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It was cold. And strangely silent out in the usually chaotic streets. But that afternoon, the world seemed to be put on hold. Some weren't sure what was happening in New York the past few days; rumors were circulating that gangs were terrorizing the city. But there was no debris from any bombs found in any of the locations that had the most damage. The police were stumped. Little did anyone know, the disturbances were bigger than anything they could imagine.

Of course, what concern of this was to the young girl, checking her suitcase for the hundredth time; three blouses, two pairs of knickers and stockings, along with a pair of flat shoes had to be enough for the time being. As the girl blew out most of the candles that littered her room, one remained lit, as day slowly turned into night. As she finished packing the essentials, toothbrush, matches, along with her one way ticket out of New York, she closed her suitcase and shoved it under her bed.

Taking a seat near her open window, she gazed at her small world. Living in an apartment on the first floor could be tedious. But to 16 year old Louise Rudd, what mattered more to her was what was outside. There seemed to be an endless story, if you will, about the people she spotted roaming the streets. She wanted to be part of something like that, but she was as sure as Hell she wasn't going to find it in New York City. Lou's whole life she lived there, but not once did she feel like she could actually be something. And that was why she depended on her ticket so much. It was a ticket for a ship that was preparing to leave three days from now. A chance for her to leave, hopefully forever.

It had finally turned into night and knowing about this time, especially in Winter, it would mean that nobody was crazy enough to walk about Central Park at night. Nobody except for Lou, of course. She enjoyed having somewhere open where she could be alone and 10:00 at night in the freezing cold wasn't exactly paradise for her, just a small vacation from the apartment she lived in with her parents.

Looking in the mirror, she pulled an old wool coat over herself, that hid her blouse and her waist. She appreciated her skinny build, it made the coat feel much more roomy. As she ruffled her shoulder length, curly red hair out of the collar, she quickly glanced at her face. Her looks? Fair.

The other thing Lou loved about her skinny build, it allowed her to climb out of the window and onto the sidewalk. "Chilly", she said, as she felt the cool night air hit her face. Leaving only a crack open on the sill, the young teen nodded at how stealthily she pulled that off yet again.

Instinctively, she looked around to make sure nobody noticed. It was clear. Smiling, she shoved her hands into her pockets and began to head towards Central Park.

A block or so later, she made her way to another less populated Avenue, but took her time to stare at the shops; bookstores, cafes, those expensive boutiques, etc. It wasn't until Lou heard a soft buzzing that she realized the sound was coming from her right ear. Naturally, she swatted thinking it to be a fly.

As she continued walking the buzzing returned, but this time it was above her now. Looking up, at first she became blinded by the streetlight, but a few moments later the source came into view.

Stopping in her tracks, Lou realized the "fly" was moving very fast in front of her. But it wasn't a fly at all, from what she could see, it would be best described as a blue moth, honeybee hybrid. Ignoring the urge to swat at it, Lou seemed strongly captivated by it. Not being able to get a good look at it annoyed her very much. "It" however, didn't fly away, but remained flying around her.

"What are you?", asked Lou, knowing full well she wouldn't get a response. She held out her hand, palm up, and a few moments later, the insect plopped into her hand appearing to rest, it was freezing. Smiling, she gently used one finger to pet the mysterious creature.

"Well, I guess you are a new type of species", she muttered, as she leaned against the brick wall next to her. "I suppose your company won't bother me too much." Suddenly she felt ridiculous. Here she was, talking to a bug. But it was company, none the less. "Want to join me in Central Park? I can show you where the pond is, also the one spot I know where it's perfect for taking walks without slipping on the ice", she joked, surprised when he answered her by buzzing. She chuckled. "Okay, then."

She just as gently placed the bug on her shoulder. He adjusted himself so he could sit comfortably next to her left ear. With one last glance at the little bugger, Lou continued to walk, thinking the last minutes of her life were odd.

Making it to the crosswalk, she turned her head just in time to clearly see a heavyset man run to meet a much more slim fellow, who shattered some glass and climbed into a window of the local jewelry store.

A/N- Yes, this is the one Billywig that had gotten out of Newt's case. I know it's still loose because the last time that Billywig is seen is when Newt is taken to Tina's apartment and it was never seen again... Until now.

Also, I know what you're all thinking. "It's just a tiny little insect, what harm could it do?" Be that as it may, Billywigs are known to sting people and make them levitate. Not dangerous, but still strange and noticeably magical.