The Syndicate

By: Bolt Lightning

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Chapter 16: Fallen

After leaving the grounds of Hogwarts, Vicious was once again on his hidden island in the Pacific. Inside his house he collapsed on his couch and whistled for Athena who came as fast as her wings could carry her. Once settled onto the arm of the couch, the silver haired man reached up and began to scratch the top of her head just the way that she liked it.

"I knew that you would come to me girl but I did not know that you would come so quickly. Everything went according to plan and nobody suspected a thing. Of course, I can not show my face anywhere in the wizarding world or I am liable to be caught in the blink of an eye."

Athena sang a soothing note to let her master know that she would always be there for him no matter what. Hatred filled her master's heart when he thought of the betrayal of the one that he had trusted above all others, the one that had been a friend when he had abandoned all friends, and the one whom had trained him. There was no doubt in the bird's mind that he was planning to go after the bastard. He kept his emotions and motivations hidden very well from other people but that was not the case with his "familiar."

The next day Vicious was once again on his feet. Yawning and stretching from the stiffness that came with sleeping on the couch, he made his way into the kitchen as his stomach rumbled from lack of food. Food was not the most important thing on his mind anyway yesterday as he had much more to worry about.

After making and consuming a very nice breakfast (sausage, egg, and toast) he traveled over to Athena's perch. Gently stroking her plumage as she rubbed her head against his arm he began to talk.

"Stay here girl. I have some things to do but I will be back here in a couple of days. There are some.... things...that I have to take care of. Most importantly of all I do not want you to come after me. NO MATTER WHAT. Do you understand?"

Seconds later he had left and appeared outside of a hidden cave. Pushing away the vines that covered the entrance he made his way into the tunnel that lie behind. Luckily there were no large creatures that inhabited in the tunnel. At the most there were several rats but nothing altogether dangerous.

Eventually, Harry came upon the end of the tunnel. Large amounts of rubble blocked the way and it looked as though there was no way to continue. However, if one was known to have enough power something as simple as several large rocks was not going to stand in his way.

Carefully, he blasted the rocks that had caved in and prayed that nobody noticed the noise. When the dust began to settle the way to continue was left clear. Another well-placed spell on the fragile ceiling prevented the way to be obscured.

With ease he made his way down the hall and picked up the trunk that he had went through all of this work for. Beyond the other side of the mirror and inside of the hall he heard several people wandering what that sound was. Not wanting to stick around for Albus Dumbledore he made his way back out of the cave and shimmered away leaving the professors of Hogwarts thoroughly stumped as to what they heard.

Three days passed before Harry finally found the lead that he had been searching for. Nonstop, he had went to ever single one of his contacts as well as every single person that was in any way, shape, or form connected to Spike. Fear seemed to have settled over them as they had heard what Spike had done to the Syndicate and none of them wanted to anything to draw the psycho's wrath.

Of course, this just pissed Vicious off and he proved to each and every one of them that they had better recognize that he was a bigger threat to them at the moment. After roughing up nearly ten of them he finally got the lead that he wanted.

This lead was a message from none other than Spike.


I have heard about what has happened at Hogwarts. You seemed so upset when you left. Do you realize that the people that you are working so hard to protect have turned on you? They call you a murderer and will lock you up and throw away the key without a trial. Come to me brother. Come to me. We can do so many things together and nobody would be able to stand up to us. We would have the world in the palms of our hands.

However, I guess that what I said before is just wishful thinking. You will come to try to kill me. This I know. If that is the case, then I would be more than glad to reunite you with all of your family and friends.

Meet me at the West Minster Abby church. You know where it is.


Vicious crumpled the paper up in his hands with fury written clearly on his face. He was as mad as hell. Spike had the gall to actually have them meet in the same church where they had had the funeral for Spike's dead fiancé. He had heard the stories of the lovely lady and now the sick bastard wanted to meet there. What had made him sicker than anything else was that the message the owl had delivered had not been written in ink. It was written in blood. Grabbing the sword out of his trunk and making sure that his hotel room could not be disturbed he shimmered away into the night.

The sun was beginning to sink below the horizon when Vicious reappeared down the block from the church. He knew that he was walking into a trap but he would be damned if he would turn around and run. One thing that Harry valued more than all others was honor. It seemed as though Spike had lost what little honor he had a long time ago. Now all that was left was a shell of the man that he used to be. Harry saw it as his duty to put an end to the once proud man's miserable existence.

Walking up the steps he could see the little kids running around and playing before they had to come in for the night. It would not be long now before they were safely tucked away in their beds. In some was he envied them and in some ways he pitied them. They were blissfully ignorant to the pain in the world and knew nothing of the war that was upon them. Yet the muggles would never know the joys of using magic and the wonders that came with it. He had seen more than they ever would.

Making sure that the trench coat still hid his sword he made his way up the steps and even handed one of the kids their soccer ball when it bounced over to him. Continuing up the steps he opened the door to the church and made his way inside. It was dark as there were no church services and in all accounts the door should have been locked on the medieval looking brick building.

"Where are you?" Vicious yelled into the church and the echo bounced off of the walls.

"Ah, I see that you have come. I have been waiting for you." Spike spoke from his seat in front of the podium. Standing up to his full height the red cape that signified that he was the leader of the red dragons moved about his shoulders.

"What the hell did they ever do to you? You know that their goal was to promote balance within the world and they were like a family to us."

"They got in my way. They would not understand the intricacies that came with valuing power over everything else. Join me my brother and we will rule all."

"I am not your brother. Now get ready to fight me you sick son of a bitch." Reaching into his coat he pulled out his sword and the afternoon sunlight gleaned off of the perfectly sculpted blade.

"Fine, then so be it." Spike pulled out his pistol and aimed it at his one time student and friend.

Bullets fired left and right from Spike's gun and Vicious did his best to dodge them all. One of them happened to lodge itself into his shoulder. At some point they had both made their way to the upstairs level of the church.

Blood poured out of his shoulder and he knew that if he were at full strength he might have stood a chance but as it was he had not had enough time to fully recover. No matter what Spike did he had been like the older brother that he had never had.

"Die! Die, die, die, die, DIE! HAHAHAHAHA!" Spike yelled and began to laugh his head off as he raised the gauntlet-covered arm and pointed it at Vicious. Harry was not expecting the blast that came from his old friend and was thus hit full force.

The sheer power of the blast knocked him back through the window and his body began to fall to the ground among the shards of glass. Muggle cops and Wizard Ministry workers would be here soon and he could hear the sirens approaching as well as the pops that came with apperation. The young Aurors below gasped and watched as a tattered body fell through the air toward the ground only to disappear before impact. Later the only thing that they could remember to put into their reports was that the man had silver hair.

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