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Chapter Three: Memorable moments

"What happened last night, Harry?"

Harry looked up from his plate, were he'd been toying with the remnants of the Indian meal his father had introduced him to. Severus was staring across the table at him, his hands clasped in front of him. Harry pushed his plate away from him.

"I don't know, really. One moment, I was looking at your memories, the next -" Harry shrugged.

Severus raised a brow at him. Harry shifted in his seat and looked down at the table, running his thumb through a puddle of pumpkin juice. He didn't really want to talk about the second memory, but his father would pull it out of him eventually. Harry knew that he was just delaying the inevitable. Finally, he stilled his hands, flattening them on the table, and stared at the back of them. He wished again that Sakuna was with him.

Not looking up, he started to talk, "I'm not sure what time it was, but I woke up in the middle of the night from bad dreams- don't know what they were about," he added, preempting his father's interruption, "I couldn't get back to sleep, so I decided to use the pensieve instead -"

This time Severus did interrupt him, "You added your own memories to it unsupervised? Harry, what on earth did you think you were doing?"

Harry flinched at the anger in his father's tone, "No! I was using it to look at *your* memories. I would never try to put my own in by myself!"

"Then why did you come to me this morning saying that you'd seen your own memories in the pensieve?" the brow had risen again.

Harry scowled, "I was getting to that when you interrupted."

The other brow rose and Severus stared at his son for a moment, before he chuckled and gestured for him to continue.

"I found the memory of your wedding day," Harry briefly smiled as he recalled his father's nervousness, "Did you really think Dad wouldn't turn up?"

Severus glowered at Harry, who smirked and continued, "I saw you and Aunt Lily talking, and then she was reading and you were gathering herbs. I sat down and was watching you both. Only, I must have been more tired than I thought when I pulled out the pensieve. I started to nod off.

"The next thing I knew, I was in this green room I'd never seen before and you weren't there too. It was only Dad and Aunt Lily and. um. little me. After a moment, I realized it must be my memory that I was watching. It's not like it could be anyone else's, is it? Dad and Aunt Lily were dead when you made that pensieve for me."

Severus grunted noncommittally and gestured for Harry to quit babbling and hurry up.

"Umm. I'm guessing it was a medical check-up for me, because shortly after I found myself there, a medi-witch and -wizard walked in. The medi-wizard took a blood sample from little me and left again, and Dad was soothing little me because the medi-wizard was rough, and Aunt Lily and the medi- witch were talking. Then the medi-witch came rushing back in and demanded to know what blood-magic type Aunt Lily was because they already had Dad's and they'd just found out that I had O-sigma.

"Anyway, he was rude about it and the medi-witch hurried him out to talk to him, and while he was gone, Aunt Lily started to panic, because she didn't know what her magic type was and she was sure they were going to test her and realize that she couldn't possibly be my mother and that you'd be exposed and everything. Dad managed to calm her down, saying that since they already knew that his blood-magic type was O-theta, all he and Aunt Lily would have to do was to tell the medi-wizard that her magic type was sigma. That way, they wouldn't have to test her, and the secret would be safe.

"So that's why I wanted to know if Dad's blood-magic type was O-theta. I wanted to see if it wasn't just a strange dream, or if it was really my own memory. After Aunt Lily and Dad agreed to lie about her magic-type, the memory ended, and -" Harry had been about to tell his father of the other memory he had relived in the pensieve, "- and Sakuna somehow turned up in the pensieve and told me that I had to wake up. That was when I realized that I'd actually *fallen* *asleep*."

Harry looked up from his hands and met his father's eyes. They were shadowed and unreadable as he considered what Harry had just told him. Finally, after several long moments, Severus spoke.

"What other memory of you own did you see last night?" he asked.

Harry flinched, "I- there was only that one. I mean, maybe there's some more of mine in there, but I didn't see."

Harry trailed of lamely under the heavy black gaze of the Potions Master.

"Harry. What did you see?" Severus's tone brooked no argument.

Harry looked down at his hands again, "The night Dad and Aunt Lily died," he whispered and desperately fought against the tears that wanted to escape.

There was a startled sound from the other side of the table, and when Harry looked, Severus was staring at him, his eyes brimming with sympathy and his own pain.

Severus gestured towards where Harry had left his pensieve, "May I look at it?"

Harry nodded numbly and didn't get up as his father moved past him and picked up the blue stone bowl. He swiveled in his seat and watched as Severus settled into one of the chairs by the fire and balanced the pensieve in his lap. Severus withdrew his wand and stirred the contents of the pensieve with its tip, before touching the silver substance himself. Harry watched in fascination as a rush of silver light seemed to carry the very life of his father into the pensieve with it. When it cleared, Severus was still bent over the pensieve, but he was so still it was as though he wasn't even breathing anymore.

Harry had never witnessed someone else using a pensieve before, and he wasn't sure what would happen if he interrupted his father, so he stayed in his chair at the dining table and waited. Almost fifteen minutes later, there was a reverse rush of that silver light, and life was restored to Severus's form with a lurch.

The knuckles of the hand that clutched his wand were bone white, and when Severus turned his head to look at his son, Harry saw the silvery track a single tear had drawn down his cheek.

In a curiously tight voice, Severus said, "More than just two of your memories now reside in here."

With that, he set aside the pensieve, and disappeared into his bedroom. When he didn't reappear again after several minutes, Harry got up and crept over to the pensieve, peering into its bowl. There was still a window open in its centre, showing a room Harry recognized as the kitchen of the house at Godric's Hollow. It was empty, except for Harry's dad sitting at the kitchen table, clutching a crying young Harry to him. Tears rolled down James's cheeks and Harry wondered what it was that had made both his fathers cry.

Harry touched the silver fluid and allowed it to suck him into the dark whirlpool of transition.

~ The world steadied under Harry's feet and he was standing in the corner of the kitchen, watching the three people gathered around the table. Sirius was looking unusually sober, his face blank, and his eyes earnest.

~ Across from him sat James and Lily. Lily was clutching James's arm were it lay on the table, her green eyes troubled. James had his free arm wrapped about a particularly somber little Harry in his lap.

~ For the moment, nobody spoke, and Harry looked around the kitchen. It was a cheery room, done in a bright blue. There was a vase of dried wild flowers sitting in the middle of the table, and the room smelt like fresh baked bread. Outside the window, the sky was glowing scarlet with the sunset. All in all, the setting belied the tension Harry could feel in this memory. The tension he must have felt even as a one-year-old child for it to be so strong.

~ "Are you saying you don't want to be our secret keeper, Sirius?" Lily's voice was tight and it brought Harry's attention snapping back to the group at the table. He had just realized why everyone was so tense. Sirius was trying to convince Lily and James to use Pettigrew as the secret keeper instead of himself.

~ Sirius shook his head jerkily, "No! Of course not! Nothing like that."

~ "Then why won't you do it?" James's voice was almost hostile.

~ "Listen, James, I'm your bestfriend-"

~ "Exactly!" Lily interrupted, "So why won't you do it?"

~ Sirius glared at her mildly and turned back to James, "I'm your bestfriend, and *everybody* knows it. Including Voldemort. If you and Lily and Harry disappear off his radar, he's going to know you used the Fidelus Charm. And who do you think the first person he comes after will be? Me."

~ "You'll be going into hiding too, won't you? So Voldemort would have to find you first."

~ "Lily, everyone knows by now what a good network of spies Voldemort has. If I'm not under the same charm, how long do you think it would take for him to find me?"

~ "You'd still have to want to give up the secret, Sirius, and I refuse to believe that you'd ever do that," James said staunchly.

~ "You're right, I wouldn't. But all Voldemort'd have to do is put me under the Imperius Curse and I'd be spilling everything to him and smiling while I did it."

~ Lily and James looked at each other for a long moment and from his corner, Harry could tell they were considering his words. Harry felt like screaming at them not to listen, that Pettigrew would betray them.

~ Finally, James turned to look at Sirius, "Okay, you win. We'll get Remus to be our secret keeper." He hugged his son closer to him.

~ Sirius shook his head slowly, "No. Not Remus."

~ Lily and James blinked at him.

~ "Why not Remus?" Lily asked.

~ Sirius looked torn and leant closer conspiringly, "I don't think Remus can be trusted."

~ James and Lily stared at him aghast.

~ "How could you say that, Sirius!" James shouted, "How could you think that Moony would ever betray us! He'd never do a thing like that, and you know it!"

~ Sirius was shaking his head sadly, "But he's dark creature, Prongs, and we all know that Voldemort is recruiting them."

~ "Sirius Orion Black," Lily hissed, "I can't believe you're accusing one of you best friends of being a follower of that. that. monster!"

~ "No! I don't think he's a follower, I just think it'd be even more dangerous for you to have Remus as your Secret Keeper than it would be to have me. Like it or not, Moony *is* a werewolf and because of that, he's vulnerable."

~ James and Lily stared at him for a long moment, before James sighed, "Then who would you suggest, Padfoot?"

~ Sirius smiled slightly, "Peter."

~ "Peter? As in Peter Pettigrew?" Lily exclaimed, "But he's so *weak*!"

~ Sirius smiled even more, "That's the beauty of it! Who'd ever suspect little Peter of being your secret keeper. And he'd be going into hiding too, with me as his secret keeper, so even if someone did suspect him, they'd have an impossible time trying to find him."

~ James shook his head and looked down at the child in his arms, "I don't know, Siri. I'd still prefer it if you were our secret keeper. Or if we could at least tell S-Dumbledore before we changed it."

~ Lily, and Harry standing in the corner, where thankfully the only ones that noticed James's small slip of the tongue. Lily was eyeing her supposed husband shrewdly.

~ "Sirius, do you suppose James and I could talk about this for a moment?"

~ Sirius obligingly stood up, "Sure, I'll just go wait in the study, shall I?"

~ He'd already started down the hall to the study and so didn't notice James's flinch at the mention of the study, the room where James's husband spent most of his time. The moment Sirius was gone, Lily spelled the door shut and put up a silencing charm so that they wouldn't be overheard.

~ "James, Sirius does have a point. When we disappear, Voldemort's going to go after him first."

~ James nodded, "I know but. Wouldn't it be easier if we used Remus? We already know that he won't betray us. I mean, if he was spying for Voldemort, that monster would already know that Severus is my husband. But he doesn't, and he won't ever hear it from Remus's lips."

~ "Do you not trust Peter?"

~ "No, it's not that. It's just."

~ Lily stopped James with a hand on his shoulder, "That's not the real reason, is it?"

~ James looked up then, and his face was a stark white, and there was tears pooling in his eyes. Lily squeezed his shoulder tighter.

~ "You don't want Severus thinking that Sirius is our secret keeper when it's really Peter, do you? You'd rather it was Remus because you know that Remus would probably tell Severus about the switch."

~ A tear streaked down James's cheek and splashed onto his son's head. The child Harry looked up at his father with a worried expression on his face. James gave him a watery smile.

~ "James, what good would that do? Severus wouldn't be able to see us until after we came out of hiding either way."

~ James wrenched his shoulder from his sister-in-law's grip and stood up abruptly, frightening a yelp from his son, "He's my husband Lily! Don't you think he has a right to know who's hiding me, and his sister, not to mention his son?!"

~ "James! Calm down! You're frightening Harry."

~ James pressed the white face of his son into his shoulder and rocked him, "Its not fair. Lily. Severus won't see us again for gods only know how long, and he told me his only consolation during that time would be knowing that we were under the protection of someone I trust, even if he doesn't like him. You can't ask me to take that away from him, you can't!"

~ "You're not thinking rationally," Lily said calmly, "We'll still be under the protection of someone you trust, it just won't be Sirius. Knowing Severus, he'd probably prefer it wasn't Sirius."

~ "But why does it have to be Peter? Remus -"

~ "Is un-contactable on a mission at the moment, and nobody knows when he'll be back. James, Peter really is a good choice. Sirius is right, who would ever think of him?"

~ James turned away and started out the window as the sun made one last valiant effort to illuminate the sky, then died a bloody death, bleeding across the horizon. He ran a soothing hand down the child Harry's back. After a moment, he spoke without turning, "All right. We'll use Peter instead of Sirius."

~ Behind him, Lily's eyes were pained and her voice was sad as she said, "I'll tell Sirius you're putting Harry to bed."

~ She dispelled the silencing charm and unlocked the door, leaving James alone with his son to compose himself.

~ James continued to stare out the window as the sky darkened. When the first of the stars appeared, he spoke in a soft whisper, "I love you, Severus."

~ The child in his arms looked up at him, then followed his gaze out the window. In a hopeful voice, Harry heard his much younger self ask, "Pater?"

~ James blinked and slowly turned to look down into the upturned face. Another tear escaped at the sight of the hopeful look on his son's face. It slid down his face and splashed onto the baby's cheek. James swiped it away with a trembling thumb, "No, Harry. No Pater tonight."

~ In his corner, the older Harry could hear the words that went unsaid. '*Or tomorrow night, or the next, or any night for who knows how long?*' And he was the only one in the room that knew that James, at least, would never see 'Pater' again.

~ His tear matched the ones the rolled down James's and the baby's cheeks. The young Harry began to sob, and James carried him back to the table and sat down, cradling the child against him.

~ "I know, love. I miss him, too."

When Harry left the pensieve he simply sat for a long time. Now that he knew what had caused both of his fathers to cry, he almost wished he didn't.


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