Based on 'Death in Paradise' Rose Tyler has taken a different direction and gone to live on the island of Saint Marie. Her stepfather knows the police commissioner of the island so Rose trains as a police officer, soon making it to sergeant under the guidance of DS Camille Bordey. Their boss though is often MIA so when he turns up dead, a replacement is sent for. Enter one DI Alec Hardy, who is hiding from the media, his ex wife, the families of the two girls (one killed, one missing and who felt he let the killer get away) and he's also been hiding a severe life threatening illness. Not only that, the wife of the main suspect from the Sandbrook case gets him to hide her from her husband as she has turned on him so when he is offered the chance to leave the country, he grasps it like he was deserting a sinking ship. He has to get over his hatred of sun, sea and the never ending sky, will Rose help him or hinder him?

Rose had completed her Torchwood training but all was quiet and she had been bored. She'd been in the alternate universe four years but after two and a half, she wanted to do more than sit in a fancy office and hope something would happen.

Pete had taken his family on holiday to the tiny island of Saint Marie, where he came across an old friend who was the commissioner of the island's police force and after inviting Selwyn Patterson, who could have been the assassinated president's twin brother as Rose had to look twice at him, Pete asked his old friend a huge favour.

"Yes of course Pete, if that is what your stepdaughter wants to do," the commissioner had told him over a drink in the villa they had rented.

"She wants to do something else Selwyn, she's had her Torchwood training but things are a bit too quiet for her. If I arrange for somewhere for her to live and she comes back, can she train on the job?" Pete had asked him.

"I don't see why not, we have a British DI here and a female DS, Rose can train as an officer while taking her sergeant's exams. She keeps staring at me though," the commissioner smiled as they sat beside the pool.

Rose was talking to her mother.

"I hope dad can arrange it with him," Rose told her.

"I don't see why not Rose but I bet he's wondering why you're staring at him."

"I told ya Mum, they had a president in Britain, he looks just like him and I watched him get deleted by the Cybermen, it's creepy to say the least."

"You don't say it's creepy when you see that actor who looks like the Doctor," Jackie smiled.

"That's because I know it's not him Mum. Mind you, that detective in the Sandbrook case looks a bit like him but not with that hairstyle, you saw him on TV when that killer got set free."

"Well they had no evidence thanks to that detective, he seems to be lying low, I wonder where he'll get sent to?" Jackie asked.

"As long as it's not here if I get the job."

Six weeks later, Rose was at the airport, most of her belongings being forwarded by a shipping company and a villa all ready for her to move into, Mickey going with her for a week to settle her in. She was going to train under DS Camille Bordey, whom she'd met briefly before going home and they'd got along just fine although the DI, Richard Poole had been a bit stuffy with her and told Camille she was responsible for her.

As Rose was preparing to fly out, Alec Hardy had been called to the chief's office in Sandbrook and been told he'd have to wait a while longer for his transfer.

"I can't stay here much longer, you know that," Alec was telling the chief inspector. "It's not only Tess but everything else."

"It's not like you to let people bother you Alec," he was told. "Just do the job and when something comes up, you'll get first choice."

It wasn't that Alec was in a hurry, apart from Claire Ripley getting him to go to the clinic with her and his own medical problem he was trying hard not to give any clues about to his superiors. Now though, he'd been getting messages from her that she wanted to see him and she didn't know how much longer she could live next door to the Gillespies even though Ricky had moved out due to Cate's drinking and the endless rows that Claire could hear though the walls, which were mostly about her and Lee.

He went to see Claire after work one night, hoping Cate wasn't looking out of the upstairs window to see if Lisa had come back.

"I told you Claire, as soon as I get a transfer, I'll help you get away but I can't do anything right now. I live in a tiny bedsit near the station and Tess already thinks the worse after I got you to testify against Lee," he told her when she'd asked him to get her out again. "That's apart from the press who won't let things drop," he added, staying away from the window.

"Let Tess think what she wants Alec, why should you care?" Claire asked, sipping her mug of tea.

"If I have any chance of seeing my daughter then yes, I do care. Just hold out a bit longer, Lee's left the country, you'll be safe enough from him," Alec assured her.

"Well I hope you're right Alec, I took a big risk turning on him. Should I change the locks?"

Alec was hoping not, since he still had a spare key in case she did something stupid.

Rose and Mickey had been transferred to a smaller plane on the mainland and Mickey thought she'd take up the cargo hold with her luggage alone, which got him his arm whacked.

"You're not boarding the Tardis you know," Mickey had joked while waiting at the departure gate.

"Shut up Mickey, why don't ya tell everyone? Come on it's our turn, get your passport out again."

Once they arrived at Saint Marie airport and got a taxi to the rented villa, Mickey surprised the black and red cab could get anywhere, someone from the rental agency was there to greet them and Mickey dragged everything inside but all Rose wanted to do was get changed and go cool off in the swimming pool.

Camille Bordey had been sitting at her desk, Richard hogging the fan again as it was hotter than usual when Rose called and since Fidel and Dwayne were out, she answered it.

"Oh hello Rose, you've arrived then?" she asked, Richard pretending he wasn't interested.

"Hi Camille, yeah, so I'll come for my induction tomorrow then? Do I need a uniform?"

"No, the agreement was you would be plain-clothes since you know the basics. See you tomorrow then and if you feel like going out later, get a cab to Catherine's bar, we'll all be there."

"Is that your mother's bar?" Rose asked.

"Yes, we usually go after work, she's looking forward to meeting you."

"Great but maybe not tonight, I feel like I've been time-travelling across different time-zones," Rose joked.

Camille laughed. "You have Rose. I have to go, Fidel and Dwayne just got back, see you tomorrow then?"

The next day, she and Mickey got a cab into the town and she was meeting him later to pick up the car Pete had arranged for her to hire.

"I'll just look around then?" Mickey asked as they got out in the market place outside the Honoré police station. He then saw Camille standing on the veranda and Rose waved to her.

"She must have been waiting for you," Mickey commented. "Maybe you can introduce us later?" he smirked.

"You're only here a week Mickey, forget it," Rose smiled.

"Doesn't mean I have to be a hermit Rose," he protested as she gave him a shove.

After the introductions and Richard finally asking her about the weather back home, Camille gave her a quick tour of the island, getting back in time to meet Mickey.

"Come and have lunch with me," Camille insisted.

"Well I'll have to bring Mickey with me, I have to go pick up the hire car."

"Fine, bring him, my mother can flirt with him," Camille laughed.

Back home, Alec wasn't having such a good time as Tess continued to flaunt the fact they were just about divorced and she was showing off in the canteen with Dave, who Alec couldn't imagine had ever been her type but he was loud-mouthed and maybe that was where he himself had gone wrong.

Rose soon settled down to life on the island as Mickey went home, promising she'd go back for Christmas if not before so she went to see him off.

"Call if it gets too much Rose," he told her at the airport.

"Yeah, I'll keep up with what's going on back home, unlike DI Poole, anyone would think there was no such thing as the internet. I think he sort of likes Camille a bit but maybe it's my imagination?"

"Don't go playing matchmaker Rose," Mickey laughed as his flight was called.

Rose and Camille became good friend and Dwayne often stopped by at night to make sure she was okay even though the villa was alarmed and monitored and Camille sometimes stayed over at the weekend when they would laugh and joke by the pool. They were at work one afternoon in July when Rose had been there four months and ready to take her sergeant's exams along with Fidel when Rose saw something on the news about a boy being found on a beach on the south coast of England.

"It doesn't concern us," Richard told her as she pointed it out.

"Yeah, sorry Sir but it's just I have a younger brother, it caught my attention."

"Yes, I know you have a young brother Rose but he doesn't live in Dorset, does he? I'm sure your parent's wouldn't let him out on his own anyway," Richard continued, Camille looking at Rose across the desk.

Richard looked again at the screen. "Oh don't tell me they actually put him in charge?" he asked as Alec appeared on the screen giving an interview.

Rose looked to where he pointed in a corner of the screen, a live broadcast and Rose could never work out the time difference but knew they were roughly four hours behind Britain.

"He was in charge of the Sandbrook case," Rose said out loud.

"Well observed Rose, how did he manage to get a job there?" Richard asked no-one in particular.

Alec had been thinking exactly the same thing as he'd got back from the beach that morning after getting under Ellie Miller's skin already before they were properly introduced and she'd already proved to him and herself she could never have been in charge of what was about to be a major incident.

They had done nothing but argue apart from being in the Latimer house and now he'd slammed his office door and was sat with his head on his hands when Ellie tapped on the door.

"Sir, the coroner is ready to see you," she told him as he looked up. "The press are still outside, my car's around the back."

He thought that was the most sensible thing she'd done since they'd met which seemed a lot longer than the few hours it had actually been.

"I just wanted to say I'm sorry about my nephew releasing Danny's name," she added as he got his coat.

"I don't want excuses Miller, you tell him if he does it again, he'll have more than you to worry about," he told her angrily.

Now he couldn't wait to get the case solved and be out of the town but what would he do about Claire? She'd finally worn him down and he'd got her a cottage a few miles away, near enough to the sea but only if you climbed a hill, which in his condition wasn't very likely but the thought made him ill.

So as Rose had passed her exams two months later, them all going out to celebrate, Fidel had some news for them.

"I've been offered another post," he announced as everyone except Richard had a cold beer in their hands. "I have to go ask the commissioner to release me, it's more money and I'll have to move my family but it would be worth it."

"Aw, we'll all miss you Fidel." Rose told him. She looked over at Richard, who was pretending to stir his tea.

"What?" he asked her, looking at the others. "Oh yes, we'll all miss you Fidel. Actually, it's down to me to release you, the commissioner told me to take more responsibility. Rose, you're not leaving as well are you?"

"Me? Nah, I love it here, why would I want to go back home?"

Richard didn't agree with her on that point. "I wish someone would transfer me," he said under his breath but Rose heard him, knowing he was still upset he'd missed the chance to go home before she'd arrived and he'd just got back from a case that was similar to one they'd had recently, which was when Fidel had gone after another job.

"So, what about it Sir?" Fidel asked him.

"Let me think about it, since Rose has also passed her exams but she's had less experience here than you have," Richard told him.

"I've held my own on cases," Rose protested, getting an alert on her phone and following the link Jake had just sent her. "Hey, they just caught that boy's killer over in Broadchurch," she announced, catching Dwayne flirting with one of the tourists.

"You mean Hardy actually solved the case?" Richard scoffed. "Wonders will never cease."

"What have you got against him Richard?" Camille asked as Rose continued reading.

"Oh maybe the fact he let another killer walk free a while back," Richard told her. "I'm surprised anyone actually took him on."

"That's not fair Sir," Rose told him, making a point of calling him that even when she didn't really have to. "How do we know he actually lost that evidence?"

"Maybe because he took the blame?" Richard asked, pouring more tea into his cup.

"Maybe he was covering for someone?" Rose asked, seeing in the article that Alec had been injured during a police chase before the killer was caught.

Richard just tutted. "Stick up for him all you like Rose, it doesn't alter the fact now he's caught one killer he let another one walk free."

On the day of Danny's funeral, Alec was packing his things in his hotel room and wondering what to do. He had to be out the next morning or pay for the expensive room himself since he'd been put on medical leave pending getting his failing heart fixed. Maybe it was time to face up to it and get it done, there could only be two outcomes.

His phone rang and he was surprised to see it was Tess.

"Well done catching the boy's killer Alec," Tess told him.

"I don't need your praise Tess. Still with that loser?"

"You know I'm still with Dave, what is it to you? Anyway I was calling to ask now you finally have that out of the way you might actually come and visit Daisy?" she asked.

"Why? She's not forgiven me yet has she?" he wanted to know.

"Well you won't find out until you try, will you? Geez Alec, then you wonder why I took up with Dave?" Tess replied.

"I have a funeral to go to and so might you soon."

"What are you talking about Alec? I read what happened, you were involved in an incident, did you bang your head or something?" Tess scoffed.

"It was more than an incident Tess, I'm out on medical leave."

"You are kidding? What's wrong with you?" she asked, hardly believing him.

He wasn't quite ready to tell her yet. "You'll find out, when I'm ready to tell you."

As he joined the mourners at the church, Beth invited him back to the house and Mark took him to one side.

"Look, I know we had our differences but we all wanted to thank you for finding Danny's killer," Mark told him.

"I was just doing my job but I regret it took so long," Alec replied, keeping an eye on the reporter from The Herald.

"Well we saw you were taken ill, we were sorry to see that. We're having a bonfire lighting on the beach tonight, will you come?"

"I don't think so, I have to decide where I go from here," Alec replied.

"Well you are welcome to attend. Excuse me, Beth wants something."

He was too slow to get away from Karen White as she approached. "You gave that story to Olly," she told him. "How about giving this one to me?"

Alec shook his head. "I don't talk to the press normally and least of all to you, after what you did to me the last time."

"You deserved that, those families still don't have any closure, Cate Gillespie sits in the house waiting for Lisa coming back and to find out who killed her daughter if it wasn't Ashworth."

"I don't need you to remind me of that. You got what you wanted, I'm out."

"Really?" Karen asked. "Can I quote you on that?"

Alec raised his eyebrows. "You print that and I'll deny it."

He knew she wouldn't let it rest, that she'd come after him again but he had a decision to make so tomorrow he would get a taxi to the nearest train station and go make his peace with his teenage daughter then finally call the appointments number at the hospital and get his heart fixed. If he survived, it would be a miracle. If he went back to Sandbrook though, he'd have to stay away from both families but that should be easy enough.

He was about to leave the wake when his phone rang so squinting at the screen, he saw 'Miller' and debated whether to answer it or not. It continued so putting his cup down, he went to the corner of the garden and answered it.

"Are you still in Broadchurch?" Ellie asked him.

"No, I've gone to a Caribbean island Miller, where do you think I am?" he replied sarcastically, not in the mood for playing twenty stupid questions.

Little did he know that events were leading up to him being transferred to where there was even more sea, sun and sand than he was comfortable with, not that he'd ever got used to it these last two months or so. He knew it shouldn't have taken him that long to see a killer under his nose but Tess had been playing around under his nose and he'd not seen that one coming either. He wondered what else would take him by surprise, maybe he'd get through his surgery then?

Ellie was calling his name. "Hardy, are you bloody listening to me?" she yelled at him. "I asked you to meet me tonight on the pier."

"It's not a bloody date Miller, why after dark? You are going all cloak and dagger on me and you'd better not have been seen leaving my hotel room the other night," he added for good measure and hoping no-one was taking any notice of him.

"Chill out, Becca's on a budget, she'll re-use the tapes, if I was seen on the cameras. Meet me after dark then, my sister said they're lighting a bonfire for Danny near where he was found."

"I know, I was invited. What do you want to meet for anyway?" he wondered.

"Well not to see your miserable bloody face, that much is certain. I have to tell someone what I intend doing now."

"Why would I want to know that? Do what you must Miller, if you think they will run you out of town?"

"It's not the wild west you know? When I leave it will be on my terms, not theirs."

Alec thought that was more like the Miller he'd first met and fought over jobs with.