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Chapter 7: Brought back to life

Tents, trees, and men filled the great forest. It was hidden from the rest of China. It was kept secret from others even the Emperor himself knew nothing of it. It was something the solders had kept in case of an emergency. Flags were held up high representing China, the country the men loved and spent their life making sure that it did not fall. It was men like Chang Lu that kept his men under control and prepared for the worst.

As more and more men came in on their horses they brought alone with them every so often men, women and children from villages that had be burnt down or savaged over by know the ruling Chi Fu. Though life was hard over China there was still hope and new rumors now traveled through the ways of solders and villagers that hope was not lost that it was in deed saved.

Chang Lu walked proudly through the grounds of his camp and examined everything and everyone making sure that everything was in order and well and that everyone who needed to be treated were treated. The sun shined through the dense forest only showing through parts of the trees that were not blocked by leaves or bark. As the sun shined through much of the camp he looked forward to see the medical tent, the one where Mulan now laid in. He smiled to himself and made his way to the tent.

"My dear Captian...oh man you did good....," said a man who came from behind and jumped in front of Chang and patting him on the back. "I can't believe you found her and actually got out of there alive!"

"Well it wasn't easy but I'm just glad that I found will not only bring hope to the people but also our solders."

"Very true.... Sad to hear though the great Li Shang has been taken..."

"Li Shang? Can't be.... When did this?"

"I'm not sure Captain my team of men tried to look into it but had no luck. But all we know that he has been taken and something tells me not only was he the one that brought Mulan to the palace to Chi Fu but that he will be back again...."

"Hm..... Sounds like something Chi Fu would do...they did go to war it's quite possible. We have to make sure that she stays safe and out of sight and as well as all of us." Chang paused and began to walk forward but to his tent, which was larger, then the rest. "Tao if you can you think you can take your group to scout out and see what's going on? Chi Fu is probably sending his men now to go look for her."

"Yes, sir...."

"Good....." Tao bowed and left the tent as well as Chang who was behind. Chang took pride in his men, every single man was someone different and was important and did not see them as numbers in a group but as actual people. He sighed as he watched Tao and ten others gather there horses and leave camp. His thought went to his friend Shang. Li Shang and Chang were good friends through the army but were separated a year ago and taken to other camp sights.

"Sir?" a man of small elder stature approached him, bowing down then looked up at Chang with a grin, "She is up, the heroin is up and well."

"Take me to her." Chang Lu ordered politely. He felt a little excited that Mulan was up again and doing well. As he entered the tent, a thin sheer cloth came from the top of the tent and covered the entire bed. Chang cleared his throat as he noticed Mulan still lying down in bed. He approached with soft steps and moved the sheer cloth away and sat near the bed. Her eyes still shut her breathing soft and calm. Her wounds were treated and wrapped. Light shone through the side of the tent, highlighting her beauty and giving her that glow of an angle.

"A pretty little thing isn't she?" Bang the doctor said interrupting Chang from studying Mulan at the state that she was in. Chang smiled and laughed, turning his head to Bang and eyeing him to shut up. He turned back and noticed that she was beginning to squint her eyes open.

She moaned and groaned still in much pain from her wounds, she opened her eyes and looked above to see the light hitting the top of the tent, she looked over to her right and noticed that she wasn't alone. Though frightened at first, a flash back of her on horse with the man and many other solders refilled her mind, and she remembered his face.

"How are you?" Chang Lu asked.

"Better, thank you..." She answered, with her voice being cracked still from the harsh treatment that she had taken in the time through the cells.

"Food is going to be brought soon, are your thirsty?"


"Here..." he handed her a cup of water. She downed it quickly.

"Where are we?" She asked.

"Somewhere safe, somewhere no one can find."

"What's happened so far?"

"Many homes and lives have been taken because of Chi Fu and we still don't know how he is doing all this.... Li Shang has also been taken."

"What? He's taken?"

"Yes.... You know him then?"

"YES...well I mean we were in camp and....well...What's going to happen we got to get him back?"

"Yes I know but right now its far to dangerous, they are all out looking for you and its believed to be that Chi Fu sent Shang after and is doing it again. So we must keep you safe and out of sight." Chang Lu explained.

Mulan felt her heart gave out, as if it was torn into two pieces and stepped on. The sudden flash backs of her and her father, the solders.... It was all coming together. The solder in all the black had a familiar figure, which she was now soon realizing that it was probably Shang. She feared and hoped that it wasn't him. "He wouldn't...Would he?" she whispered to herself.

"I'm sorry what was that?"

"Oh.... Nothing.... I said nothing, but who are you?"

"Captain Chang Lu."

Mulan nodded. "Thank you for saving me...."

"No need to thank me.... Just doing what needed to be done." Chang Lu responded. Mulan smiled. As the Bang came closer he held a huge tray that carried mountains of food just for her, knowing that she has not eaten in days. "Go ahead and eat..."

"Thank you...." Mulan still weak dove into the food and began to devour as much as she could. The food reached her mouth and replenished her taste buds again, even though it had only been a few days without food or water she felt as if she had not eaten in years. It felt good to feel the cold refreshing taste of water and tea trickle down her throat and to have the warm tasty rice, bread and noodles make its way to her mouth and down her throat.

Chang smiled, "Well your having no problem eating." He began to laugh. Mulan stopped and swallowed what she had in her mouth.


Chang raised his hand, "Don't be.... You haven't eaten...go ahead and enjoy and if you need me just tell the Bang here and he will come and get me."

"Ok...thank you...." Chang got up and bowed slightly and made his way to the flap of the tent, "Chang...." He stopped and looked over at Mulan. "What's going to happen to Shang?"

"I'm not sure.... But this will be put to a stop I assure you." Mulan nodded and smiled. "I'll be sure to tell you everything that is going on, since you are the master of plans from what I hear." Mulan smiled and began to giggle. Chang bowed once more and left the tent.