"Ok Edward."

"What the fuck is going on Edward why did you pull us out of a magical spa treatment?" Alice asked still sounding pissed.

"Dad wants you and Jasper to escort Rachel back to Seattle. And you have tickets for the 2 p.m. flight home." I told her standing up with Bella and Dantray leading my sisters out of the spa to get Jasper.

I knocked on the door of the chalet that was holding Rachel. Emmett cracked the door to see who was knocking on it, when he realised it was me he opened the door fully to allow us entry.

"What's up Edward?" my brother asked.

"Dad wants Jasper and Alice to accompany Rachel back to Seattle. He doesn't want any more slip ups." I notified him and Jasper.

"So we are going home now?" Emmett asked looking slightly sad.

"No just Jasper and Alice, for now but I don't expect mum would allow him to pull us before the end of our honeymoon." I answered him.

"Yeah I don't see mum permitting that happening at all, especially when it's as delayed as it was." Emmett told me.

"Jasper you are on the 2 p.m. flight so you need to get moving now." I told him looking at my watch seeing it was 12 p.m.

"Emmett make sure they get on the flight as we need to get back to our honeymoon, I just hope this is the last interruption to our time here." I stated looking up to the hidden stars praying to them that my words will stay true.

"Will do brother." Emmett answered me and went to go supervise Alice and Jasper and take them to the airport.

"Come baby there are fishes waiting to show themselves to us." I said pulling my girl's hand to encourage her to coming with me.

We walked towards the water this time we didn't hesitate to get in the water with our snorkel gear on. I took hold of my girls hand as we swam out over the reef. We saw Blue Tangs, Angel Fish, eels, lobsters and even an octopus that swam past us not caring. We glided behind a leatherback turtle for a few minutes as to observe it but not to scare it too much. The coral was every colour under the sun, there were little tiny schools of fish that would dart around and though the coral.

Once we were back on the beach my girl pulled me to our lounges, she pushed me so I was laying back down on the lounge; she straddled my hips with her hands either side of my face.

"Thank you so fucking much baby that was unbelievable, the colours and shapes of the fish, I will never forget our honeymoon." She told me staring into my eyes before she lowered herself on my body and begin to kiss me deeply and the kiss felt never ending, sometime during the kiss I flipped her so I was on top, I didn't stop the kissing just took control of it until

"Edward and Bella" we heard so I took my mouth of my wife's and we both turned our heads to see who was interrupting us.