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Chapter 15: Lovers Wed.

Light hit the land like paint being spilled; it covered the land with warm yellowish rays of the sun that beamed down below it. It was morning and nature was awaking to it. Birds chirped, flowers opened up to get the warm rays of the sun, and the moisture from the moist ground. Animals were awakening and in the Fa household and at the Li's were moving quickly for the beginning of Mulan and Shang's wedding day.

The marriage spread like wild fire across China. Everyone wanted to witness the great and joyous day as the heroin and the brave handsome General were getting wed. The Emperor would be there to witness it too. He did however try to convince the two to have they're wedding at the palace but really they wanted a small wedding with friends and family.

Mulan laid in bed sleeping away peacefully until her mother and grandmother came rushing in with dresses, makeup and much more. "Mulan! Mulan get up!" Yelled her mother who was shaking her back and forth by the shoulder. Mulan groaned and opened her eyes slightly to see dim figures around her rushing around her room trying to get everything set. "Come on baby you cant be looking like that for your wedding day!" Explained her mother.

Mulan yawned then stopped as she heard the words, 'wedding day' she had totally forgotten that second that today was the day. She jumped out of bed and headed out her room to the bathroom to get clean. But before she could even leave the doorway her old, short grandmother stopped in her way and smiled, she smiled at her proudly. She took Mulan's hands in her old but yet soft and gentle ones and shook them and gave them a squeeze. "Come child you will eat first then you will get cleaned up."

Mulan smiled, and sighed. Her grandmother always knew how to make her stop and relax before doing something important. She followed her grandmother down the hallway to the kitchen where a plate of eggs, bacon, rice and some tea and juice laid on the table. Her mouth began to water just at the sight, she was hungry. She kissed her grandmother on the cheek and said thanks and made her way to her seat where she sat down and began to eat.

As she ate Fa Li and granny wasted no time, they got her dress ready, makeup set up, and got the tube full of warm water and beautiful scented herbs that would leave her smelling like a field of wild flowers and more. "Alright honey it's all ready!" Declared her mother who was standing at the doorway of the kitchen ready for her daughter to get up and follow her.

"All right I'm coming." Mulan got up and smiled at her mother, as she then followed her to the bathroom. Mulan was bath for what seemed hours, but the warm water and scents made her so relaxed that she didn't want to leave. Once out she got into her red gown that was embroidered with gold lining and some jewels. The top of the dress had a square neckline. The bottom of the dress stared at her hips where the dress began to get a little puffier. She wore a necklace that was gold and had a small flower at the end of it. Her hair was put into a very decorative bun that had small jewels and of course her flower comb that was placed on the top of the bon.

Mulan sat still on her chair. Fa Li held some red, white and a little bit of gold makeup in her hands ready to be put on Mulan. She knew how Mulan was with makeup so she decided that she wouldn't put that much on her, enough only so that it would bring out and outline her features. She placed a bit of the white powder all over her face then tinting some blush on her cheeks but made it look like her natural rosy cheeks as they were. She outlined her lashes with black paint and put red on her lips. For the eye shadow she put a faintly color of gold that would bring out her eye color.

Fa Li sat everything down and picked up her daughter's face with her gentle hands and said, "Open you eyes darling." Mulan slowly opened her eyes and stared at her mother who looked as if she could cry right then. "You look beautiful, see for yourself." She held out a mirror for her to look at her reflection. Mulan glanced in the mirror and saw herself looking like a bride, but saw more of her own natural looks than just seeing makeup covering her entire face that would hide her.

"Thank you mother." She hugged her mother tight and stayed like that for awhile.

"Oh.....Honey you two are going to be so happy together, but its going to be so different without you here." Clarified Fa Li telling her that she would be missed.

"I'll come and visit whenever I can, I promise." A tear rolled down her cheek. She didn't want to leave, this was her home and her family but she also so deeply wanted to be with Shang and maybe even start a family with him. She smiled at the thought of being a mother and having Shang being a father.

"Well lets get going; you can't miss your own wedding day." Fa Li got up and helped her daughter out of the chair and they both headed out to the beautifully open field, where their wedding would be. Everything was set and ready white chairs with white flowers at the end of them and a white rug that went from start to finish where Mulan would walk. Shang, and the gang were all there waiting at the top lined up facing the crowd where both Mulan and Shang's family and friends sat.

They were all wearing traditional Chinese costumes that were light green. Shang was wearing a red costume that was also embroidered with gold just like Mulan's. Shang looked nervous but was grateful that this day had final come. Shang looked all around nervously. Wang and the gang saw this and smiled at their friend's nervousness. "You ok Shang?" Asked Wang.

Shang looked at them trying to act surprised that they would ask a thing like that, "No Why do you ask?" Shang gulped.

Yao smiled sarcastically and raised his shoulders, "Oh...I don't know maybe....BECAUSE THAT YOU LOOK LIKE YOU MIGHT FAINT!"

"Alright so maybe I am but you probably would too." Shang said matter of factly.

"Maybe but were not marrying Mulan now are we?" Said Ling making his point to support all of them.

Shang sighed and chuckled, "Yeah I know.....I don't know what I'm nervous about then?"

"Just calm down and think about Mulan the whole time and think it's just the two of you. Besides this is your day where you two will finally be together forever so you should enjoy the moment." Explained Chien Po with his wise and kind words.

"You know what I'm looking forward too......" Wang winked and nudged Shang on his shoulder "the hot chicks after the wedding." Shang shook his head; Wang was always like that when they hanged out at placed he would always talk about how he couldn't wait to see the girls.

Shang shook his head, then the sound of flutes and other instruments began to play the beautiful tune of the traditional wedding song. A figure in red now was appearing as everyone stood up and watched as the beautiful Mulan came down. Fa Zhou who was sitting now next to his wife and granny stood, across from them was the Emperor who had only two bodyguards with him. They watched in aw as the heroin Fa Mulan walked gracefully down the aisle.

Shang sighed the sight of her was already breath taking. He could not see her face though because of the red vial that covered it. She stepped up in front of Shang and faced him; they held hands and did the traditional wedding vows. When the time had come for Shang to take off the vial, he did so very gently and moved it over her head. He looked at her and sighed heavily, she was beautiful.

The way she looked that second made him feel weak, the look of innocents in her eyes made him just want to kiss her even more now. He cupped his hands around her face and brought her lips to his for the warm kiss. As they separated Mulan opened her eyes slowly and stared up at Shang. They were together now as husband and wife, and that feeling made her feel so good she could just jump up and down with joy. The crowd cheered and applauded.

In the back sat little Mushu and Crikee, "My baby is all grown up and......Getting married....." Mushu cried.

The celebration went on till night. The gang and Wang all found girls that night to talk to and to flirt with. But as the party came to an end everyone had to leave. Mulan said good bye to her parents and to all her friends and told them that she would see them again.

Mulan stood on the porch looking at the black sky that was full of bright stars that sounded the whole sky with their light. Mulan sighed then heard footsteps coming form behind her. Mulan looked over her shoulder to see her handsome husband, Shang. He smiled at her and wrapped his arms around her waist and put his head on top of hers. "What are you looking at?" He asked.

"Just the sky." She sighed.

"Are you alright?"

Mulan turned around to face him, while his arms were still around her waist, she felt secure. "I'm just so happy that's all, the war is over and I'm with the man I love so very much, it couldn't get any better, can it?"

Shang smiled in curiosity, like some boyish grin. "Well you know there could always be children involved." Mulan smiled, and began to blush a bit.

Mulan began to giggle, "I don't see why not."

Shang's eyes began to soften and he leaned into her and placed a warm kiss on her lips, the kiss began to get more intense and deeper. They breathed in and out taking in air while still having their lips on one another. As they parted for air, Mulan wrapped her arms around Shang's neck and smiled. He returned the smile and picked her up like a baby and headed inside making her laugh and giggle.

Mulan and Shang couldn't be happier, the war that they had fought was over. There were no troubles in China. And they both now had two great titles that would not be forgotten.

~The End~


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