"Your message, your ministry, your influence is built from your flaws. People relate to HUMANITY...not perfection."
― Mandy Hale,

I finally found were Castiel had disappeared too he was on a mission to retrieve fallen angel Anna or better known to them as Anael back to heaven were she would be promptly executed. However the Winchesters had butted in and taken it into their own hands and because of this if Castiel showed leniency toward them Naomi would probably do the same to him as she had tried to do to her and then her location would be compromised that's how she found herself fighting off angels who had come for Anna when she had agreed to meet Cariel here in this abandoned old car garage when angels had rudely interrupted them Cariel ruthlessly disposed of them much to Anna's horror and….. disgust? Please, Cariel thought like she has the right to judge.

Cariel turned around to Anna and began stalking toward her threateningly Anna kept backing away until she hit the wall. Cariel stopped walking satisfied and smirked.

"I suppose you're wondering why I called you here, well it's rather simple actually you're going to give yourself over to Castiel willingly." Cariel said with a wicked grin.

"And if I don't. Anna challenged finding her voice but Cariel could sense the underlying terror underneath it. She was afraid of her good. Cariel swiftly slammed Anna against the wall raising the angel blade to her throat.

"I think you and I both know what would happen then." She whispered in Anna's ear. Pressing the blade further across Anna's skin until Anna grimaced as blood started to drip from her neck." I'll kill you and send you into heavens awaiting arms anyways." She said in a sickly sweet tone releasing Anna who placed a hand against her bleeding neck.

"What are you getting out of this any way." Anna asked desperately.

"Well if Castiel show's mercy because of the humans in his care he's likely to get reprogramed and in that process they're surely to find out where I am." She explained boredly, twirling her angel blade. "So here's the deal you have exactly one hour to say goodbye to the Winchesters before turning yourself in if you don't by then I'll gladly deliver you to heaven myself. Cariel briskly backed away and with a strong flutter of wings left a distraught Anna behind.

Cariel was ready to face Castiel she knew it was now or never if she didn't do it now the other angels would get to him. Cariel knew it would be hard but she had faith in him faith he could see her side. She was going to convince Castiel to fall to disobey heaven.

"Cariel." Came a gravelly voice she adored all to much. There Castiel stood wearing his trench coat like always staring at her flecks of concern in his beautiful blue eyes.

Outside Anna stood all by herself ready to be taken to heaven she knew there was know middle coarse ether way she was screwed. in no time at all she found herself being dragged by two male angels to a place she had hoped never again to go back to.

it was now or never...