Chapter 2 Are these dreams real or not

The next morning, Harry groaned and rolled over onto his side when the alarm went off the next morning at seven o'clock. Sitting up, he rubbed his sore tired eyes from lack of sleep and not in his own bed.

"You awake?" Peter asked swinging his legs over the top bunk and jumped down. "Just as well as you came yesterday as the school goes on summer break after todays lessons" said Peter as he grabbed his toothbrush.

"Really" replied, Harry surprised. He did wonder why they were still in lessons when his school had finished. Everywhere must be different he thought as they headed for the bathroom.

Getting undressed, he felt slightly embarrassed, but he should be used to people staring and pointing, 'that never happened at this school and he was glad of that' as he turned on the shower.

As soon as the water hit his cold skin, he felt his flesh stinging on his shoulder, gasping with pain he turned it to see, but couldn't see anything but a red angry looking mark. Gasping in pain his new friend saw and asked, "What was wrong?"

"There's something wrong with my shoulder, I cant see, can you?" he replied showing him.

"Wow when did you get that?"

"Get what?" A bewildered Harry asked trying to see.

"Here look Harry has a tattoo" said Peter to the other boys who came in and were quite impressed.

"A tattoo, are you serious, I never…" said Harry his voice turning into a shocked whisper. Finishing up, he grabbed a towel and headed for the mirror and could see a small black mark on his skin. It was that same mark on that book. "Impossible" he gasped as Peter stood by.

"Is it real" Peter asked touching it with his fingers and Harry pulled away at the pain. "It is real?" Peter said. "I want one…where did you get it done and how did you manage to fake your age?"

"I don't remember" Harry replied still in a state of shock.

"Come on, we will miss breakfast at this rate" he said pulling on his trousers.

Getting dressed Harry felt wobbly on his knees as they headed for breakfast. When they sat down to it, he had to force the food down his dry throat, as he felt a bit scared of the tattoo and 'couldn't speak to anyone here', as they were not magical. He thought miserably.

During his first lesson which was math's, he found it really difficult and couldn't keep up with the others and the teacher Miss Piers noticed that and helped as best as she could. All through out the day, Harry found it difficult and couldn't keep up, with his mind on the stupid tattoo.

"I am never going to catch up" he mumbled to Peter after History their next lesson then a short break, then another class before lunchtime.

At lunch he found he was not hungry so he decided to go and see the headmaster. Walking through the corridors, he thought he was lost when he came to the entrance way again and could hear David's frantic raised voice and Harry could feel the hairs on his neck come up.

Cautiously, he edged forward and could hear another man's angry voice yelling something. Standing in the office doorway, he could see the headmaster standing behind his desk trying to calm a frantic teenager holding a knife in front of him. "Now calm down?" said David, "no need for this" The troubled teen got fed up and lifted the knife up and threw it straight at David, landing on his shoulder blade, knocking him back words onto the floor behind the desk.

"HEY" Harry yelled in shock at seeing someone get stabbed.

The boy turned and said, "Who are you?" pulling another knife from inside his coat.

Harry could see he was an older student with short dark curly hair and glasses and looked rough. "I am new" was all Harry could say when he blinked and felt a strange sensation run through him, he found himself standing beside David lying in a pool of blood on the floor.

"How did I do that?" said Harry shocked.

"Wow…How did you get there" said the boy spinning around startled at his movements. "One minute you were there" he said pointing behind him.

"I…I don't know" spluttered a shocked Harry.

"Enough" he said raising the knife and throwing it at him.

Putting his hands up to protect himself, Harry waited for impact, and when nothing happened, he peered round behind his fingers and saw the knife frozen in mid air just before his face.

Shakily he put his hands down and saw the teen was standing stock still, not moving at all. Waving his arms in front of the boy he saw that he was some how frozen on the spot and took advantage. Grabbing the knife, he picked up a vase of flowers and with all his strength he smashed it over the boys head, covering them both in bits of glass, water and yellow flowers.

The impact of the glass somehow got the boy moving again and he crumpled into a heap on the floor unconscious.

"What on earth was that noise?" came a woman's voice and his teacher stood opened mouthed at the door.

"Call an ambulance?" said Harry, "quickly as David has been stabbed"

"Oh, right away" she said hurrying out of the door way as Harry tended to the unconscious headmaster.

It took a while to arrive and Harry had to explain about the attack and left out some parts as he was still trying to decide what to do about that part. The ambulance people called the police so Harry had to stay behind and give a statement and answer any further questions, so he had to miss the classes after lunch.

But by the end of the evening it was round the whole school that Harry had saved David's life from a knife attack and were coming to him patting him on the back and pleased that he was there to help him.

Peter was so pleased that he was sharing his room with a hero and whilst packing his things away for the summer break, he kept on going on about it asking lots of questions where Harry was reluctant to answer.

After an eventful day, Harry was exhausted once again and found him self, back in the room full of boxes and odd bits of furniture as soon as he shut his eyes.

Sighing, he went straight for the book and had a look at the incantation he read and realized his mistake and mentioned something about power. 'Could that be the power' he displayed in the office he wondered as he re-read it again trying to make sense of it all. He also saw the same symbol and tried to remember it to take a good look when no one was watching.

There was a sudden bang that made him jump and drop the book making a thudding noise on the floor. Bending down to pick it up, he couldn't see it. Squinting his eyes to the dull light in the room, he couldn't see the book where it fell, but before he could try and find it, he jolted awake the next morning sweating and shaking.

"I need sleep" he said to himself as his friends alarm started to go off.

Groggily, he swung his legs over the side of the bunk bed and nearly fell over as his legs felt like jelly. Heading over to his trunk, he opened it just a crack and gasped when he saw the exact same green book sitting in it.