She Who Was My Love Chapter 27


Willow's POV

Tara's gonna leave me. Oh god what am I gonna do? Tara's gonna leave me and I don't know if I can stop her. I can't let her leave me, not over something so simple and stupid. I know what I did was wrong, I know I'll never do it again. Not only because I can't, but also because it only makes things worse. I thought things would get better but they only got worse, in the really bad sense of the word.

And not just for the one who comes back. I have to find a way to keep Tara from leaving me, even if I have to use...

"Hey guys..."

They're here... and they look kinda, couple-y.

"Hey Buffy, Faith... how are you?"

They're doing that happy giggling funny touching thing Tara and I used to do all the time.

"We're good... I think."

She thinks?

"What do you mean Faith?"

"Oh uh, well um... it's kinda complicated but um, things are better."

Buffy makes her way into Giles' living room with the rest of us and Faith follows.

"Look, guys... I wanna say I'm sorry, for what I said before. I didn't mean any of it."

"You meant all of it B but that's okay. We all know you're going through a bad time right now."

Yet they seem really okay now.

"Yeah, we understand Buff."

We do...

"We just want you to be happy."

This might be the opportunity I need, without magic.

"And we're gonna do whatever it takes to help you be happy B."

"Yes... if you wish you could, forgo patrolling until you feel better. We could take over until you feel up to it."

If I tell Tara that Buffy's doing better, Tara might not leave me.

"No, it's okay. I just... wanna try and get my life back. See if I can learn to live with, what I know, where I've been."

"Well we offer any help you wish. Anything at all we can do."

Yeah, we can help... somehow, maybe.

"Thank you and I'll ask if I need it but... I think this is something I'm just gonna have to deal with on my own..."

She sits down on the couch and Faith sits on the arm rest next to her. Buffy reaches up and takes Faith's hand in hers.

"... For the most part."

"Well okay Buffy but the second you need something..."

"I'll ask. But on the subject of getting back to my life, any new demon-y types in town?"

"Nothing of note, vampire activity has been down since you took apart that vampire nest downtown. And demonic activity in general has been down since, well since..."

Oh wait, I almost forgot.


I dig through my bag and pull it out.

"I, Joyce and I found this while we were out looking for Tara last night."

I hold out the weird magic ball thingy.

"Ooh, shiny! Can I play with it?"

I hand it over to Xander who starts looking it over.

"You were looking for Tara last night?"

I look up at Faith.

"Yeah um, Tara went out last night while I was at dinner with you guys. I was waiting for her to come home and, Joyce came by looking for you two and we got kinda scared so we went out looking for all three of you."

"And that's when you found the mystical object in question?"


"Did Tara come home?"

"Yeah she did, she's fine."

In a really bad kinda way.

"Well where did you find it?"

Xander hands the globe-y thing to Giles who starts examining it.

"We found it out in the factory district. I thought it was kinda weird so I decided to see what you guys thought."

"Well it doesn't resemble anything I'm aware of but, I'd say it merits investigation."

"You said you found it in the factory district? Maybe I should do a patrol in that area tonight."

"I'd say that's a good idea."


Buffy looks up at Faith.

"Yeah, why?"

"Well it's just we don't know what this thing is. Maybe you should hold off on hunting it until we know more about it."

"We don't know that there's anything to hunt yet. Besides, I used to patrol in that area all the time alone. I'll be fine. You've got Dawn duty anyway."

"Right... gotta take care of the kid. Just don't do anything that'll get you hurt."

She kisses the back of Faith's hand.

They look really good together. Maybe it's not too late for Tara and me.

"I won't, I promise."

This whole problem with Tara and I started because things went south with Buffy and her relationship with Faith. But now that things are better I might have a chance to make things right with Tara. And if it doesn't...

End of Chapter 27