Another one has fallen.

Flowey could feel it. He had lived and died and killed so many times in the blasted Underground that he could tell, he just knew when a new entity had entered his domain. It could be that he was so in tune with his world - a sadistic mixture of prison and playground – or it could be that his roots grew deep into the ground, and he had eyes and ears everywhere, or it might have even been his own lingering insanity, voices that don't have mouths to come from telling him odd things.

The why didn't matter, Flowey thought. What mattered was that new prey was here. Boredom comes naturally with completion, and so having had his fun with every one monster in the Underground, Flowey was ecstatic at the thought of new 'friends'.

The little golden flower burrowed deep and found his way to the Ruins, near the only entrance from the surface and into the Underground. It was so high up, it was always a wonder how the previous humans did not die on the spot when they first fell. Hopefully, Flowey thought, his new friend was in good enough condition to 'play with'.

Flowey pulled his face into the brightest smile he could muster, and waited. Already, he could see the silhouette of his quarry – oh, a big one! This one was tall, and was by no means a child. With such stature and a lack of striped apparel, it was evident that this one was an adult. I've never had an adult, Flowey thought. Oh, this will feel good.

"Howdy!" Flowey greeted the human. "I'm Flowey! Flowey the Flower!" he added, taking note of the helmet the man – definitely a man – in front of him wore. I wish he wasn't wearing a helmet, Flowey thought. I wanted to see his face when I tear him to shreds!

The man only grunted in reply. It was a dry, tired grunt – not mad or anything, just the kind of grunt you make when you want to affirm something, but you're too tired to use words.

What a weirdo.

"Hmmm…" Flowey openly pondered, holding a leaf to his face for added effect. "You're new to the Underground, aren'tcha? Golly, you must be so confused!" Now Flowey welcoming smile opened up to become a toothy grin.

"Someone ought to teach you how things work around here!" Flowey exclaimed. He's buying it, The flower thought. "I guess little old me will have to do." Though the man did not reply, or even budge, at this, Flowey would just take that as a yes.

"Ready?" Flowey asked, barely containing his excitement. Finally, the man grunted again. It sounded exactly like the same grunt he gave earlier.

Man, what a weirdo.

"Here we go!" Flowey said with a flourish. With that, Flowey felt his senses arise in that familiar way as the world around him blacked out – except for the man of course. And then, Flowey could see it.

His soul.

The man's soul was a deep, blood red. Flowey has seen much blood in his many lives, and he had never seen anything redder. It was thrumming, burning with determination. What shame it would go to waste, Flowey thought.

"See that heart?" Flowey asked the man, who was now observing the unrealistic heart floating in front of him. Again, he grunted positively.

"That is your soul, the very culmination of your being!" Flowey stated, internally cringing at his own act. Strangely the man seemed unperturbed by this, and just nodded. "Your soul starts off weak," Flowey added, realizing now how his soul looked strong. No matter, he will get his way this time, and no amount of determination is going to stop him.

"… It starts off weak, but it can grow strong if you gain a lot of LV," he finished. The man, having not broken his gaze on his beating heart-soul, nodded again. Isn't he going to ask what that means?

"What does LV stand for?" Flowey asked, a little annoyed at his friend's lack of curiosity. "Why, LOVE, of course!" Flowey answered in response to his own question. The man didn't even nod this time, the annoying little…

"You want some LOVE don't you?" Before the man couold respond – and Flowey was sure he would just do it non-verbally again – Flowey added, "Don't worry! I'll share some with you!" Wow, Flowey could not wait to kill this idiot.

With a cute wink, Flowey spawned some magic projectiles. "Down here, LOVE is spread though…" Flowey realized that this was a little harder to sell. But whatever will work right? "Little white… friendliness pellets." The man nodded, not even with any doubt. Dumb as a brick. Flowey really did appreciate the easy idiots he could put one over easily, but sometimes he wanted a challenge, you know?

"Are you ready?" Flowey asked, obviously more enthusiastic about this than his target. "Move around! Get as many as you can!" The moment was finally here, although Flowey was a little disappointed at how easy it was.

Hook, line, and sinker. The man's soul moved directly towards one of them, earning a loud THUD from the soul slamming front-and-center with a bullet. The man stumbled, letting out an audible grunt of pain.

Finally, Flowey thought. He could drop his mask, and let his true face out.

Lips curling from an innocent smile to a grotesque grin, Flowey cocked his head sarcastically. "You idiot…"

All manner of smugness left Flowey's being and was quicly replaced by confusion at that very moment. The man straightened up, and looked directly down at Flowey. Was he always so tall? And though Flowey couldn't see his face through his helmet visor, he knew it wasn't the face of fear or betrayal, it was mild inconvenience.

The man's heart, just after taking a direct hit, was not on the verge of cracking and shattering. It was beating harder. It had gotten stronger. How was that possible? Flowey thought. How was any of this possible?

It was then Flowey realized his error. He had gotten too into his spiel. He was too distracted by his bloodlust.

He didn't look at the man's LV.

Cold sweat formed on Flowey brow under the intense glare of the man across him. Flowey glanced down quickly to the man's LV bar, and felt something he hadn't felt in a long time. Fear. What he saw, Flowey read aloud with a cracking voice.

DOOM SLAYER LV 666 HP 2683/2684

The man took a broad step towards Flowey.

Author's Notes

EDIT: changed Doomguy's HP to match his LV (1000 - 2684)