Disclamer: I had Rise from the Ashes compelted, however I few days ago my hard drive as dead, and because of that all my fanfics saved form my old harddrive is now gone. So tno I have to re-write the final investgtion and the final three trials for this fanfic, so what I'm going to be doing now is that I'll try to upload at least two parts of Phoenix Wright/Zootopia every week, that's not a promise, because anything can happened, but I'll try and keep you guys updated on what will happend. So just sit back and enjoy the DLC case of Ace Attorney.
Judy's POV

It's been two months since both Nick and Maya left. It's also been two months since me and Phoenix had a trial. We made a promise that we wouldn't take any more cases till either Maya or Nick came back. So I've been working at ZPD Police station on the weekends, organizing some files and helping sort other stuff. I thought that this will be like any other day… that is until today.

February 22nd, 2017

Nick and Judy's Apartment, 8:00 AM

Judy: Hey Nick. I made you some… Oh, right.

Judy (Thinking): Why am I doing this to myself? I know he's gone, but he's not gone to me. I miss him, I wish he was here.

*Rinnning* *Rinnnnnnning* *Beep*

Judy: Hello?

Nick: Hey, Carrots?

Judy: Nick! Oh, I'm glad you called.

Nick (Chuckle): I'm guessing things are slow for you?

Judy: You have no idea; all I've been doing of these past two months is cleaning and parking duty.

Nick: Really? I would have though you and Phoenix would get a case by now, what with you being famous in the news.

Judy (Giggle): Well, we had offers, but we've turn them all down. It just wouldn't be the same without you and Maya. I really miss you Nick.

Nick: I know, I've missed you too, I couldn't stop thinking about you, and I've talk a lot about you to my folks.

Judy: Have you told them about us?

Nick: Of course, they're totally cool with it. Man, were they happy to see me and my progress so far the last time I've seen them. My father would chuckle every time I bring you up.

Judy (Giggle): That's great, Nick. When are you coming back?

Nick: That's the thing. I would have been ready to come back right now, but my sister was so move on me becoming a police officer that she wants to become one as well. So I have to help her with her training. I'm really sorry. I want to come back, believe me, but it's my sister and plus this might be the next step on finding myself.

Judy: I understand. I trust you, and I know you'll do great. Don't forget to call me once in a while. And have fun with your sister.

Nick: I will, thanks Carrots. I love you.

Judy: I love you too. Bye.


Wright & Co. Law Offices, 10:05 AM

Judy: Morning, Phoenix.

Phoenix: Morning. How'd you sleep?

Judy: Alright, still thinking about Nick and Maya.

Phoenix: Same. Well, with or without them, we still got a job.

Judy: Yeah, but why do we keep coming here, if we don't take anyone's case. Why don't we take a vacation or something?

Phoenix: Hey, I don't like coming that much here either, but you should know that we have responsibility, and beside, with my salary we don't have much for a vacation.

Judy: *sigh*

Phoenix: Hey, if we finish early, we can, I don't know, go fishing or something.

Judy: You're right. I just wish we had something to do.

?: There you are! Where have you been!? My sister's trial tomorrow!

I turned on the lights and saw a young girl sitting on the office sofa. She had long hair, and she looks a little like Maya, she's wearing a lab coat and some red glasses.

Phoenix: … Um, I'm sorry, but who are you?

?: It doesn't matter who I am! It only matters who SHE is!

Judy: … … Me?

?: Of course! You're the famous defense attorney, Mia Fey!

Phoenix: …

Judy: …

?: … Oh, um… You're not Mia Fey, are you?

Judy: I'm sorry, but Ms. Mia Fey no longer… works here.

?: So you are…? The Cleaning Lady and is he… the coffee boy?

Judy: I'm Judy Hopps, I'm a police officer.

Phoenix: Phoenix Wright… defense attorney.

?: Phoenix… Judy… Wait! You're THE Phoenix Wright and Judy Hopps, from the Edgeworth Murder trial! And from the Night Howler case!?

Judy: Um… yes, that's us.

?: Oh that's a relief! You two are better than nobody!

Phoenix: I'm sorry… I'm afraid we're not taking cases right now.

?: But, you are Phoenix Wright and Judy Hopps, right?

Judy: W-well, yes, but… I'm sorry, we made a promise to a friend that we wouldn't take another case till he gets back.

?: Oh, please you got to help me! I've been trying all day to get a lawyer before coming here. You two are my only hope; please… it's my sister!

We looked at her, we can tell she was in trouble and worried.

Phoenix: Hey, don't look so sad. We'll help you.

?: Really, you will!?

Judy: Of course, but uh… can you tell us your name?

Ema: My name's Ema, Ema Skye. I'm a scientific investigator.

Judy: Please to me you Ema. …

Ema: Is something wrong?

Judy: No, it just you seem jumpy, you remind me of another girl I know.

Phoenix: She probably jumpy because she's young.

Ema: Young? I'll be sixteen years old this year!

Phoenix: Oh, I see… wait! Only sixteen!?

Judy: Shouldn't you be in school then!?

Ema: Oh, don't worry, I told the principal about my situation, they understand.

Phoenix: What about your parents?

Ema: They died in a car accident when I was little, so I only have my sister.

Judy: So legally speaking, you're a eleven grader?

Ema: That's right; I'm set to be formally assigned to Forensics in three more years. My work is becoming quite well known… At my age, no less!

Phoenix: Well anyway, what's this about a case? You said the trial's tomorrow?

Ema: My sister didn't do it! She wouldn't stab someone with a knife! She wouldn't!

Phoenix: So… it's a murder case.

Ema: I don't care if there's a witness who saw her do it! She didn't do it! I know she didn't do it! It's a scientific fact!

Judy: And there's a witness.

Ema: J-just talk to her! You have to talk to her!

Judy: Alright, just calm down. We just need more info on what happened.

Ema: Thanks. I promised her I'd bring Mia Fey, but…

Phoenix: Say, how did your sister know Mia?

Ema: They went to the same school, though my sister was a few years above Mia. She told me that if I ever need a defense attorney I should come here. And, well… I need one.

Judy: I see. Well it's very sweet for you do believe in your sister, you must be close.

Ema: …

Judy: …

Phoenix: ?

Ema: Well… Actually, when she gets how she is now, I kind of hate her. But… But like I said, she's the only one in my family, and I don't want to lose her. You'll still help me, right?

Phoenix: Of course.

Judy: Come on, let's go the detention center and meet with your sister.