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Victor stared out the window as the sun slowly rose over the city of Paris. It was beautiful, and he found pleasure in simply looking out at the city in the early morning glow. Yuuri was still fast asleep on the bed. Today was their last full day in Paris. Tomorrow morning, they would be flying back home and returning to their normal lives. So far, Paris had been a dream come true. They had gone for walks around the city, sightseeing and enjoying the wonderful food and drinks that the city had to offer. They had walked along the Seine, taken selfies at the Eiffel Tower, and ate dinner in the candlelight. Victor couldn't remember the last time that he had felt this relaxed. It was as if all their worries and troubles had gone away, and he could just be happy with Yuuri. He hadn't had one nightmare since they arrived. Yuuri had seemed to be a lot better, as well. He hadn't had really any health issues for their entire trip, aside from a small headache. Everything had been as perfect as Victor could have wished for. It was almost as if nothing bad had ever happened to them.

Victor held up this hand and looked at the gold band on his finger. Their life had changed so much so quickly. After Yuuri had moved to St. Petersburg and they began training for the next season, everything had seemed to be perfect. Victor was happier than he had ever been before. And it all had changed so rapidly. It still bothered him to think about how much worse things could have been. His nightmares had been a constant reminder. If he hadn't gotten there in time, if he hadn't thought to check Yuuri's bank and track him down in Moscow, there was a good chance that Alina would have killed him in that hotel room. She may have even gotten away with it.

Victor felt a sense of responsibility towards Yuuri. Yuuri had packed up his life and left it all to come to St. Petersburg and be with Victor. Although Yuuri said it was no big deal, Victor was sure it was harder for him than he let on. Yuuri had given him so much. He had given him a love Victor would never had even dreamed of. That's why Victor had worked so hard to be strong for Yuuri, and help him when he needed it, as much as it had hurt Victor to see Yuuri in pain or sick. It was the least he could do for his katsudon.

Victor was surprised when Yuuri joined him at the window. He had been so lost in his own thoughts that he hadn't even heard Yuuri get out of bed.

"What are you thinking about?" Yuuri asked him, still half asleep.

"Nothing really," Victor said with a small smile. "Just thinking about how much I have loved the past few days."

Yuuri smiled too. "Is there anything special you want to do on our last day here?"

"Not particularly," Victor replied, wrapping his arms around Yuuri. "I'm fine with anything as long as it's with you."


Yuuri watched Victor as he stared out at the river. Yuuri had found a nice little café with a good view and amazing food, but Victor had seemed preoccupied. He hadn't said or done anything in particular, but Yuuri noticed he was quieter than usual, with a faraway look in his eyes that Yuuri knew meant that Victor was lost somewhere in his own thoughts. The whole time in Paris had been amazing, and they had both been a lot happier than they had been in weeks. But today seemed different.

"Are you worried about going home?" Yuuri asked, waking Victor up from his trance. Victor looked at him a moment, seemingly trying to process the question.

"I don't think I'm worried," Victor said thoughtfully, "but I guess it feels like we're going to go home and…." Victor shrugged. "It's nothing, I-"

"No, tell me," Yuuri told him, and Victor seemed surprised. "I want you to talk to me, Victor, the same way you want me to talk to you."

Victor sighed with a sad smile. "I guess that's only fair. This trip has been amazing and I've loved every moment we've spent together. I'm just worried that we won't be able to keep this feeling when we go home."

"I understand," Yuuri said, looking down at his water glass. "I've been thinking the same thing. But I think it will still be easier. I think that it's been getting easier even before we came. It'll just take time."

Victor nodded. "I'm sorry that this happened, Yuuri. I know that neither of us are at fault for what happened, but I sometimes can't help but feel responsible."

"I always feel that it was my fault," Yuuri admitted. "I was careless and put myself in that situation. I know, that it wasn't my fault. It wasn't your fault. It was no one's fault but hers. But it always feels like I could have done something differently."

"Me too," Victor replied, and for a moment they simply sat there in silence, looking at one another, understanding between them. Yuuri was honestly happy that Victor was talking to him. He had known the Victor had been keeping a brave face for his sake, and he had known that it couldn't be easy.

"I'm going to be okay, Victor," Yuuri said, reaching across the table and grabbing his hand. "We're going to be okay, too."

Victor smiled at him. He pulled Yuuri's hand to his mouth and kissed his fingers, a gesture that Yuuri always loved. "I believe that, too."

After they finished at the café, they walked along the river, taking in the sights of the city one last time before they had to leave. Live music played in the street, and Victor dragged Yuuri over, pulling him in to dance.

"I can't dance, Victor!" Yuuri said, feeling his face go red.

"My memory says otherwise," Victor said with a wink, and Yuuri felt is face glow hotter. Victor laughed. As embarrassed as Yuuri felt, he was happy. They swayed back and forth to the music for what felt like an endless amount of time. The world around them melted away. Their troubles were forgotten and it was just Yuuri and Victor, the music, and a feeling of love that Yuuri treasured.


The lights of Paris got smaller and smaller as the plane took off into the early morning sky. Victor was glad that they had taken the trip. His heart felt a little lighter now. It was if parts of himself that he had lost were slowly finding their way back.

Yuuri was already asleep in the seat next to him. Victor had basically had to drag Yuuri out of bed when the alarm went off at 5 am, and in the rush of gathering their things and heading to the airport, Victor hadn't even really had time to realize that they were leaving and heading back home. He was still a little nervous about going home. There was a lot of uncertainty still. He was still worried about Yuuri, despite Yuuri assuring him things would be okay. Even if Yuuri's doctor cleared him to go back to skating, Victor would worry. Victor would worry that Yuuri would push himself too much, especially when he would need to work his way back up to where he had been before. He worried that Yuuri would fall and hit his head. He worried that Yuuri would be the center of attention due to everything that happened, and how that would affect him. He would always worry about Yuuri, because he loved him.

He loved Yuuri Katsuki more than he had ever loved anyone.

"Yuuri, are you awake?" Victor whispered. Yuuri groaned in response.

"Ask me in a few hours."

"Yuuri, I want to marry you."

"I know, I know."

"Yuuri." He said it louder this time, and Yuuri opened his eyes. "I want to marry you."

Yuuri looked at him, his face uncertain. "You mean, for real? Like you want to-?"

"I want nothing more than to marry you," Victor replied, and he had never been more sure in his life.

Yuuri smiled at him, his eyes sparking the way that Victor loved. "I want to marry you, too."