Rei hated her life by now. Quite a fine life she had until that Buds came in and ruined her life. She was mad at him, very mad.

After the defeat of the flame throwing Angel, Rei was left with very little clothes. Paparazzo came in and shot full of revealing photographs around the place. A little background info and wa-la! A wide spread area of newspapers with very wrong details of the fight. Some say that Rei was the armored flame thrower, some say she was a prostitute, but after all versions of gossip around her, the picture they took from her stayed the same.

A picture of a leggy young girl, stripped to her underwear, and to make it worse, it seems Buds knew that they were being taken photographs since he was smiling directly at the lens. A boy, arm around her shoulder, smiling. Rei was bombarded with questions asking who he was. Boyfriend, friend, lover and all she could do was shouting at her questioners. To make it worst, the people thought it would be funny to zoom in her panties and check with detail what cartoon character was there. Right in the crotch was the picture face of Charlie Brown, owner of Snoopy in Peanuts.


-Omega X Present-

-Me Against All Odds-

-Chapter 09: Final Battle, Part 1-

Rei dressed up and went to her class. Not one in many years was she so angry as she walked towards her school, an all-female school. Walking towards the front gate, it seems her worst fears came true as students gathered around the bulletin board. Stomping angrily, she cleared her way towards the bulletin board. She noticed that most students were smiling at her.

There it was again, the same photograph. Standing in the middle of an inferno, stripped to her skivvies, and Buds smiling, Rei growled and ripped the newspaper clipping.

Turning towards the students, her face showed rage no one seen before.

"Alright everybody," she said, forced calm. "It's been a week almost already! This SHIT ain't FUNNY NO MORE!"

The students had mixed reactions. One burst laughing, others were smiling, but most were trying to stifle their giggles.

"Alright? ENOUGH is ENOUGH!" Rei shouted. Stomping out the way, the students dispersed and some laughed. No one noticed a young man with dark shades and dark black fisherman hat. He wore sleeveless shirt and black jeans with white rubber shoes. The boy smirked and waited for the people to go away.

Once the coast was clear, the boy walked towards the bulletin board, took out a newspaper clipping and pasted the same photo which Rei took to it. Smiling at his own handiwork, the boy looked at it carefully. His phone suddenly rang.

"Hello? Oh, Hi Mara. Sure, I'm free. The park? See you there honey," and he hanged up. Whipping of his shades for a moment, it revealed Buds as he took a pen out and signed his name in the clipping.

{To Rei from the boy who you would love to hate. Listen to my fourth single, 3.14.} he wrote, and left.


Rei just sighed. She could have avoided coming early if she only knew if her teacher was absent. Fire reading gave her an edge of new enemies. True, it was not effective as Pluto's Time Gates, but it gave her an early warning.

(Now, why can't I get warned if the teacher is absent?) Rei thought. She hated Buds, more than ever.

"Hey, cool!" one of the girls in her left said. "The radio just released Omega's last single. They said they didn't want to since it was a bit naughty, but they agreed since Omega is such a hit."

"Three Point One Four? What is it about?" asked another girl.

"Mars again. It seems Omega either dislikes Mars or just teases her for the fun of it."

"Oh, come on! Louder! I want to hear it!"


[Buds' Voice]
...So my love for her died quicker than a batch of Sea Monkeys
Early bird gets the worm she spread her legs, I spread the word
So what if I'm not the smartest peanut in the turd
I'm black which goes with everything white but I rate Mars as flattened
And I'm looking for the kind of girl that reminds me of my girlfriend
But it's hard to find a girl with a viper tattooed on her tushy
And how many Senshis do you know that can play the harmonica with their pussies?
Like em' easy and hot and sweet like a Rice Krispie Treat gee
You know what I really want for Mars? Mach 3

MArs need to shave her vagina
Any kind of razor for her vagina
It's hard to fuck Mars' vagina
Cause her pubic hair reaches as from here to North Carolina...


Rei didn't let the song to be finished as she lost her temper. The chorus was directly towards her as she stood up, grabbed the radio from the girls hand and threw it with all her might towards a wall. The radio smashed to pieces.

"HEY!" the girl with the radio said. "That radio was a very -"

"SHUT - UP!" Rei said, shaking with rage. She stormed out of the class, hitting about three girls in her way.

"What's wrong with her?"

"I heard she is a Sailor Mars fan..."

"She hates Omega, huh?"

Rei didn't only hate Omega. She detested him. She loathed him. She wanted, by now, to torture him, slowly, painfully. She pictured herself with a dominatrix outfit and Buds in his knees, begging for forgiveness. Of course, she wouldn't forgive him. She'd torture him more and more. She'd use every part of her mind and body to make sure Buds will go to hell without his demoness girlfriend.

Walking down towards the entrance gate, she noticed again another picture of her in her skivvies, and now with a note. Reading it quickly, it didn't help her temper anymore.

"You just signed your death warrant, Buds..." she said in a whisper, but her voice was hard and full of rage. "PREPARE TO DIE!"

Somewhere in Nerima, Mousse and Ryouga both sneeze.

=Juuban Park=

A very nice place for lovers to visit; green sceneries, birds singing, a demon and a demoness walking. Everything was in the park.

Mara was having a grand time with Buds now, as hey were under a tree, French kissing all the way towards the afternoon. For the past week after the last angel was blown up, there were no signs of anymore attacks. This relieved Buds greatly for Mara invited him to her home.

The whole week they spent sweating in bed, making love like there was no tomorrow. In the bed, in the kitchen, in the dining table, in the shower; they only took a brake when Buds left every morning to paste Rei's pictures in her school Bulletin Board.

So as not to make some boys here *cough* aroused, let's just say that the two lovers were now hanging out in the bright park where they talked everything under the sun.

"So, how is the boss treating you?" Buds asked Mara.

Ever since Mara unintentionally gave Buds demonic powers, Mara needed a lot of explaining. She had to sign papers, meet kamis and keeping Buds underShe?" total surveillance. Not that Buds complained about the last part too much. He thoroughly enjoyed it, as a matter of fact.

"Boss is calming down now. It seems the appearances of Angels are making a short work out of arguments," Mara replied. She looked at Buds straight in the eye. "So, how was your week?"

"You should know," Buds replied. "You were there with me."

"Oh yes..." she said, looking at Buds. "Score?"

"I am winning by one. Anyway, enough of this foolish blather. How was the meeting?"

"Bad. We tried to get locate the last Angel, but it seems she just slips away from our hands," Mara said, looking a bit more serious.

"She?" Buds asked.

"Yes she. That's all we found put about the last one," Mara said. "Say, isn't that Gorby and Hotaru?"

Buds looked at Mara's direction and saw the two. They were, as always, talking. Buds smiled and motioned Mara to come with him.

Walking towards the two lovebirds, Buds called and waved at them. Gorby, hearing Buds' voice, looked and frowned.

"Are they following us again?" Gorby complained.

"I don't think so," murmured Hotaru, looking at Mara. She was smiling widely.

"Hey, I never knew you guys also went here!" Buds declared, smiling at both of them. "We were passing here as well."

"That's a coincidence," Gorby replied sarcastically.

"I know!" Buds said, smiling quite a while. "So, how is life for you, Mr. S-Minator?"

"Fine, OMG. May I ask what are you doing in the park?" Gorby asked.

"Oh, taking a break. After all, you can't physically exert yourself to the maximum in bed..." Buds said, and got punched by Mara before he finished his sentence.

"Gorby, why are you blushing?" Hotaru asked.

Gorby tried to cover his face. "No, nothing.

"Is it something what Buds said?"

"Well, ye - Ooff! - I mean, no!" Buds said after getting an elbow from Gorby.

Hotaru shrugged. Boys will be boys.

"Hey, come on," Mara said at Hotaru. "Walk with us!"

"Sure!" Hotaru replied.

Then, beside each other's love, they walked together to the park, talking about nothing as time passed by.

=Juuban Streets=

One of the tallest building in Tokyo, where everything could be seen, a lone woman watched the sun set in the horizon. Most of her comrades are dead now, because of two boys, 9 magical girls, and interfering kamis and demoness.

But not anymore! She had the perfect plan which guaranteed defeat of her enemies. Now that she knew the identities of the, she planned her attack thoroughly.

"Rise all the unbelievers! Thou shall fear the name of GILD!"

The place shook as buildings exploded. Buds and Gorby looked nervously as the scene erupted into war as buildings exploded. Bath Spas and retreat zones exploded as Gorby and Buds frantically grabbed their girlfriends and retreated for cover.

Once the explosions were over, Buds stood up and his jaw dropped. Every bath house and spa buildings were destroyed.

And in the middle of the chaos, Buds could see a floating figure, flying towards them. It was female, with long blonde hair and green eyes. It was Gild, their boss at the Golden Spa.

"So, we meet again, Buds," she said.

"YOU!" Buds shouted. "You're the final Angel?"

"Well, of course. As you can see, I will fulfill my mission!" Gild said.

"What mission is that? Wiping humanity?" Buds asked.

"No!" Gild replied, looking a bit shock. "I planned to destroy all bath houses and spas so that the Golden Spa will be the only one left alive to run the show!"

"I thought it was the end of humanity you were after...?" Gorby said.

"Well, yeah, after the Golden Spa will be the only bath house left standing. I will kill them all slowly by making them relax to death!"

"You fiend! I won't allow such sorcery!" Buds declared.

"Uh... Kuno?" Mara asked.

"No! I'm just copying him! Don't I sound cool?"


Hotaru came forward as well. "I'm helping!"

Gorby grabbed her shoulders. "No, Hotaru. She is the last angel, so she must be very powerful. Get the Senshi, transform and join us as quickly as you can," Gorby whispered.

"I'll help her," Mara said. "I can teleport her to all their locations to get here quickly."

"Go," Buds said. Guns appeared from his hands. "We'll hold her back."

Hotaru nodded and Mara and her disappeared. Gorby smiled, and out came his sniper rifle.

"Is this our final battle?" Gorby asked.

"Maybe. Let's go..."

Buds walked towards the flying Gild while Gorby took a position, kneeling with one knee and sniper rifle in his arm. He aimed.


Gild just smiled and sidestepped, but all Gorby could see was blur. Buds, able to distinguish Gild through the blur, shot his guns towards where she was. Each bullet were dodged and when the last bullet was shot, automatically Buds jumped upwards and tried attacking Gild in hand to hand combat, guns disappearing.

Gorby just watched and his brow sweating. He couldn't take a shot, unless Buds was out of the way. Training his eye on the blurs, he began to wait.

"KACHUU TENSHIN AMAGURIKEN!" Buds shouted and his hand blurred as he drove a hundred punches in five seconds, but Gild, who could dodge bullets, just avoided the punches as she deflected three and retaliated with a very powerful kick which made Buds fly towards the ground.

"ENERGY SHOT!" Gorby shouted as he pulled the trigger, and the bullet with more Kinetic Energy came out. With added velocity, it hit Gild. The bullet went through her shoulder as Gild tried to dodge it.

She looked at her shoulder, and she grit her teeth. The boys were more trouble than she anticipated. Not only that, they just put a hole in her dress. All the nerve they had!

She shouted in rage as she built up her power and aimed at Gorby. The energy ball was too big to dodge if she fired it, and Gorby would surely be fried.

"HIRRYU SHOTEN HA!" Buds shouted from the ground as he raised his hands up in the air. His cold energy mixed with Gilds hot energy and it created a violent wave of a violent tornado going upwards.

"AAAAGGGHHHH!" Gild shouted as she felt herself being torn as the energy continued to spiral around her.

"ALRIGHT!" Buds said as his hands were still up in the air.

Gild grit her teeth. Using the energy ball she built up, she aimed downwards and fired.

"Oh shit.,." Buds said as he saw the energy come towards him.


The explosion was violent as the ground shook. Buds flew towards another tree and hit his head with the trunk.

"I'LL KILL YOU! YOU RUINED MY DRESS!" Gild shouted and her whole body glowed red.

Gorby grit his teeth. "ENERGY SHOT!" he shouted as he shot another bullet with his sniper rifle. The bullet went straight towards the target and before it could hit her, she unleashed her final move.

"ANGEL WING!" and out sprouted two wings which closed around her body. The bullet bounced off her. "NOW YOU WILL PAY!"

And without warning, the feathers straightened and launched themselves everywhere in a circular arc and it hit everything in sight.

Gorby jumped towards the side to dodge the feathers and even though he dodged most of them, he got hit by 20 feathers in his side. He went down hard with twenty feathers painfully impaled in his side.

Buds was no different as he just saw the feathers approach him just in time as he raised his hands to cover himself. The feathers impaled him in the stomach, legs and his hands which covered his face.

Gild looked at the two figures. She laughed.

"Now, it is done!" she said as she approached them for the kill.

Unknown to her, Mara and the 8 Sailor Senshi were teleporting back towards the park to defeat her. Nor did she know that the missing Senshi was right in the park, her rage was evident as she glowed in a crimson aura. She was after Buds.

To Be continued...


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