Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D: New Enemies and Allies

Written and edited by Soron66

I do not own anything in the MCU. I do however own Soron Macleod and I might own Soron's main enemy(unsure if i'll use one at all really. Might just use the idea i got from GodisHuman and do a similar scenario, but it'll start in S4.). I know i'm using my pen name. Sorry for that, but i always use Soron if i have Macleod as the last name.(some prick decided to give me shit for writing the stories the way i do. only putting the title and disclaimers on the first fucking story content page to relieve myself of this fucking bullshit in the future.)


A man was running down a dark street being chased by some black SUVs. Unfortunately, SUVs are infinitely faster than human beings running on foot. Thankfully there was an alley not too far from him, so he dove into it just as the SUV crashed into the building right behind him. He didn't even spend any time to smirk at them because he knew they wouldn't spend any of their's to get out. Just before he reached the end of the alley another SUV appeared blocking the alley. The man looked between the two SUVs and saw that two men were coming up behind him while three got out of the SUV in front of him.

"Mr. MacLeod. You have evaded us for far too long. That's going to end right here and now," said an elderly man in a suit as he walked with a cane towards him.

"No," said Soron MacLeod adamantly, "You may have cornered me, but there is one place I can go where you can not follow."

"Oh really. Just where might that be pray tell?" sneered the elderly man.

"Not this realm," Soron responded bluntly before he thrust both hands shooting shockwaves from his hands sending his enemies flying.

As they stood back up Soron pulled out a clear bean and dropped it on the floor and a second later a green swirling portal appeared.

"Get him!" yelled the old man but before the others could get near Soron jumped into the portal and a second later the portal closed.

"GAH!" the old man shouted in anger before heading back to the SUV.

Meanwhile, in another realm…

A brunette chinese woman with a 5'6" frame with 35in sized breasts, 25in sized waist, and 35in sized hips was wearing a form fitting suit and silver colored gauntlets. Her hair was only long enough to reach her shoulders. She sat in the landing bay of the Zephyr and stared at Robbie's car as she thought about what Coulson said about a Ghost Rider escaping hell once before. She became confident that he would return so she smiled and headed to her old room.

A few miles above the Zephyr a green portal appeared and Soron came flying out.

"Oh come on!" screamed Soron in annoyance as soon as he realized that he was falling through the sky.

The next thing he saw was a giant plane flying a few miles under him. He prepared himself to start slowing his descent by using his ability. Once he was one hundred feet above the plane he shot his palms towards the plane and shot enough shockwaves to slow his descent. Inside the plane people were wobbling about as the plane itself was vibrating very hard.

"Daisy! What are you doing?!" asked Coulson with slight anger after he and Daisy accidentally bumped into each other.

"It's not me!" Daisy responded.

"Can you find out what it is?" asked Coulson as he calmed down.

"If I can concentrate, maybe I can," said Daisy as she unsteadily stood up and leaned against a doorway.

Daisy pressed her hand against the walls and closed her eyes. She could feel the tremors and managed to track them to the top of the Zephyr. She looked over at Coulson with a confused expression.

"Daisy, what is it?" asked Coulson as he too leaned on the doorway.

"I tracked it to the roof. It's almost as if it just created itself," Daisy responded.

"How is that physically possible?" Coulson asked

"It's not. Quakes don't just happen out of nowhere," said the voice of Fitz as he walked into the room.

"That means that someone else has your abilities," Coulson said as he turned back to Daisy.

"I'm the only one with my abilities. Nobody else has ever had them nor will they ever have them," countered Daisy with skepticism.

Outside of the Zephyr Soron turned till his feet were pointed towards the Zephyr a few minutes before he landed on the plane's roof. Suddenly, the plane stopped moving and impossibly began hovering. He hesitantly stopped using his ability and prepared to go flying off of the plane, but he didn't go flying at all. In fact he stayed still safe on top of the roof. He slowly walked down the plane, but unfortunately that action was heard by the people inside of the plane. Before Soron got to the other end of the plane some people climbed up onto the plane behind him.

"Hey!" yelled someone from behind Soron causing him to stop.

"Who are you and how do you have earthquake abilities?" asked a beautiful female with her hand aimed at him.

"Who I am and how I have earthquake abilities are not important. What is important is the fact that I'm here to stay," replied Soron as he turned around.

Daisy took in the the image of the strange man in a black leather jacket with a skull on it over a black shirt, and blue jeans. This man also had blonde hair with stubble of a moustache that combined with stubble on the chin and he had blue eyes.

"Why are you here?" asked Daisy as she slowly walked towards him.

"I have my reasons," Soron responded cryptically.

"Daisy, take him down!" ordered Coulson as he cocked his icer.

"Daisy. That's a beautiful name for a beautiful woman," Soron said before he raised his arm and blasted shockwaves at the same time as Daisy shot the same at him.

Their powers were at equal strength so they both raised their other hand to overpower each other. However that just enhanced the struggle each of them had. Soron hates losing so he took a step forcing Daisy to step back involuntarily. She decided to take two steps then they began stepping closer to each other with her hair flowing back because of the shear strength of the powers at the same time as Soron's coat flapped. When they were only three inches from each other Soron's ears began to bleed at the same time as his nose, but Daisy only started getting a nosebleed. Soron's eyes began to bleed at the same time as they got one inch to each other. Daisy saw his eyes began to bleed and her hate as well as fear changed to worry. Soron began to lose consciousness and he slipped causing him to go flying off and away from the Zephyr due to Daisy's powers. Daisy herself collapsed from the exertion, and as soon as she fell down Mack got to her and picked her up.

"Mack, get her to Simmons," ordered Coulson as he began typing on his arm.

"Yes sir, but what are you going to do?"asked Mack without budging a muscle.

"I'm going to capture that man and make him tell us what we want to know without being cryptic and I'm going to make him pay for what he did to Daisy," Coulson said angrily before he ran to the edge of the plane and jumped into Lola which was just below the area he jumped.

Coulson angled Lola down and flew towards his target and activated the nitro which shot him down towards the man and under three seconds he was under where the man was falling. As soon as the man fell into Lola Coulson slapped cuffs onto his wrists before flying back to the Zephyr.


Soron woke in a bed with restraints locked around his wrists and ankles. His eyes hurt so bad and he didn't really know why, and while he was able to see it was extremely fuzzy. However, he could tell that it was a room with tech he hadn't seen before. Suddenly, he heard a thunking sound however muffled the sound was it was clearly footsteps.

"Don't open your eyes just yet," said a british female voice before he felt something sliding on his face as she said, "The medicine is healing you but it's going to take a while and in order for it to work your eyes need to be closed. When you're better Agent Coulson is going to want to have a chat with you."

"Oh yay," Soron sarcastically muttered, "This is going to be fun."

"You hurt my friend and if you want any chance to explain yourself and regain your freedom you need to be kind," chided the woman with irritation at Soron's sarcasm.

Soron only grunted as he turned his head away before she jerked it back into position.

"Keep still," she reprimanded with her annoyance growing, "I'm still cleaning whatever pus and other signs of infection from your face. If you want all of it gone don't move."

Outside of the room Coulson was watching with an angry glare when Daisy walked up to him.

"So what are you going to do with him?" asked Daisy as she too watched Simmons clean Soron's face.

"I'm going to get my answers," Coulson responded bluntly.

"Hey, be nice," Daisy said as she looked at him while standing in front of him, "He may not be as evil as he seemed. Sure he may be mysterious but you can't judge someone on first impressions. Wait till you get to know him before you make your call."

Coulson stared at her for a few seconds before he sighed and said, "Sure thing Daisy. I can't believe I forgot that little bit of wisdom."

Here's the prologue. I've decided to go with giving Daisy's abilities to Soron. There will be some differences with his abilities though. Soron may be treated as a villain in the beginning, but more will be explained on him. don't expect Soron and Daisy to like each other in the beginning. Daisy will be more willing to try to trust him, but it'll take her a bit longer to especially since Soron has her abilities. She's freaked out by him. They won't get straight to the BF/GF state but they will eventually get to that after a bit of time just as friends. Also I used the "magic bean" from Once Upon a Time to bring Soron into the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D universe. I figured why not use that. Didn't really want Soron's enemies to follow him to whichever universe Soron was to go to. I'll try to make this story fairly long.