Author's note: Sorry this took so long had exams and writer's block. Here's the long awaited sequel to Love Hurt. Its smut only read if 18+.

Warnings: kinky, OOCness

Kagome woke up a start she was confused there was a tan, muscular arm around her waist. When she look to see who was holding her, she immediately relaxed seeing it was Sesshomaru.

"I think we should have hard rough sex Kagome." Sesshomaru said moving his hand down her leg. "I mean you looked soooooo hot when beating up inuyasha." He says standing up leading her into the basement aka the room where it happened.

"Where are we going." She questions.

"To my sex dungeon. The place where you're going to be pleasured" Sesshomaru says.

"Okay." she says excited and feeling wet by the thought of being pleasured. He opens the door and there a big bed in the middle with whips, chains and every toy you can think of laying out. Sesshomaru garbs Kagome her throws her to the center and blindfolded Kagome and tied her up.

"In this room I am to be only refer to as Daddy." Sesshomaru stated.

"Okay." Kagome Says.

"OKAY WHAt!" Sesshomaru asked.

"Okay Daddy."

"That what I thought"

He started putting kisses along Kagome's neck and shoulders. When Sesshomaru gets to her tiddies he motorboating. "God I LOVE TIDDIES" Kagome moaning loudly. He moves lower to her Cunt. Sesshomaru starts licking her pussy hardcore like he was going ham.

"OH MY GOD DADDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDY" Kagome screams. He slams three fingers at once pumping in and out fast. "Daddy i'm going to cum"

"Cum" on that Command she came hard panting and shaking, as he kept finger her. When she was done he kissed her hard on the mouth so she could taste herself. Sesshomaru flips Kagome over so she's on her hands and knees. He thrusts into her without warning full force. And does not stop for Kagome to adjust. Sesshomaru pulls almost all the way out and slams into her over and over again. The room was filled with sounds of slapping and moans. Suddenly he grabs a fist full of her hair, pulling her towards his chest. Sesshomaru makes out with her nose, Kagome was lost at first but started moaning even more and made out with his hairline.

"Daddy i'm gonna cum!" Sesshomaru started thrusting fast till they both came loudly kagome felt Sesshomaru seed fill her .

Then Jaken saying "Master Rin- My god Never mind." Sesshomaru pulled out and spooned kagome.