Before this story begins I feel it's only right I introduce myself my name is Cariel I'm an angel of the lord. This is the tale of how I ended up on earth ordered to protect a child at all costs for his foreseeable future.

I'd always been envious of humans, they had free will could do what they wanted could even start familys while I was forced to watch them silent as a marble statue interior hard as stone for I was a warrior of God and such things were strictly forbidden. I was stationed to look after the potter family and protect them at all costs this was how I found myself in search of a vessel when I learned the people I was ordered to protect Lily and her unborn son were in grave danger from a dark lord who was now seeking them out in order to kill the child. I was now ordered to find a vessel introduce myself to the potters and never let them leave my sight until the threat was handled.

You see Lily potter and her child were one of the 66 seals that could open Lucifer's cage if one of them broke it would be Chaos demons everywhere would line up for the chance to free their master Heaven could not risk this happening which was why she was sent to them, Cariel was a good warrior and had fought many battles in heaven she was even a group commander they knew if anyone could protect a seal effeciatly it was her.

I found a vessel one who was in a coma and helped her move on to Heaven after I was granted permission to enter her vessel of coarse. I began walk down the dark corridors where the meeting for what the witches and wizards called the "Order' taking place they were an organization the potters were apart of they were a group that was doing the best they could to stop the war with the dark lord. Cariel walked briskly to the door and with one glance the door busted open the table of the surrounding witches and wizards were on their feet in an instant pointing their wands and shooting spells at her, however they all merely bounced off. Cariel continued her walk until she was standing right next to the red headed pregnant Lily Evans however a man blocked her way Cariel put two fingers to his head and he was out like a light.

She looked around at everyone else questionably they all held their hands up in fear an anticipation she smirked and turned to Lily who spoke so softly only she could hear. "Who the hell are- what the hell are you." Lily said while holding her stomach protectively.


There is no need to fear Lily Evans I've been ordered to protect you, I am Cariel angel of the lord." Cariel spoke monotone with an air of great confidence and power. everyone looked on in disbelief when lightning flashed and Cariels large wings illuminated in the shadows.

Whispers began from all around some in awe others in fear no one could believe angels where real and yet hear one was standing right before them.