Hello phan fans, before you click out, yes, this is a gender swapped, high school AU phanfiction and, yes, it is a poem (or some form of one anyway). And, yes, I purposely forgot to put that in the summary become some might not like gender swapped fics or AU's. Regarding the fem!, I just personally felt that the poem just suited a female better. This by no means implies that boys can't rock flower crowns too, but as I wrote it with a different target in mind and then decided to upload it a fanfiction, I'm not exactly comfortable changing the pronouns.

Oh yea. About that. this fic is dedicated to a close acquaintance that lucked out on a crush last year.

Disclaimer: I don't own Dan and Phil...yet.

Disclaimer: The idea for using flowers came from a fic called Amaryllis over on AO3 (go check it out, it's amazing!)

Disclaimer: The intermissions in the fic were inspired by tumblr posts of beautiful words.


It begins with a Lilac,


Incipient, it emerges, swathed in penumbra.


She looks up, and all she sees is a cynosure of blue.

Hesitant is her gait, when she returns with an Aster (and an empathetic smile).


Evanescent, it flutters. Vestigial, yet undeniable in its presence.


She stalls abruptly when she catches a glimpse of White Tulips on her way to class.

But when she sees them again dispersed among a crown of Daffodils, she cannot help but stride across the lawn and replace it tenderly with a circle of daisies.

(The smile she receives back is worth the effort.)


It seems ineffable in its entirety, yet ripple-like in effect.


She finds a yellow Chrysanthemum in her locker door

(and slots a Primrose into theirs).

When she surreptitiously wakes in Science, there is an Acanthus in her hair

(and they awaken in maths class to a droning teacher and a Bell flower).

A Malva atop her bag

(a Corriander flower in home economics)

A Coral Rose pressed into her palm in a crowded hallway,

(a Heliotrope slipped between the pages of an English text)


And it thrives. Oh, how it thrives!

An imbroglio of felicity

A scintilla, a plethora

Ephemeral yet efflorescent,


The wistful afternoon she finds a red tulip tucked between her handlebars, a manifold of supernovae erupts and no nicely-filtered syzygy could ever be juxtaposed to the Oblivion she experiences.

(and on the day she finds them on her doorstep, bearing a bouquet of Lemongrass and Amaryllis, she smiles furtively and brings forth


a Myrtle


a Honeysuckle






a ring.

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