This "story" contains all the random chapters that I have written about Alison's story that are not in chronological order. You see, I'm having trouble getting inspired to write the rest of Alison's first year, but I'm inspired to write other parts of her story from her later years.

WARNING: This is full of SPOILERS for this story, including Alison's lineage and other big reveals! So don't read it if you don't want anything spoiled for you!

Year 2: Chapter 4ish:

It all started when Alison was thinking how much she wanted to prank Lockhart while she was doing her potions work, and she got the idea to prank him by using a potion. But when her search in the library for a potion that would cause something hilarious and humiliating for Lockhart yielded little results, Alison got the great idea of making her own potion for this purpose. She thought back on the blue goo that she had made last year and how great a success that was. Now only if she knew how to manipulate the correct ingredients in order to make a certain effect.

That thought led Alison to do hours and hours of research in the library to discover a direct pattern on how different potion ingredients react with each other to produce a desired effect. However, in everything that she read, there was not clear answer. In fact, the more she read, the more confused it made her.

Alison asked herself who would have the knowledge that she wanted that she could talk to. Lee and the twins definitely didn't. As much as Hermione knows, if it wasn't in any of the books in the library, she most likely wouldn't know the answer. Alison couldn't think of any of the older students who would know and whom Alison could get an answer from.

That left the teachers. Dumbledore probably knew, but Alison couldn't ask him. Alison didn't think that McGonagall would know. Sprout might know since she produced some of the potion ingredients, but Alison reasoned that even though Sprout grew the ingredients, she didn't use them in potions. Madam Pomprey used potions in treating patients, but she didn't make the potions; Snape did.


Snape would definitely know. From some of the potion books that Alison had read, Alison had discovered that Snape was not simply a scary potions professor at Hogwarts. He was in fact the youngest Potions Master in England and was well known for his expertise in potions.

So, yes, Snape would definitely know the answer. And if Alison would like to know, she would have to ask him. Damn her curiosity, and damn Lockhart for getting her into this.

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Alison cautiously went down to the dungeons. She felt like she was walking to her doom. She finally stopped in front of Snape's office and stared at the large oak door. The suits of armor holding axes on either side of the door only fueled her fear. It looked to her like they were there to chop down anyone that disturbed Professor Snape.

Come on, Alison, she told herself. You can do this; you can knock on the door to Snape's office. You're a Gryffindor for Merlin's sake! Another part of her snidely combatted, And being a Gryffindor is exactly why you should be afraid. Shut up, she snapped at that thought. She took several deep breaths and finally worked up the courage to knock on Professor Snape's door.

When the scene in front of her didn't immediately change, Alison thought to herself, Oh, well. I tried. Better luck next time.

But before Alison could turn away, the door opened.

"What do you want?" Snape snapped at her with a fearsome scowl.

Alison had to fight the feeling that was trying to make her run away to safety. Instead, she answered, "I was hoping, sir, that you could explain some things to me about potion ingredients and how they react with each other to produce a desired effect. I tried to understand it by reading some of the books in the library (which I brought with me), but the different books only confused me. And since you are a renowned Potions Master (and since you are the youngest in England, you must be a prodigy and thus understand potions extremely well), I was hoping that you could explain it to me better than the books could. If that's okay with you, sir." Alison took another deep breath and looked at her shoes as she waited for the hypothetical and/or literal axe to fall.

Snape simply glared at Alison, judging whether aiding her would be a complete waste of his time or not.

After what seemed to be forever, Alison heard Snape snap, "Well, are you going to come inside or are you just going to stand there?"

Alison's head shot up in surprise. She was actually expecting him to refuse to help her. Alison quickly stepped through the doorway, saying "Thank you, sir."

Snape ignored her thanks and told her, "Sit down," while motioning to the chair on the opposite side of the desk than where he was taking a seat. After Alison had sat down, Snape ordered, "Explain to me exactly what you want to understand."

And Alison did. Alison told him how she wanted to know how different potion ingredients react with each other to produce a desired effect so she read almost all the potions books in the library, but the differing books only confused her more. The same ingredients can have different effects depending on what else they are mixed with and on how the ingredients are added. For example, the result differs based on if the ingredients are added all at once or over a period of time. Or if the ingredients were whole, chopped, squished, or dried. Or if the ingredients were basic or acidic. Alison concluded with, "Despite everything I've read, I can't seem to find a distinct pattern to follow to make a potion that has a specific desired effect. And I thought that if anybody would know the answer, it would be you, sir, since you are a renowned Potions Master."

There was an uncomfortable silence in which Alison was itching to know what Snape would tell her.

Finally, Snape told her, "You are indeed correct about the versatility of ingredients."

Snape paused again. The silence was making Alison incredibly impatient, but she knew that if she acted on her impatience Snape would never help her. So she waited.

Snape finally continued, "Besides studying the results of the experimentations that other people have performed, to really learn and get a feel of the effects of differing ingredients reacting with each other you have to actually perform your own experiments."

"Isn't that dangerous?" Alison blurted out then caught herself. "I'm sorry, sir. I didn't mean to interrupt."

Snape didn't immediately say anything, which both worried Alison and grated on her nerves.

"Indeed," Snape drawled, "it is extremely dangerous, but it is not a skill that can be gained by reading books. Instead, the skill must be developed. That is why if you are planning on continuing to develop this skill, you should first come to me with what you plan on doing and what you think the results of it would be. And only after I have approved of it would you be allowed to perform the experiments in my sight. To begin, you should first attempt to modify potions that are well known."

Alison couldn't believe what she was hearing. She hesitantly verified, "You would be willing to help me with experiments?"

"Did you not hear what I just said? And here I thought you were not a complete dunderhead," Snape mocked.

Alison decided that it would be in her best interest to not respond to his taunts. "Thank you so much, sir!"

Snape gave her an unreadable look and said, "You are dismissed, Smith."

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As Alison was walking back to the commonroom, she reflected back on her conversation with Snape and how he, the feared Slytherin bat of the dungeons, had not only clarified information but also offered some more of his time and expertise to her, a Gryffindor dunderhead. Well, apparently not a complete dunderhead, Alison corrected herself.

Still, the experience seemed so odd that it didn't seem real. Then again, she was a witch in a castle learning magic so she should take that into consideration when judging what is or isn't odd.

Maybe Snape was under the effect of a potion or spell, and that's why he wasn't so horrid, Alison thought to herself jokingly. Maybe the twins did something to him.

Then Alison stopped as a thought suddenly came to her, How would she tell Lee and the twins about what Snape had said and offered, and how would they respond? Alison felt a headache coming on just thinking about it.


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