The worlds we live in have many consequences for each decision made by us, living beings with consciousness, or maybe the animals killing and hunting each other. Keep that in mind, that every choice we make brings forth a future and kills another one. What if all we know is only passed by illusions of the past? Flying metals, now known as planes, or moving metals known as cars are some illusions some made in the past. What if the future, so uncertain, that even the gods may not know?

---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------

Somewhere in Jordan, where the wars between Iraq and America are coming into a boiling point, where a little more pressure may cause explosions, three figures watching T.V. are in a middle of a heated argument.

"In the name of Justice, you will be punished! In the name of the moon!" the T.V. stated. Two males yawned at complete sync.

"Yah, yah.. Sheesh, this girl always says the same thing." the first male said. He was 6 feet tall, skin a bit on the dark side. His name was Buds or Buddy, otherwise known as the Omega.

"I'm surprised she doesn't bore the enemy to death." the second male figure said. He was 5'6" tall, fair tanned skinned. His name was Gorby or Gorbs, otherwise known as the famous Sperminator.

"Oh, shut up guys." the female figure retorted. She was shorter than Buds, but taller than Gorby. She was very defensive for some reason. Her name was Reiko.

"Yah, yah. Why don't ya join those Sailor Senshi? Sailor Ur-Anus." said Gorby.

"But. There is a Sailor Uranus." she replied, confused. Buds was trying to control his laughter. But fate was always there. "HEY! You TAKE THAT BACK!"

"Whatever. Man, change the anime." Gorby said.

"No. You should be thankful that I let you guys watch," she replied.

"Man, then kill us and get it over with." Buds retorted. "WE are dying here already. Don't you have any mercy?"

"Whatever. I bet you guys can't beat the Inner Senshi," Reiko replied.

"If we had even a little power, we would kick their sorry asses so they could kiss the moon."

"Wanna bet?" Reiko sneered.

"Yeah. Let's bet. If we win, we get to watch what we want. If you win, we'll stay seated here and watch without complaints." Gorby said.

"But, since the Sailor Senshi don't exsist, we'll never know." Buds said thoughtfully. "Anyway, come on, Gorby. Let's go."

The two males leaving never realized that the last statement was a statement that they would regret for the rest of their lives.

========================================================================= The Omega and Sperminator in. -Me Against All Odds- Chapter 1: Enter the Omminator =========================================================================

"I wish that the Sailor Senshi do exsist. So we could show Reiko that those Inner Senshi do suck." Gorby stated.

"Well, anime is not part of our world." Buds replied.

Something flashed in the room where both of them stayed. It was so blinding that even closing your eyes would not block the light out. When the light passed, both of them found themselves stranded in a strange land. Everyone was speaking Japanese, but what was strange is that both, who don't speak or understand the language, found themselves hearing and understanding it.

"Where are we?" asked Gorby.

"I don't know." Buds replied.

"You are in Jubban" said a voice behind them. It sounded familiar.

Turning around, both found themselves facing a pale face with red irises and blue hair.

"REI?!" both shouted.

"Yes. I'm here to tell you that I transferred you here to take your bet."

"You're. Reiko?!" asked Buds.

"Yes. Anything you need, just visit me in Rei's Weaponry, a block from here. See you," and saying this, she disappeared.

"This. is bullshit." Gorby announced.

"Maybe. But, if we are taking in the bet, what powers do we have?" asked Buds thoughtfully.

"Maybe we should ask Rei."

Nodding, both went where Rei pointed and started walking. The people were talking about many things. First is the Sailor Senshi, then weird happenings and monsters seen to roam around.

"Are they talking about the youma?" asked Gorby.

"It seems to fit the description." Buds replied, in a thoughtful expression. "Anyway, we're here."

Going in, the saw her again. She smiled a bit and mentioned them inside.

"Ahh, here you guys are. I thought you'd chicken out," Rei said.

"No way. So, we have a lot of questions." Gorby said.

"Yes, yes. I know. What are your powers, what we do. blah blah blah." Rei said. "Well, let me answer your first question."

"We're listening." Buds said.

"To know what you powers are, stand in front of these weapons." she said.

Buds looked at Gorby who looked back. Both shrugged and went in front of the pile of weapons. There were guns, swords and knives.

"Take any." she said. "You'll know which is for you."

Buds took a weapon, and put it back. He tried another one. Gorby seemed to do the same. Picking one and putting it back. Finally, Buds picked up three weapons from the pile. They all glowed when his hand came near them. It was a short sword, one that a ninja would use, and two .45 Smith and Wesson.

Gorby also found his. One sniper rifle, Artic Magnum Warfare, color green with electronic scope with nightvision, and a silver handgun which they both correctly guessed was a .50 Dessert Eagle.

"Ah, good. Well, it seems Buds is the short ranged fighter, while Gorby is the long-ranged one. Interesting." she said to no one in particular.

Both tried taking their weapon, but somehow, they disappeared in front of them.

"Don't worry about that, they'll appear when you'll need them."

"Rei, why are we here?" asked Gorby.

"To take the bet. You wouldn't think I'd let you guys get away with the comments you gave me a minute ago?" Rei growled.

"Uh, okay." Buds said.

"Anyway, shoo. I'm not gonna let you guys stay here. Knowing you, when the shit hits the fan, it would stink everywhere."

---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------

"Well, we are being kicked out." Gorby said.

"I know." Buds replied, checking his wallet. "Well, what do ya know. I have money."

"Huh?" Gorby exclaimed, also fumbled in his wallet. "Hey, me too!"

"This is not so bad." Buds smiled. Inside their wallets was more than 10000 yen.

Looking up, there was a sign which said that there was a furnished apartment for rent. Trying their luck, they both went inquired in the building. After three hours, they finally closed their deals. They were now the proud tenants of the 'Juuban Inn'...

"That was nice." Gorby said, eating inside 'A Japanese Restaurant'.

"Yeah, but we are almost broke. We should look for a job tomorrow." Buds replied.

"What's wrong?" asked Gorby. "You haven't been eating like you used too."

"I feel. darkness." Buds said. "Forget it. Uh, excuse me, cheque!" he called the waiter.

And paying their bill, they walked back to their apartment. It was dark, a bit too dark. But after experiencing something so odd, you tend to ignore such superficial details. But something was bothering Buds. He felt uneasy. And after a step, he knew why.

People started to fall down unconscious. Gorby and Buds looked in horror as the people fall, a shadow in front of them started to grow larger. Only a flash warned them that something, aimed at them, was thrown out of the shadow.

Jumping sideways in opposite directions, the object missed by centimeters and embedded in the asphalt. Buds' eyes narrowed.

"Who are you?" he asked.

"You. Give me your energy!" it said.

"Shit. Youma!" shouted Gorby.

"DIE!!!" it shouted. Buds moved fast and swiftly to avoid the other objects that the monster threw at him. "Gorby! Get in postion!!!" Buds shouted.


Saying that, Gorby ran to the shadows and his Sniper rifle came to his hand. Buds, on the other hand, was firing his two .45s while strafing sideways. The bullets hit and the monster shouted in pain, but didn't even show signs of weakening.

(It's not having any effect? If he is healing so fast, he must have a power source to keep him alive.) Buds thought. Looking at his opponent, he saw the crimson crystal in it's forehead. "Gorby! The forehead!"

"Got ya!!" he replied. A moment later, Buds heard him say "Damn, can't get a clear shot!"

Buds moved and moved, around circles in the enemy, using his short sword to slash it, from the front and the legs and the side. The monster shouted in rage and tried his best to hit Buds. Suddenly, Buds felt a hot energy enveloping the surrounding where he moved. He searched inside and felt a cool energy from his hand. Buds, not knowing what to do, focused his energy in his hands and shouted.

"Hiryu Shoten Ha!!!" and the youma felt something cold touch his whole body and was lifted up in the air. Before landing, Buds heard a shot and the youma screaming. It screamed in pain and melted. The only thing that explained it was Gorby shouting.

"Got 'im!" he said, walking out of the shadows. Buds smiled. It seems that their first encounter was successful.

"Who are you?" said a voice, originating from above. Both boys looked up and saw familiar figures.

"Is that. Sailor Moon? And Mars. And. crap, all the Inner Senshi's." Gorby stated to Buds, and he nodded. "Shall we take them?"

"No. I think it's to early." Buds said, breathing deeply. It seems the last move he did took a lot of effort. "Hello, Senshi's." he said out loud to them.

"Who are you?" asked Venus.

". Omega," Buds said, after thinking over the answer.

Gorby, knowing what was in Buds mind, also told his codename. "Sperminator."

Venus stiffed, and so did the others. "Sperm. minator?" Mars asked.

"Yes, got a problem, Re-" and Gorby was cut off by Buds hand implanted in his mouth.

"Hey. if we call them their real names, they might attack us." he whispered. "We know that you are the fighters of love and justice, fighting in the name of the moon," and he paused. "We, on the other hand, fight for what we believe in, and don't use corny lines." Buds said to them, while Gorby snickered.

"HEY!" Sailor Moon shouted.

"And we also don't use our legs to distract opponents," Gorby couldn't help but add.

All the Sailor Senshi cringed at that remark.

"It's funny. All they wear is a school uniform with different colors, but with a super short skirt that let's us see what color of panties they are wearing."

At that comment, the Senshi's closed their legs. "And they wear different shoes. Boots are preferred by them of course. but, tell me Sperminator, why does Mars where high heel shoes?"

"Because she was wearing a very red and sexy lingerie she usually wears, and didn't have time to change the shoes." and both laughed.

"HEY! TAKE THAT BACK!" Mars shouted feeling incensed.

"And take Venus for example, Omega, she uses chains. I wonder if she's in to bondage."

"WHAT?!" Venus shouted.

"Oh, that's nothing. Jupiter is so electrifying, the youma wants her for a battery."

"EXCUSE ME?!" Jupiter shouted.

"Don't forget Ami! She loves to tease a man with her 'wet look'!"

"HEY!" Mercury shouted.

"And finally, Moon! She practices Frisbee with her cat!" And after that, both laughed so hard they rolled on the floor. The Senshi's were insulted to the very core. They're auras of anger and hatred was starting to show.

"Anyway, next time we meet, we'll be enemies. Ja!" and saying this, both disappeared in the shadows. "Beware," the voice of Omega came, "the Sailor Senshi will meet us again, the Omminator."


"Who are they?" asked Sailor Moon. "It was dark we couldn't get to see their faces."

Luna, out of the shadows, appeared. "You must be careful. They destroyed a youma by themselves."

"And don't forget that. 'Omega' had made like a cyclone or something. And I scanned it. It was pure energy." Mercury said.

"Yeah. And that Sperminator had a sniper weapon." Venus stated.

"This sucks. Me? A battery?" asked Jupiter, shivering with anger.

"Wait a minute." asked Luna. "What did that Sperminator say at the last comment?"

"That Ami used her. Oh no!"

"They know me?" asked Mercury.

"That settles it. They are dangerous, and we should use the utmost caution!" Mars declared, and the others nodded.

Meanwhile, the objects of their hatred were running towards their apartment.

"Hey, cool trick!" Buds declared.

"Thanks. Well, actually, it was Rei's ShadowScreen Grenade. Instead of smoke, it releases dark stuff like a shadow."

When they both arrived at the entrance of their building, they walked slowly towards the elevator, and went towards their apartment.

"That was fun!" Buds declared.

"Yeah, can't believe how pissed they are."

"I can't believe you actually did the Hiryu Shoten Ha!"

"Me too. Maybe if I can train up, I'll be able to do it multiple times!" Buds said.

"Yeah. Anyway, tomorrow, I'll take care of our jobs." Gorby said.


"You dope. We need money!"

"Oh, yeah!" Buds replied. "Sure, go ahead. This isn't so bad after all."

---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------

Outside their building, exactly below the window of their apartment, Rei stood there with an emotionless gaze. "Oh, Buds. It's gonna heat up really soon." and she walked away.

To Be Continued.

========================================================================= NEXT!

Gorby finally got both of them a job with a high pay! But what's the catch?

And the Sailor Senshi are still seething because of the comments of the Omminator team, they try so hard to ignore them and concentrate in school. But what if the situation presents themselves in front of them? Will they take advantage of it?

Anyway, next on -Me Against all Odds-, Chapter 2: The True Faces of the Omminator =========================================================================