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It had been six weeks since the aliens had landed. They landed in New Mexico near the not so secret crash landing that happened in 1969. There were photos of the aliens on mutable social media sites. They were the strangest looking things you couldn't even imagine without the assistance of strong hallucinate drugs; they were about six foot tall with striking black skin, their mouth if you could call it that was weird bright yellow tube that was two foot long; their ears were just a red dot on either side of their head, there were two light green dots about the tube that were their nose. Their skin was impenetrable to any bullets that were found on earth; you couldn't cut them with any type of blade; fire couldn't touch them either.

The males were discovered to have sky blue hands with four fingers on each hand, they didn't have a thumb or a finger in the thumb position; their feet also were sky blue with seven toes on each foot. The females had purple hands with four fingers just like the males but their feet was different they were the same sky blue with only four toes on each foot.

I had been sent to the west of Texas where there had been reporting's of humans being kidnapped for a day sometimes a max of two days. They were always dropped off at the same location of the little town of Hope, ironic I know. People were picked up from Texas, Colorado, Utah, Arizona and the little part of Oklahoma that touched New Mexico, but only those stupid enough to not believe that what the police were saying. But most had heeded the warnings and vacated the danger zone.

My super boss ordered me to go get his daughter from the small town of Hereford in the north-west of Texas; I should say that the order was passed down to me as I was the closest to her of the family. I was given her name and what she looked like. I was told her name was Isabella 'Bella' Swan and she was 5'10" with long brown hair and brown eyes. I knew if I fucked this up, this would be my last year on the earth and I would be in great pain before my death.

About once a week normally on a Monday the aliens would take one human onto the ship; it was a huge thing maybe the size of three NFL stadiums. The government had tried to destroy the ship near Roswell but that was as futile as trying to kill the aliens.

I walked out of the shower after getting the call from my brother Emmett. I got dressed in dark blue jeans with holes in the knees and a tight black tight t-shirt; I placed my loaded glock in the small of my back and threw on the black and white short sleeved collar shirt to cover the gun.