Chapter 3

Sans looks back to where Frisk was looking and glares before rejoining Frisk and Papyrus.

"Sans I am going to check the other puzzles, human I'll see you later." Papyrus says taking his leave.

After that Frisk asks why Papyrus was glowing earlier and how that fixed his leg Sans tell them that was magic. Sans then asks if they want a hotdog Frisk says sure and starts to eat it.

"Do you have magic?" Frisk asks as Sans.

"Jeez kid you sure ask a lot of questions *ring* hold on a sec bud." Sans says as he pulls his phone out and answers.

"Yeah… I'm not sure if that good idea... I know but I think you should wait… alright bye."

Sans sighs getting of the phone then looks at Frisk and smiles.

"Who was that?" the young boy asks.

"Heh don't worry about it now where were?" the skeleton says.

Frisk listens as Sans tells him that monsters bodies are made of it and that they use of everything. The child then asks to see Sans magic.

"You sure kid?"


Frisk is surrounded by blue aura and whisked off the ground. This was an amazing feeling Frisk is laughing loving it. When suddenly their chest begins to glow then everything goes black and they can hear a voice talking.

"You will be our salvation."

"Alright kid time to come down. " Sans calls snapping them out of the daze.

"Aw Sans just a little longer." Frisk goans as the light around them lessens and they closer to the ground.

"Sorry kid but I'm bone tired after this high flying adventure." Sans tell them as their feet hit the ground.

Frisk giggles at the lazy skeleton the lets out a tiny sneeze. Sans tells him to go home to warm up and he or Papyrus will meet them there.

"See you later Sans." he says waving go bye.

Later Frisk was sitting at Sans and Papyrus' house and watching underground tv. The guy staring was funny but why was he playing in everything on every channel?

After a while someone walks through the door Frisk turns around thinking it's Sans and Papyrus it wasn't.