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Harry's favourite thing about Hermione living in his house after war was her inability to shut her door. He sometimes wondered if she did it on purpose. They'd had sex but agreed not to make it a regular thing. She often brought men home. He'd hear them.

At first he started wanking to the noise and the thought of what was going on. Listening to the moans and the slapping of flesh he'd slide his hand into his boxers and wrap it around his hard cock to relieve some of the pressure. When she had Dean Thomas come around he was walking past the room when he saw the door was open just enough for him to see them writhing on the bed. He left quickly but has to wank twice to the images in his head.

It had happened more since then. Sometimes it was someone he knew. Most of the time it wasn't. Tonight something felt different. She was home earlier. He glanced at the clock. Only six in the evening. Someone from work then. He listened to the murmur of voices. Hers and a male voice. He moved to her bedroom door. The light was on. Whoever she was with tonight must have insisted on it. It's not something she'd usually do. At least the door is the same. He looks in to see Hermione led back against her pillows, legs spread with a hand working her pussy. The man today is sat on his heals watching stroking his cock in time with the movements of her fingers. Harry recognises the pale skin and white blond hair. When she starts to get close Malfoy leans over her taking her hand away licking off her fingers. He lines himself up and thrusts into her hard. Harry watches as Malfoy's arse clenches with the effort of his thrusts. Harry can't resist. He pulls out his cock and strokes in time with Malfoy's thrusts into his best friend. Hermione moans Malfoy's name spurring him on. Hermione cums hard. Malfoy pulls out and moves her around so she's on her knees at the end of the bed. He wraps her hands around the metal frame at the foot of her bed. He enters her roughly fucking her hard and fast. He watches as Hermione's breasts swing with the force of the thrusts. Waves of ecstasy across her face. Harry watches as Malfoy lifts one of legs changing the angle. She shudders as he keeps up a relentless pace. Harry knows he should move either of them could glance up and see him any second. The thought just turns him on more.

He wants to get caught.

As he thinks this Malfoy looks up and meets his eyes. A moment of shock before seeing Harry's cock in his hand. Malfoy smirks at him, blows him a kiss and starts fucking Hermione harder, his eyes never leaving Harry's. Harry strokes faster keeping pace with Malfoy's thrusts. Hermione cums first. When she opens her eyes she watches Harry cum in the same moment as Malfoy. She looks back over her shoulder to see Malfoy watching Harry them both panting hard in time with each other. She shivers at the possibilities. He pulls out of her and walks naked to the door throwing it open. Without saying a word he takes Harry's cum covered hand, bringing it to his mouth he licks it clean. He turns back to the bed walking over to Hermione leaving Harry stood in the wide open doorway.

Malfoy slides his hand in Hermione's hair bringing her face to his crotch. He's angled them so Harry has the perfect view of Hermione licking her own juices off Malfoy. He roughly pushes her back on the bed and kneels beside it pulling her close he runs his tongue up and down her entrance. She moans clutching his head. She glances at Harry still stood watching them. Cock hard in his unmoving hand. He watches as Malfoy climbs back onto the bed and Hermione sinks down on him facing towards Harry. He watches the way she moves. He watches Malfoy watch him.

He's waiting. He's not sure for what. He keeps his hand still. He resists the urge to move, his hand, his hips, his feet.

"An open door can be viewed as an invitation," Malfoy says glancing at Hermione. "Wouldn't you says so love?" He asks smacking Hermione's arse.

she meets Harry's eyes and smiles.