Hi everyone! I am so sorry it took me so long to update, but this is my first fanfic and I also started a new semester that is taking a lot more out of me than I anticipated. This is going to be a relatively short chapter that is mostly used (at least with Sam and Dean) to bridge the gap between the 2 universes a little bit. I cannot promise it will be seamless as I am very inexperienced and they are both well established in their differences. I ask that you suspend your disbelief for a short time, as anyone does with fiction, and be gentle with me! I have no beta!

This is purely for recreational purposes and I am not benefiting nor do I have ownership of these universes or characters.

Chapter 2 -

Dean and Sam sat at Bobby's table, surrounded by worn books, as their world got a heck of a lot bigger. Monsters they they had always dismissed as fairy tales, were suddenly real. Hellmouths and dimensional demons and movie vampires were suddenly real. Dean was most curious about the man that the had encountered who knew how to kill the vampires. Sam was most interested in how anything as big as a hellmouth could go unnoticed by the hunting community.

They knew they would have to be careful if they ever decided to go close to Cleveland again.

Xander sat in the middle of all of his loved ones. Attending the funeral of a co-worker was never anything less than a somber occasion, but having watched her die and being powerless called to mind similar feelings as in high school. Being weak, useless, vulnerable. Xander had done all he could, trained endlessly, studied, pushed himself harder and harder, but when it all came down to it all he could do was watch the life drain out of her eyes.

She had only been 18. Where he came from, where he grew up, that was more than old enough to start fighting to protect oneself and others. But now it was still so very young.

Willow let out a small whimper and reached over to cover his hand with hers. Twenty-three. All the 'staff' here in Cleveland, though Xander knew from experience that this job turned everyone into family. Especially since most of them who chose to stay on full time didn't have anyone else.

Buffy and several other of the slayers were slowly carrying the casket to her final resting place. A casket covered with dozens of flowers.

Sam was once again hunched over his computer. The more he looked into hellmouths and the creatures circling them the more he was intrigued. It seemed that the only way that these areas on the map remained unfound for so long was that they were more or less constant. The denial surrounding the mortality rate, the high number of 'gang related' murders and attacks also seemed to be a key factor.

Bobby had sent several attachments in an email that pointed to a supernatural metaphorical fog that blanketed Hellmouths, affecting newcomers the most, but most who grew up on top of one developed a tolerance. A certain account that Bobby had provided documented a Hunter looking into a case and leaving a week later, vaguely certain that nothing was wrong in the area.

The entire subject was fascinating to him. Creatures that he had thought could never exist from another dimension all drawn to the energy being exuded from the energy of multiple hellish dimensions. Vampires, more traditional to the Dracula mythology than the borderline extinct ones he and Dean were most familiar with. All dangerous. With the evidence surrounding the effects of the hellmouth on Hunters, it was becoming more and more solid in Sam's mind that the man who they had seen save their life had been exposed to the life for a while, maybe even as long as Sam and Dean had. He wondered if he too had been raised up into this fight. Or if he had somehow stumbled on it recently. Due to the look in his one remaining eye and the eyepatch hiding who knows what scars, Sam thought it unlikely.

Dean was nervous. Sam could always tell. Dean always hated the unknown, and knowing that there was a whole world out there just waiting to sink it's teeth into them was cause for concern. Dean was ready and willing to start facing down this new threat however. Looks like they might be going to Cleveland sooner rather than later.