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Where The Law Stands Tall was a long endeavor to create, adding to the Mass Effect Universe with my own ideas of weapons, armor, tactics, and personnel. It was slated to be a cop story in a time when law enforcement have taken some hits due to public perceptions that somehow their job is easy. Should they hold themselves to a higher standard? Yes. Are they allowed to err? Yes, they are people, too. Most don't realize just how hard a job being a cop is, and American Law Enforcement Officers have some of the most stringent standards throughout the world, and we generally have the 'nicest' cops. I'm not kidding, and that's not really just an opinion. Anyone that's been in another country and have seen police officers armed with automatic weapons and a populous subjugated would agree with me. Take a trip to Mexico if you need an example. And don't mouth off to the RCMP.

Samantha Collins was an Original Character that I had developed about two years ago for a story that didn't pan out, the Ghosts of Experiments Past, where she was to be a trial run for Cerberus on how to rebuild Shepard. She was to be an Alliance Marshal who had been grievously injured, losing both legs and an arm, as well as having severe damage throughout her body due to a bombing. She consciously chose an experimental endeavor that would 'fix' her, not knowing it was Cerberus in which she ends up a good deal like RoboCop, becoming a cyborg that was to be a blend between RoboCop, the Terminator, and Motoko Kusinagi of Ghost in the Shell. Most of that story was to focus on her struggles on defining what makes one human along with Commander Shepard, Jack Zero, Miranda Lawson, and Grunt, whom were all experiments of one form or another. Sam's 'big' issues was that she was a wife and a mother, but also 90% cybernetic as Cerberus couldn't help but constantly upgrading her to the point where only her brain and a few organs were biological, and she almost completely lost her ability to feel emotionally, becoming less and less 'human' as the story continued. It ended up getting too depressing when she tried committing suicide when she couldn't remember how to feel love for her daughter and failed to kill herself because her skull was made out of a iridium alloy and diamond lattice matrix, so I canned it. But Sam the character was a good one, a Catholic who struggled to be 'better', a cop who tried hard to stay on the high horse.

The story evolved as I wrote it, and the original is quite different from the finished product. Originally, Captain Rhys Lewellyn was to be the antagonist, and the occupation of No'burg was to be done by the SA, where Sam, a few Deputies, and a few MP's, were to be the protagonists. It didn't fit my vision of what I wanted, so I created the more 'cop-like' story that ended up being the Therum Arc and Libera Nos A Malo Arc, using a Teamster to start things, reusing Garm Jor'raddah to have a reason for the Batarians show up. That portion could have been a lot longer, easily extending 'weeks' in story time, but with Mass Effect technology, I really see wars as being fast yet devastating.

The release of Mass Effect: Andromeda changed a few things in the story, with the inclusion of the Smith and Wesson Model 696 MA Revolver (which is modeled after the Sidewinder) and the inclusion of Alec Ryder. A few other Andromeda members will make appearances later on, such as Zevin Raeka (the Salarian Pathfinder).

Sam… may or may not be a SPECTRE. But now that you see where the bar is for SPECTREs thanks to Libera Nos A Malo VIII, you now have an idea of where I want the Office of Special Tactics to go. I have notes and ideas about the Office of Special Tactics (as well as its dummy front, the Office of Civil Complaints) and have modeled it after MI-5/6 of British Intelligence.

It was interesting using the 'Specters' of the game; Nihlus Kryik, Tela Vasir, and Jondum Bau. So little is known of them, but each managed to make themselves rather well known. Nihlus, despite being alive for all of 5 minutes in the first game, is widely used in FanFic'dom. Tela was one of the hardest fights in the trilogy, and Jondum actually was what I expected of a Specter (an Intelligence Operative). Sadly, they all die quickly, and still very little is known of Special Tactics and Reconnaissance. Avitus Rix certainly didn't add to it, either.

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