I wake up and I am hot. Stifling hot. I open my eyes slightly and all I see is copper hair.

Christian is sprawled out on top of me fast asleep. His arms are around my midriff and his head is on my boobs. One of his legs is hooked under mine and I am completely locked down by him.

I can't believe last night happened.

Never in a million years did I think that I would give my virginity to Christian of all people.

Last night when he kissed me, It just felt...right.

I can't really explain it.

The sex was out of this world. Well, I assume it was because I have nothing to compare it to but he made me come four times and I know from having girl talk with Kate that not all woman cum when having sex.

I am not sure how this whole friends with benefits thing will work because we live together but if it means more of what we did last night then I am in. I am all in.

Christian stirs on my chest and then two sleepy grey eyes meet mine.

"Good Morning"

He grins up at me and then smiles.

"Not yet its not but it will be"

With that he takes my lips in a bruising kiss and we pick up where we left off last night.


This last week has been fun. More than fun. I would go to say that its been perfect.

We have had sex all over the house and I think its safe to say that I have become a sex addict.

We have slept together every night in the same bed and the one night that he worked late and I fell asleep in my bed I found him crawling in with me at 1am and then we had really slow and lazy sex. I really liked that. But I think I prefer the hard, fast and rough sex better.

Three days ago I was minding my own business in the kitchen when Christian came home. I said hello and he responded by picking me up, placing me on the counter and having his way with me.

Sex is not always instigated by him. I was shy at first but four days post first hook up I was really horny. I knew Christian was in his home office so I went up there, knocked on the door and while he was on the phone to one of his Asian offices I just undid his belt and pulled my panties to the side and rode him.

He was stunned when after I had finished I just pecked him on the lips and left him. Two minutes later as I was walking down the hallway he tackled me to the floor and introduced me to the 69 position.

We have stopped arguing over most thing but the other night we did start arguing over who had control of the TV. Normally we would have called each other names and gone our separate ways but a silly argument ended up with angry sex and the TV was forgotten about.

Today is Saturday and Christian had to go somewhere for an appointment. He text me a little while ago with the words "We need to talk"

I am worried. If he says he no longer wants to have sex then I have to accept that but I will miss it and living in this house with him will be near impossible. I hate to think of what I would do if he brought another woman back here. I think my heart would break. I like Christian. Like really like him but I don't want to bring up us dating because I think it would freak him out. We are friends who somethings argue with benefits and I am good with that.

"Ana?" I hear him come through the front door and I holler out that I am in the family room.

He walks in wearing jeans and a white tee shirt and he looks scrumpy.

He sees me sitting on the sofa and he walks over and kisses me softly but then pulls back.

"Ana, we need to talk" He looks worried.

"OK. What about?" I know what he is going to say so I try to school my face into an impassive look.

" I was a kid I used to see this therapist called Flynn" Huh? "I stopped seeing him when I was 19 because his job was to help me with my touch issues. When I had sex for the first time and got the hang of it I stopped seeing him because my touch issues got better. And with you, this last week, they are gone"

The were gone the first time we had sex when I raked my nails down his back and he didn't react and since then I have touched every inch of him including his chest.

"I had an appointment with Flynn this morning"

"Why? Sorry, hes your therapist and you don't have to tell me"

"No its okay. I went to him about you"


"Yes. I told him about us and I told him of my...feelings about this whole situation and I needed some advice"

"What did you need advice about?"

He shifts uncomfortably and then he takes my hands in his.

" you" He stutters out.

"Okayyyy...I like you too" I frown.

"Ana...I really like you...Like how a boyfriend likes his girlfriend and...I've never had a girlfriend and I was wondering...and you can say no but this last week has you're...and I want to..." He can't get the words out.

"Christian, stop rambling and just say it"



"I said, will you be my girlfriend? I have loved how we have been this last week but I want more than sex. I want to take you on dates and do all that couple stuff. Coping together is next week and I want to walk in with you on my arm. I want to dance with you and kiss you and sneak off to the boat house with you. I like you Ana. I know that we have been at each others throats all these years but I think that was because we were attracted to each other and neither of us knew what to do about it"

When he puts it like that it makes perfect sense.

I look at him and his eyes are pleading with me. The 13 year old in me is jumping up and down with joy for finally getting what she has wanted for 10 years.

I takes his handsome face in my hands and kiss his lips.

"I would love to be your girlfriend you adorable Jackass" He laughs at the name I have been calling him this last week and then he pulls me over on top of him.

"So you're my girlfriend? I want you to say it"

"I am your girlfriend and you're my boyfriend and I hope you know what that entails?"

"I have a pretty good idea" he starts nuzzling my chest but I pull him back.

"It means no one else for either of us. No calling or texting other people that want to get into your pants or my panties"

"I'll give you my phone and you can delete every single girls number if you want. Does this mean you wont be in contact with shrimp dick?"

"I don't think Jose will be a problem. He called me a few days back and asked me out and I flat out told him No. I told him I thought of him as a brother and that I would never go out with him. He hung up on me and when I tried calling him back because I thought we just lost the connection he had blocked my number"

"He blocked your number? What an asshole!"

"I am OK with it. I would rather not be around him if he is going to pine for me. Besides, I have a hot boyfriend now that has a slight jealous streak so I wouldn't want Jose to end up with a punch on the nose if he tried to kiss me again"

"He would get more than a punch on the nose. You're my girl and I protect whats mine"

"Speaking of protect" I lean down and bite his ear. "My shot goes into affect today so no more condoms"

Quick as a flash we are naked and doing what we do best.


Is this really my life? How did we get here?

Christian and I used to annoy the piss out of each other and now we are more in love than two people have ever been.

Things when fast for us.

Two weeks after we became a real couple we told each other we loved each other. The next day we moved all our stuff and started living as a couple instead of having different wings of the house.

Last month we were on The Grace and Christian got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I screamed the word yes and this is how we have found ourselves here.

We are married. On our honeymoon in the south of France. I am led on the beach and Christian has gone to grab us some drinks.

"Baby, the hotel manager just gave me this" He sits down on my chair and hands me a envelope.

"What is it?"

"I don't know but it's stamped with the logo of my dads firm" He frowns and then rips it opens and out falls a letter.

He opens it and I lean over to read it with him.

Dear Christian and Ana.

If you're reading this then I am no longer here and Carrick has done what I asked and waited until you two kids were married to tell you a little secret.

I knew that you two were in love from the very first time I saw you together. I don't know if you remember that day. It was at the house. Ana was here helping Mary catalog her books in the library. Christian walked through the door because Mary was always in the library he went there first.

Christian, I watched your face when you locked eyes with that girl. You were a goner, Son. I found it amusing but when I looked at Ana's face and she had the same look, I knew you two were two halves of a whole.

Over the next few years it irritated me to see you both snapping at each other all the time. You were perfect for each other and in my opinion, you both needed a good kick up the ass!

When my Mary died, a bit of me died with her. I know what its like to have that one person that you could always depend on. I wanted you both to have that.

The Will that I am sure you have both seen is a fake.

I asked Carrick and Cole to draft up a fake Will and pretend it was iron clad.

I May have been a hard ass but I always keep my promises.

Christian, that land is yours and has been since the day I died.

Ana, The publishing house is yours free and clear.

The reason I never gave you them while I was living is simple.

I wanted to give you a wedding present.

I knew if I could just get you two in each others face then sparks would fly.

The only way you would be reading this letter is because I told Carrick to give it to you when you were married.

Congratulations Kids!

Mary and I had many happy years in house. We raised our kids there and our love only grew stronger throughout the years.

I hope you fill that old house up with kids. They are the greatest joy a person can have along with the love of their lives.

I leave you both with this advice.

Never go to bed angry. Always make time for each other but most of all, love each other.

Love each other with every fiber of your being!

I love you both and you have made me a very happy man.

Until we meet again.

Gramps x x

We both wipe tears from our eyes as we read his words.

"He set us up?" Christian laughs.

"He played us good. If it wasn't for him, we may still be at each others throats"

"Instead here we are, madly in love, married with a little one on the way"

He gently touches my still flat belly where our little blip is growing. We found out the day before the wedding and even though it was a shock, we are both happy.

"Christian, if we have a boy, I say we call him Theodore after the amazing man who got us together"

"I agree"

He leans down and kisses my belly.

"I love you little Teddy Grey. And I love you, Mrs Grey"

"I love you too, Mr Grey"