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There was indeed destruction near Central Park, more so in the zoo itself. Most of the structures had been blown to bits, the rest on the verge of collapsing all together.

As the trio got closer to the abandoned tourist trap, they had to dodge the Ostrich that was sprinting toward them; Jacob staggered a bit to keep it from running into him. He immediately glared at Lou, who snickered at his expense.

If the creature was as big as Newt said, Lou was confused as to why he hadn't brought anything useful to capture it, then again, that same night it was revealed to her that magic was real, so what did she know?

As she watched him pull out protective gear from his case, she was even more confused as to why he thought he was going to put it on her. She raised her fist in a threatening manner, reminding him that she didn't like being touched. Hesitant at first, Newt got the hint, and put it on Jacob instead, along with a helmet; Lou snickered again.

"Now there's absolutely nothing for you two to worry about", said Newt with a confidence they had never heard him use before.

"Has anyone believed you when you told them not to worry", asked Jacob.

"Well, my philosophy is worrying means you suffer twice", said Newt just before running ahead of them deeper into what was left of the zoo.

Jacob and Lou followed, both quite unsure of the reasons they were still going along with this strange man.

"You really do look great", joked Lou. She finally started to kind of warm up to Jacob. Even though he seemed to notice, he wouldn't be swayed so easily. He smirked none the less.

The pair caught up with the Magizoologist, who had pulled a small vile from his pocket and poured some of the contents on his wrist. He then handed the vile to Jacob. "Musk, she's mad for it", said Newt. He kept his eyes locked on the giant Rhino like creature standing in one of the enclosures, as she cornered an agitated Hippopotamus. Seeing as how she was distracted, Newt had walked a few feet behind her, opened his case on the ground, and started to preform an unusual type of dance.

His companions stared at each other before continuing to watch from behind a brick wall as the Erumpent now turned her attention to the Brit shaking his bosom around, and rolling on the ground.

"And here I thought he was a genius", piped up Lou.

"Really?", asked Jacob.

"No, that was sarcasm."

Jacob chuckled. "You have to admit, he is something else."

"And if by something you mean complete loon, you are correct", laughed Lou. She truly never had met anyone like Mr. Scamander. Granted he did seem like a bit of an oddity, but that didn't always have to be a bad thing. If he was to be a professional and was trusted enough to care for these creatures, who was to say he wasn't truly a genius? Wizard or not? After what seemed like an eternity, the creature had rolled on its back and was about to roll over the case. Lou wasn't sure why Newt looked excited if his precious case was going to be crushed. Staring next to her, she saw Jacob smelling the vile, and from his expression it couldn't have smelt good.

The next moments went by in a flash. The Erumpent had suddenly became interested in Jacob, since the musk had been dumped on him seemed to have a stronger affect. It was a good thing for that protective gear, for the wannabe baker had become the target of the charging beast that was determined to do whatever she wanted with him.

The moment the Erumpent had run into the walls, she caused them to explode creating even more rubble. Lou had to dodge most of the debris as pieces of bricks had landed on top of her as she had fell, trying to shield her head with her suitcase. As soon as the ground had stopped shaking, she quickly stood up and started to dust herself off as she looked around, hearing Jacob's cries for help. Nearly tripping her way over towards Newt, she saw him kneeling next to one of the monkeys playing with a stick. Why was he wasting time trying to deal with a stupid animal. The minute he saw her stumbling towards him, he gestured for her to stop.

"What are you doing?!", she whispered, kneeling next to him.

Newt panted, trying to keep his attention on the wild animal that was biting the stick. "My wand...no, no. Don't do that!" The monkey started to bang the wand on the ground.

Without needing him to explain more, Lou understood on how important it was to get it back. Placing her suitcase on the ground, she opened it, reaching one hand in and pulled out the matches she had packed. Closing the case, she lit one of the matches and held it out arms length as the flame was blazing. "Look, pretty", she said, attempting to get the monkey's attention. The minute she threw the lit match over into the snow, the monkey had smashed the wand on the ground, causing him to fly backwards before he ran towards the small air of smoke.

Retrieving his wand, Newt looked it over to be sure it wasn't as broken as it already appeared. Adjusting his wand he had placed inside his coat, he stared down near the frozen lake where Jacob was being chased by the heated Erumpent.

Ecstatic, Newt turned to the ginger. "Lou, do you trust me?"

She was taken back, she stopped trusting people long ago. "What?"

"Do you trust me?"

There was a split second of them staring hard into each others eyes. Not meaning to, she absentmindedly nodded.

Taking that as a yes, Newt grabbed her sleeve. They disapparated.