Chapter 13. In Our Backyard

Naruto groaned in frustration and kicked a stack of boxes in response. See soon after Naruto had explained himself to his friends and sisters, everyone seemed more sympathetic with the blond and made amends. However, once Naruto returned to Beacon Ozpin wasn't exactly pleased with how Naruto thrashed a student from a different school. So as punishment Ozpin forced Naruto to be a helping hand for the dance committee, a group ran by his sister and her team.

"Hey you buffoon don't break anything!" Weiss yelled loudly, while glaring Naruto down.

Holding up his middle finger Naruto rolled his eyes. "Fuck you, fuck this dance and fuck Oz for making me do this!" The blond retorted.

Walking past her partner with a large speaker on her shoulder Nora simply shook her head. "Naruto be nice or no alcohol for a month."

Huffing in response Naruto jerked his head to the side, an action which caused his twin to laugh from the side of the room.

"Find something funny sister?" Naruto asked, while giving his twin a one eyed glare.

Nodding her head Yang slapped her leg. "You're so whipped it's hilarious!"

Naruto's eyebrow twitched and he turned fully towards his sister. "I'll show you who's whipped!" The blond yelled while gripping his fist. "I'll beat you into the grou-.."

"Naruto!" Nora yelled loudly, causing the two to share a glance. At first Naruto held his ground and kept a cold expression, but Nora simply raised an eyebrow. While giving a look that screamed for the boy to say something in response. Soon after a short stare down, Naruto dropped his shoulders and grabbed a box.

"I'm gonna go over by Ruby and hang some fucking decorations." Naruto grumbled to himself as he walked off.

Laughing loudly, Yang walked over to Nora and hugged the girl. "When I thought you and my brother dating couldn't get any better you've proven me wrong!"

Nora giggled and slightly backed away from Yang. "Hehe well Ozpin did ask me to try and keep Naruto out of trouble. So I'm just trying to keep that promise."

Weiss walked over to the girl's and grinned. "Well you're doing an alright job, but let's talk serious. Which doily do you two think is better?"

Nora raised an eyebrow and inspected the two white decorations Weiss was holding. "They both look the same."

Yang rolled her eyes. "Weiss we want this dance to be fun. Not one of your boring social events."

Weiss huffed and turned her head away. "If I don't get doilies you won't get a fog machine."

"You guys are getting a fog machine?!" An excited voice asked from behind.

Turning around the three girls found Sun and Neptune entering the ballroom. An action which caused Weiss to beam with excitement as she saw the attractive blue haired boy.

"We were talking about it, is that something you would like to see?" Weiss asked eagerly.

Neptune folded his arms and grinned. "Yeah that would be pretty cool."

"Good cause we are totally having fog machines!" Weiss quickly declared.

Nora and Yang both rolled their eyes as they saw their friend fawn over the blue haired boy. Though while Weiss was busy trying to flirt with Neptune, Naruto and Ruby were on the other side of the room placing decorations. While the brother and sister duo worked, Ruby kept giving her brother strange glances. A behavior Naruto easily picked up on, so while Naruto placed a decoration on the wall he looked over to Ruby.

"Something on your mind kiddo?" The oldest sibling asked. "Maybe something about what we talked about yesterday?"

Ruby's eyes widened and she looked at her brother with surprise. "Ahhh no!" The girl quickly replied, not expecting her brother to call her out like he did.

Naruto rolled his eyes. "Mom said Summer was an awful liar, you clearly inherited that trait. So I'll ask once again Ruby, what's bothering you?"

Ruby looked down and twiddled her thumbs. "Well I know everything you've done in the past was because of your mother and tribe. But you've killed a lot of people and one day I may have to kill someone."

Naruto nodded and took a deep sigh. "It is true that huntsmen are at times forced to kill other humans and faunus. However little sister you're a far ways away from being a full on huntress. So you don't need to worry yourself with being forced to kill anyone."

Ruby tightened her hands and looked to the ground. "I know that, it's just. . ." The younger sibling bit her lip and tried to finish her thoughts. "I wanna know how you can cope with something like that?"

Naruto once again let a sigh escape his lips. "So you wanna know how to cope for when the day comes when you must take a life?" The blond summarized, causing Ruby to nod.

"Yeah it's something that's really bothered me lately." Ruby admitted.

Naruto folded his arms and gave his sister a hard piercing gaze. "The first time I took someone's life I instantly felt sick and emptied my stomach everywhere. For nights I had nightmares and I couldn't get the individuals face out of my thoughts. I was miserable and felt like a monster and I regretted my actions." The blond explained to a wide eyed Ruby. "My mother never really helped me overcome the feelings that I had. She just expected me to be fine and continue following her orders without question."

Ruby frowned at what her brother was telling her. "But you act like killing comes so natural to you!"

Naruto revealed a small flask. "Repetition and a small drinking habit does wonders." The older sibling explained in a low voice. "I've become numb to killing Ruby, as I don't feel anything when I take a life. It's not healthy and if I could give you any advice it would be this. Keep moving forward and don't let the past hold you down."

A small tear in Ruby's eye, the smaller teen latched onto Naruto's side. "That's how you do it?"

Naruto smiled at the small red and black bundle around his hip and slightly ruffled her hair.

"Yeah kiddo, that's the best you can do. No matter what difficulties come your way in life, you just gotta keep going." The blond whispered in a low voice, as he and Ruby enjoyed their small sibling moment. Though the moment didn't last for long as Nora quickly jumped onto her boyfriend's shoulders.

"Naruto~!" Nora whined in a drawled out voice, while she gripped tightly onto the blond. "I'm hungry, let's go get some food!"

Naruto felt Nora rub her head into his shoulder and sighed. Then by patting her head he slowly pushed the girl off of him. "If you've forgotten I'm forced to help decorate this dance as my punishment."

Nora tilted her head and raised an eyebrow. "So?" The girl replied back. "What's Ozpin gonna do if you bail? He won't kick you out of the school so you can basically do what you want."

Naruto looked down to Nora with wide eyes as the gears started to turn in his mind. He was extremely valuable to Ozpin, so the headmaster would never expel him. So this caused Naruto to come to a revelation.

"That's right me and you are fucking untouchable!" Naruto declared, much to the confusion of Ruby. "Let's bail Nora!"

Nora grinned happily and jumped back onto her partner's back. She may or may have not just put this idea in Naruto's head for her own means. Though she didn't need to tell anyone that.

"Yay time for food!"

Weiss looked over and noticed Naruto and Nora leaving the ballroom. So stomping her feet and glaring at the two she held a hand up. "What are you doing? Ozpin ordered you to work for us and you are not done!"

Once again Naruto flipped Weiss off and laughed loudly. "Piss off Ice Queen, no one tells me or my Nora what to do!"

"We are untouchable bitch!" Nora chimed in happily.

"Oum I love this woman!" Naruto declared, as he playfully ruffled Nora's hair.

Sun watched the two exit the ballroom with a small laugh. "Well looks like you need some help decorating. Me and Neptune could pitch in."

Yang nodded and looked over to Weiss, the latter of whom was to busy fuming to even respond. "We appreciate the help Sun."

"I officially hate the both of them." Weiss seethed in a low rage filled tone. A reaction that caused everyone present to laugh at the girl.


(Later that day with Jaune)

Walking down the hallways of Beacon Academy with a depressed aura around him, one Jaune Arc wasn't in the best of spirits. He had a guitar slung over his back and was dealing with the aftermath of another rejection from Weiss. Honestly for a boy who grew up with seven sisters he truly didn't understand women whatsoever.

"Man how can I get her to like me?" Jaune asked himself in a depressed voice. "I need advice from someone."

"Advice on what leader?" A sly voice asked, while to Jaune's surprise an arm wrapped around his shoulders.

Being slightly taken back, Jaune looked at his fellow teammate with surprise. "Naruto!" The leader shouted in shock. "Where did you come from?"

Naruto grinned and roughed Jaune up a little. "From behind you dumbass, didn't you hear me calling for you?"

Jaune looked down. "Sorry I was lost in thought."

Naruto took his free hand and scratched his head. "Well what do you need advice on? If it's how to not fight like a total wuss I might be able to help you."

"No it's not that. . . Wait you think I fight like a wuss?" Jaune asked loudly.

Naruto laughed in response and patted his friends backside. Causing Jaune to slightly stagger forward. "My adorable little sister could kick your ass!" The red eyed boy declared proudly. "But you've gotten better over your time at Beacon."

Jaune sighed and seemed even more depressed. "Sadly I can't argue."

"Oh come on Jaune it was a joke!" Naruto pointed out. "Just tell me what's got you so moody."

Jaune took a deep breath and released another sigh. "It's Weiss, I just like her so much and she won't give me the time of day."

Naruto rolled his eyes and walked off, causing Jaune to drop his jaw and chase after his teammate.

"Wait Naruto don't leave!" Jaune begged. "What should I do?"

Huffing to himself Naruto stopped and turned around to face his leader. "You want my advice, give up chasing after Weiss." The blond began in a flat voice.

"An Arc never gives up!" The boy declared.

Naruto scoffed. "That's because you're an idiot."

Jaune hung his head. "Well how did you and Nora work out?"

Naruto rubbed his chin. "Hmm let's see, I think she was won over by my wonderful personality and talent for drinking." Naruto began, causing a sweat drop to roll down Jaune's head. "Also those times I felt her up helped."

Jaune turned red and an image of him trying to feel up Weiss played out in his head. A scenario that as one would imagine didn't work well.

"None of this is helping me!" Jaune whined loudly.

Naruto took a deep sigh. "Of course not idiot, me and Nora are different from you and Weiss. Me and Nora spend every day together and have been through more together than any duo at this school. But most importantly our personalities blend well together, you and Weiss just simply don't work."

"So I should just give up?" Jaune asked sadly.

Naruto shook his head and placed a hand on Jaune's shoulder. "Listen Jaune one day you'll find a girl who likes you for you. Just like how Nora loves me despite my very few shortcomings."

Jaune raised an an eyebrow. "Like how you're an alcoholic momma's boy who feels up his partner?"

Naruto's eyebrow twitched at how Jaune described his personality and actions.

"I like him." Ren commented with a slight chuckle.

Naruto lightly punched Jaune in the chest, but Naruto made sure to use enough force to send his friend rolling down the hall. "Good luck with Weiss Jaune!" The blond mumbled before walking off.

Coming to a stop at the end of the hall Jaune was seeing stars, but a laugh caused him to look up. Allowing Jaune to see a dark skinned girl with green hair and deep red eyes.

"Need some help?" Emerald asked in a friendly tone, while she reached out to help Jaune up.

Accepting the hand Jaune was pulled to his feet, which allowed him vision of Emerald and her teammate Cinder.

"Excuse me, but I found what I was looking for." Cinder declared, as she brushed past Jaune and headed towards Naruto. The latter of whom was already completely down the hall.

Jaune raised his eyebrow in confusion. "What is she going on about?"

Emerald winked at Jaune and followed after Cinder. "She's taken a liking to your teammate."

Watching both girls chase after Naruto, Jaune merely shook his head. "Well she is in for a disappointment." The blond haired leader mumbled before walking off.

Over with Naruto, the oldest of the Branwen twins casually walked by a classroom. Where to his surprise Blake and his twin Yang were both walking out of together. An occurrence that peaked his curiosity, since neither had class at the moment.

"Yang?" Naruto began in a confused voice. "What are you two doing?"

Yang waved her brother off. "Me and Blake were having a heart to heart." She explained before wrapping an arm around the girl. "Which turned out great since I convinced her to come to the dance."

Naruto placed a hand to his side and smirked. "Have you two even found dates?" The blond asked in a joking manner.

Yang snorted. "Who needs a date, no one can keep up with me!"

Naruto rolled his eyes. "And that's why you're single."

"Rather single than a whipped bitch!"

Blake giggled as she watched the two twins exchange each other middle fingers.

"Well speaking of dates, where is Nora? Normally you two are joined at the hip." Blake pointed out.

Naruto sighed and pulled out his flask. "Her and Pyrrha went shopping for dresses." The red eyed boy explained as he took a long drink.

Yang raised an eyebrow. "Does Pyrrha have a date?"

"Nope!" Naruto replied casually. "Worst case scenario she third wheels with me and Nora!"

"Poor Pyrrha, going with you two is worse than having no date." Yang replied, earning an annoyed look from her brother.

"Have I told you Ruby is my favorite sister?" Naruto asked, causing Yang to roll her eyes.

"Whatever." The female twin mumbled; while her eyes caught an approaching figure from behind her brother. "And can we help you?"

Turning around Naruto was surprised to see Cinder and Emerald standing behind him. Both of whom held a large smile on their faces.

"You can't, but your brother can." Cinder declared in a flirty tone.

Blake narrowed her eyes. "What do you want with Naruto?"

"None of your concern." Cinder quickly replied.

Yang huffed and folded her arms. "When it involves my brother it sure is my concern."

Cinder rolled her eyes and was about to reply, but Naruto decided to speak up instead.

"Just get to the point already Cinder. I don't have all fucking day." The young Branwen declared in a flat voice.

Cinder chuckled. "Right to the point, that's what I like about you Branwen. You're ruthless and don't deal with people's-. . ."

"I think you missed the part where I said get to the point." Naruto cut in sharply, earning a smile from his sister and Blake.

Cinder nodded. "As you wish." The girl replied before extending a hand outward. "I was curious if you would like to accompany me to the upcoming dance?"

"That's it?" Naruto asked in a bored tone, while he placed a hand to his hip. "I'll pass."

Cinder looked honestly shocked at Naruto's outright rejection. It wasn't something she was accustomed to. Emerald on the other hand glared at the boy.

"How dare you turn Cinder down!"

Naruto rolled his eyes. "Many reasons, first being that me and my partner are going together."

Recomposing herself Cinder laughed softly. "Well if that's the case just tell the little tomboy you found a more suitable date."

Naruto glared at Cinder, but before he could speak Yang tossed an arm around her twin. Then by giving the most shit eating grin possible she laughed.

"What you're not picking up on Cinder is my brother is going with Nora not because they are partner's. See they are a couple and actually that's all thanks to that little story you shared the other day." Yang explained, catching Cinder off guard. As she wanted to place a divide between Naruto and his friends, not bring them closer.

Blake smirked and decided to add some more fuel to the fire. "Honestly Cinder you're to thank for making one of the best couples at Beacon possible."

Cinder tightly sucked in her teeth, she was angry and not pleased with Naruto's rejection. However, the prideful woman wouldn't allow those emotions to show through. So taking a large huff she turned away and stuck her nose in the air.

"So be it, your loss Branwen." Cinder declared as she stomped off. "Come on Em."

Emerald giving the trio a quick glare followed her friend and walked off. An action which caused Naruto to shake his head.

"Well that was something." Naruto mumbled in a low voice.

Yang smirked and crossed her arms. "Looks like Nora's got some competition to worry about."

Naruto rolled his eyes. "Like that flat chested egomaniac could compare to my perfect Nora. Besides-. . ." Naruto began as he shuddered. "That chick is like a teenage version of mom."

Blake grinned and nudged Naruto. "Isn't that perfect for you momma's boy."

Naruto gave Blake a blank glare. "I used to like you." The red eyed boy admitted.

Yang and Blake both laughed at Naruto, causing the blond to turn off and walk away.


(With Nora and Pyrrha)

Casually holding a dress in each hand, Pyrrha inspected each one and compared what she liked and disliked with each. They were both fairly modest dresses, which went well with Pyrrha's rather reserved personality. Though it seemed Pyrrha was having trouble deciding which one she preferred, so turning to Nora she held them both high.

"Nora which one do you like best? The red dress or the blue dress?"

Rolling her eyes Nora snatched both dresses from her friend and casted them away. "I hate them both." The orange haired girl admitted before pulling out a new dark red dress with a short skirt and revealing chest area. "You need something that would turn heads."

Holding her hands up in protest, Pyrrha was very uneasy about the new dress Nora was trying to shove into her hands. "I don't know Nora, something like that doesn't seem like my style."

Nora blew out some air and tossed the dress onto her friend. "Well you better try it out cause that's as modest as I'm letting you go. Besides I'm going with something even more risky."

Pulling out another dress for her friend to see, Pyrrha's face actually turned a dark shade of red to match her hair. "Nora!" The young woman shouted, as she really didn't know what else to say.

Nora started to chuckle in a voice that was almost reminiscent of the way Naruto would laugh. "Hehe I'm gonna make that boyfriend of mine drop dead!"


(A few days later, Night of the dance)

Pacing the ballroom Ruby was frantically searching for her siblings and friends. At first glance she didn't notice anyone, but after scouring the room she eventually found Weiss stationed over by the punch bowl. So awkwardly hobbling her way over to Weiss thanks to her uncomfortable high heels Ruby waved her friend down.

"Hey Weiss! Have you seen everyone else?" Ruby asked in a curious voice.

Shaking her head Weiss took a sigh. "No I haven't seen anyone yet." The girl admitted in a low sad voice, almost like she was depressed for some odd reason.

"You okay Weiss? You seem down in the dumps!" Ruby commented in a concerned voice.

Huffing to herself Weiss looked away. "I'm perfectly fine!"

Ruby tilted her head in confusion and shrugged her shoulders. "Okay then, well did you come with a date?"

Her posture slouching over in defeat, Weiss shook her head. "No." The normally prideful girl declared in a brief moment of weakness.

Ruby smiled wide. "That's okay I didn't ether! I think Naruto and Yang scared everyone away!"

Weiss opened her mouth to speak, but as someone placed her in a headlock the girl was silenced.

"How's it going?" Yang asked in an excited voice. "partying hard?"

"Yang!" Ruby cheered happily.

"Release me you dolt!" Weiss yelled loudly as she struggled against Yang's superior strength.

Yang giggled and pushed Weiss forward. "Hehe lighten up Weiss!"

Brushing herself off and regaining her posture, Weiss sent a cold glare at Yang. "You're just as annoying as your stupid brother."

Yang grinned wide at the insult. "Speaking of my bro, where is he?"

"He's not here yet." Ruby declared in a slightly disappointed tone.

Yang nodded and laughed. "Should have figured, if our bro was here he would have made a grand spectacle already."

Weiss rolled her eyes and opened her mouth to place her two cents in. However, she was stopped by a loud commotion of surprised gasps, sharp whistles and other sounds of astonishment. This caused the three fourths of Team RWBY to shift their eyes to the entrance of the ballroom. Where to their surprise they found Naruto Branwen entering the room with not one, but two dates on his arms.

Naruto himself was dressed in a sharp black tuxedo that hugged his frame, while sporting a blood red tie to match his eyes. On his left arm Pyrrha held onto her friend with an embarrassed face, while dressed in a rather revealing red dress. Though her dress was far more modest than Nora's, who was practically latched onto her boyfriend's hip. Nora was dressed in an off shoulder blood red dress, which tightly stuck to her curvy frame and left one of her legs almost completely exposed along with her bust.

As the trio walked towards Team RWBY they had eyes following them the whole way. As all the males were currently envying Naruto, while the females felt a jealous of how beautiful and happy both Nora and Pyrrha looked.

"Sister's." Naruto called out in a cheerful tone. "How goes your night?"

Yang snorted. "You really dragged poor Pyrrha along with you two!"

Nora placed a hand on her hip and grinned. "Of course! Me and Naruto won't let our girl go stag!"

Weiss rolled her eyes and pointed at the three. "And what about Jaune?"

Looking to one another Naruto and Nora shared an unspoken conversation before shrugging their shoulders.

"Eh, fuck em." Naruto and Nora replied in perfect unison before glancing over to Phyrra.

"If he wasn't such an idiot he would have realized he could have went with his wonderful partner!" Nora declared, making the bashful redhead look down.

Naruto grinned and grabbed Pyrrha by the shoulder, then by moving the girl from side to side he laughed. "His loss and our gain!"

"T-thank you, but I think I'm going over to the punch table." Pyrrha declared in a soft voice.

Naruto laughed and jerked the girl towards the dance floor. "Not a chance Pyrrha, you're gonna live it up tonight!"

"Hell yeah!" Nora chimed in loudly as she followed close behind.

Yang shook her head and went after the three. "Let's not those three have all the fun!" The blond beauty declared as she headed to the dance floor. However, Weiss and Ruby weren't much for dancing and decided to stay back where they were.

While this was going on Blake and Sun eventually made their appearance. Which resulted in the two joining the majority of their friends on the dance floor.

"Looking sharp Naruto." Sun began, while he and Blake started to dance beside the teen.

Naruto grinned at the Faunus. "Not looking so bad yourself monkey boy, but it looks like my sister is stealing your date."

Sun watched Blake and Yang dance with a happy smile. "Yang did call first dance, besides she is the main reason Blake is here. You're sister is a really great person."

Naruto shrugged his shoulders. "That's debatable." The blond joked before he felt Nora tug onto his clothing. "But it looks like my attention is needed."

Laughing to himself Sun watched Naruto and Nora bring each other in close and begin to dance. Though the Teen wasn't left along as eventually Yang spun Blake in his direction with a wink.

"Be nice to my girl monkey boy." Yang teased at the blushing Faunus pair.

Sun grinned and glanced down to Blake. "Don't worry, she's in good hands."

Blake blushed and looked down and silently danced with her fellow Faunus.

Back over with Naruto and Nora, the young couple were pressed against each other and holding onto one another tightly. As they moved they were in perfect rhythm and did not break eye contact.

"You know Naruto, you haven't told me what you thought of my dress yet." Nora pointed out in a flirty tone.

Slowly leaning into Nora's ear, the young Branwen whispered ever so quietly. Which of course instantly caused Nora to turn absolutely red at whatever the blond had told her. So as Naruto moved his head back he could only grin at Nora's flustered state.

"That's what I think about it." Naruto finished loudly, while a huff of disgust rang throughout Naruto's mind.

"You're an atrocious human." Ren began in a disappointed voice. "Nora seems applauded by your awful behavior."

However, to Ren's surprise Nora gave Naruto a devious grin and slowly leaned into his ear. Then what came next was a small exchange that managed to make Naruto blush and caused Ren to scream in agony within Naruto's mind.

"That's my counter offer my little foxy eared boyfriend." Nora declared in a rather low and sultry voice.

"Nora no." Ren cried in a loud voice. "You use to be so innocent!"

Ignoring Ren, Naruto grinned and gave Nora a soft peck on the lips. "I accept your offer, but I don't think we should leave Pyrrha alone."

Hearing an uproar of laughter, Naruto and Nora found Jaune approaching Pyrrha in a dress. Then as he extended his hand out to dance with the young warrior Nora smiled.

"I think our girl is fine." The Winter Maiden declared.

Naruto chuckled. "Which one of those two is our girl again?"

Nora giggled and pushed Naruto towards the exit. "Like it matters, but now we know our dorm is completely empty."

Naruto nodded and wrapped his arms around Nora. "That we do." The blond replied back in a flirty tone as he and Nora left the dance and went off to their dorm.


(The next day at Ozpin's Office)

Pacing back and forth General James Ironwood was radiating aggression. To the side of the room Taiyang was resting against the wall with a hardened expression and his arms crossed. Glynda was by his side and seemed annoyed by the actions of James. Meanwhile Ozpin was seated at his desk with his hands folded and gaze focused on the three young individuals in the room. Those three of course being Ruby, Naruto and Nora.

"So please explain everything that transpired last night." Ozpin began, as he motioned his hand to Ruby.

"Well I walked outside to get some fresh air and I noticed someone suspicious." Ruby began her explanation in a soft voice. "So I decided to investigate for myself what was going on."

"And you didn't think to find me or someone else?" Naruto spoke up almost instantly, his voice harboring a slight amount of anger. "You could have got hurt Ruby."

Glancing over to her older sibling Ruby was slightly sceptical as to why the blond was even present during this meeting. As when Ozpin requested to see her, he was very firm that the rest of Team RWBY was to not be present.

"It all happened so fast, I didn't even have time to think!" Ruby argued back.

James nodded. "Regardless you showed bravery and took action like a true huntress. I applaud your actions Miss. Rose."

"Thank you sir." Ruby replied in a low voice.

"Don't encourage this behavior, that's the kind of foolish praise that leads many huntsman and huntresses to their death." Naruto declared, as he was not happy at all when he learned his youngest sister had engaged an invader within Beacon.

Looking down Ruby was slightly taken down by Naruto's words. However, she found the soft touch of Nora on her shoulder calming and supportive.

"Ignore Naruto, I'm proud of you as well Ruby. He's just being too overprotective of you to admit he is also proud." Nora began in a soft tone that earned a huff from Naruto. "Now tell me about the person you ran into last night. Did they have any defining features or did anything seem familiar?"

Looking up to the older girl Ruby was once again confused. She thought Ozpin would be the one asking all the questions, but for some reason Naruto and Nora seemed to be the ones conducting the questioning. Which made the girl wonder even more as to what is going on.

"Well whoever I fought used glass and didn't speak, but I'm almost certain was a female. That's because when her clothing started to glow the individual had a very feminine figure." Ruby explained causing Naruto to nod.

"Embedding dust into clothing." Naruto mumbled in a soft tone. "That's an old technique that isn't used too often anymore."

Ozpin shook his head in agreement. "Right you are Mr. Branwen, which only adds to the mystery of who our little invader is and what her goals were."

"Did we find out what she was doing before Ruby found her?" Taiyang asked.

Glynda shook her head. "No we didn't."

"Which makes this whole situation all the more troubling." James pointed out.

The room going silent for a moment, Ruby looked around and decided to asked the question that was bothering her.

"So why is Naruto and Nora here?" The youngest within the room asked.

"You see every student from all the schools were accounted for at the dance. All except for Naruto and Nora, so they are here to explain themselves." Ozpin answered almost instantly.

Nora turned red in embarrassment while Naruto grinned. "I think you should leave kiddo, this next conversation isn't one for you to hear."

Ruby tilted her head and slightly pouted. "What does that mean?"

Nora buried her face into her hands and groaned. "Ruby please leave, because your brother has absolutely no shame."

Catching on Ozpin made a gesture for Ruby to leave. "You're finished here anyway Miss. Rose, so you can leave. Just try to avoid trouble from here on out."

Slightly backing away Ruby nodded. "Okay I'll try." The girl replied, while slowly leaving the room.

Once Ruby left the room James went into full integration mode. "They were here!" The man yelled loudly, while pointing angrily at Naruto and Nora. "So where were you two?"

Naruto snorted. "Well you see Jimmy, we were in my bed for awhile then Nora's bed. Eventually we did a couple rounds in Jaune's bed for shits and giggles."

James turned pale as he looked at the young teenagers, while Taiyang merely shook his head and mumbled something about "chip off the old block."

"You mean to tell me we were attacked and you two were…" James stopped as he couldn't finish his sentence.

"In our defense we didn't know any of this would happen." Nora began while glancing over to Naruto. "Or that the sex would be so good."

Laughing loudly Naruto wrapped an arm around Nora. "Damn right!"

Ozpin merely sighed and massaged his face. "Getting back on track." The coffee loving headmaster began. "The fact of the matter still stands, Salem is starting to make more moves. Before she had only made slight plays within Vale, but Beacon is a whole other story."

Naruto nodded as he suddenly shifted into a more serious mindset. "Yeah I understand Oz, Salem is right in our backyard and we didn't even know it. We need to think of a counter strategy and fast."

Ozpin nodded. "I couldn't agree more, but I'm curious. How goes your relic training and Nora's Maiden training?"

"I'm getting better with my abilities, but Nora isn't making much progress." The young Branwen explained, causing Nora to hang her head.

Ozpin nodded his head and pondered over his thoughts, while Taiyang made a disappointed sigh.

"It would be beneficial if we had an experienced Maiden to help Nora." Taiyang mumbled to everyone, but mainly just thinking out loud.

However, a lightbulb went off in Naruto's head. "Actually we do have a Maiden to help Nora." The young blond began, earning all eyes towards him. "My mom has the Spring Maiden."

James slammed his foot down and glared at Naruto. "And you're just now sharing this information why?"

Naruto returned James glare with a cold and deadly gaze. "Because believe it or not my allegiance lies with the woman who raised me over all of you. Well all of you except my Nora of course, which is why I will have the Spring Maiden help Nora."

Nora raised her eyebrow and looked at her boyfriend. "Naruto why didn't you tell me about the Spring Maiden before?"

Sighing to himself Naruto grabbed his scroll and started to type. "Because I know how my mother works, if I ask her for help and she'll want something in return. Plus I really don't want you anywhere near the Spring Maiden. However, we are running out of time and you need all the help with your Maiden powers you can get."

Ozpin stood to his feet and walked over to Naruto and Nora. "Naruto I don't agree with you keeping such big secrets, but the fact still stands. You and Nora our are best weapons against Salem, so we need you both ready for whatever may come. That being said go have the Spring Maiden help Nora, I will count this as your field mission that all first year students undertake."

Naruto folded his arms. "And our teammates?"

"Accommodations will be made for them." Ozpin quickly explained. "Besides maybe some time with your mother will help you regain your family abilities."

"I understand Oz." Naruto replied, while a dark red portal opened by his side. Then almost instantly one smug Raven Branwen entered the room.

"So brat." Raven began as she ignored everyone in the room. "You've decided to leave Beacon and come back where you belong."

Scoffing to himself Naruto shook his head. "No I just said that so you would come. You're gonna take me and Nora back to the tribe and have Spring train Nora to be a better Maiden."

Raven folded her arms and glared at her son. "Did you-..."

"No I didn't tell them who Spring is." Naruto cut in sharply. "You find it I still have some loyalty to you. You're bitch, but you're my mother and you did raise me. That does count for something."

Raven nodded and motioned for Naruto and Nora to follow her. "Come along then, I don't have all day."

Taiyang stepped forward. "You're just gonna leave like that?" The male asked, his voice slightly hurt.

"I'm just here for my son." Raven replied while entering her portal.

Naruto glanced to his father as he watched the man angrily hang his head. "Come on Nora." Naruto began as he grabbed the girl's hand and looked at Ozpin. "We will be back before the festival."

Ozpin nodded. "Be safe and stay in touch."

Entering the portal Naruto and Nora came out into a large encampment where Raven was waiting with her arms crossed. Nora being on edge looked around and saw dozens of bandits and tents all around them. She also noticed the looks some of the bandits were giving her and she slightly leaned into Naruto.

Rolling her eyes Raven motioned for the teens to follow her. "Come this way brats my tent is over there."

Following without question Nora looked up to Naruto. "Is this really where you grew up?"

"Different location, but everything else is the same." Naruto replied in a soft voice, while he watched his mother enter her tent. "Home shitty home."

Nora slightly giggled and hugged the boy as they walked into the tent together.

"So." Raven began in a low tone. "You want the Spring Maiden to help little Nora here."

Watching his mother take a seat Naruto nodded and walked further into the tent. "Yeah and since the Spring Maiden is a little more experienced than Nora I figured she might be of some help."

Raven pondered over his son's word and shook her head around. "Perhaps, but what is in it for me?"

"Besides helping your son and his girlfriend not much." Naruto replied bluntly.

Raven laughed. "Oh so you're a couple now? How cute, but I'm still not convinced to help you."

Nora bowed to the woman and tried a more respectable approach. "Please help me, I've been a burden my whole life to everyone. I just want someone to help me learn to control this power I have. I don't wanna be a burden I want to protect those I love." Nora then locked eyes with Raven and gave the woman a confidant gaze. "Please just let me meet the Spring Maiden and talk with her."

Naruto scoffed. "You're already speaking to the Spring Maiden."

Nora's eyes grew wide and Raven glared at her son.

"Brat!" Raven began in a cold voice.

"Don't start with me." Naruto replied in a cold voice. "Besides Nora is trustworthy, she won't tell anyone of the little illusion that you have going on."

"You're the Spring Maiden?" Nora asked in a stunned voice. "But how?"

"I killed the previous Spring Maiden and took her powers. The girl was a mess and couldn't handle the burden. So I mercy killed her and took the powers for myself." Raven declared in a blunt tone. "I tried my best to help her, but in the end she didn't have what it took."

Nora took a hard swallow and stood her ground. "Well will you train me to fully use my powers?"

Raven rubbed her chin and smiled. "There is something about you I do like." The bandit leader declared in an amused tone. "So I'll help you, but my aid is not easy nor is it free."

Naruto growled and stepped in front of Nora. "What do you want?"

Raven smiled and fiddled with a small necklace around her neck. "I will help you train and defend Beacon, but after Beacon is safe you will return here and live among the tribe. You will serve me and follow my orders above all else. That is my offer."

Naruto balled his fists, but what came next surprised him.

"I accept." Nora declared as she moved herself back in front of Naruto. "But know this deal is just between you and me. Naruto is not getting dragged back into his past."

Raven smiled. "Oh I know, but it does not matter. I know my son far better than you sweetie, he will follow you to hell and back. So in a way the offer does include you both."

"This was a mistake." Naruto began as he grabbed onto Nora's arm. "We're leaving."

"No." Nora declared firmly as she broke the boy's hold. "I'm staying here, I need your mother's help."

Naruto gritted his teeth. "We will find another way. We don't need her!"

Nora shook her head. "There isn't time for that and you know that. So let's do this Raven, show me how to be a proper Maiden."

Raven folded her hands and grinned ear to ear. "Welcome to the tribe Nora, you'll fit right in around here. And Naruto welcome back home."

Looking between his mother and the girl he loved with his whole heart Naruto cursed himself. At first he believed he was making a move to help Nora, but in reality he has landed himself back into the tribe he had left behind. Though worst of all was that he dragged Nora back with him.

Chapter end!


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