my inner self, chagrined at my thoughts of this girl.

Only introducing herself as Bella, she didn't ask questions or indulge in useless chatter, and I found her a refreshing change to many of the girls I had grown up with. At her suggestion, I followed her to the bar and took a seat at the counter, where she produced a tasty omelet and some fresh fruit. While she continued to set up for the day, we made idle conversation. Before I knew it, we had talked the whole day through, and I enjoyed every minute I spent in her company, something that I hadn't done in a while with anyone. We never spoke of anything important, keeping the conversation light and easy. It was better that way.

At the end of the day I found myself reluctant to let her go. She agreed I could walk her home, and though I wanted to kiss her senseless, something I realized I had wanted from the moment I had laid eyes on her, I didn't. Instead, I hugged her, kissing her cheek lightly and wishing her a good night, and then walked the rest of the way back to my home.

The rest of the week passed in much the same way; I returned to the bar every day, becoming more enamored of her as each day progressed. Bella was refreshingly easy to get along with and was always laughing and joking. We flirted a little, but I really didn't think it fair to get any further involved while everything that was going on in Seattle was still hanging over my head.

As the season drew to an end, I couldn't hold out any longer, desperate to spend more time alone with Bella. When she asked if we could spend her day off together, I agreed without a second thought confirming that she could pick me up at my house the following day.

We ended up having a great day, swimming with dolphins and climbing the falls and playing in the water. Bella had thoughtfully prepared a delicious lunch for us, and after we had eaten our fill, I finally gave in to my desires, kissing her the way I had wanted to all week. I knew she could feel how hard I was when I couldn't resist rolling over to lay on her, parting her legs and allowing my cock to meet her hot center. She was so beautiful, and God, I wanted her badly.

Back at my house, I took a quick shower and dressed casually in clean jeans and a white t-shirt, resisting the impulse to slide my hand over my cock, which had been hard for most of the day, if not the whole of the previous week.

Seeing her wandering around my space, I wanted to keep the intimacy as it was and suggested that instead of going out for dinner, we order it in and chill out and watch a film. Bella was a little reluctant for a moment, telling me that she really needed to wash the salt from her hair.

"That's okay, you can shower here."

Showing her to the en-suite bathroom, I found her some towels and a new toothbrush and then searched through my clothes to find the smallest t-shirt I owned and a pair of shorts that could be tied around the waist.

We never did get to watch the film. Instead, I sat out on the deck while she finished up in the the bathroom, desperately listening to every movement she made in my room; the cold shower I had taken previously now a waste of time. When she appeared beside me I couldn't resist pulling her down into my lap; I really wanted her.

By the time we had eaten the pizza that had been delivered previously, the air outside had cooled, and I suggested we move indoors. She grabbed the pizza box and the beer bottles and moved them to the kitchen, while I grabbed a couple more beers from the fridge. She followed me back into the room but seemed a little unsure of herself, so I settled onto the sofa, encouraging her to sit beside me, drawing her body close to mine.

Relaxing more, she leaned into my side, her soft hands on my bare skin, every muscle in my body clenched. Right then, I decided I was done staying away from her, let the chips fall where they may. I reached for her, kissing her lips softly, hoping that we were still on the same page as earlier today. Licking across her lips, her mouth opened under mine and I took the invitation. plunging my tongue inside, exploring and nipping at her lips until I had run out of breath.

Breaking away for air, Bella climbed into my lap straddling me, and I couldn't help but push her down onto my cock, which was now as hard as steel. I couldn't get enough of her, and keeping our lips connected, I maneuvered us so that we were stretched out along the sofa, side by side. Pulling her closer to me, I shifted and settled my body between her legs, feeling the heat branding my cock.

My hands had a mind of their own as they pushed her T-shirt up so I could brush them over her soft skin. Oh God, no bra! I couldn't resist taking one pebbled, rosy-tipped nipple into my mouth, feeling its hardness as I sucked it into my mouth. She gasped as I nipped and sucked, swapping mouth and hand, giving the other the same treatment. Her hands pushed at my shirt, while I dragged hers off over her head, dropping it onto the floor, followed by mine. She was gorgeous, and at that minute, I decided I wasn't going to hold back anymore. Standing, I held out my hand, which she took without hesitation and led her down the hall into the bedroom.

We crawled onto the bed, and I hovered over her, gazing in wonder at how beautiful she looked beneath me. Reaching for me, I willingly lowered myself to her body, the feeling of her hands smoothing over the muscles of my back, eliciting a groan of desire, which she swallowed as she kissed me. In minutes, we were completely naked, and I slid down her body planting wet kisses on every inch of skin from her breasts to her navel, heading for the promised land. I couldn't wait to taste her.

Her legs opened wider when she realised where I was headed, and her breath quickened at the feel of my fingers, and then my tongue touched her clit. I took a long lick of her sweet taste and slid two fingers into her, feeling for that spongy spot which would bring her to orgasm. Her body jerked towards me as I found it and stroked it gently, her panting becoming shorter and louder as she sped towards the edge. Feeling her inner muscles flutter, I knew it wouldn't be long, and I renewed my ministrations to her clit, licking and nipping her faster.

"Come on, baby. Give it to me, let it go," I murmured into her skin, feeling her inner muscles clench and her legs trembled as I watched her body shake with her orgasm.

"One," I murmured, as I kissed her clit softly and then worked my way back, reversing kisses from her navel to her breasts and then claimed her lips again, hoping she was okay with tasting herself. Unable to wait any longer, I sat back and looked at the flush all over her body and then reached for a condom, rolling it over my length and giving it a few strokes. Her eyes widened a little, and I grinned at her, setting her mind at ease.

She licked her lips then, looking at me as if I was something to eat.

"See something you like, Bella?" I laughed lightly.

"Stop wasting time Cullen, come here," she beckoned to me and took over from me, stoking my cock lightly.

I groaned as her hot hand ran over my cock and my hips involuntarily thrust into her hand. Not wanting to waste another second, I brought my body flush with hers and without a second thought, thrust into her heat. I heard her squeak from underneath me, but she quickly assured me she was fine. She was tight, wet, and hot, and I had to keep very still for a moment to prevent myself from coming like a sixteen-year-old.

Bella's breathy, "Please Edward, move!" made me groan with anticipation.

Experimentally, I moved slowly at first, finding that the need to come had receded a little. Thrusting back inside her, I settled my elbows on either side of her head, stroking in and out slow and hard.

"Yes, yes, yes, oh God, Edward, harder please." She had no problem telling me exactly what she wanted.

I was so deep inside her I couldn't tell where she ended and I began. When her body started thrusting back against mine, I felt her legs come up on either side of me, encasing me in their long length and squeezing my sides. I felt her muscles clench inside and practically lock down on my cock, making it difficult for me to move, so I slowed my thrusts a little, her body flushing as I felt her come again.

Her eyes opened, and her muscles relaxed. Settling my lips back on hers, invading her mouth, I returned to thrusting deeply into her, chasing my own orgasm. There was no way I would be able to stop now, and moving faster and harder, encouraged by her breathless groans, I was pretty sure I could get her to come a third time.

Pushing up on my hands, I pulled my knees further up towards her body, hooking her legs over my elbows, allowing me to gain deeper penetration. My balls and the base of my spine began to tingle and tighten; sweat dripping down from my body onto hers. Bending my neck, I reached out and sucked first one nipple then the other into my mouth; nipping and biting down and sucking hard, dragging her with me to the edge of the cliff.

In seconds, I felt every muscle in my body contract, and thrusting a few more times, I closed my eyes and stilled as I came harder than I had ever done before, bright lights flashing behind my eyelids. I felt Bella clench around me again seconds later as I felt her orgasm again; she was so responsive to me, and I loved it.

Relaxing wasn't easy, and I lowered myself onto her, trying to still the faint tremble through the muscles that seconds ago had been clenched hard.

"Holy fuck," I muttered as I tried to get my breath back.

I felt her giggle against my neck. "Holy fuck, indeed."

At that moment I wasn't sure I would ever be able to move again. Her hands slid over my sensitive skin, and I jerked slightly, murmuring that I was too heavy for her. She denied it, and I decided that a few minutes were needed to recover enough to get up and get rid of the condom.

Finding the energy to lift my head, I gazed at her beautiful eyes, realizing that I felt more than just like for her, and I kissed her gently.

Pulling out of her, I slid reluctantly out of bed. I didn't want to be away from her at all. After disposing of the condom, I returned to bed and slid in behind her, drawing her body close to mine. Her breathing had evened out, and her body had already relaxed into sleep.

Leaning over, I placed a gentle kiss on her cheek. "I love you," I whispered quietly. I knew I wasn't ready to say it directly, but I was already sure of my feelings. I hadn't known her for long, but I knew; I had never loved Tanya this way.

I had no idea what would come next, but as I slid into sleep hugging this beautiful girl who had managed to get under my skin in such a short space of time, I was absolutely sure that, somehow, she would always be part of my life.